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Wednesday 3 July 2013

July Teacher Summer Digest 1

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NDP off + running in London West! Maybe Scarborough Guildwood too?

OLP's Ken Coran is getting a rough ride in London West over his resume: Football? Residency? His ex NDP colleagues are not impressed. This week has not been good for him. More under "Party Politics" after you read this @ Ken Coran OLP

The NDP has confirmed Giambrone won the nomination race in Scarborough Guildwood. Tweets suggest it was a close vote. Details to follow ... more of the story below!

NDP confirms Bronwyn Funiciello has won the nomination race in Ottawa South. Details to follow ...

Etobicoke Lakeshore by-election news + links moved to a separate posting.

It's official: Premier Wynne drops the writ for all 5 by elections to mixed reviews @ Off + Running!

More below under Party Politics ....


The Doug Little Report  crunches the by-election numbers + considers the outcome at length. Guess which way the OLP will swing towards the teachers if the election wins go to the NDP's or PC's? Premier Wynne's comments this week threatening a teacher pay freeze until 2017 wasn't a coincidence. Doug projects the OLP taking 3/5 seats, 2 maybe going to the NDP, but doesn't count out the Tories. Read his clarion call to teachers @ Doug Little Report

Introducing the new OECTA Provincial Executive: Click their names for an email link. Below each is a Bio link. You can find numerous postings on their activities during 2012-13: the "Year of the OECTA MOU" in my Blog Archive below this column for cross referencing purposes, be you a friend or foe of the agreement. They are now off for 3 days of meetings as a new executive at Niagara on the Lake. I'll see if I can arrange to meet with President James Ryan for a one on one interview sometime soon to get us a better sense of where OECTA is headed. Maybe one or two of the others as a well to follow. More info @ 2013-14 executive

OECTA: President James Ryan takes the helm. Changes expected at the top!

Paul Elliot is the new OSSTF President replacing outgoing President and OLP party hopeful Ken Coran @ President Elliot

OSSTF nightmare: And for the teachers too Ken???

See the new Liberal "Elect Ken Coran" website @ OLP

A shocker: The London Free Times claims OSSTF President Ken Coran was near the top of the list for OLP nominees in London West as far back as last November when ex MPP+ energy Minister Chris Bentley was on the political ropes. Connect the dots? Ouch! Read this @ Last November?!?

Ken Coran claims he "fuzzy" on the timing of his NDP to OLP conversion. Local London NDP'ers are not, and they are out to get him in no uncertain terms @ Fuzzy thinking?

Listen: Would an OSSTF member like to post a guest blog on the OSSTF situation with Ken Coran for our erudition? Please contact me through my gmail address at the top right of my blog screen.

The Ken Coran news story + links continue below under Party Politics

Over at ETFO President Sam Hammond is still Sam, last I heard. ;-)

Protesting teachers in England are angered by plans to allow each school to arbitrarily set it's own term dates @ Chaos Expected!

Look familiar? Teachers in England call for ouster of Tory Education Minister Gove!

Daisy Christodoulous "7 Myths About Education" takes some square shots at the modern malaise in education. The book review provides retorts. Me? I think I'm retiring at a good time but it's worth considering both points of view. Perhaps a lot of the debate about teaching theories + styles is situational? They sure change a lot, as do our schools. IMHO, nothing is absolute. Read @ 7 Myths About Education?

Why classroom failure can be a good lesson for students when its used to motivate them to do better, and excuses are not allowed @ Finally someone makes sense!

More teacher bashing from around the world: In New Zealand the education minister is disappointed because she claims if the teachers were any good a school should be able to eliminate any trace of a students socio economic disadvantage in 4 years. Oddly, this stupid theory has also been rearing it's ugly head stateside too. Here is a very interesting if not disconcerting article which debunks the "thinking", so to speak, at some depth. More @ Let's get real Toots!

A Dutch pension group has pulled it's investments from Walmart over it's labour concerns. Walmart is notorious for not paying benefits, a honest living wage, or allowing the employees to unionize. Get this: Walmart wouldn't even meet to talk with the share holders, so they said phooey on you @ Walmart Woes!

There's more! A recent poll shows that the majority of Torontonians are opposed to Walmart opening a store beside Kennsington Market. Kennsington is a very longstanding Toronto landmark community where today mom + pop ethnic shops stand door to door with off beat restaurants, cafes, small indie stores + street vendors in a mad local mix that is pure Toronto. Besides sticking out like a sore thumb, Walmart is notorious for opening with really cheapo prices until they shut down all the other business operators around them. Then they jack their prices back up again so they are cheap but not that cheap anymore. By then there are lots of poor people to hire and purchase their wares because they have put everyone else out of business. Let's hope Toronto city hall is really for the people @ No to Walmart in Kennsington market!


Ominous rumblings: Premier Wynne warns the public service unions that if we want pay hikes then they will have to happen at the cost of program cuts so she can balance the budget on time. What happened to all that nicey nice talk this spring? Is the Premier gearing up her pitch to play fiscal hardball in the 2013-14 contract talks? See @ Singing a new tune with teachers now!?

How did last years OLP Waterloo by-election gambit lead to the crisis facing Wynne today? Read the Tolkien like tale @ History lesson

[[ Backgrounder]] Premier Wynne is expected to call 5 by elections for August 1st. They are usually safe OLP seats but might be seen by some voters as a referendum on the Liberal government. The NDP warns teachers not to support "turncoat" union leader Ken Coran in London West. More @ By election announcements!

A little birdie told me so: Premier Wynne is on vacation this week + next. She won't hit the hustings until the last two weeks of the campaign. Also, she doesn't want to dump the horn rim glasses. The teleprompter remains a challenge, she still isn't a natural with it yet. Otherwise she's settling into office comfortably + long term OLP hopes are back up if not cautiously reserved. Sounds prudent to me.

5 Ontario by elections are coming our way! Who will  win?

A new Forum poll suggests the OLP could hold ex Education Minister Laurel Broten's riding of Etobicoke Lakeshore based upon phone calls to 442 residents. The poll is supposed to be accurate 19 out of 20 times but I wouldn't bet on it. See my blog on the Broten resignation below. Also, Forum warns this riding is one of the two ground zero's in the gas plant debacle. More @ Forum Poll 

The newest Forum Research poll suggests all 5 by-elections are up for grabs by the PC's and NDP. Forum is well regarded, but once again, I have to question the validity of these 400 or so phone call surveys in each riding. You can crunch the numbers + observations yourself @ NDP + PC wins?

Provincial Forum Poll: OLP= 38%/ PC= 34%/ NDP= 21%/ Greens= 6%. Ford antics seem to be hurting the Conservative brand + helping the Liberals @ Provincial results.

[[Backgrounder]]Toronto Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday considers a provincial PC run in Etobicoke Lakeshore. Hey hasn't a candidate already been chosen there??? See @ Tory Talk + Speculation

A Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday win in Etobicoke Lakeshore for the PC's would be a big hit against Rob Ford as whatever moorings he still has continue to become detached, but he's tossed his hat in the ring @ More instability

Doug Ford can continue to huff + puff about how he will run for the PC's in the next provincial election but PC leader Tim Hudak hasn't been excited about the prospect @ PC Doug Ford?

The by-elections could provide valuable insights into the three parties election strategies for 2014. All 5 are seen as the Liberals to lose @ Party Gauge?

Does Wynne see the by-elections in usually safe OLP ridings + with minimum voter participation during the summer as OLP advantages for an important propaganda win? Will it work? Don't forget McGuinty stumbled over a similar strategy in Waterloo @ Globe + Mail

The Carleton Madman blog speculates on the upcoming by-elections @ blogger

The NDP's Michael Prue plans to introduce legislation allowing Elections Ontario to set future by-election dates @ NDP

Will Adam Gianmrone make a come back with the NDP in Scarborough-Guildwood. News @ NDP nomination?

Former Mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone is considering a run as NDP candidate in Scarborough- Guildwood at Sunday's nomination meet. He dropped out in 2010 after a really ridiculous "sex scandal" that pales in comparison to what winner Mayor Ford has done since then. More @ Back?

OLP nominates CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter to run in Scarborough-Guildwood, a safe Liberal riding since 2003 @ Mitzie Hunter

PC + OLP party intrigues in London West by-election race @ Spy verses spy?

London West NDP candidate comes under fire for her record on red hot button issues as a school board trustee @ Peggy Sattler

Ken Coran under fire for his opportunism by teacher + labour groups in London West @ Coran under fire article calls Corans actions the ultimate betrayal of the teacher union movement. Teachers must reclaim the movement in the face of deep cynicism + a political moral vacuum @ Ken Coran

OLP star recruit, former OSSTF President Coran places a distant third to PC's + NDP candidates in London West @ Third

The PC's accuse Ken Coran of using teacher membership lists to make robocalls for soliciting all the "elementary" teacher votes + support he can get. The "elementary" part makes me seriously question the credibility of their claims. This is in the Toronto Sun @ Robocalls + teacher lists? 

The London Free Press interviews all the candidates who are running there, + comments on why this election is important even though it won't lead to a change in government @ London Free Press

Premier Wynne, Federal Liberal Opposition Leader Trudeau + Federal NDP leader Mulcair attended the Toronto Gay Pride Day on Sunday. Hmmm. No PC's of course @ Gay Pride Parade 2013

Late breaking news: John is back with his ice cream truck outside Queens Park. News at 11!

Turks + Caicos: Canadas 11th province? They're "like cottage country only warmer!"

A Federal Tory MP is raising the issue of accepting the Turk + Caico Islands just east of Cuba into Confederation as a Canadian province. Laugh not! It's been brought up numerous times before since 1917. These former British Colonies have requested becoming our 11th province. Often described as being "like cottage country only warmer" they could serve as a great Canadian tourist destination where our dollars are accepted at par and no visas are necessary. Strategically speaking, we would also have the United States surrounded. Hell, invite Cuba into the club too! Even dump Quebec once + for all! Parlez vou a hubba hubba?!? Think about it: Where would you rather visit: Quebec where our poor cousins speak a patois even their compatriots in France can't understand and they smoke a lot of smelly Gitanes? Or a year round tropical paradise in the sun that very much wants to join Canada??? It could be like Canada only warmer year round! Duh! That should be a slam dunker .... heh heh .... er ... just kidding of course. It would cost a lot to extend full Canadian citizenship with it's attendant social, health and economic benefits to the locals. Still, it's an interesting idea and it just keeps popping back up every few I'd say go for it .... ummm .... even if we let Quebec stay too. More news + links @ Turks + Caicos

Warren Kinsella and his fellow tweeters describe PC Kitchener Centre Wayne Wellaufer as a Cro-Magnum deep thinker. See why @ PC by-elections kick off


Egyptian anti Morsey faction partying in Tahrir Square .... for now. Is all well?

A military coup in Egypt has deposed the countries first elected President, Mohamad Morsey an Islamist, and replaced him with a top judge as interm leader. New elections to follow. The US announces a hands off policy. I wonder .... More @ Egyptian Coup

Or is it a revolution? Fireworks, coloured spots lights + cheering crowds greet news of the coup in Tahrir square outside the Presidential palace. The Canadian embassy closes and encourages Canucks there to get the hell out of the country. Nasty business expected to follow. For live video and news update coverage visit @ Reuters

Violence in Egypt surges as Morsi supporters fight back against the Revolution/ Military Coup. Weirdest thing I saw was CNN tv coverage of cheering crowds of supporters celebrating the president's overthrow with fireworks, strobe lights + speeches on one side of the presidential palace, while on the other side the opponents were being gunned down. Whew! More @ And so it goes ...

Egyptian army shut down CNN broadcast by seizing camera as the military moves in to "reestablish order"  in Tahrir Square. Multiple deaths + many wounded in new type of fireworks. Surprised? Read + see @ Tahrir Square revisited

Syria: Fr. Francois Murad Martyred! RIP!

Fr. Francois Murad,Catholic Franciscan priest has been beheaded by Syrian Jihadists in an attack on a Christian village, before a crowd of militants chanting praise to Allah. The Vatican in Rome has confirmed his martydom. Jihadist claims that he was collaborating with the Assad regime remain unconfirmed. Should the western nations be getting involved in Syria? The Jihadist group that killed Fr. Murad is receiving backing from the US. Remember when Osama Bin Ladin received US support during the Soviet invasion of Afghanista?. What good did that do? Let's face it, these folk don't like us!  Nope, I just don't think so! Not before, not now, + not later on. The video in circulation very pointedly provides a grizzly reality fix if anyone is in doubt. If these are the good guys do we really want to help? See @ Warning quite graphic!

Catholic Online includes the statement from the Vatican on Fr. Murad's martyrdom, including the details of his priesthood. It seems the second man who's beheaded was the collaborator, not Murad. I'm not comfortable with putting this story in the context of a religious war between Muslims + Christians. We should be able to do better than that. And yes! Catholic Online also included the full video. Read @ Not a collaborator

My rant: What's a home grown Canadian terrorist like? The alleged self styled Al Qaeda punk rocker charged yesterday in a BC terrorist plot is not known as being "the sharpest tool in the shed" by those who've met him. The police say they were on top of him from the very start. It seems he was out to blow up the BC legislature with his home made "Boston Marathon" style pressure cooker bombs. No two ton garden shop variety "fertilizer bomb" was found unlike with the Toronto 16 or however many were finally found guilty in that alleged diabolical Canadian terrorist plot. With this expert degree of "terrorist" [read "criminal"] dullness, cunning + mediocrity it should come as no surprise that most everyone can graduate from high school nowadays.Then if that seems unlikely, the supposed "expert authorities" want teachers to detain them at school until age 21. Wonder how far Nuttal got? A PHD? Duh. What next? Will the federal + provincial neo cons now further limit our Charter civil rights so they can dumb down Canadian society even more? Break down any grassroots teacher union resistance by turning our leadership against us with Bill 115 repression + threats of further cuts? Then also catch all the Canadian "terrorist" buffoons. As an added bonus control everyone else, unfortunately including quite a few of our rank + file teacher members, from even guessing or complaining too much about what's going on? Consider me royally p.o'edJohn Nuttal

How about a summer tour of the home front lines in Canada's war against terrorism folks?

Will the nuttiness never end? Nuttal's landlord allows illegal "summer tours" of the suspects messy quarters @ Visiting BC this summer?

Here's more on Nuttal's alleged "Al-Qaeda inspiration" @ Nutty

Meanwhile on the Canadian front lines in Afghanistan: Enjoying Timbits + a roll up the rim to win will no longer be an option!

A real shocker: Canadian troops to lose their coffee + Timbits as Tim Hortons forced to withdraw from Afghanistan in the middle of their highly successful military operations. Good Lord! Is nothing sacred in love and war anymore??? Is Al Qaeda winning in the fight to destroy our way of life?!? I think so. Read @ Tims sent packing!

China has outlawed not visiting or talking to your elderly parents. Kind of drastic but if you are going to be totalitarian at least this law makes sense to me. Elderly parents in China have been suing their children for a lack of moral support. Which reminds me, gotta call mom tomorrow!!! More @ China


He caught a 200 year old fish + is off to the taxidermist!

A 200 year old fish has been caught by an insurance salesman in Alaska! Personally, I wouldn't eat it. Heck I'd even let it go. However, he plans to get it stuffed so he can put it up on the wall. Jeez! See @ Old fish makes news!

Teacher wears same disco outfit for 40 years in his school photo. Guess he still listens to alot of disco eh? Or teachers are very poorly paid in Texas! Read @ Trapped in1973!

Learn 6 ways to fake it when you forget somebodies name! Let's face it, as teachers we meet thousands upon thousands of extra faces. I've found that after awhile I can still remember most everything about a person, except their name!? Here's help @ Hi! Your name is ???

Tres kool: Now it can be told! Why Mars died + Earth lived @ Earth Lives!

The History of the Internet by Mehil Bilgil himself in 8 minutes @ Video short

The condensed History of English in 10 minutes @ Animated short

Like that? See the expanded 10 part series by attending the free Open University @ Open University

More lost cities discovered! The Dark Lords of Hattusha set out to conquer the world + then completely disappeared from the maps, myth + legend. They were once in the middle east before Biblical times.Truth can be stranger than fiction. What a great story line for a video game eh? Lean more @ The "Hittites"

A bad case of failure to launch according to plan!

Crash + burn! Or is it burn + crash? A Russian rocket blows up after launch. Here's some amazing video footage. Don't worry! It was carrying 3 satellites. It didn't fall on anybodies head. Nobody was hurt. The fiery catastrophe happened in Kazakhstan. It seems Borat was unavailable for comment. Watch @ Ka-Boom!

Canuck writer declares American revolution a "flop" in the Washington Post. He recommends Americans just admit it and denounce the revolution like in Russia. Well, this guy definitely has more balls than brains. The USA might well not be the beacon of light + hope for the rest of the world that they like to think they are. Still his argument seems weak in choosing the British monarchy as some sort of historical benchmark for reference purposes. Yes? No? Read @ No to the American Revolution?

Hipsters Saturday night in a Iranian underground club. Shhhhhh! Don't say nothing not nice!

Meanwhile they are rocking in Iran, kinda sorta, as long as it's underground @ R+R!

Every country has it's myths to sustain it's self image of itself, the US, Canada + Britain too. Here are 5 myths dispelled about the burning of Washington + the White House in the War of 1812 @ 5 myths

Hiren's Boot cd promises to restart any computer. It has lots of anti spy + virus ware, backups, burning + copying tools etc. etc. etc. Details and apparently a free download are available to check out for yourself are @ Boot CD

This new app will show you what alcohol will do to your face. You can adjust it to how much you drink a day; 1 to 5 drinks, even 10 and up. For the latter of course, you need only take one look at Rolling Stoner Keith Richard's face. Info @ Drinking Mirror App

Hey Keith! Would it be safe to say that over the course of the years you drank too much?!?

Toronto Travel Guide: Yelp's "Hipster's Guide to Toronto" will show you where it's at in Toronto baby, only it's written by squares!? Can you dig? Read @ Anti Hipster's Guide

The "Nazi Chic" craze among trendy Thai youth is gaining even more momentum. Hitler with a bow tie? Ronald MacDonald but with Hitlers Head? I was quite content to be a hippy myself .... love .... peace ..... understanding. This is truly bizarre @Hitler Youth?

Nazi Chic?!? Unfortunately this photo is for real. What next?

Dsquared2 introduces it's Fall + Winter 2014 fashions in Milan. Seriously does anybody ever actually wear these runway outfits? They often look ridiculous to me despite all the Oooohs + Ahhhhs by the more fashionably inclined. At least nobody has is sporting a bird nest on their head this year. Oh well, you can see and decide for yourself whether or not to buy @ Fashionistas!

Dept of Truth is Stranger than Fiction + Bureau of Guy Stuff: Is she to be believed? Wife's fling with Jake the bartender shocks the monkey @ Cheaters



Anonymous said...

Oh Yes we did get the robo call from Kenny in my household. I would never acknowledge him as Mr Coran. The Judas traitor( see the big kiss with the MOE) made me puke. To give him a vote now after his capitulation so quickly as leader of OSSTF would go against my integrity. I have to believe you will lose the West London seat. Beside your name on the election signs should be the name traitor. Come on Ontarians, you have to step up and send the proper message. We cannot hope to give the Liberals another mandate. If we do then we basically tell them to stomp all over all citizens again (ORNGE, Gas Plants, E-Health, Bill 115 and its unprecedented attack on educators, deleting important emails, increased MPP severances, lies, lies, lies). I don't care who wins- just not Liberals. If they do win then I have to question the intelligence of the citizens of Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I have to question the intelligence of OSSTF (86%) and ETFO 91% votes in favour of a stripped down contract. My bag of 100 marbles was stolen from me in the school yard. The principal said I would only get 10 back from the bully and I'm supposed to be okay with that. Had we held out (work to rule) we would have caused an election. Just once I wish our memberships would stop following like sheep. I am dismayed and embarrassed to say I work with the sheep that I do. Two years till retirement. I'll get what I bargained for in pension benifits. You young ones must get your attention away from your technology and see what is coming. Vote yes because Ken said so- Hell no.

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