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Thursday 14 November 2013

Cracked: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Finally Busted!!!

Interested readers should note my Cracked coverage goes back over a year:

Part 1 Nov 2012  Part 2 @ Here! Part 3 @ There! Part 4 @ Then! [corrected link list]

 Ford: Fired?! What happened!?! Why'd you do that???

December 13

Libel notice follow up: Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale wants a full retraction of Ford's statement from this weeks Vision TV interview with Conrad Black. Apologies aren't good enough, he does that all the time. The Fords + Vision TV are hunkered down consulting with their lawyers about what to do. Dale is adamant that he will stay on the news beat at Toronto City Hall whatever happens next.

He was on adjacent city land to the Ford house which Rob is allegedly trying to underhandedly get for himself, taking photos for his news report when Rob saw him. In the Black interview Ford made claims he thought Dale was a paedophile taking pictures of his kids during the ugly confrontation that ensued. Why would "Vision TV" host a Conrad Black interview with Rob Ford anyway? Wasn't it licensed for religious programming?!? Surely the loathsome, arrogant + officious Mr. Black is not now being held up as some sort of spiritual leader of the Canadian neo right? The whole sordid affair stinks to high heavens! More @ Dale wants public retraction!

Here's the May 2012 CBC report on the altercation. Ford made no such allegations at the time. Read @ Mad Rob!

December 12

Ford Christmas party at mom's house a bust! Mostly reporters. Guest's schmoozed in den + got a house tour including brother Randy's room to see the exposed roof. Veal, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, rolls were served @ Fa La La!

Toronto Chief Police Blair clearly states police probe is not payback for Ford budget cuts. Says he will not respond to personal attacks. Who are Ford's advisers?!? How embarrassing eh? Story @ Chief Blair

Toronto Councillor Doug Ford caught on video handing out $20 bill at a housing project! Ummm. Isn't that called buying votes?!? If not for him then certainly brother Rob??? Unbelievable @ $20 votes?

Mayor Rob Ford makes David Letterman's Top 10 list! Josh Groban sings his praises! Hilarious! Video @ Daze of Christmas!

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale will sue Rob for accusing him of being a pervert! Who will win? Who can afford the best lawyer + delay the longest? See @ Huffington

December 11

Have a "Merry 12 Days of a Rob Ford Christmas" @ Jimmy Kimmel Video

Forum Poll shows Ford approval rating is still at 42%! Furthermore of the Torontonians polled, 28% believe the allegations but would vote for him anyway!! Incredible! What a sad reflection of the decline of democracy! It's as it folks think this is the X Factor. Will they just voting for their favourite act?!? Of course 58% disapprove. The election race hasn't begun yet. I still believe it's uncertain how many of these yahoos who approve of his behaviour will actually vote. Still, scary stuff @ Latest polling results!

A Day in the Life: Rob Ford dodges Police Chief Blair by going to inspect the "worst building" in Toronto. He walks in on a naked woman in a towel. Doug Ford tries out his ventriloquist act on Santa Claus. Everybody at Toronto City Hall is invited to a Christmas party at mom's house, including the media @ A Ford Xmas!

Live coverage of the Ford Christmas Party at mom's house. Media can only provide Twitter coverage. Live @
Ho Ho Ho!

A Ford Xmas: Be naughty not nice!

December 10

Ford accuses Toronto Chief Blair of being out to get him. Seems the Chief doesn't want him to save tax payers dollars. Rob was being interviewed by Conrad Black no less! 2 of Canada's biggest embarrassments. Tut! Tut! Rob! This is your biggest load of phooey yet! A lot of responsible voters aren't going to like you bad mouthing the Chief and undermining the police force just to try save your own sorry butt! Video @ City TV News Coverage

Here's a complete unedited video of Conrad Black interviewing Rob Ford. What nonsense! If this is the best the neo cons in Canada can come up with the right is in bad shape. Of course the smart ones are going to be dissociating themselves with these lug heads asap. Watch @ Complete interview

How low can he go? Ford also makes a accusation that a Toronto Star reporter is a paedophile because he was taking pictures of his house. Ford has children. More @ Lower yet

The Toronto Star reporter's reply @ Lies!

The Top Ten Stupidest Things Rob Ford has done?!? Bah this list is funny but there is nooooo shortage of Ford follies. Check my blog links above to see what he's been doing over the last year. Meanwhile, Top 10 @ Stupidest???

December 4

Latest released police court documents reveal wiretap evidence of Rob's Ford crack + heroin purchases. Also his attempt to buy the lost cell phone "crack video" back from gang members who used it to blackmail him @ More evidence!

Ford tried to buy the crack video for $5000 and his used van. Gang members decided it was worth a lot more! Further details @ Didn't work out well!

Now magazine reveals some highlights from the newly released documents @ Best of

Read or download the latest 50 pages of court documents that have been released @ Here!

"Sketchy the Clown" a Rob Ford impersonator, and member of the Caven Path Ministries mock Satanist organization chased away by the Ford Bros + arrested by police @ Read this!

Ford Christmas Follies: Just clowning around!

November 27

Rest of the Rob Ford court documents will now be released by December 6th. Story @ Much more!

Mayor arrested for drugs in Florida because "This isn't Toronto" Sigh. Alas. How embarrassing @ Busted!

Ford is a "dead man walking" come election time despite his approval ratings. It's the message not the man, especially if city hall remains "fiscally responsible" without him. His entertainment value can only carry him so far. More @ Globe + Mail

Prime Minister Steve Harper responds to Rob's claim he wants his job @ Video

November 26

Toronto Budget talks begin, as does Rob Ford, to play the gullible like a fiddle with his lies, this time about financing his much touted Scarborough subway extension @ Toronto Star

Ford: Just an "average guy" looking out for all the little guys?!? More complete BS! Check out his big buck assets @ $$$$!

November 25

What a crock! Rob Ford's lies about the gravy train and balancing the budget debunked! Here's how it really works @ Total BS

If there were an election today Olivia Chow could kick Ford butt, especially if there are a number of candidates on the left + right @ Municipal election? 

November 22

Forum poll: Rob Ford has a 42% approval rating, up from 39% late last month just before police announced they found the crack video, and the court documents were released. 33% would even vote for him again! Amazing @ Forum Poll 

Toronto Video editor has a big Youtube hit with his parody of a movie trailer about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's antics. Chris Farley plays Rob. Robert De Niro is Chief Blair. Watch @ Movie trailer

Actually, Rob reminds me of Freddie Krueger. He keeps coming back! It wouldn't be the first time! Remember when he was caught by the Integrity Commission last year on a conflict of interest charge and they declared his mayoral chair vacant?!? Not for long! See @ @ Nov 2012 

 November 21

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly assumes Ford's mayoral responsibilities. He'll need time to settle in. Meanwhile Rob's still dusting things up, having declared war on everybody in Toronto from what I can figure out. Oh well. No news is good news. We all need a breather. Wasn't that fun! Is it safe to come out yet?!?

Follow Up:

From Aymann Ismail on the Animal New York website, 2 reports on his visit to Toronto last week:

The protesters at Toronto City Hall. Nice. Too bad he missed the big chalk up on Wednesday before the graffiti was all erased. Maybe next time. See @ Go Rob Go!

Trying to solicit crack. I think he pretty much sizes the situation up about right with this one @ Not much luck!

Thanks for some good NYC vibes Aymann! We need it!

November 19

Transition Day: Out with Ford, in with Kelly. Also, Rob appears on CP24 promising Torontonians he won't drink or do drugs again. It's "guaranteed 100%"! And if you believe that maybe I can sell you some private property in Cuba?! C'mon go for it! ;-) Story @ Rob finds Jesus


Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly assumes mayoral duties! Locks changed! Staff jump ship! Says Rob, "This is war!" OK then! Could somebody please explain the fine art of Hari-Kiri to him?!? Before he goes down kamikaze style upon our fair city!!! More @ War or peace?

New York Times reports on the Ford story @ Stateside!

Robs been telling the media he hasn't smoked crack in over a year [CNN] or two [CP24]. Police reveal his crack video was made in February. Somebody needs a little remedial math @ 100% guaranteed maybe not!


Rob says he didn't know Lisi very well, maybe for a year or so. Ummm. Didn't he write him a reference on city hall letterhead commending his great work on the Ford campaign 3 years ago???? Must all be a mistake or a left wing media plot eh? More @ Lisi who?!?

Robs problem? He claims it all boils down to a weight issue. He's getting help for that now so everything is going to be okay. Whew! I feel better all ready! Not! @ Should lose a pound or two?

Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister says stripping Ford's mayoral power was legal and appropriate @ Busted!

So what's Plan B now Rob?

Seems ROB Ford's switched a "gravy train" for a "crazy train at Toronto City Hall @ Sun editorial

Rob + Dougs Sun News Ford Nation TV show is axed after the first show despite high viewer ratings. Hmmm. Story + video clip @ Axed by Sun!

Martin Regg Cohn weighs in about dodging the circus elephant at QP @ Toronto Star

Can PC Tim Hudak find a way to dump the Ford Bros now too?!? Story @ Macleans

11 Ford staffers jump ship to Join Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly's office as he assumes the duties of the mayor. Kelly interview video clip included @ City News

Sorry! No refunds!

A summary of 97 allegations about Rob Ford in the released police documents. Of course Rob maintains they are all lies. He should know eh? He's no stranger to telling them himself. Even his expenses are now open to scrutiny. Here's a handy easy to use graphic chart @ Toronto Star

Then there was the racism, homophobia and misogyny too, but let me guess! That was all just a joke?!? Sure @ Mr. Hate

Photo: Not only is no money being made by its use but you are now losing exposure to viewers who could discover your work plus help get the important message about Ford across. Claims are contentious but no problem. Removed. Are you sure you wouldn't rather just have your name + contact info added? If so let me know. Cheers!

Rob Ford Zombie!

Rob Ford "Walking [Brain] Dead" @ Warren Kinsella
Late night TV talk shows continue to have fun with the Ford Follies @ Video

November 18

Rob Ford mounts his counter offensive with Big Bro Doug + lapdog Councillor Giorgi Mammoliti at City Hall today. Can the council legally strip him of his powers? City Council lawyers think so. But is the political resolve there? Live video + twitter coverage @ Global News!

City Council resolve in limiting the mayor's power seems to weaken and waver as a new motion to cut the mayor's office budget is debated on the floor. Much jeering from the visitors' gallery ensues. Rob + Doug engage in a shouting match with the gallery. Doug calls them "scumbags". Robs brainiac camera idea @ Candid Camera

Rob knocks over left wing Councillor Pam McConnell as he races at them in an aggressive manner + bruises her lip. See clip @ Fat lip

Rob has claimed there were union "socialists" in the audience! That explains it eh?!? Not. Still, the National Post "Letters to the Editor" give Rob Ford mixed reviews. Some think he's the one being bullied @ Right Backlash

He also engages in a drinking + driving pantomime which is bizarre even by Ford standards. Watch Rob in action @ Drinking + driving is funny?

The t.v. talk shows will have fun with this one at the City of Toronto's expense tonight. It is a sad spectacle of democracy in Toronto at action indeed. Earlier, Rob Ford told the BBC he wants to become Prime Minister of Canada some day! Videos of Rob Fords amazing t.v interviews + coverage on the international media circuit last night are @ Mr. Toronto! Also @ Huffington Post

He's sorry!

CNN nails Rob but good on "semantics" Amazing interview @ Power of Denial

No, seriously Rob, smoking crack is not good! Details @ Crack Medical Q+A

In the end Mayor Rob Ford loses control of Toronto City Council. He is now a ceremonial mayor, and in name only with even his office budget stripped. Today was not a pretty site @ Toronto Star

City TV news reports on today @ Votes pass!

Todays vote results: Mayors staff cut 36-6/ Deputy Mayor strikes committees 35-7/ City Clerk consults with speaker not mayor 37-5 /Mayor loses right to set city hall agenda 32-10/  Budget stripped 32-9/  32-10/ Ford no longer gas right to speak first or last 30-12/ Clerk + chair sign off on meetings 36-6/ Deputy Norm Kelly put in charge 36-5! Council appoints nominating Panels 39-3Well, he seems to have swung a few votes since Wednesday. Amazing!

Somethings never change: Rob Ford [on marijuana verses crack]

One down, one to go: PC Tim Hudak finally comes clearly out against Mayor Ford by supporting Premier's position that city councillors need with the crisis @ Toronto Star

Denial Time Again: Canadian Prime Minister Harper compares Rob Ford to Liberal Opposition Leader Justin Trudeau [?!]. Rob claims he's "found Jesus" and declares war after today's city hall vote. Lot's of great video links too, including the Saturday Night Live skit too @ Globe + Mail

Trudeau verses Ford?

Sun News sides with Doug Ford in election call and compares Rob with Premier Wynne, who he thinks should call an election at the same time, further stoking up + coming to the rescue to the neo cons, after the Ford Nation cracks. Also see the Sun News Ford interview here. More @ Toronto Sun

National Post letters to the Editor give Rob Ford mixed reviews. Some still think he's the one being bullied @ Right Backlash

Animal New York's fab web coverage of the Toronto City Hall Saturday anti-Ford rally with photos + protesters quotes @ Nice one!

November 15th:

Mayor Ford: the bleary reality

[I plan to visit City Hall to see first hand the proceedings for today's motions limiting the mayor's powers. Dunno how it will go: I doubt I'll be able to post my report or links until later but keep checking back! Meanwhile you should be able to follow me live on my Twitter hashtag:

@ #davidchiarelli ]

Rob Ford lost his power to hire + fire the members of the council executive, appoint committee members + chairs, and assume emergency powers in the case of a crisis today. A first hand report on my visit to watch at Toronto City Hall while the mayor was stripped of many of his powers is @ A Day in the Life

There's also still lots to read below:

November 14th:

Ford today in his football jersey: Argos not impressed!

Another News Flash! Mayor Rob Ford makes odd lunchtime media appearance to apologize for his "unfavabourable" [sic] comments this morning. It won't happen again and he is getting help but won't say with who or how. A reporter asks why anyone should believe him now? In a completely unexpected move in then reappears back in the media room a few moments later walking with his wife still refusing to answer any questions. After a mad crush with much swearing, pushing and shouting he goes back into his office. There is a back exit to his office so it's completely unclear what's going on ...

Rob Ford meets Tom Jones while Woody Allan cringes? Ford apologizes for using "unfavabourable" language + claims he has sought secret help for his problems. Also sounds like he's suing most everybody for most everything said about him. He also pleads for "family privacy" standing there with his wife apologizing for talking about his ... er ... love life ... Video + transcript @ What's new pussycat?

Ontario Premier Wynne outlines the 4 criteria that would need to be considered before the province will intervene, including a request from city council and all 3 party support @ Media Release

Here's the news video @ Wynne

Rob Ford in damage control mode? Our illustrious mayor arrives at Toronto City Hall this morning for an impromptu media scrum, including a monologue on prostitutes, girlfriends, his wife, oral sex and "getting enough to eat at home".

Other allegations responded to included drinking and driving, and statements made by his staffers and public observers of his repeated drug and alcohol abuse and deportment at various locations, and events around about Toronto.

Bad Ideas #1: School trips to the mayors office continue despite the scandals. 

Here's a video @ Tiger Cat!

What was said @ Lewd language ink

In short;

"It hurts my wife when they call a friend of mine a prostitute. Alana is not a prostitute. She's a friend. And it makes me sick how people are saying this. So unfortunately, I have no other choice. I'm the last one to take legal action, I can't put up with it anymore. So I've named the names. Litigation will be starting shortly. I've had enough. That's why I warned you guys yesterday be careful what you wrote. That's all I have to say for now.
And the next thing I want to call Mayor Bratina in Hamilton and tell them we are going to have to spank their little tiger cats. Oh and the last thing was Olivia Gondek, it says it says that I wanted to eat her pussy. Olivia Gondek. I've never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much."

Former staffer Olivia Gondek comments on Rob's St. Patrick Day's antics at city hall @ Oral sex?

Rob Ford's St. Patrick Day antics: Did he or didn't he?

Ford was responding to the allegations included in over 600 pages of police court documents released late yesterday. They are posted @ DOCUMENTS.

Here are 10 key allegations being reported on from the released documents @ Say what?!?

Here's a live City-TV media feed @ City TV Coverage

Another live video and twitter "Ford watch" feed for today is @ Toronto Star

John Tory speaks out on the situation @ Tory Watch

Rob to get new reality t.v. show "Ford Nation" Monday nights at 8 pm on Sun TV after his radio show is cancelled.  In Toronto today, it sadly makes complete sense to me @ New Ford Sun TV Reality Show!

Blog TO presents a top 10 Ford blooper video show! Lone Ford supporter lap dog City Hall Councillor Giorigi Mammoliti claims this is all a left wing plot to overthrow Toronto's neo con mayor. Well, as a left winger let me say, I don't think any of us could possibly even dream of doing as much to damage Fords credibility than he does every time he opens his own mouth! Here's just some of the things Rob's said and done all by himself @ Top 10 Ford Videos!

Here's a weird one. After todays kerfuffle Rob tries a stay back test on the media before he leaves the office @ Walk + Talk?

Finally: IPSO Reid poll: 62% of Torontonians wouldn't vote for Rob Ford "under any circumstances" @ Poll

Removing Rob Ford as Mayor would require major changes to the City of Toronto Act 2006, which seems unlikely. However, if you are an armchair legal pundit you can get a copy of the act for yourself to see @ Download

Remember: Rob still refuses to resign after a 37-5 City Council vote supporting the petition for him to step down and take a break as mayor to get help. Tomorrow [Friday] City Council plans to pass motions to thus limit his power as mayor. Fence him in so to speak. I haven't gone outside since I got back from Cuba and am quite comfortably esconed here at home on my living room coach. Quite frankly it's cold and I don't have to, so I don't. Nice retirement perk! However, I'm thinking of moseying on down to city hall tomorrow to cover the proceedings. Here's a recap and how city hall plans to proceed @ Toronto Star

November 13 Update:

Meanwhile outside city hall a huge anti Ford protest rally is going on.

In what must be one of the most exciting days yet, in the ongoing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford story, all but 2 city councillors [Rob Ford + lap dog Giorgi Mammoliti] vote in favour of a petition asking him to take a leave of absence to get help for his substance abuse problems. Broadcast live on CP24 the lively debate that followed has seen the Ford brothers yelling, and bullying the city councillors, many of them strong former supporters, in between Rob's admissions of drug use, lies to the citizens of the city, and his adamant refusal to leave office even if only for a month to seek help.

Unfortunately, under the city council by-laws Ford cannot be forced to leave the mayors office. The city councillors continue to make their case. Rob, unable to provide any credible excuses for his persistent ongoing objectionable, illegal, morally reprehensible actions and double standards since taking office continues to get tangled up in arguments he can't bully his way out of, showing no dismay. Brother Doug continues to just shout everybody down even though his microphone has been turned off and he has been told by the chair that he is out of order. Toronto City Council has become a clown show without compare as chaos reigns supreme!

A good overview of the circus at Toronto City Hall today. There's also a huge public anti Ford protest outside @ Huffington

The National Post provides a live feed and a very thorough account of todays proceedings @ National Post

Rob Ford finally admits he bought illegal drugs @ True Confessions

Rob stands by his attendance record at city hall as showing he's up to the job. Unfortunately for him it's rather spotty. The real Rob Ford story IMHO, is the constant lies + denials not the drugs, but at any rate, here's another case in point @ Attendance Record?

Interesting point: A big double standard here -if Ford where a regular city hall employee he could be fired under our workplace laws for repeated substance abuse + a refusal to seek help @ Dooreys Law

Fords hardline stand against crack users, up until now. Let them shoot themselves @ The Drug Man

When is a crack house not a crack house? When Rob Ford is there! Above: the crack video photo that started it all!

In a bizarre twist to todays story the court next door to city hall has agreed that more Ford documents should be released to the public from the Lisi case, perhaps as early as this afternoon @ More incriminating information

Finally, Rob takes a beating in the latest Toronto public approval poll @ Thumbs down

Santa Claus says no parade for Rob this year but will he stay away? @ Ho Ho Ho!

Naughty not nice @ Toronto Star

Video clip of Doug Ford forcing city council to recess because of his constant "braying" in his brothers defence. Is marijuana the same as crack?!? @ Youtube

Will the province step in to remove Ford from office? Could be dicey @ Provincial hot seat

Here's a link to the newly released court documents based upon police surveillance of Mayor Rob Ford which had previously been heavily redacted @ DOCUMENTS.

November 12 Update:

Today: Buy an autographed Robbie the Bobble Head Doll at City Hall!?

Mayor Rob Ford is in the lobby at city hall today autographing "Robbie the Bobble Head" dolls for the hundreds of citizens lined up to buy one.  His local popularity is still seemingly solid. He refuses continual calls to resign. City Council is promising a show down for tomorrow. While I was away in Santiago de Cuba, everybody knew about the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford scandals, locals and international tourists alike. Alas!Commented one wag on the elevator, when he learnt I was from Canada, "My condolences!"

Meanwhile at the University Avenue Courthouse lawyers are asking for the release of the Ford Crack video. Check back later! It might happen today!

Toronto today: This Global news Bobblehead video and commentary pretty much sums it all up. Sigh! Alas! It's come down to this! How much lower can we go? @ Fordmania Continues!

Big bro Dougie bemoans Rob faces "a public flogging" as a result of a "witch hunt" at City Hall Council Wednesday just because he has repeatedly lied and mislead the citizens of Toronto for a long time now. Meanwhile the judge continues to deliberate over publicly releasing the Rob Ford Crack video police recently found on a computer seized in a drug raid @ Cracked!

Here's a great illustrated time line of what Rob has said to date about the crack video that he repeatedly has denied exists @ Video time line + quotes!

Meanwhile another video has surfaced wherein an agitated Ford curses, stumbles about and makes a death threat @ Toronto Star

Here's the video @ CP 24 video source

A Robbie the Bobbler exclusive @ Shocking video

Asking prices soar for Robbie Bobbies on Ebay + Kijiji @ $$$

The Story to Date:

Ford crack video found by Toronto Police. Computer intelligence unit discovered the deleted digital file in a computer seized during a drug raid @ Toronto Sun

Ford: Van on the run!

November 3 Update:

So what did Ford say? Well, he does not plan on resigning as Mayor. He admits mistakes were made but he won't do it again, like he said the last few times he got caught red handed after telling a big whopper of a lie, only this time he means it by golly!!! Hmmm. And if you believe that maybe you would be interested in buying some private property in Cuba from me?!?

No Rob won't resign: A summary of his comments on today's radio show with video clips @ Live Commentary

Ford also criticizes Chief Blair on today's Sunday Radio Show @ Global

Todays latest Global News videos:

November 1 Update:

Rob + Doug Ford skip work at city hall + miss important budget meeting. They are hunkered down at their mom's home in Etobicoke. [?!] Latest news release is that they want the video to be released because they say it will show Rob is not guilty. Good move? Video is tied up in Lisi's court case now so probably can't be released. Police Chief Blair says Rob can't be arrested for what's on video, makes sense, but detective is trying to arrange a meeting. Chief Blair is a very credible guy and he says he's disappointed and saddened by what he's seen on it @ Camp Ford hunkers down!

Lisi has been released on bail but is facing extortion charges @ Lisi

Lisi's extortion charge is related to the crack video. I wonder, was he trying to get it for Rob? Also, Fords lawyer goes after Police Chief Blair: Show us the video. Ouch! Careful boys! @ Chief Blair?

Rob Ford's mom's house where he is hiding while choppers fly overhead!

Did Rob Ford make a fake call to a radio talk show to plead his case? Also, here's the video of his media announcement that he won't resign if you haven't seen it yet. Some interesting notes on his legal defence case too @ Huffington

Incredible: Watch the story unfold at CP24 if you can. Mayor flees mom's house with news choppers following his car like some sort of bizarre OJ Simpson north. Reporters want to know if the Ford family tried to have an "intervention" with Rob, but it seems Doug says no. Stay tuned!

Live CP24 news camera feed is @ HERE!

Rob leaves mom's house @ The Ford mobile!

Ford waves at helicopters! Wow! This is incredible!

This has been, without doubt, some of the best television in a long, long time. Long may you run Rob!

The level of debate in the man/and woman on the street interviews about the Ford situation highlight the dangers of having an apathetic, unengaged citizenry. It is truly scary. The status quo is not just confined to Toronto though, I am sure. It seems to me like the whole dumbing down of society, sometimes even within our own teacher unions, certainly within the "educational" community in and outside of Queens Park, has become normal and accepted. What a mess! Just a thought ....

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly says he will go talk to the mayor this weekend about what to do next. He won't say exactly what he will say to Ford but it's obvious that Toronto City Hall is crippled by the crisis.

All four main Toronto newspapers calling for Ford to resign. How can he be trusted? What credibility does he have left? Indeed, see @ Resign!

What do the Toronto newspapers say?

The secret Ford + Lisi rendezvous' in parks, parking lots, playing fields + behind schools: What was going on?!? Globe report @ Robs big secrets?

Oct 31 News

NEWS FLASH: CP24 Media Conference: Toronto Police Chief Bair says the police computer intelligence department has recovered a lost "digital video file" that was previously deleted from a computer seized by police in a recent drug raid. It is apparently a recent video that's been "in the news", strongly suggesting it is the lost Rob Ford Crack Smoking Video. Blair is "disappointed" with what he has seen in the "digital video file" and is "sad" for the citizens of Toronto too. 

Released court documents today also include pictures of Ford meeting numerous times with charged drug dealer Alexander Lisi in parking lots, once even getting out of his car to take a leak behind a public school. Lisi has now also been charged with extortion. Has the mayor been caught with his pants down?!?  Report @ Whizz kid 

Rob Ford union buster/ right wing kook: caught red handed on the run for drug dealings?!

Huffington Post report on the police announcement includes the conference video + pictures @ Ford Crack Video

Global TV News reports on the police announcement of the video and extortion charges. Story + news videos @ Extortion?!

Here's a link to the Lisi court documents released today @ Documents

Ford involved in angry indignant confrontation over his "private property" as reporters approach him when he leaves for work this morning @ Private Property Crime: Charges to be laid?

The Real Story? Drat! Foiled! Lisi [left] also charged with extortion! 

An excellent backgrounder on today's police announcement + newly released court documents @ Globe + Mail

"I have no reason to resign." Ford refuses to resign as mayor of Toronto! He claims he can't comment because the case is before the courts, but the lawyers being interviewed on CP24 say that's absurd @ No Reason?!

I wonder, if Ford resigned, turned himself into a rehab + ran for mayor again next year as a cured new man, whether he couldn't still turn this thing around. Stranger things have happened!

Earlier today Premier Wynne said the province won't intervene in municipal Rob Ford police issue. What can/ can't the province do? More @ Wynne

Search my blog archives below this column for numerous blogs on the Ford story. Also, for your convenience, here's a Rob Ford "Cracked" time line @ To date!

Here's the CP24 chronology of events @ Ford Story

Reporters wait outside mayors city hall office today for a statement

Ontario PC Ford Link? Ford + Lisi at the Doug Holyday campaign office during last summers by-election @ PC Connection?

Archive: Ontario PC's thrilled Doug Ford will run for them in next provincial election, bring his families style of "brash politics" to QP! Bring 'em on baby! More @ Brash Politics!

TCDSB Catholic School Board accused of cover up involved in controversial Mayor Rob Ford's "quasi-employee" status as the "football coach" at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. 91 documents are being requested under the Freedom of Info Act. The documents cover a wide variety of local staff, administration and policing concerns about his presence in the Catholic high school including a withheld police letter from when he was finally given the boot over a improperly conducted coaching assistant "criminal security check". Story @ Toronto Star

Earlier this month Ford wrote Lisi a glowing reference letter on city hall letter head. Meanwhile Lisi might've been involved in extortion + drug dealing, involving the mayor himself. Story @ Reference Letter?!

Forum Poll shows Fords popularity level was taking a hit before todays scandal. Still the sympathetic man + woman on the street interviews on CP24 today would suggest otherwise. Quite bizarre. To a lot of folk, Ford can do know wrong. Well the bigger the lie the more convincing it is I suppose. Poll @ Ford Poll

Rob Fords city hall office was made up to look like a haunted house today for Halloween. Teachers were bringing their students there on a school trip to see it [?!] Ford even twittered out an invite to everybody early in the day. It later got barraged by ironic, nasty or just plain angry comments + was removed @ Real Horror Show is Rob!

BACKGROUNDER: What's the Mayor Rob Ford Story got to do with my blog? Earlier report from May 2013 @ Cracked!

Meanwhile in Ottawa ...

Huffington Post outdoes itself with this list of the Top 10 Hip Hop Crack videos @ Tunesville



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Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!