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Thursday 15 December 2016

Oh Cannabis! December 2016 News + Views

Oh No!!! Due to a technical glitch my original Oh Cannabis blog isn't available. Not to alarm you, but I suspect the Russians! Or maybe some guy on a couch stateside ... or ... or ... or it was me! Hmmm. Stay tuned! Latest additions are added in large type set! See below:

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EXCLUSIVE: Back from Montreal, Marc and Jody Emery speak at Sunday night's Toronto Cannabis Culture Xmas Party about the dispensary raids: 

Considering the new dispensaries strong, local, grass root demand and support, Marc's comments show that Canadians and Canadiens alike, are still unreasonably being denied our civil liberties by the Trudeau government. Marc considers the implications, and examines how truly absurd, nay downright bizarre, the dispensary raids really are @ My Video!

Thrills! Chills! Spills! Jody Emery tells us the exciting story of her arrest in their Montreal hotel room. Includes a nail biter of an escape as they head out of the city through a terrible blizzard, suitcase in hand, Jody looking back over her shoulder, to see if they are still being followed .... What a love story eh? And how Canadian! For shame Mayor Denis Coderre and the Montreal Police! @ Youtube

Freed! Cannabis Culture [CC]/ Canuck Activist Marc Emery has been released from jail in Montreal on a $5000 bond! He was arraigned Saturday on 3 charges stemming from the dispensary busts; trafficking, possession for trafficking and conspiracy to traffic -lotsa trafficking, so to speak! Marc faces numerous restrictions in Quebec. He's also not allowed to stay in the province, except for when he returns for his trial. His wife, CC co-founder and fellow activist Jody Emery was also arrested but released. More @ Gazette @ CBC  @ Star and @ Colonist

Marc's back in time for Christmas!

Marc's Montreal Court Date: It's set for February 15th. Meanwhile, Marc expects that the Cannabis Culture Montreal outlets will be re-opening for business soon. As for upsetting the cannabis legalization cart in that fair city? Sez Marc, "Ah, that's my job!". More @ Gazette

Still Alive and Well: Marc updates us that his over nighter in a Montreal jail cell was "uncomfortable", but the bail conditions "livable". Authorities kept his laptop and phone. He is back in Toronto where I met with him on Sunday, updates to follow. Follow the live Twitter feeds from Marc @ Here! Jody @ Here! and Cannabis Culture @ There!

Dept of Peaceful Civil Disobedience: Marc Emery has been arrested in Montreal one day after the grand opening of his new dispensaries! 10 people were arrested in all. 18 kilograms of cannabis were seized! Canada's legalization bill is promised by the Liberal government for spring 2017! For shame Mr. Trudeau!!! Breaking news story is @ Global and @ GeorgiaStraight

Watch news coverage of the Montreal CC raid @ MontrealGazette @ and @ Francais!

Marc + Jody at CC's Montreal grand opening!

Does Snoop Dogg Know?!? or "Corporate Attack": Licensed Producer's [LP] Tweed Inc./ Canopy Growth spokesman Adam Greenblatt innopportunely uses the CC busts to launch a sarcastic attack on Marc and Jody's political activism. The controversial Canuck corporate cannabis entity, long affiliated with US rap gangsta Snoop Dogg,  has been very busy lobbying against it's more competent dispensary competition, during the past year of police raids across the country. [Globe] Canada's desperate medical cannabis patients complain that they badly need the dispensaries like CC, since Tweed and the other LP's can't even basically meet our prescription needs! Such complaints about Tweed's indifference are legion! [Blog] You can read former cannabis activist turn corporate spokesman Adam Greenblatt's untimely comments for yourself @ Twitter

Does Snoop know what Tweed's been up to?!?

Taking The Good Fight To Trudeau: Here's Prime Minister [PM] Justin Trudeau's earlier comments on what he thought about Marc's plan to open a Montreal dispensary in his federal riding @ Youtube

As he's arrested, Marc tells reporters that the "arrest" and "prohibition" are "wrong". He calls Trudeau and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre a "disgrace". The raid is "despicable" and an "injustice". He adds "...but we will win." Marc's comments in English start at about 35 seconds into the news cast @ Francais

"If thousands of people are braving minus 30 degree weather to line up for hours to access cannabis in this way, it should be a very strong argument that these businesses are legitimate, are popular, are successful and should be allowed to operate" -Jody Emery @ Sun

Write On Marc -Right On! Marc recently told me that he'd got a book and movie offer for his life story. However there's very little time to write about life. He's too busy actually living it! Unless of course, he ends up back in jail! Hmmm. Let's bet not much writing gets done right yet! The final curtain has hardly fallen on The Marc Emery Story!

Marc Emery -The Movie/ Book? Ummm, he's kinda busy right now, to say the least!

Now Available: Canada's Task Force Report on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation is @ GC.CA and @ PDF

More Task Force News Releases, Bio's and links are @ GC.CA 

Highlights: Sales? Marketing? Taxes? Consumption? Possession? Production? Distribution? Public Education? Safety? See the recommendations @ CBC

Remember: These are only recommendations! The Trudeau government is not obliged to act upon ANY of them. So far they've only said that a legalization bill will be introduced for debate to the House of Commons in Ottawa during spring 2017. However, it probably won't be fully implemented and therefore fully legalized until 2018 to 2019. Now, take a deeeeep toke! Hold that thought @ Globe and @ CBC

Cannabis Culture's [CC] Marc Emery is relieved that the recommendations are diversified. Dispensaries and vapor lounges are included among the options @

Canopy Growth [Think Tweed Inc.] provides a favourable "corporate cannabis" review of the force recommendations. Glad they point out that a medical cannabis tax is unfair. Taxes? On a prescription?!? More @ CNW

More Canada's Cannabis Movers + Shakers React: Jody EmeryNORML Canada, Abi Roach,  Green Market Toronto, Tweed Inc., and a medical Cannabis patient @ Vice

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana [CFAMM] focus' on those recommendations that distinctly address our medical cannabis patients' needs @ Dec 13

Patients Not Forgotten? Tweed Inc. notes that the recommendations call for a two tiered medical and recreational model of legalization. That just reinforces my firm belief that it's best to get identified asap, as a cannabis prescription patient, by a doctor, if you qualify. That's going to be the legalization "Gold Card", if you will, what with all the BS that might first go down. See why @ Tweed

Canadian Medical Association [CMA] "cautiously" supports the recommendations. It's still concerned about THC levels, impaired driving, and other medical patient verses recreational user considerations @  CTV

Decriminalization: The NDP's Thomas Mulcair continues to push for it while we await legalization to end the ongoing, senseless police bummers and busts across Canada @ CBC

Please note! That was also Mulcair and the NDP's position, to no avail, during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. Regretfully, pressing "Heave Steve" Harper sentiments and rampant Trudeaumania must've blinded many voters to the wisdom of his cannabis ways. Too bad Justin still hasn't seen the light! Tch! Tch! @ Blog

Canadian Task Force on Legalization Recommendations -The Stateside View: Highly bureaucratic! Heavily taxed! Tightly controlled! With advertising and promotion all but verboten! @ NYT


Justin Trudeau -Corporate Puppet? Lefty Poser? A Closet Prohibitionist? Canadian activists are increasingly growing wary of his legalization delays! In fact, he's been harsher with prohibition than even former PM Stephen Harper. Especially in his ongoing support for the police raids and busts which continue unabated across Canada, as legalization drags on @ Civilized

Nabbed If Not Dabbed: Jodie Emery criticizes PM Trudeau's support for the continued police activity. He's actually punishing Canada's Cannabis activists who fought and suffered so hard for decades to bring about legalization @

For Better Or Worse: Legal cannabis looks like it's going to be "Liberal" in the Canadian sense. Let's just hope that it doesn't turn out to be too corporate "Neo Liberal" @ Vice

Corporate Cannabis verses the Indie Free Market: Will legalization create a balance, or a monopoly? Canada's efficient, grass root, grey area dispensary's are being busted while we medical cannabis patients can't get our prescriptions filled by the government's ham fisted, incompetent big licensed producers [LP's]? Consider this -their stocks are soaring as the task force's recommendations are released! Is it another case of when there's big $$$ to be made, the big boys will get their way? @ Vice

Medical verses Recreational Cannabis? A tour of Toronto's grey market dispensaries with a focus on "medibles" @ Vice

Toronto Hospital for Sick Children is testing the medical benefits of cannabis in reducing seizures for kids with epilepsy @ CBC

Toronto's Centre for Addiction + Mental Health [CAMH]: A senior researcher helps debunk some common myths, pro and con, about cannabis, alcohol and prescription drug impaired drivers @ Vice

Get Up! Stand Up! Jody Emery announces 8+ new CC dispensaries will be opening in Montreal Quebec this month to service both the cities medical and recreational cannabis users. Although CC might be breaking the law, Jodie notes that sometimes "peaceful civil disobedience" is necessary to change it. As such, Marc and Jody help continue to make sure that the local dispensaries aren't left out of the mix during the legalization process, as they carry on the good fight for cannabis rights @ CTV


NORML [National Organization For Reform of Marijuana Laws] letter to US Vice President Elect Mike Pence urges him not to interfere with state rights after the recent very popular legalization referendums. Or maybe he and the Donald will appreciate the big profits to be made?! @ NORML

How US President Elect Donald Trump could still throw a few monkey wrenches into legalization plans, despite the fact that many states have voted for it in referendums @ Stranger

Legalization turned out to be more popular than Trump or Clinton during this year's fall US election. Will the Donald want to waste his political capital creating problems over the devil's lettuce, especially when there is so much money to be made? More @ CNBC

Massachusetts legalizes cannabis possession with the details for sales and distribution etc. etc. etc. still to be worked out. Tokers have been given the green light to start legally imbibing this month after it was approved during the November 8th US Election. In Canada, we are entering Year 2 since the Trudeau government was elected on a legalization platform. Here we are still just talking about talking about it! Endlessly leafing through reports .... Sigh! Alas! @ BG

US Study on the Effects of Cannabis Compared With Alcohol on Driving finds that there is ..... none! Most cannabis users can compensate effectively, unless they have also been drinking. What to think? Contrary to popular opinion, the medical verdict's still out on this one folks! Read @ NCBI


Nuit Verte: The special Xmas Holiday Edition of the Green Market Toronto will be held this Sunday, November 18th from 6-11 pm. As usual, the secret downtown location is TBA online early on the morning of the show. 20+ venders! Free Samples! Live tunes! Lotsa "medibles" [medical edibles], combustibles, supplies and swag! More info and advance tickets @ Event

Sigh! Alas! My December 11th Green Market Toronto review was lost in the site crash! To summarize: It was lotsa fun and very educational! Many local producers were there to explain and sell us their wonderful, creative, cannabis wares.

Plenty of yummy medical edibles were available to sample! Fritz's, Hemp Med, Kimberly JaneMary Juanita, Pixel, and The Baker's Shop were among those on hand for the tantalizing display of cannabis baked goods, snacks, candies and gummies. 

Farm Assists infused honey, olive oil, and maple syrup were certainly a novel touch! E/P's chocolates are to live and die for! More disposable Toko vapor pen strains and online ordering will be available early in the new year! Toronto Kensington Market's Roach-A-Rama/ The Hot Box staff were there to meet and greet plus sell a little bargoon Xmas swag. 

I'll be cuddling up on the olde couch with Janet during the cold winter nights ahead [Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr!] to munch on some of "Papa Fritz's Chex Mix", that's for sure! Pixel's mini candies are quite handy for when one wants to get high but not too high during those inbetween times when one's on the run. A lot of my family and friends are going to be getting Baker Shop's lollipops as stocking stuffers this year! And I am sold on Toko's THC and CBD disposable vapor pens. They sure are proving very useful for aches and pains, and/or a quick, convenient buzz when at home or on a stroll!

All in all? A splendid time was guaranteed for all! I left pleasantly high AF with plenty of loot. Will be back again!

What is CBD? Your everyday healing guide to Cannabidiol's @ MJ

Gideon's Garden: The Colorado family of a 2 year old child with cerebral palsy seeks donations to set up a hemp farm. They hope to live there, where the quality of life will be better, and grow CBD's for him, while providing a cheap supply for the local, medical, cannabis community. A true, cannabis counterculture needs heart and soul. See if you can help @ GFM

Getting Trailer Park Trashed the Canuck Way: Organigram has coupled up with Canada's Trailer Park Boys; Ricky, Julian and Bubbles to help "brand" their cannabis strains once legalization becomes the order of the day. Can we look forward to a ready supply of the "Green Bastard"? Or how about a little "Steve French" for those more ... er ... cosmopolitan tastes?!? More @ Global

Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whiskey: Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have also been helping market this, er ..... fine Canadian drink. It's being promoted as being enjoyable with both grass or hash, prompting Ontario Premier Wynne to lament that it looks "dangerous". What do you expect from our Piss Pot Bill 45 [Blog] of a Premier who's now at 16% in the polls? Sigh! Alas! @ Global


Marc + Jody Emery: Canada's Royal Cannabis Couple!

Howzabout a lil' high times meet n' greet:

Meet Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture Co-Founder, advocate and CNN's designated Canadian High Prince of Pot @ Wiki 

Meet Jody Emery, CC Co-Founder and activist @ Flare

Marc celebrates the anniversary of his 2005 DEA bust @  Prince o' Pot @

Marc on "corporate cronyism" and why this year's Toronto dispensary raids are hypocritical, anti civil libertarian and complete BS @ 640

No Not Justin: Get this -Trudeau falls all over himself denying he's smoked a doob or two or three with Marc! He was speaking to the Neo Con's at the Toronto Sun, who really worry a lot about stuff like that @ Sun

In Defence of Marc and Jody's Civil Disobedience Strategy in Montreal, Toronto, BC Etc. Etc. Etc: We all profit, and the bottom line? It's got to be done. Too bad so many folks chicken out, or don't know how @ HighTimes

Cody at work!

Meet Cody Van Gogh, our homegrown Canuck joint roller artist supreme! He's famous for his folksy creations like the "Joan-of-Arc" joint [Dazed], which took him 40 hours to roll! Cody has finished a stint at Cannabis Culture Church St., Toronto and was planning another western Canada dispensary tour, last time we talked. Follow him @ Instagram

"Joint Rolling 101" with Cody Van Gogh is @

Want to Lean More? Read Cody's Inside Look at the National Joint League, a three part series. Start here @

Ever helpful Rodrigo shows Santa how it's done!

2 Kool: Cannabis Culture's Rodrigo show us how to roll a primo joint with one hand @ Youtube

Fa La La! Dabbin' with Marc Emery and Blue Team BlueSanta's "Stoned Little Elf" shows us how it's done @ Youtube

Up In Smoke: Canuckster Cannabis Comedian and Entrepreneur Tommy Chong, of Cheech y Chong fame, talks about growing up as a pot head in Canada and the high road to fame @ High! @ OttawaLife

Cannabis Media

Pink Floyd meets the 21st Century Electro Set: As the instructions say "Smoke weed and listen to this trippy video" @ Youtube

If you regularly follow me on Twitter you will already be familiar with these Kulture Kult Jukebox Kannabis Klassics! Here they are one more time for the debut of this new blog feature:

Rita Marley's "One Draw", the original 12 inch mix @ Youtube

Afroman's "Because I Got High", the Positive Remix @ Youtube

Bob Marley's "Rastaman Chant", a rasta campfire song @ Youtube

Then of course, there's Cheech y Chong's "Dave's Not here"! Knock! Knock! Knock! @ Youtube

"Natty Christmas" is a retro reggae Xmas album in a Marley, Black Uhuru, Taxi groove. Rife with plenty o' good time ganja talk and a strong social conscience! Here's the original mix by Jacob Miller, and Ray I @ Youtube 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Also see my "Kulture Kult Top 10 Khristmas Albums" with links @ Blog

Tis The Season: Here's a handy list of Christmas flicks that are kinda kool when you're high! Starring Der Bingle! Harold + KumarThe Muppets! Tim Burton! Larry The Cable Guy! And of course -Bad Santa! More @ Merryjane


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