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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Meanwhile In Ontario Teacher Politics...

November 13, 2012

Day 2 of OSSTF job actions + the teachers are up and at it full steam ahead! What's the kerfuffle? Here's one analysis: The National Post  interviews journalist Megan O'Toole in a column that promises "to tell you everything you need to know about complicated issues". Ah, if only life were so simple! Ho boy! Those big name journalists sure seem to know everything these days eh? Maybe this interview is not that bad though. For the situation at a glance see: 

Minister Broten states MOE will be monitoring job actions carefully and if need be cabinet can decide what to do under Bill 115. However, on CBC Metro Morning the Minister also suggested the school boards could lock out teachers if they felt schools were unsafe, a situation OSSTF President Coran later replied could escalate the situation quickly. Links to follow. For now this:

B Grade movie time again? Apparently we are in for a real high school horror show!!!  The public school principals are on the counter offensive again claiming they can't do their job if the teachers don''t do it for them, or something to that effect......[?!]  I am weeping into my morning coffee. Boo... Hoo..... Who's supposed to be doing these duties!?? See:

It's real high school high out there these daze! Is that because teachers don't supervise enough?!?

The Ontario Principals Council starts to scream! Without additional teacher supervision our youth are at risk of getting not being safe at school! Listen: the COCP, the OPC's Catholic counterparts pressed all throughout the OECTA MOU talks for teachers to be required to do unlimited supervisions as they see fit. Son of Unlimited Teacher Supervisions raises it's head again! The OPC claims extra teacher supervision is needed to avoid "bullying. vandalism, assault, behavioural issues, theft, graffiti, drug activity, truancy and verbal abuse!" 

Well if the principals can't handle it, nor the hall supervisors or police, then why do they expect teachers to be able to do so?!?  I mean, I do what I reasonably can. However I thought like most of you that I was hired to teach!?! Listen carefully Mr. John Q. Public! You too Jane Doe! I went to teachers college, not the police academy!!! Mind boggling. Do folks really understand what we are being asked to do at school these days?!? It's time they find out! Meanwhile if the principals are this horrified, we better call in the ghostbusters! Yup. See;;

Ohhhhhh nooooooo! Who ya gonna call?!?

Eric Hoskins is expected to join the OLP leadership race today. This article claims he could bring back some youth appeal to the party. He's involved in a worthwhile cause and rubs shoulders with rock stars in the course of his War Child work. I''m not poking fun at him here. Whether or not he should be party leader, I think his heart's in the right place. See:

[PS: 11:30 am: Eric Hoskins delivers an earnest, well crafted speech announcing his OLP leadership bid. He praises Dalton but says mistakes were made. Some talk of education funding. Is big on social justice issues. Will have to answer for Thistletown etc. CP 24 broadcast the whole speech without interrupting but then interviewed him just asking dumb, obvious questions. He's quite likable. Maybe they are going easy on him for now? Bottom line? Let's admit it, the only way he is going to win is as a compromise candidate. I will try to find a video link to his speech later.]

Martin Regg Cohn contrasts leadership candidates Kennedy and Sousa as they climb aboard the quite possibly doomed OLP leadership flight to provincial electoral defeat. One has only carry on luggage, the other has to pay extra for excess baggage. Ha. ha. An interesting overview of the 2 candidacies:

The OLP Leadership race: a one way ticket on a doomed electoral flight?

Here's an interesting curio! Wynne, Hudak and Horwath duking it out in debate on TVO Agenda in 2005. Neither Hudak or Horwath were party leaders. Wynne was still Wynne. However should she win the OLP leadership race is this how a spring election debate might go? See:

November 12, 2012

OSSTF job sanctions begin today. Press release offers to continue MOE talks but says none are scheduled and an agreement could not be reached. For the announcement and a list of the 20 school boards where actions commence today see:

Job Action Day 1: Are the MOE + OSSTF headed for a shoot out at the not so OK Corral?!?

CP24 reports Education Minister Broten has announced this morning that talks at provincial level will not continue. The end game heats up as December 31 approaches? You can read what she has to say here:

She now has also claimed the talks broke down with OSSTF over teacher's pay. See:

OSSTF D12 President Doug Joliff claims a close agreement was on table but the Education Minister killed it at 1:30 am because she "didn't like the optics"?. Listen to Doug on this audio clip from CBC Metro Morning. Laurel Broten will be on the show tomorrow:

The plot thickens? Minister Broten claims OSSTF wanted unpaid instruction days with the salary difference to be applied to the grid. Principals all hot under the collar about having to do their administrative duties. See:

End of Day 1? Principals claim they can't guarantee student safety at school. Broten is claiming she might have to exercise Bill 115 if attendance isn't being taken or the students properly supervised. Story still unfolding. Sounds like a "set up" to me! Firstly how can you force teachers do administrative duties if it's not in their contract, or fill in for absences when OT's are supposed to be called?

Showdown time? A Bill 115 gunfight at the Not OK Coral?!? How would that effect the leadership race? Talk about a cliff hanger! Talk about "optics" !

Hear ETFO's new Stop Bill 115 radio ads:

Check out their Stop Bill 115 campaign web link:

ETFO's  media campaign to keep the public focused on Bill 115 continues without letting up. That's great. How easy folk forget. A good touch: The background music in their ads is very haunting and sticks in your mind such that the listener will recognizes it instantly when they hear it again.

Gerard Kennedy enters the OLP leadership race! He made the announcement on CP24 morning t.v. and with a Youtube video:

I have moved this story to my next blog. My regular news links will continue here.

AToronto Star article reviews each OLP candidate and doesn't consider them diverse enough. Then again the writer only looks at them as either male or female, doesn't consider that two of them are gay or that they are all white. Needed to dig a lot deeper or should have just left the article as a nice quick, if not very basic review of the candidates. See:

OLP Candidate Glen Murray explains his middle class tax cuts and changes, deductions, grants, student loans and so on. Lots o' smartie pants ideas here Glen, but what are your thoughts on leadership and the current crisis above and beyond the dollar and cents? Bit of a snooze fest. See:

Glen Murray: Mr. Premier "I can save you some money. Sure I can" Murray?!? Maybe he'll get together with "Premier Jobs"?!? C'mon lads, let's ratchet up the debate a bit eh?

Speaking of money, the Globe and Mail has a video of Murray's speech when he entered the race. It's free if you haven't used their links more than a dozen times or so, but keeps freezing on the Amway commercial you need to watch first. I'm continuing to boycott the Globe "paywall" by using other news links and so far I don't think we've missed very much if anything. Perhaps this link, though I bet it's also available free somewhere else and really isn't new by now anymore. See: .

Eric Hoskins is expected to announce his leadership bid tomorrow. John Wilkinson announced Saturday he will not be running.

In other news:

I have removed my autism piece to a separate blog and developed it further. See last Sunday.

In Cottage Country Now under the headline "The Provincial Government Has Broken it's Promise" you will find an excellent article on the challenges of low functioning autistic students. That's who I teach. My students might very well be among the most challenged of God's children. It's awful what is [or rather isn't] being done in and outside of school that's practical let alone realistic for helping to meet their needs, the needs of the families and those of our communities and institutions. See:

My blog on teaching Autism can be found at:

The Toronto Star weekend piece is good in that it brings more public attention to autism. Still most of these students can read, write, talk, and don't need a harness or a diaper even though they are teenagers or adults. Nor do they have self inflicted bite or punch marks all over them or do they try to do the same to anybody standing near by. Otherwise it's a worthwhile read. Hmm. Somehow that doesn't sound right. Anyway, see:

November 11, 2012

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. Traditionally everybody is silent for the 11th minute of the 11 hour of the 11th day, when Germany formally surrendered in 1919. Somebody will invariably play the "taps" on a fore lorn trumpet and hit a bad note. There is a very good chance somebody else will sing "Imagine". One person will get very patriotic. Another will say what a waste. A fitting tribute in the Toronto Star explains this is a time to remember the dead, rather than  get caught up in the usual political rhetoric and hubris. See:

The Memory Project is a thoughtful internet site on the war dead, with many great classroom activities, even lesson plans, for next year. See:

Gerard Kennedy is set to enter the OLP leadership race on Monday! It is reported in a number of articles along with commentary. 1010 Newstalk notes it will be his third time in a Liberal leadership race. Itrefers how he got his supporters to support Stephan Dion in the federal leadership race. Don't think that line was just dropped in without any great importance attached. It cost him a lot of his charm in some Liberal circles. Anyway, he enters the race the "golden boy" or a charismatic one in a lot of Ontarians eyes and still has the most name recognition of all the candidates. See:

This rather amusing if not poignant story of the 1996 OLP leadership race recalls when Dalton McGuinty beat Kennedy as the compromise candidate in the 1996 OLP leadership race. The votew dragged on until 4:25 am at Maple Leaf Garden's back when Canadians still played hockey there rather than sell cheese. [It's a Loblaws grocery store now] Dwight Duncan danced the Macarena on the big screen. Those were the days, eh? Hey, I called it first when I said the candidates should be able to dance Gangnam style. Dancing didn't help Dwight of course, but then again he was doing the Macarena, a rather sexually ritualistic dance piece.;-) Only Psy thinks his Gangnam dance hit is sexy. God only knows what Dwight was thinking. See

McGuinty beats Kennedy in 1996. Gerard: "Son of a gun!!! Now how long will it take?!?"

I like Kennedy but I'm still not convinced he win nor avoid shooting himself in the foot as far as his own political future goes. It's sort of like baseball, three strikes and you're out. See my blog from earlier this month.

Martin Regg Cohn explains why Sandra Pupatello can't afford to loose the race. See:

Glen Murray takes the first shot at Pupatello in the race by promising he will recall the legislature in February. See:

November 10, 2012

Charles Sousa enters the OLP race promoting himself as the "jobs premier". Okay we've had Premier Dad! Andrea can be Premier Mom, but Premier Jobs??? See the video coverage:

His wife Zenaida Jobs: "I love you my big Mr. Premier Jobs of a man!

The "Warrior Princess" comes under fierce attack from the PC's + NDP. The columnist argues that Pupatello is out of touch with reality. It shows in her leadership race statements to date.

OMG!!! OLP Warrior Princess comes under attack from opposition evil doers who want to recall the Ontario legislature!!!

CTV reports Sandra Pupatello is back! Her foes and the other leadership hopefuls had darn well better watch out! This Youtube video includes clips from her leadership speech. This is getting really exciting. [not] See:

Pupatello talks business in Ottawa. Seems she's the darling of the Liberal right. It has been confirmed Dwight Duncan will step aside early so she can run for his seat in Windsor. Meanwhile Glen Murray says he will recall the legislature Feb 19 or sooner if elected. Hear and see Sandra speak in Ottawa. We get the Italian jokes again too:

Kathleen Wynne  seems to have been courting the municipalities with changes in Ontario's energy policy made before she entered the race. Municipalities seem pleased with new "bonds" plan.This is how politics is played by all the parties folks. She isn't the first. She won't be the last. See:  :

Ottawa Public School Director sends out update on job sanctions scheduled for Monday:

Labour dispute is blamed for the Remembrance Day assembly that had to be cancelled at one Toronto School. The article explains that the teachers wouldn't supervise. Be careful here. I see a counterattack coming to label the teachers as the bad guys and gals for not doing "extra supervisions" as the article explains. Seems they had a remembrance service over the intercom instead, which is what happens in my school every year. Still, this can really get everyday folk all riled up, as it is being portrayed. See:

Why do the poppies come with those useless pins!?! I keep losing mine every year..  

Toronto Sun writer wraps himself in Canadian flag and slobbers patriotic tears all over the idea of celebrating Remembrance Day in the many other very meaningful ways explained by the principal at another school. Apparently there must be an assembly or our Canadian troops all died in vain. Brace yourself. The stupidity has just begun. Read and weep:

OECTA TSU filled 2 tables at the annual TCDSB Angel Foundation Banquet last night. It's a fabulous gala, and a lot of fun. I've been to enough rubber chicken affairs, political or otherwise to the point where the charm has long since worn off.  I usually just smile a lot and work the floor on this or that union issue. These events become quite tedious truth be told. Everyone loves the Angel Foundation though, the board, unions, teachers and our spouses. It is a highlight of Janet and my social calendar each year.

Hey! It's okay! You can sit with me. I won't write about you in my blog! ;-)

There's a silent auction, featuring lots of interesting art, some by the students, others donated from a few of the local Toronto galleries. There's usually a top notch singer. Also the best of our student singers, dancers and musicians. We enjoy a huge sit down dinner, lots of contests, games, and then a big dance. Best of all the money funds our school breakfast clubs. It is used to help our needy students and their families. Nobody can learn on an empty stomach! Quite frankly there is more poverty in Toronto than a lot of people want to admit especially now during the economic crisis. What a great way to help out our school community!

Sign the NDP petition to get our MPP's back to work. Enough of this prorogation, and now if we listen to Pupatello, more prorogation on top of prorogation, on top of ......................... Sigh! Please go sign:

Essex NDP MPP Natyshak reminds Sandra that the many problems Ontarians face don't just go away when the legislature is closed. A by-election before a provincial election just so she can win a seat first?!?  For shame! See:

MPP Michael Chan has stepped into the Immigration portfolio, Broten has picked up Child and Youth Services, as McGuinty shuffles his cabinet after Sousa and Hoskins quit to run for party leader.

Elliot Lake has been in an uproar since their shopping mall collapsed. The provincial government delayed, then brought rescue teams and machinery up from Toronto to look for survivors. The sad irony is that many of the locals are mine workers who are highly trained in underground search and rescue in case of a mine shaft collapse. During the delay the town fire workers and miners were stopped from continuing the emergency rescue themselves. They were made to idly stand waiting for the rescue teams McGuinty finally sent up north. The citizens claim they could hear voices under the rubble. Two locals died, the lady at the lottery booth, and another buying a ticket. Not a very lucky one at that. Anyway, Elliot Lake is a small place. Everybody knows everybody. It's an awful tragedy and folks are royally p.o'ed with the government.

I get this first hand from my cousin Marlene. She and her family have lived in Elliot Lake for years. Her husband Eddie works in the mines. Get this- on top of everything else the only shopping facility in town is now gone. Apparently there were numerous warnings that the structure was unsound. Quite understandably nobody is very happy. Marlene is coming down to Toronto soon to do the family Christmas shopping for this year. I can find out more then. Anyway for the newspaper take on the whole big scandal see:

A Northerner's worst nightmare: Hooray! Toronto to the rescue! Just wait! We know what to do!

More links to follow. More below...........

November 9, 2012

EXTRA EXTRA X 2: Read all about it! It's official! OECTA Ottawa's members have been notified that their unit executive has filed a Duty of Representation complaint today with the OLRB against OECTA Provincial! Bravo OECTA Ottawa unit!!! It's in conjunction with OECTA York [Yay Liz].

Although it will have probably have little impact on the outcome of the MOU it is still a registered complaint on behalf of the unit's members. When the MOU and Bill 115 go to the Supreme Court these units are now on record as having objected against the MOU's contents and the bill because they negatively impact the members rights!

4 down!!! More to go? So let's see now.... There are these 2 new complaints, plus there is 1 from Bad Boy Brock's Halton unit  and then there's the Toronto Mystery 6. Seems like they are piling up like the autumn leaves. Who will be next?!?

[Hi S! I have been replying. I am wondering if there is some problem with my Ipad. My sincerest apologies! Will investigate + fix!]

Back to my regular posting and daily updates......

Last night I got out for a bit. Just had a cafe and sandwich at the local coffee shop. Some nice light jazz was playing, the Blue Note and Prestige music I like. I winced once; the first Christmas song of the year . Kinda early? After that it was over and I breathed a sigh of relief. Anyway I availed myself of the free wifi and a comfy chair. I just sat there idly surfing the net and people watching for a few hours until the evening rush was over.

Afterwards I visited the book store but passed on any new reads. I'm still plodding my way through Stephen King's "11/22/63". The hero goes back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination. A good plot but I find King's characters rather cardboard and two dimensional. Perhaps that's just me. By the way, check out the "Heavy Rotations" list towards the bottom of my site. It lists my current music, t.v. show, dvd, books and music favourites. Ha ha. My top ten. I like to keep them esoteric enough to match my daily moods and needs. Anything listed there is highly recommended.

Lastly I went to the music store and treated myself to a copy of a Rolling Stones concert from 1965 that was just recently released. It's the ragged hard edged early r+b Stones. "Satisfaction" was their big hit at the time. All in all my outing was a very relaxing diversion. Also I was really pleasantly surprised with the 433 reader visits to my blogsite yesterday. Wow! I hope it's helping the cause! Anyway, back to our teacher protest:

Hi Eric! Gonna slap down Bill 115 and save the day?

OLP MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins resigns his Ministry of Child + Youth Services post clearing the way for a leadership bid. Expect him to announce next week:

I've met Dr. Hoskins on a few occasions. Somebody or other introduced us because of my work on the Cuban School Project. His wife founded the War Child campaign. Not the same but I found him to be friendly, interesting and unassuming. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the OLP leadershp race. Here's his first press release:

Teachers remind Sandra that we are here during her leadership speech yesterday in Windsor!

Sandra Pupatello is campaigning in Ottawa today with MPP Bob Chiarelli Minister of Transport + Infrastructure. Over 200 teachers were outside protesting when she made her leadership announcement yesterday. It will be very important to keep the pressure on all the candidates over Bill 115 and the MOU in no uncertain terms. The  OLP will need to be reminded that these are a total no go with teachers, and that we aren't going to go away now, during the leadership race, and most importantly during the spring election. The harder the hard line the better, for full maximum effect.

Here's the Windsor Stars report and photo gallery on Sandra Pupatello's speech yesterday. Boy, am I going to have fun with these! I can't believe the photos. Love them! See:

Pupatello claims on AM 800 news that she wants to "review" Bill 115. OK, she's at least looking in the right direction with that comment but don't let her think we will accept any sops, this is VERY serious. No generalities or half measures will do. Teachers cannot be appeased.

A "review" of Bill 115 isn't good enough Sandra! What else can you do if elected???

Appeasement? Apparently there is an OECTA teachers' Bill of Rights being circulated in response to provincial's decision last July 5th to unilaterally ratify the MOU on our behalf. If you have a copy please forward it for me to share. Our members will need to start turning our minds to the OECTA Spring AGM. Motions and then delegate applications will be due very soon. Contact your local unit for details and dates. Don't just "talk the talk" about how angry you are, let's "walk the walk" and do something about it!

Charles Sousa is expected to resign cabinet today with a leadership announcement to follow Saturday morning at the Oasis in Mississauga [see Nov. 8]

Here's the OLP leadership scorecard with the candidates political leaningswithin the Liberal right of, left of centre political spectrum: Wynne [left] Murray [centre left] Hoskins [l eft] Pupatello [right] Sousa [right]. Expect all of them to claim to be centralists to broaden their party support for a win. That's how the game is played.

Kill Bill 115 Social Justice Forum is in Windsor on Nov. 20 with guest speaker Susan Lambert [British Columbia Teachers Federation]. Our BC counterparts are real troopers with a wealth of experience to share. Please see and retweet:

November 8, 2012

Sandra Pupatello makes it official! She will run in the OLP leadership race! Interesting twist here. She won`t recall the legislature until she wins a seat. Bet that will go over like a lead balloon with everyone but the most die hard of Liberals! Excuse me! Will somebody from the PC`s or NDP will please step down so I can run for your seat? No?!? Dwight? Probably.

Sandra claims she's running from the Liberal centre. What's that Elvis song? "You're right, I'm left, She`s gone"? Christine Blizzard confirms Sandra will pay back her severance pay as she returns to politics just like she asked. OK. That's out of the way. Now here she races down from the Bay Street towers to help all the little people below in her spiked heels!

Bottom line? Sandra Pupatello could be a very powerful contender be it in the OLP or the provincial election race. However, she might topple with her plan to prorogue the legislature until she wins a seat, in the eyes of everyone but the most delusional of Liberals. Ouch! Sandra! What's are you thinking?!? Wonder if she'll get up and dust that one off asap? Looks to me like a major gaffe right from the get go!

Guess who's drinking the red Kool-Aid now? "I see mountains! I see God! "I see a prorogued legislature until I can find a seat to sit down ...I ...I ...I .......... "

Psst! Pssst!! Sandra!!! Hubby gives her the signal to wrap up the speech. Ha ha. Gotta love it! See:

The Toronto Star reports:

The CBC gushes wine and roses for the new "princess warrior". Gag! There's only 2 lines about the prorogation issue!

Sandra Pupatello "Premier Warrior Princess" ?!?

Andrea caught the fly ball but quick! Go team Go! See:

Opposition MPP`s  had all ready commenced the Pupatello attack expecting she'd announce her OLP leadership bid today. However, they needn't have worried about finding something to grab onto quick.

Global provides an overview of the three candidates now in the OLP race:

Health Minister Deborah Matthews declines the OLP leadership race. We saw it coming. It still is somewhat surprising. She has lots of political IOU's she could've cashed in. We get the usual stories about dedication to her ministry portfolio and so on. One wonders what use that is if the Liberals go crashing down in election flames come spring? There's a good political story here somewhere amongst all the political jockeying between her, Pupatello and Wynne. Maybe Deborah didn't want to crowd the field. Whatever, it will come out later. For now see:

Deb: "Yup! The problems are at LEAST this big!"

Immigration Minister Sousa huffs and puffs about Ontario's declining rate of economic immigrants with the job skills we need. This must be the big lead up to his OLP leadership announcement on Saturday. Quite frankly, I think it's good immigration spreads out more from Toronto and Ontario to make for a more multicultural Canadian dynamic. Anyway, see:

Charles Sousa: "Hey look! Look! It's OK! .................. I'm voting for me! ........ er ..... er ....

Stop the presses! Run with this....Dalton's glad OSSTF and the MOE are talking:

Local OSSTF unit executives are continuing to visit their schools to prep the teachers for job sanctions rescheduled to commence after midnight Sunday. An example:

The Public boards get the jitters in advance of job sanctions and are complaining about Bill 115. Their common ground with the public school unions includes that they don't like the new hiring requirements. As far as student safety goes some are even threatening lock outs and school closings. The situation will get get worse for them once ETFO is in position to start it's own job sanctions by the end of the year. Here's a brief rundown of some examples from the last day:

A Simcoe trustee complains Bill 115 puts students last:

The Upper Canada District School Board passes a motion for school lock outs and closures stating safety reasons. They blame them on the labour strife between the MOE and the teachers unions:

Job Actions?!? The boards and admin are not impressed! Nope!

Colour me neo real here, but I can't help but wonder if this is in any way co-ordinated with the meetings now underway between OSSTF and the MOE? The boards aren't happy. Neither are the teachers. Can the MOE cut them both some slack? IMHO it wouldn't have worked with many of our Catholic boards because they are so darn self serving and privileged, not to mention short sighted. They wouldn't agree to anything so mutually beneficial unless there was some way they could manipulate it strictly to their own ends and means. Methinks the MOE is onto them anyway! I`ve written on the problems between OECTA and our boards before. See my blog at:

ETFO has a Union School. OECTA a Leadership Training Program.  OSSTF must has a union leadership program too. Our teachers take unionism seriously in Ontario. Bravo! My generation fought real hard to build and protect our teacher unions. It would be disastrous if it all came to not in the years ahead as we retire without passing on the union torch to the next generation. Apathy is awful and one hates to think of losing all the hard fought gains because of it.

For ETFO's Facebook page on Union School go to:

For info on OECTA's Leadership Training Program go to:

November 7, 2012

Expect the news coverage of Obama's win to continue dominating the front pages and internet for a while still. My news links and coverage have been updated on the blog below: "A Canuck's Guide to the US Election". I also fixed the link to Kathleen Wynne's OLP Leadership race speech on "Win with Wynne?" so you can hear and see it for yourself . Now it's time to start moving on.

PS:  I also went back to clarify a few ambiguities in my commentary from the first posting of this blog earlier today. My regrets for any confusion.

What's next?!?

OSSTF has released a press release stating today's job sanctions are postponed until midnight Sunday. They are meeting with the MOE today. A news blackout is in force. See:

CBC reports Education Minister Laurel Broten is pleased with their 11th hour decision late last night. See:

Earlier yesterday Minister Broten threatened she could shut down any job actions if they put student safety at risk. Attendance and supervision are noted, the rest is unclear. See the Toronto Star report on yesterday's developments:

The developing story raises more questions than it answers! They need to be considered just like everything else. Possible scenaios? Will OSSTF now pull an OECTA move and sign a deal of their own? If so, wouldn't that substantiate OECTA's original fears that this was going to happen? Ouch! See my "OECTA Neo Real" blog at:

Where would this leave ETFO and CUPE? What happens now? Are they in any way privy to the new MOE discussions? We will just have to wait to see.

Will the MOE be ready to make some substantial concessions to calm tensions down during the OLP leadership race? Is it all just a face saving move? If so for whom? Maybe it will work or maybe not.

Perhaps, as another pundit suggests in the comments below, both OSSTF and the MOE are just meeting to strengthen the case they tried to be reasonable and talk before the pending court case.What else can we do right now but wait to see, watching the next moves moves very carefully?

Fantasy fiction or neo real? "Road maps for sale! Road maps for sale! Get 'em while they're red hot!"

Back to the Liberal Leadership Race reports:

The scuttlebutt is flying fast and furious now. Rumours are former OLP Cabinet Minister/ MPP Sandra Pupatello and  Immigration Cabinet Minister Charles DeSousa are planning to throw their hats in the ring! Health Minister Deb Matthews has decided not too. Former OLP Education Minister / MPP Gerard Kennedy is still considering his options.

Whew! I usually don't post info I can't verify, but this is getting very specific and from very good sources. It just seems to be a matter of timing. To note:

The London Free Press is claiming Deb Matthews will announce she is not running at a health conference in Toronto today:

Sandra P.? Back to the head of the class?

Sandra Pupatello will make her announcement tomorrow in Windsor or Toronto. She might also be talking with reporters in Toronto today.

Charles Sousa will make his announcement 11 am Saturday at the Oasis, 1036 Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga.  Can't get much more specific than that eh? There are also rumours of a big impending Immigration announcement although I wonder if maybe this is it?!?

And meanwhile Gerard Kennedy is still thinking.........................

Just ask Justin: "Listen I'm sorry old buddy but your helpers are ALL mine!"


IMHO [ and that's all it is...] Pupatello would be no party pooper returning to run from the OLP centre right and that will sharply polarize the race between her and Wynne on the centre left. Notice in her speech Wynne is flirting with the centre to probably broaden her support just in case. Pupatello will push Sousa into the background if they both run, but then again if the race is too tight he could still win as a compromise candidate. Sousa is considered OLP centre right if you will, a fiscal Liberal like Pupatello. Murray leans to the party's left progressive wing like Wynne. Kennedy is a liberal leftie too. They could both end up in the same position as Sousa

Wynne and Pupatello are perceived to be the heavy weights as the party leadership struggle begins to take shape. Neither Kennedy nor Pupatello approved or signed the MOU and Bill 115 should they decide to make that case. Pupatello has all ready indicated she won't, some of Gerard's comments have suggested he will, if he does run.

Long and short of it? Wynne and Pupatello will slug it out from the left and right of the Liberal party centre. They will both need support from the middle ground inbetween to win. Kennedy, Murray and Sousa could end up poised as possible compromise candidates who can still win by default if multiple run off votes are needed to choose the next leader. As Kennedy knows, it happened before in the OLP 1996 Leadership  race when McGuinty defeated him the same way.

Of course if elected party leader and therefore our next Premier, any of them could still quite conceivably get hammered by Hudak's Conservatives and maybe even Horwath's increasingly popular NDP in a spring provincial election. Whoever has the best chance of holding the party together and reversing it's failing fortunes are the major deciding factors in the Liberal leadership race so long as reason and balance prevails.

Spring 2013: Premier Mom to the provincial rescue if [when?] the Liberals go down?


Anonymous said...

Once voted Liberal. Now voting Horwath's NDP. They sound practical, centrist and are miles from the old Rae days. Its her turn and she has my vote. The rest of the Liberals can forget about my volunteer time and cash donations. They are history. I will never forget Bill 115. My local OECTA unit president had best make sure he does the right thing. I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the current OSSTF/MOE meetings are all about the upcoming Bill 115 court case. Both sides need to show they participated in the 'process' of bargaining, and that they bargained 'in good faith'. How the heck is a judge supposed to decide whether the parties bargained 'in good faith', anyway?

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Nice one! Let's see. I hate to even consider OSSTF folding now after everything we've all been through.I like your analysis best! In solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Not so fast, David. I don't think it would necessarily be 'folding' if their proposal - taking full control of the health/dental benefits of their members - is accepted by the MOE in exchange for keeping other things originally targeted in the PDT/ Bill 115 template. Let's just see the details before we write off the OSSTF. Ultimately, and this is the part our OECTA 'leaders' should take note of, OSSTF members will be shown the respect of being allowed to vote on whatever deal their leaders propose.

Kulture Kult Ink said...

OK! My understanding is teachers all ready got control of the new health and benefits fund with the OECTA MOU. I stand to be corrected but remember being told that at the time. I will go back and check in my blog archives. Perhaps something has happened since that I am missing? If so please advise. Anyway point well taken! The OSSTF membership gets to vote. From those members I know all hell would fly if there was any b.s. In solidarity! David C

Anonymous said...

What's being done to ensure OECTA members get to vote like OSSTF members?

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Motions will need to be made and approved at he OECTA Spring AGM. Sort of like closing the barn door after the horse is gone. Somebody mentioned an OECTA members Bill of Rights that's going around. I haven't seen it tho. If anybody has it, please email a copy for me to share!!!

Anonymous said...

"...the Premier is recommending the following changes...Laurel Broten would become Minister of Children and Youth Services. She continues to serve as Minister of Education and Minister Responsible for Women's Issues."
Have you heard anything about this. A teacher just claimed it was posted on her board's website??????????????????????????????????????????

Kulture Kult Ink said...

I haven't seen or heard about this yet. The cabinet will need to be reshuffled though. I believe Hoskins had that portfolio and Laurel Broten has had it in the past when she was working on the all day kindergarten program, so I wouldn't be too surprised. The new cabinet positions should be released very soon. Will keep watching for the news story!

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