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Saturday 15 June 2013

Cracked: The Rob Ford Story 3

Part 2 of "The Rob Ford Story" can be foundHere and part 1 @ There! Events will continue to be added downward in chronological order as they occur, until we get to the bottom of this story! For todays story scroll to the bottom of this blog!

Rob Ford: A laugh a minute!


The Torontoist provides regular coverage of the Ford Bros. Sunday talk show for us. The Fords toot Doug Holydays PC Candidateship in Etobicoke Lakeshore. The Ford Bros continue to make political hay over the Scarborough Subway line etc. etc. etc. See @ Yak Fest

July polls show Ford bouncing back against Olivia Chow. Still a tough Ford sled ride if John Tory runs, though a two way split on the right would help Chow. Crunch the new numbers @ New Polls

Reality sets in: Ford realizes Torontonians are going to have to kick some money into building more subway lines with a, god forbid, tax hike. The province can't be expected to pick up the whole tab, and none of the business community ended stepping up to help out either. Duh! You get what you pay, all the Mr. Tax Cutter b.s. aside. More @ $ubway$

Ever wonder why the very working people who will suffer the most from Ford's cuts to city services, are a huge part of his "Ford Nation" of supporters? examines the confounding situation @ The blue collar millionaire myth!

Ford Brothers use their Sunday radio show to complain about reporters not respecting their right to privacy, this time at their summer home in Florida. I will give them credit, some of the questions being asked his neighbours about the family and so on are quite inappropriate, and most people be upset + concerned if somebody was staking us out like that. Of course, with the Fords what's for real and what's not? Read @  Florida Stake Out

Here's a handy time line of the Mayor Rob Ford crack scandal to date @ Time Line!

BTW: Rob Ford keeps reminding everybody that he is supposedly the great tax cutter. He apparently has derailed the costly gravy train of the previous Mayor Miller administration. Meanwhile the crack allegations continue to fly. It's a great speech for his Bay Street Conservative right wing buddies. How much of it is true? Seems not much @ Facts Vs Lies!

So, let's continue with the scandals to date in the ongoing Rob Ford Story:

"Project Traveller" occurred at the crack of dawn Thursday June 13. Toronto police executed a huge gang, drug and guns raid. One of the main locations was the apartment buildings on Dixon Rd in Etobicoke. They are near St. Basil's CSS [Catholic Secondary School]. Also nearby is a notorious crack house often cited as the possible location where the alleged Rob Ford crack video was filmed. It is believed the video might have been or still is hidden at one of the raided apartment buildings. Or possibly some of the residents know the truth about or are involved in the Rob Ford scandal.

Rob coached football at St. Basil's until he was recently declared persona non gratis. Warrants were issued for both the nearby druggie apartments and the crack house to be searched in the raids. 43 arrests in all were made across the city. Two of the gang bangers seen with Rob in the infamous crack video still shot photograph were among them. The other guy in the photo died in a recent shooting this March. Doesn't it all seem very suspicious? Or are the particulars just another of the many coincidences we've come to expect in the Rob Ford Story? Check out the police raid news report + video @ Crack of dawn

Mayor Rob Ford: Toronto's Crack King?!

Here's how the raid went down. Also take a careful look at the local map that accompanies the article. See @ The Hood!

For your erudition: Here's an earlier news report about a very strange visit to apt. 1703 - 320 Dixon Ave. It's in one of the apartment buildings that was raided. It's also where the crack video is or was allegedly stashed. The local drug dealers were apparently very angry about all the buildings recent attention + publicity. They told the reporters that the video will never be found. The reporters filmed their visit. It can be seen @ Apt 1703

Here's an earlier Toronto Star expose about the criminal history of the crack house + it's inhabitants @ Rob was here?

The parents, teachers and school admin at Don Bosco CSS had petitioned for Rob Ford to be removed as the schools volunteer football coach a while ago. They'd been patiently waiting for the TCDSB [Toronto District Catholic School Board] to take action. It did. Bosco is the second high school Ford has been forced to leave. He is now shopping around offering other Toronto high schools $10,000 to let him be their football coach.  Wow! Money talks!See @ Heave Ho!

This article discusses the two guys in the Ford photograph who were arrested in the raid @ Arrested

Here's a compendium of videos covering Thursday June 13th's now infamous drug bust and Mayor Ford's various media scrums throughout the day. It includes Rob's incredulous "I know nothing" denials @ Here and Here! Enjoy all this + more @ Videos

Worth a review: Here is what the Toronto reporters who saw the crack video claim to have seen @ Cracked

Here's some classic Ford for you. Rob ironically criticizes the media for their "thick skulls" as they ask him questions about the raids @ Thick skulled!

Gee Rob, that big drug bust was pretty close to Don Bosco eh! Oh that's right! you don't coach football at Bosco anymore! Hmmm.

CTV now claims the police knew about the Ford crack video before it made the news. Details where overheard on a wiretap as a part of the investigation which resulted in the big raid @ Police story? Here's the video @ Rob?

Toronto Police Chief Blair, of course, has to continue with "Project Traveller" + investigate everything he discovers. However, he can't reveal anything while the investigation and arrests continue. We will have to wait for the trials when all the evidence is provided to the court. Find out more @ Police secrets?

Here are videos of Chief Blair's media scrum. First about the drug busts @ Here! Then his response about the Ford allegations @ Here!

We learn more about Rob's helter skelter life in light of the raids. Police Chief Blair's comments are coming under close scrutiny by reporters and armchair sleuths. Read more @ Helter Skelter

When will Rob fumble the political ball next?????

Drink tossed at Rob during his visit to the Taste of Little Italy Street Festival. Young woman named Shannon Everett is charged @Mixed reviews

Some reports claims it was a "slushie"! Others, a fruit drink. Rob thought he tasted vodka or rye. Anyway, as a part of his "bludget" cuts he doesn't have a driver or a securitydetail. A yoga instructor has been charged. Rob doesn't feel safe anymore.  Doug wants him to reconsider his security arrangments. The Ford Bros yak it up on their Sunday radio show. Read @ Slushie Attack!

Woman charged in the Rob Ford "slushie assault" will vigorously defend herself against the charges. She is working on her Masters Degree in Education and is not known by friends to be violent. She doesn't think Rob should've gone public with his comments about the charges before she had her day in court. See @ Not guilty?

Follow the tweets at the Slush Puppy Twitter account @ Slushed

The Supreme Court of Canada is to announce at 9:45 am June 18th if it will hear an appeal in the Rob Ford conflict of interest case. You will recall Rob almost lost the mayors job last December but in January had the decision overturned. Prospectus? Depending on whom you talk to there's a 12% or 50% chance the Supreme Court will grant the appeal. If so the verdict would probably come mid election in 2014, or shortly afterwards @ Appeal of an appeal?!?

Montreal Mayor Applebaum arrested + charged on 14 counts including fraud + conspiracy. Sounds like in Montreal they do something about corrupt mayors! Sigh! Alas! Read @ Montreal

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois says that Applebaum should resign. Sigh! Alas X 2 @ Resign! 

Mayor Rob Ford: Will the fun + games ever end?!?

Accused slush puppy Shannon Everett likes to dance too! Watch @ Dance Fever?

She can imitate "Rocky". Watch @ Rocky?!

Dunno, I think I like her slush puppy act best but hear her sing like she's in Blink 162 @ Blink 182?!

You can see Shannons U of T bio @ UOIT

Slush Puppy Shannon Everett: Not Guilty?

Drug dealer skittishness blamed for the difficulty in finding the Rob Ford crack pipe video. The Gawker site remains optimistic it will be seen @ skittish

Rob Ford Chick Magnet? Rob celebrates the Supreme Court of Canada's decision not to allow an appeal of his conflict of interest case today by heading out to the Argos Football game. Article @ Back to the football game again!

Police silence on whether Rob Ford is being investigated as a part of the Project Traveller drug bust is raising eyebrows @ No Comment

Supreme Court of Canada decides not to hear complainants appeal on the Rob Ford conflict of interest case! Boy he definitely must have a horseshoe up his butt, that's for sure. Go ahead Rob! Laugh! laugh! The jokes on us!

The Toronto Star claims Rob's criticism of the provincial government cuts to Toronto funding is political, so he can claim to cut taxes before the next municipal election, and is unlikely to go over well with people living elsewhere in the Ontario @ Tax cuts?

Ford + Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa go head to head. Rob threatens he will cut services to public housing and hostels if the province doesn't give him more money. Sousa claims Rob isn't "in the loop" about how the funding changes work. He's getting more money not less. Sousa also has the rest of the province to think about. Today was a real big war of words with Ford calling the province "disgusting". Well, he should know what disgusting means if anybody does. Cuts to public housing + hostels?!? Read more @ disgusting!

Gay Pride? Rob: Umm .... if we shake hands could I get aids? No?  Hey .... do you like to smoke crack?!? Coz if you do .........

How can you tell Mayor Rob "homophobic" Ford is worried about next years municipal election? For the first time he attended the opening flag raising ceremony for Gay Pride Week in Toronto! The theme this year is "Super Queer". Alas, Rob won't be marching in the parade because he's got to go to the cottage again. I bet he'd look great in a pink ballerina outfit myself. Get this: I saw it on t.v. Doug Ford was walking about waving a rainbow flag! Wonder what he'd look good wearing .... a horsey bridle?More @ Mr. Gay Pride

Rob Ford's Crackgate scandal seems to be losing some traction. Of course the results are skewered by region but his scandal has slipped to 3rd place among those which embarrass Canadians the most. Maybe he can weather this out? Let's not encourage him @ Slipping?

Ford smokes the CN Tower! See the video below ...

LGBT Film Festival favourite "Peaches" teams up with electronic duo #ENTERTAINMENT to present a new video you can dance the latest moves to. In the case of baby boomers such as myself, its okay to just sort of shuffle along to I'm Bored of Rob Ford!

Who's trying to ride the gravy train now? Hint: He's got anger management issues @ Choo Chooo!

Globe + Mail sides with Rob on this one and accuses OLP Finance Minister Sousa of political manoeuvring @ Globe

"Slurpy", the alleged Rob Ford look-a-like in a recent reputed attempt at a making a bogus Ford crack video has been located. Seems he's just a nice guy, who vaguely resembles Rob, and just wanted to avoid a scandal @  "Slurpy" speaks!

Which guy is the real Rob Ford?!? Which is "Slurpy"? Hmmm. I'm not impressed ...

The Ontario Attorney General is unclear why Toronto Top Cop Chief Blair can't speak on the Ford investigation @ Why/ Why not?

Will John Tory throw his hat in the ring for the 2014 Toronto Mayoral race? John is a popular old school Red Tory conservative with big corporate ties. Could be a big boost in credibility for the local right winger moderates. See more @ John Tory's back?

Does Ford care? See @ Tory or Ford?

The more the candidates, the better Robs chances of being re-election @ Robs laughing?

Rob's approval rating increases 5 points to 47% in latest Forum poll. Could he weather the non stop crisis's and get re-elected? What happens to our city then? Is it possible to have a completely dysfunctional city? The number breakdown suggest it's still a fluid situation. It's interesting to see whom the Ford Nation consists of, according to the numbers. Read @ Rob bounces back!

Here's how his support was spread out across Toronto in the 2010 election @ Ford Nation?

Man in Ford crack still shot pleads guilty to manslaughter. Evidence will therefore not be made public so we can see if there is a Ford connection @ Lucky 4 Rob?

TCDSB denies Rob Ford claim that Premier Wynne had him banned as a football coach in the Toronto Catholic schools @ Pure Ford B.S.

Ford hired staffer Dave Price after he made on air phone calls to his show as a neo con right wing Ford Nation supporter. Good company. They both sound like crackpots to me. Of course it does possibly raise the question how authentic all the good calls to the show are and why there are few critical ones. Everybody still loves Rob? Oddly enough the recent polls still suggest yes. Read @ Dave Price

Shake it up baby: Rob takes his Ford Fest on the road to rave reviews!

Bread + Circus'? Rob Fords takes his free Ford Fest BBQ on the road to strengthen the Ford Nation. Folks go wild. What do they say, "You can fool all of the people all of the time?" Oh yeah! That's right, "you can't," Hmmm. Read @ Ford Fest!

Conservative Leader Tim Hudak cuddles up close to the Ford brothers in hopes Deputy Mayor Doug Ford will win the by-election in Etobicoke Lakeshore for the party. Up until now the Fords have been persona non gratis because of their ill effect on the Tory brand. Is all that about to change again? Read @ Hudak + Ford

Doug + Tim: Together again!

Can Rob's response to the Toronto flood help him re-assert himself as the steadfast Commander in Chief? Twitterers think not. Maybe he isn't out of the woods yet @ The Flood

Unbelievable! El Commandante Ford tries to turn it around claiming the cities response to the flood was unsatisfactory for tax payers. He knows. See him push back with bravado @ The City

Rob is painting the town red in more ways than one. This actually is helpful and makes sense. There are so many parking signs these days its sometimes hard to make sense of them after awhile, especially when they contradict each other. More @ No parking

HEYYYY!!! Is this the lost Rob Ford Crack video???? Is Rob made of clay????? Watch @ Youtube

Ouch! My throat hurts when I smoke crack!

Rob Fords antics during 2 Toronto provincial by-elections and a street car shooting? And PC Conservative leader Tim Hudak is hitching back up with these guys to become premier? He must be sure he can taste victory but can he smell the stink? God help us all! See the latest @ Back in action!

Toot! Toot! Rob Ford hitches his municipal donkey wagon back up with Tim Hudak's Provincial Conservative by-election train! Not appropriate for a mayor to do! And for Tim ... what happens next? Will the rest of the province love Rob too?!?

Mr. Tippler? Rob admits he had a "few beer" on a weekend out partying at Toronto's "Greek Festival: A Taste of the Danforth". Folks took videos and are making a big deal about it. Tut tut! I'd have to give this one to Rob. I don't like him. I am not a drinker. Still, you can see from the video it was not a big deal even by Ford standards. Some say he is setting a bad example as mayor. Ahem ...... Look above for any number of incidents that show it in a lot stronger terms. What sticks out to me is that he was out on the jam packed street without  a security detail. He is a polarizing figure. He would be very vulnerable out in the massive crowds and jam packed streets. Anything could happen to him.It's truly stupid taking such a risk. Anyhow read the story and watch the video for yourself and decide if he's "gone too far". IMHO he's just being his usually idiotic self. It's @ Taste of the Danforth

Never a dull moment in Toronto with Ford!

Latest Huffington Host article on the incident perhaps puts it a more studied perspective. Anyhow, check out the part about Rob saying he had some cocaine. Also questions on whether he drove home later. On another note, there is some very illuminating info on Fords Tory political links at the provincial and federal government levels. Find a must read for the true Ford story aficionados @ Carrying blow + drunk driving?!?

Another article that disagrees with me. Hmmm. There's an interesting link made here between Rob Ford and NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Wiener. Also more photos and the twitter response to the story @ 2 Thumbs down!

Totally amazing! Rob's a t.v. star in Taiwan! They love him! Toronto is now famous around the world .... Ummmm .... See the video @ Taiwan Loves Ford!

Former Deputy Mayor and now PC MPP Doug Holyday defends Doug's actions. Seems he isn't helping himself much though with his unwavering support @ To the rescue but at what cost?

However, Rob rescues 92 year old Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion from being pulled into Lake Ontario by a giant fish! Will the fun never end?!? See video @ Rob Ford Hero!

And so the plot thickens! To be continued ...


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