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Monday 17 December 2012

Ontario Teacher Strike Week 2 News!

[An updated acronym list is available at: My Blog Acronyms ]

December 19-21 2012 [Updated!]

Teachers let loose! Last school day before the Christmas Holidaze! Hooray!

Good morning to the Sacred Heart teachers in Newmarket! I hear you like my blog!

ETFO: rotating strikes finsh. See: Media Room
OSSTF: Full work to rule for foreseeable future
OECTA: TSU ratifies by 62.2%, TECT ends negotiations 

For more TSU vote info scroll up to the next blog. 

My blog will continue during the holidays with any late breaking teacher news stories and some other different stuff.  I also have quite a backlog you might want to peruse at your leisure. Merry Christmas!

Big ETFO announcement scheduled for 9:30 am Friday! What will they say? The news conference will be streamed live at this link. See: Live Media Announcement here!

ETFO offers MOE a truce! No more rotating strikes if Bill 115 not used to impose contracts. Will wait until after OLP leadership conference to try again with new premier. And here OECTA TSU has just gone and ratified one. I'd prefer bargaining  from a position of strength any day to what's been going on with OECTA since July 5th! 4 sure! Even if ETFO were still to get beat. See: ETFO MOE truce?

Liberal Fortunes? Remember Gerard Kennedy's Peace Plan? What's happening with that? Could he win the OLP leadership? He was my favourite Education Minister since Bill Davis. Still there sure are a lot of very anger teachers who've sworn never to help the Liberals again. Is it game over for the party no matter what they do? January should be interesting indeed!

Maya Apocalyse is scheduled for winter solstice today! OMG! Just before we finally get out on holidays! Keep an eye on things with this live blog: Apocalypto Now?

Chichen-Itza lives! Folks dancing with beer bottles on their head perform ancient Maya rite to save the world! It worked!!! Whew!

Woohooo! World doesn't end but sounds like we are missing quite the party down among the Maya ruins in Chichen-Itza right now! I told you about the party, so don't complain if you are still at school!!! ;-) Now about those of you who did skip school .... never mind ... See: No Apocalypto Now!

Last summer: Having a lovely time! Wish we were there!

Premier Dalton McGuinty: hardly the "Star of Bethlehem" this Christmas season. Over most of his tenure he really did help us a lot in education. So why the self destruct? The part in this article about off the shelf political advisors, so to speak, is especially interesting. We don't hear too many references to them, but I have written about this before. As the author says its very common and is often whats happening behind the scenes. Still .... See: Dalton dunks

Premier McGuinty's press release for Safe Welcoming Schools. This is the "door locks" idea I was writing about earlier. Once not too long ago we were being told not to lock the doors. What next? Welcoming Safe door locks

Is Dalton saying arrividerci to us? Or waving bon voyage to GM jobs? Enquiring minds need to know what the heck is going on! Still no comment!

Dalton the education micromanager? Our professional teacher autonomy continues to be brushed aside in the constant flow of new plans to save education system from itself in Ontario. I've lost count of how many latest greatest plans to save education in the classroom have come and gone since I first started teaching in 1985.This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves! Watch for a rant on it if I ever get the time. &*$#$@%! See: What next in education?!?

NDP's Andrea Horwath meets with student leaders at Queen's Park summit to discuss Bill 115 and their school concerns. OLP used to be able to do this before they lost their mojo. See: High school student leaders

Some very interesting polling numbers on PC leader Tim Hudaks sharp shift to the right. Might even be good if he just continues where he is going down the path + becomes PC political roadkill? Especially in the urban centres? SeeSeig Heil Tim

Public school education workers threaten to join one day province wide walkout. See: 
More walkouts?

Protest Poll results: 49% for teachers, 35% for province, 12% neither, 4% unsure. Shows what can be done when you stand up and fight! See: Winning poll!

ETFO Toronto strikers outside the Mowat Black near the MOE!

Well it looks like I've hit the big times! ;-) Thanks Kim Zarzour for getting an accurate report out there. The OECTA dissident position needs to be told. Not easy to include in a news article with all confusion these days. She quoted my blog as well. See: OECTA: All is not well

Flash Report! OECTA TECT [Toronto Elementary] members tell me negotiations have broken down and TECT will now wait until January. Bravo! It is the right + principled thing to do! OECTA TSU is being offered nothing that can't wait.

OECTA TSU executive has ratified a contract agreement with the TCDSB. It will be voted on by the members Dec 20 at OISIE [Bloor + Bedford]. Discussion between 4-6pm. Voting 6-9pm. Much more details to follow. In the post in camera section of the meeting I asked that my name be separately recorded as opposing recommendation of the contract. My reasons for opposing ratification have all ready been spelled out in detail beforehand in my Dec. 16 blog. I tried my best. I am not sure why approved MOU memorandum was not  also mentioned at the same time as the ratification vote. Apparently info will be dispensed all day from the TSU office. See my blog above for more updated information, as it becomes available. Time is very short. I am going to be very busy with this.

Yes, if you didn't know I am also my units 3rd VP [Blush! Blush! Blush!], and this is an unofficial site that just represents my own opinion blah blah blah. Always need to point this out in case somebody doesn't get it. I'm not quite sure why. You didn't really think I was President Kevin O'Dwyer did you?!? Nope! Sorry, it's just me. I've been TSU [Teacher School Underground?] 3rd VP for going on 5 years now. I know it lacks a certain pizzazz [I'm number 3! I'm number 3 ... ] I don't mind. I get a lot done. Originally my blog was just how I kept in touch with our members whom I serve, but it seems to have gotten a lot more popular than that now. Teacher info services must be hard to find these days, or something like that .... back 2 the news ....

OECTA's Silent War for the MOE/ OLP: 40 tentative contracts reached/ 20 ratified to date! Can we at least get a no vote in Toronto? A long shot: too few people 4 a good fight, members with too little info, and too little time. No idea of broader implications. Still  you never know. Let's give it our best shot! We have nothing more to lose! Where's the cavalry? Please come help! It's over the top we go! .

Reader reports Ottawa voted yes for the contract! Alas! 

TDSB ETFO teachers face disciplinary action over incomplete report cards! See: Shameful TDSB!

Teacher strikes as a teachable moment. Not in my unit! #$%@! See: Teachable

See Durham Region news video of Super Tuesday in OshawaOshawa video

Super Tuesday rocks Toronto/ GTA!!!! Well done!

See a photo gallery of Super Tuesday in Toronto: Super Tuesday Toronto

Teachers + the province are still headed for a showdown! Will it be political shoot out time at the MOE corral come midnight Dec31? Eyeball to eyeball and neither the protesters nor the Minister have blinked! No happy New Year kisses?!? SMH! See: political showdown looms

Toronto Stars Thomas Walkom overview of attacks on labour over the past 30 years: NDP, PC + OLP. Result is actually bad news for labour, capital + government. I quite like this opinion piece. Something to think about, but none of the outcomes good: War on wages

ETFO: a walk out en mass come the new year? See: Mass Strike?

What will Laurel do next?!?

MOE Broten warns ETFO teachers no! Hasn't she said that before? See: MOE says NO

Oye Mates! Expect a perfect labour storm ahead. Thar she blows ... seePerfect Storm

All they are saying is give peace a chance. Sure, but then John Lennon did get shot + killed with exploding bullets to the back + neck. See: Peace prospects?

Wrong kind of peace: John Lennon autographs record album for his assassin before he is shot in the back when he returns home from work to check up on son.

OLP Leaders debate was at Carleton last  night. These have become a total snoozefest. I'm going to ignore them unless something actually interesting happens or there is a good protest photo to share. Anyway they've gotten a lot coverage on my blog all ready. I've been trying to broaden out. You might've noticed I included posts from the CPC ML [Communist Party of Canada Marxist Leninist] and the Socialist Workers [yes, you always see them somewhere at our events handing out their newspaper]. If somebody actually has something interesting to say, we want to hear it to liven up the debate + broaden our perspectives, agree or disagree. I'll keep looking + post here.

NDP government would "wipe Bill 115 from the books". Easy to say when you are not in power but Andra Horwath is coming out strong + decisively for teachers. Good. See: NDP

Reporter called to tell me the York Catholic board ratified the contract. That was to be done before OECTA York voted on it. They are not in a mad rush like OECTA TSU.

Did MOE Broten lie about Bill 115? TVO Agenda consults legal experts to advise. Answer seem to be yes and no. As we have seen with the Metro 7's OLRB complaints, Bill 115 can be evoked to censure. But is the Ontario government cannot do so with a charter challenge. Confused? See: Is Bill 115 above the law?

The Toronto Sun's arch union hater Peter Worthington is back to comment on the teacher strikes. Seems they can't decide what the top story is though. Maybe the IKEA monkey in his fleece coat? No way they are going to go front page with the successful ETFO Toronto/ GTA strike yesterday. Try as they might the Ontario Right just couldn't get everybody mad + anti teacher. Expect a ton of vile fodder from Worthington next though. See: Toronto Sun "News" Room

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Peter! He doesn't respect teacher unions, and probably not teachers. He eats our heads raw + spits them out for the breakfast time Toronto Sun. He's still mad at Pierre Elliot Trudeau for being a communist (Hmmm need to check with CPC ML or Socialist Worker to see if that's true.. ;-) coz he's responsible for all this legal right to organize thing. On and on he goes. In some bizarre kind of way I've missed him. Then again I used to regularly read Lubor Zinc in the Toronto Sun sun too [remember him]. Anyway, see: Sun's Worthingtons back!

Peter was behind the sheriff in the white hat when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot!

Peter Worthington: A young news hawk at the time, Peter was in the famous photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald right after the Kennedy assassination. He tells his story. Quite fascinating: Peter + Lee Harvey Oswald

 I think this blogger is just giving him a hard time because he's such a right wing you know what.;-) Still here is another version of the Peter Worthington story: Witness or Secret Agent?

Globes Margaret Wente joins us with her teacher union big bad bully tirade.The old insidious "I now teachers, I can't tell you their names" proof positive. It's important to see how these journalists word + support their arguments. Know thy enemy! See: Big bad union bullies!

Newtown: A 9/11 for teacher first responders? See: Newtown 9/11

Are Ontario's school's safe? A good question but then the reporter basically focuses on locked doors. Students at my downtown school would pull fire alarms while drug dealers waited outside. Pass things through open windows and conceal under overhead ceiling tiles. One does find solutions but then it's something else. What can you really do? See: 
Feel Safe?

Top 90 front pages from newspapers around the world. No they aren't all reporting on us. Grrr! Still, an invaluable resource. Yes, the Toronto Sun does publish the link so credit where it's due. See: 90 World Newspaper Links

What are the students really saying to each other in your class? Would you rather be known as a Derp/ Derpina? or Swaggy? What if it's Hundo P?  Call the office? SMH! See: Teen slang

Shocking expose! Why is it cheaper for us to cross border shop in the states? Because we are derps and derpinas? Hundo P. SMH! Ok! Ok! Enuff. See: Parity Plus?!?

14 things you never knew [or maybe didn't want to know?] about Sophie Gregoire, Justin Trudeau's wife. Canadian royalty? In Quebec they are big celebrities often in the news sort of like our Entertainment tonight. See: Trudeau + Gregoire Superstars

December 18 2012

Teachers strike in Toronto + GTA! Super Tuesday photos to follow!

ETFO Super Tuesday Kick Off: Toronto, Durham, Peel, Greater Essex, Lambton-Kent, Grand Erie, Near North + Waterloo teachers on strike!

OSSTF Work to Rule will be in full effect until future notice

OECTA contract negotiations + ratifications continue

35,000 ETFO teachers + workers will be out on strike today! CBC radio will provide live all day coverage online + on the radio. TV reports will begin at 5pm.

ETFO Pauline Jr School today. "Smile + say strike!"

Toronto OECTA teachers take it upon themselves to join picket at Pauline Junior School in Toronto. Excellent neighbourhood support. An interesting point in this Pamela Frache's blog:  Is the focused attack on ETFO an attack on womenSee OECTA Supporters

ETFO protesters encircle Kathleen Wynne's office waiting for her to come out to speak. See: Wynne

Parry Sound Picket scuttlebutt: Police car flashes lights in support of teacher protest outside MPP Norm Millers office. Ha ha ha! I haven't seen this level of support for teachers since the Tory's fell in 2003!

Sarnia Observer reports on strike action down their way: Sarnia strikes!

Ontario Nurses Association  joins ETFO protesters in solidarity in Burlington today. See "Nurses + Teachers Work Grows The Economy" video at: Nurses in Solidarity!

Black Tuesday for OECTA TSU as the members are notified that a tentative agreement has been reached with the Toronto Catholic board. The notice that went out his morning at 7:52 am reads:
 A local tentative agreement has been reached by the TSU bargaining TeamThe executive will meet today (Tuesday) to decide whether to recommend the Tentative Agreement to members for ratification. If recommended members will be invited to a ratification vote Thursday from 4-6pm with voting that same evening – details will follow.The Tentative Agreement items will be provided in advance of the meeting for members to consider.Please follow the news list for updates and details
In Camera rules prevent me from releasing meeting results until they are made public. Anything I post is public info or I don't include anyway, but especially touchy here since I am on the executive. TSU members can expect an official message tonight. I tried my best. For my position see my Dec 17 blog.

OECTA Peterborough has written me to say that I didn't do my homework on the December 17th blog about their contract ratification process. I have invited them to submit a response which I will most respectfully post. Stay tuned for this. 

Did MOE Broten "blatantly lie on TVO Agenda about Bill 115? See video: MOE Agenda

Check the OLP "Find an Event" Calendar regularly. Do they mean to protest? Ha. Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la. Go to a party .... See: OLP events

Ho ho ho! Who'd want to be a turkey at Christmas?!? Come party with the OLP!

Avoid City TV's Breakfast TV today at all costs. The usually quite enjoyable hosts know nothing about what is going on with either side and is performing this "why can't we all be friends" act. Awful. Very disappointing. Even Education Minister Broten seemed to be having a very hard time staying patient with all the stupidity. 

CP24 live: PC education critic claims teachers across the province have been coerced into strike and work to rule actions. She wants province to end strikes now with Bill 115. None of this would've happened if the PC's were in power. Her party has a plan.The reporter asks if we wouldn't be faced with even more strikes and job actions from all the unions across the province. She insists the PC's have been clear about what they would do. [so called "Right to Work" legislation?]

CP24 was all day trying to get parents and students to say they blame the teachers for Super Tuesday. They kept plugging away at it with little success. Course I only watched off and on with the t.v. in the background, but I am pretty sure the reporters failed to get the story they wanted. It was quite remarkable indeed.

MOE Broten's press conference notes the contract settlements with 55,000 other teachers. That was also highlighted in Premier McGuinty's messaging earlier this morning. What a day to make a recommendation for a tentative contract agreement!

Holy Name TECT Catholic teachers in Toronto bring cookies + solidarity to ETFO strikers!

Confirm or deny: Backroom rumours of negotiations continuing at MOE?! Just something that was said in passing today. Hmmmm? File this one away as dunno 4 now + wait to see.

Straight Good News debunks claims Ontario teachers are being mislead by big bad union leaders. Provides a very frank assessment of each union's internal teacher politics. Has this to say about OECTA: 
Over at OECTA, a very powerful element, hard to say if they are a majority, is furious with their own leadership for agreeing to the terms of Bill 115 and signing “sweetheart” agreements with the government that undercut the entire profession and weaken the legal case going forward. 
Hooray 4 our OECTA dissidents! Read more at: straight good news 

ETFO asks members to wear black armbands and observe moment of silence on picket lines today for victims in Newton Conn. See: Newton

Music teacher LAC + colleagues protest in Peel!

Latest Abacus Poll shows PC: 35  NDP: 31  OLP: 28%. 51% agree province is headed off in wrong direction. Mucho more numberos. Go read the tea leaves 4 yourself at: latest poll

National Post's Scott Stinson critical of Toronto Stars attacks on Rob Fords "mystery vacation". The Ford saga continues. See:  Where's Ford anyway?

12 21 12: Ground Zero?!? Head 4 the party here?!? Or stay at school???

Huge asteroid flies by earth, misses us  by 4.3 million miles. Whew! That's kind of close in outer space wasn't it? Still not exactly the Apocalypse predicted by the Maya calendar to happen on the solstice in 3 more days. Maybe it's  timing + trajectory was just off and the Maya didn't know? Ground zero is Chichen-Itza Mexico [see my photos below the blogs]. There should be a big end of the world party there, with I dunno, lotsa tourists + locals drinking, playing drumse, with I dunno, lotsa tourists + locals drinking, playing drums and dancing in their birthday suits, if you like that sort of thing. Now if you want to go, I have it figured out!

Listen carefully! You will need to leave school early during the next day or two. Since the world is going to end though, who cares?!? What is the school board going to do about you skipping off after the world ends eh? Of course the downside of my brainstorm is if the world doesn't end, well then, yes -you could be in big trouble. It will be hard to explain. Hmmm. Maybe it's best to just stick with the big asteroid story and we'll call it a close call or whatever just to be safe.;-) See the video at: Big Asteroid Misses Earth!

December 17 2012

ETFO Rotating Strikes continue! For locations see: ETFO media room
ETFO work to rule remains in full force for foreseeable future!
OECTA Dissidents: Join a picket line sometime today to show solidarity!

ETFO Hamilton Strikers hold moment of silence for Newton students + staff!

Super Tuesday strike momentum builds. Nearly half of Ontario's ETFO elementary teachers will be on strike, all in Toronto + GTA area: Super Tuesday

ETFO President Sam Hammond to speak on CBC Morningside 99.1 radio Super Tuesday at approximately 7:10 am.

MOE Laurel Broten was interviewed on Toronto City TV tonight at 6:30 pm in advance of Super Tuesday. She praised the provinces 5500 Catholic teachers for agreeing to a plan to give up a "pay raise" to avoid these problems. How incredibly embarrassing for us and a slap in the face for our colleagues in ETFO and OSSTF! OECTA dissidents! Please plan to visit a picket line before and after school and at lunch to show some solidarity and let them know this is not true! They will really, really appreciate it!

Otherwise, support on and for the picket lines seems to be holding up well. See: Support

Hamilton teachers on strike today. Kindergarten teacher tells all! Vote in poll to support the strike! See: Hamilton Report + Poll

ETFO Hamilton "Steel City" hit the streets today!

Hamilton teachers appeal to the public for support: Hamilton teachers

OSSTF planning for one day province wide walkout after Christmas holidays. See: OSSTF Province Wide Strike

2 new OSSTF Bill 115 t.v. ads very hard hitting in a subtle way. Sure to wipe smiles off faces. See: OSSTF Ad

Ontario Political Forum provides excellent overview of Thursday Queens Park Rally including first hand interviews with many of the student protest groups in attendance. Excellent photos. They've got some of mine up too. Read: OPF ML

ETFO press release; "Our members will not be intimidated!"  See: ETFO not intimidated

More OECTA Contracts?

OECTA Ottawa teachers vote on tentative contract today. See my blog that follows.

OECTA Peterborough has tentatively preplanned a contract vote for tomorrow. See the blog too.

Cheech + Chong: "Open up! It's me! David! D-A-V-I-D!" "Sorry Daves not here!"

Now OECTA TSU [Toronto Secondary] has tentatively preplanned a contract vote for the following possible dates if the board will agree to a last minute deal. This info went out to all members in an open letter today. The dates are:

Advance notice has been given for a tentative Thursday November 20th ratification vote with time and location to be given a minimum of 24 hours in advance, I would assume as per the Peterborough plan for tomorrow. See 

News list, website or if possible phone messages will be sent to members to set an alternate date between December 22-29th after another contract meeting to be held then during the Christmas holidays.

A tentative meeting has been booked at the OFL on January 15th for a general meeting to provide a bargaining overview to our members and have a Q+A.

Yes this is my unit. Yes I am on the executive. Yes, I will fight as hard as I can for January 15th.  IMHO we should have no negotiations and choose Jan 17th. Finally no, I can't guarantee this will happen. I could just die!

Scoreboard: TSU voted against the MOU at COP. TSU is not involved in the OLRB complaint. Metro 7 comments are at: Metro 7

OECTA TECT [Toronto Elementary Teachers] has sent virtually the same message out to their members. It does not contain the section about a possible vote during Christmas time. A tentative date has been set for December 20th as well.

Scoreboard: The same as OECTA Toronto Secondary Unit.

OECTA President Kevin O'Dwyer was to speak on CBC Metro Morning. Reader reports he maintained a very conservative stance when quizzed  3 times on member ratification vote or lack thereof. Less liberal than on Bill 115 I guess. Details to follow.

The now public but hard to find OECTA Provincial + COP voting lists for the OECTA MOU on July 5 + 10th are now posted here for your convenience. You may want to read and share via the following direct link: How they voted?

Will OECTA Halton members be showing ETFO solidarity on the picket lines before or after school and at lunch? They've been out to wave the flag before.

York region OSSTF teachers holding an info picket today. reporter Kim Zarzour also reports on "bad blood and suspicion" among OECTA members across province, and speculation on OLRB complaint outcome as reported here with regards to the OECTA Metro 7 + Haltons Bad Boy Brocks challenge. Nice to see some balance added to this story. Who's next? See: OECTA Dissidents Story

OECTA Metro 7 OLRB challenge? Dead in the water as OECTA Provincial evokes Bill 115? What will they do next? Provincial? The Metro 7? 

Ontario: The Big Picture?

Extracurriculars remain a political football long after Harris years. Some interesting recommendations lie gathering dust on a shelf. Meanwhile PC Education Critic McLeod is threatening to mandate them for teachers, if party forms next provincial government. See: 
mandated extracurriculars nonsense returns

Bill 115 reaps social discord and enables the economic divide in Ontario. See: Bill 115 hidden agenda?

OFL President Sid Ryan disputes the new normal in union negotiation settlements with $10.3 billion in bank bonuses pending, equal to 2/3rds of the provincial debt! See + weep at the mainstream hypocrisy: big bank bonuses the new normal? 

In Other News

Top new story at lunch today? $25 million contract for man to throw a ball in Toronto at other men holding sticks. News on Teacher strikes over democracy, and salary grid delays, a modest professional gratuity, and sick day bank cuts are downgraded a few stories 5 minutes into news show. Public issue? Two other fellows might now be let go to play with their balls somewhere else. Balls to all that! We live in interesting times!

ETFO Steve! I quite enjoyed the bawdry laff myself but too salty for this site. Thanks 4 the chuckle anyway! Sounds like me! ;-)

Our thoughts are with our US teacher colleagues and their students as they return to school today. For hashtags see: Newton hashtags

School shootings continue to reverberate across USA.

The Washinton Post reports: US schools today

Mental health issues become part of US post Newton shooting debate. See: Mental health

Premier McGuinty offers reassurances in wake of Newton shootings. It can't happen here? See: bromides

Queens University report on student mental health issues provides interesting insights into the student experience. Not quite the same as the Newton story but it strongly suggests we are not on top of the mental health issue up here in Canada either. Shouldn't the efforts begin in school? Seestudent mental health

Well intentioned + without doubt reassuring words from TDSB to parents and students. Newton had also just issured + reassured parents that better security protection had been added at the school too. We are all still very naive. So sad. The world has changed, not for the better. See: TDSB reassurances


Anonymous said...

Have you read the statement by the Ontario Catholic School Board Trustees Association.... Even they don't agree! OECTA get your head out of the sand. Stand up for your rights and don't take the rest of us down with you!

Anonymous said...

hi im a uni student, and this site post some of the biggest crap i have ever seen in my life, reading everything you have here makes me feel like i am on 911 conspiracy website! I am so ashamed to know that oecta has a member like you who makes comments such as we should be out picketing and striking with our ETFO and OSSTF colleagues! Clearly you do not care about students! I will thank you for one thing, and that is to see just how corrupt so many of you in the boards,trustees are. I am now fully enlightened, and undertstand why dalton mcguinty said that this issue is aibout money, if anyone tells you it is not about money, then they are lieing. He is exactly right! You dont care about having kids lose extracurricular activities or poor test scores, all you care about is banking your sick days! I hope i never meet such a disgusting man like you in real life.

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