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Sunday 5 March 2017

Oh Cannabis Winter 2017 News y Views!

Oh Cannabis News y Views from Toronto, Ontario, Canada -upwards + onwards!


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Project Gator: Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture busted across Canada! Marc y Jodie, Chris Y Erin Goodwin, Britney Guerra released on bail. Updates coming!!! My courthouse coverage is Here! @ News link primer @ There!

Oh Cannabis! 420 Toronto's location has been confirmed for April 20 2017! Seems it will be the last time the party is held at "Ground Zero" downtown Toronto; Yonge Dundas Square. Last year was a real blast! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced legalization just as we were heading out to march south down busy Yonge Street from Vapor Central! We also went once around the square, our green Canadian flags held high, for good measure. See my blogs @ Here! and @ Here! More details to follow!

On January 31st, the Canadian Senate begins preliminary discussions about the Trudeau government's legalization plans. Health care and justice concerns, implementation costs, impaired driving, and the consultation process are among the issues being considered! Our appointed, Conservative Senate tends to be negative towards legalization, despite the many business opportunities it creates. They have a lot of questions they want answered. More @ Slaw and @ Tech420

On February 16th, the Canadian government announced that parliamentary secretary Bill Blair is beginning a cross country tour. The purpose? To consult with the countries cannabis "shareholders", about it's upcoming legalization bill. Better line up! @ GCA

The Trudeau government insists it is "working overtime" to bring forward a legalization bill this spring. However, at the same time it's also trying to "manage" our US relationship with President Donald Trump. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is currently discussing with his US counterparts the possible "impact" legal cannabis in Canada could have south of our border @ CTV

Good Bye 2016! A Task Force on legalization made it's recommendations, while police raids continued across Canada. It was the best of times! It was the worst of times! A recap @ Lift

Welcome 2017! With a legalization bill on it's way, the "real pot test" comes this year. Recommendations are just that -recommendations. They are not legally binding. Will "Big Pot" licensed producers like Aurora and Canopy/Tweed win out over the more diversified legal model favoured by dealers, home growers and the cannabis dispensary movement? Will yesteryear's leading prohibitionists continue to bend Trudeau's ear to make legalization a legal mess? More @ Vice

Big Cannabis Verses Grass Root Activism: Why would Canada's licensed producers lobby against [read "snitching on"] the small, independent, craft dispensaries? Because they are opening retail stores and lounges while successfully marketing weed in ways these Johnny Come Lately big boys can only dream of, as we await legalization @ M

Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau screw up legalization "bigly" as our friends south of our border are apt to say?!? The article's libertarian focus on the issues at stake includes an interview with Canuck cannabis activist Jodie Emery! More @ Rebel

An interesting, wide cross section of Ontario cannabis activists from Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Brampton assess the prospects for legalization as we enter 2017 @ CannabisDigest

Overview: Vapor Central/ Big Bro Canada's Sarah Hanlon provides us with a handy "Task Force Cheat Sheet" on the pressing issues stemming from the recent recommendations: Age? Dispensaries? Lounges? Edibles? Grow your own? A 30 gm limit? More @ Joint

Sarah Hanlon on Twitter @ flatshanlon 

Extensive links to the task force recommendations can be found on my December Oh Cannabis blog @ Here!

Canadian municipalities across the country grapple with a mad mix of dispensary regulations and the lack thereof. Everybody is stuck in the waiting game, lacking clear direction from the Federal government on how legalization is to be implemented @ Cannabist

The Trudeau government hasn't provided any clear time line for legalization. A bill will be introduced in parliament this spring. After that? Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott refuses to say whether the new law, once passed, will even be fully implemented before the next federal election in 2018. More political fodder? @ 1130

Medical Cannabis: How will it be covered by our medical benefit programs at work once it's legalized? It's time to start planning properly now @ MedReleaf

Can medical cannabis users be fired from work in Canada? Are you entitled to accommodations? What are your rights? Tricky! Tricky! Basically, it should be treated like any other prescription drug but .... @ Globe

Unfortunately US medical cannabis prescription users face a similar if not even uglier and tougher "Reefer Madness" mind set in the workplace @ Mr. Stinky

The War on The CBD [Cannabanoid] Industry: It's a David and Goliath story with Big Pharma on the war path to protect it's profits at any cost -your medical well being be damned! More here, and below @ Think


Save Those Receipts: An independent human rights board has ruled that a worker's medical cannabis expenses are to be covered by his employee insurance plan. It's a small, but significant beginning @ Lift

Stigma of Cannabis: "The war on marijuana is over. We won. Deal with it.", declares Happy Herb at the recent University of Guelph Ontario panel discussion on legalization. True ... but alas! Read below! More @ GT

E-Petition 115: Ontario NDP MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith calls for the decriminalization of up to 6 plants per person to undercut the black market now, as we await the Trudeau Liberal's legalization bill, expected this spring @ Lift

E-Petition 122: BC NDP MP Murray Rankin calls for the Government of Canada to investigate the health, social and economic costs of both prohitition and legalization. Could be very illuminating! You can read and sign @ E-122 

Gayle Quinn: Our Canuck cannabis community remembers a fine Vancouver "medicine woman" and activist, who's most regretfully died from cancer at age 59 @ HWY Pg 11

"Work With Us!" Stalwart Hamilton Ontario Cannabis activists brace against the freezing cold to rally against the ongoing municipal war against the cities small craft dispensary movement @ CBC

The Shocking Reality: A complete list of the 141 Canadian dispensaries that have been raided since Trudeau won power promising legalization, as of February 6, 2017 @

Busted: Canadian police report that they are busy investigating a cannabis "incident" every 9 minutes across Canada. The incidents are up 30% since Harper was elected Prime Minister in 2008. Raids and arrests have even increased under Trudeau @ CBC

Finally: Health Canada begins to start testing for banned pesticides in our nation's licensed medical cannabis supply @ WeedReader

The Cannabis Canada Association [CCA] welcomes Health Canada's "new inspection provisions" to guarantee "safe, quality controlled" medical cannabis from our ahem ...... supposedly reliable and trustworthy government licensed producers! All power to the CCA, though it's still a sad day when this even needs to be said! Thanks @

For Shame: Licensed Canadian medical cannabis producers Aurora and Omni gram recall their prescription weed after banned pesticides are found in them! So much for government caution and oversight @ Globe

Next?!? Medical cannabis patients are understandably confused about why we are being taxed for our prescription drugs. Is that even legal??? More @ CBP

Canadian attitudes towards cannabis are changing with the times. Some interesting findings @ Lift  

High! Higher! Highest! Women are leading the Cannabis industry charge in Canada! Oh Cannabis looks forward to meeting up again with the Vapor Central's Sarah Hanlon and Cannabis Culture's Jodie Emery and Erin Goodwin among others for their blog input in the months ahead. It would be good to hear their stories. Meantime, here's Aurelia Vaillancourt from Toronto's Club Paradise @ DF

CC Cannabiz Whiz Jodie Emery!

Onward To Ottawa: Princess of Pot Jodie Emery opens a new Cannabis Culture dispensary on Bank Street in our nation's capitol. Then races over to parliament hill for a legalization protest! Busy! Busy! Busy! Trez kool @ Gazette

Cannabis Culture Montreal Update: Marc and Jodie Emery plan to reopen at least 5 of their Montreal dispensaries this month! You'll recall that they were raided by police in December just days after opening to large crowds and rave reviews [LINK]. Plans include possibly having a licensed doctor on premise to sign up medical patients, then fill their prescriptions, rather than rely on the open recreational/ medical license at their other outlets across Canada. I'm not sure what to make of the local opposition from the Montreal Compassion Centre. The Emery's "in your face" activism is often what's sadly needed to light the necessary fire under the federal and municipal authorities regal ass, to make sure that we don't all get walked over and that legalization gets done right. Unfortunately, a lot of uncertainty persists. Later will be too late! Anyway, Marc eagerly awaits his Feb. 15th Montreal court date to make his case. More @ Global

Civil Liberties: Toronto Cannabis Community + the LGBTQ?!?

Homophobic concerns about our Toronto cannabis community are being expressed, centering upon customers to the Cannabis Culture vapor lounge/ dispensary in Toronto's Church St., gay village. Are gays and straights finding it hard to mix? The evidence presented is strictly anecdotal and hearsay. It does not match my own experience as a native Torontonian. I always find the mixed crowd at the dispensary, the vapor lounge, and in the neighbourhood to be a very comfortable and convivial fit. Downtown has more than it's fair share of problems with drinkers and non pot smokers in general, who seem a whole lot more violent to me. But homophobia is always an issue that needs to be appropriately addressed. How deep does it run within our community? What to do? Read @ Proulx

I talked with Cannabis Culture's Marc Emery about his decision to open their local flagship store in Toronto's gay village last fall. It is fully in keeping with Cannabis Cultures activist mission statement. The outlet has always prominently displayed the rainbow colours with pride. Read my blog @ Here!

On LGBTQ Inclusivity: Read y review of Cannabis Cultures LGBTQ's latest outreach programs at the dispensaries Toronto "gay village" location @ MyBlog!

Integrity Before Greed: MMJ Canada takes pride in a progressive hiring policy. It provides opportunities for staff with various mental handicaps and challenges at their dispensaries @ Hwy pg 26

Toronto's CFBA [Cannabis Friendly Business Association] and TDC [Toronto Dispensary Coalition hold a press conference. They are out to counter Mayor John Tory's Project Claudia police raids. [Not to mention his nefarious backdoor Landlord eviction tricks ...] Also a clammering reefer madness campaign urging the city to crack down harder on our cities fledging cannabis dispensaries, which without proper police protection have so far been robbed 17 times. Other cities regulate, so why not Toronto?!? How can staff realistically protect themselves from crime when police are out to bust them, by any means necessary??? More @ WeedMaps

The Toronto CFBA TDC Cannabis Media Conference!

More on the TDC @ TDC and the CFBA @ CFBA

The TDC and CFMA are seeking ways to collaborate with police to stop the dispensary robberies in Toronto. So, what happens when they enter one on a call? See some weed? Are the police required to seize it? Yes. More @ CP24

Dispensary Robberies are used as an excuse for one major, rather dubious, Toronto daily newspaper to lead the charge for closing them down. So .... dispensaries are getting robbed?! Then how about also closing corner stores and government outlet's that sell tobacco and booze? They get robbed too!!! Eh? Now, Ontario's allowing booze to be sold right next beside our neighbourhood schools?!? The solution: Close the dispensaries and buy medical cannabis using our grotesquely incompetent mail order system instead?!? More reefer madness from Toronto Mayor John Tory's "Wild West" @ Star 

Toronto Dispensary's are getting robbed but are hesitant to co-operate with police. Gee, I wonder why?!? Think Project Claudia raids @ City

Employment Standards [Or A Lack Thereof...?]: The lowly Cannabis dispensary worker can suffer from getting robbed, sexually harassed and of course busted, all in the course of a day's work. What protections are in place? Sometimes very little @ Star

Toronto Police hold a press conference on the often unreported robberies and staff assault's at the cities "illegal" dispensaries @ Youtube

Project Claudia 2.0: A Toronto dispensary is robbed. Police are called. Police see weed. Police bust the dispensary. Here's how it works @ Now

Sure! Just call police if you are robbed 4 weed in Toronto....

Tale of 2 Cities: Vancouver allows dispensaries, well kinda sorta, while Toronto doesn't @ Leafly

Whack-A-Mole Raids: City of Vancouver increases fines in an attempt to shut down the cities' defiant Cannabis dispensaries to no avail. Meanwhile, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa continue to unsuccessfully rely upon police raids and legal charges. Otherwise? For the retailers? It's business as usual as Canada awaits the Trudeau government's spring legalization bill @ CBC

Sneaky! Sneaky! Montreal landlords are trying to get new tenants to sign a "no cannabis" rental agreement, which may or may not prove legal. Can you be evicted for toking in the privacy of your home? Rec pot? Med pot? Now? After cannabis is legalized across Canada?!? Enquiring minds need to know! More @ CTV

Victoria BC begins vetting dozens of cannabis dispensaries, with licenses being granted on a first come first served basis ..... Gulp! Better line up quick to make sure you don't lose your location @ TC

"The Modern Church" or :"A Canuck West Coast Cannabis Zeitgist": Once flourishing, now shuttered, these former bastions of superstition, thought control and social conservative morality are finally reopening ..... but as medical cannabis dispensaries! The higher, holier goal? To provide aid and relief to the suffering, for the lost generations dreaming of something better! Praise the Lord and pass the joint @ Herald

Aunties Health + Wellness dispensary is raided in Halifax Nova Scotia after announcing they will sell cannabis without restrictions. Police were seemingly ignoring then up until then. Marc + Jody Emerys' Cannabis Culture outlets across Canada also follow the same policy, while others ostensibly still ask to see prescriptions and ID @ Global

Northern Lights: Canada's vast northern territories have their own very special considerations when it comes to the legalization of cannabis @ Lift.

Sacre Verte: An estimated Quebec cannabis market worth $3.2 billion annually within 10 years prompts call for sales to be kept in house by only selling it through the government run Societe des Alcools du Quebec [SAQ] @ Gazette

Weed Patch to the Rescue: Could pot save Alberta's "oil patch" economy from economic ruin? Think: an o.z. of weed ver$e$ oil at about $50 a barrel?!? An initial prospectus @ Vice

Growing Pains: Production space across Canada is at a minimum as our licensed producers race to keep up with the increased demand for legal medical cannabis @ Globe


Kinda sorta .... See below;

Weed Mapped: Which countries around the world smoke the most cannabis? Yup! Canada and the US hold pride of place, but then so do a lot of other kool places too! Nigeria's right in there and Iceland tops the list! The UK considers their options. More @ Telegraph

Cannabis Culture Social Clubs: Marc Emery advises "Oh Cannabis" that he's scouting out locations for a possible "marijuana social club" in Barcelona Spain! It will be a weed only, no tobacco club, unlike most of these popular toking hotspots throughout Spain, which allow both. Very Canadian! A healthy alternative too! Stay tuned!

Making America Great? Trump's made his first terrorist arrest! The mad culprit? A 25 year old "stoner" who was caught in an elaborate sting operation. The FBI pulled a knife on him and threatened his family, in order to get him to buy some homemade bomb supplies at the local hardware store. For shame @ Intercept

Washington DC Cannabis Coalition plans to hand out 4200 free joints to light up at 4 minutes and 20 seconds ["420"] into incoming President Donald Trump's Inaugural speech. The Donald and his Reefer Madness Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions might not approve, but it's hardly illegal, since the joints are a free giftWUSA

Firing Up: Tired of inaction on the part of both the Republicans and Democrats, Washington DC cannabis activists explain their reasoning behind handing out 4200 joints at the Trump Inaugural @ Broadly

11 More Sates are Considering Legalization in 2017! Read the list and learn more @ Westword

New Yorker interests are watching Canadian LP [Licensed Producer] Cronos Group carefully as they prepare to service our countries impending legal recreational cannabis market. Have you noticed that our LP's are quite short on medical cannabis to meet the existing Canadian prescription needs?! Seems Cronos, at least, is also very busy selling to the Germans. High and dry @ Forbes

Pot Politics: How the US Presidential election helped to slowly change the "Reefer Madness" mentality in Washington DC! The GOP? Democrats? Bernie Sanders? Consider the differing points of view @ Lift

Hemp Leads To Heroin?!? Trump press secretary Sean Spicer suggests that the Donald still subscribes to the old, long discredited gateway drug argument. Moreover, while he might possibly give a pass to medical cannabis, Spicer suggests legal recreational weed will still be targeted by the feds, despite the successful state referendums @ BigBud

Ka-Booom? So, why does the US really need to build a Mexican border wall?!? So bandidos can't sneak a nuclear bomb into the US hidden in a bale of weed! Yup. That's what one GOP congressman is claiming. So much for harbours and ships .... @ HighTimes

Trump's Top 10 Blue Meanies: Sessions, Price, Pence, Pruitt, Kelly, Bondi, Carsen, Haley, Gorsuch, n' the ol' Donald himself. Here's why it's important to keep an eye on these baddies @ MM

Trump's new supreme court pick, Neil Gorsuch, creates heightened concern for US legalization advocates. Can tokers expect more reefer madness ahead? His past track record on cannabis isn't promising @ MassRoots

Cannabis Double Speak? Trump AG [Attorney General] Nominee Jeff "Good-People-Don't-Smoke-Marijuana" Sessions was either being very reasonable or disingenuous at his hearing. It's still seems very much up in the air stateside as to what the Trump presidency will do or not do about the growing number of individual states that have legalized recreational and/ or recreational weed @ HighTimes

Rumour #1: Trump will use federal law to get the DEA to "shutter dispensaries", in an attempt to block or thwart the state's which have voted for legalization, beginning with DC first @ MJIN

Rumour #2: Trump will deschedule cannabis federally, opening the door to an easier legalization process. Seems unlikely, but the issue has been removed from the White House Website, by accident or design. But so have many other more obvious issues [climate change, LGBTQ's, Civil Rights] that he's clearly targeting for change. Hmmm @ WeedNews

The Bad People USA Map!

Here's one way that AG Jeff Sessions could cripple the cannabis industry in a "perfect storm" of legal and legislative moves @ Inc

Then again, there's also a multitude of good reason's for Trump to still change his mind about prohibition. They're certainly not worth stopping the much needed activist protests or lobbying efforts over yet, but consider this @ HighTimes 

Second Thoughts: Mississippi becomes the first state to back paddle on it's plans to introduce any legalization bills this year. Will others soon follow? @ WeedReader

Testing the Waters: A medical cannabis bill is being introduced for debate in the US Congress. Watch to see if the Republican dominated Congress will agree to federally deschedule CBD's from the "Controlled Substances Act" ... @ MerryJane

Now It Can Be Told: A former DEA Chief of Staff "Reefer Madness" Propaganda Chief reveals  that the agency knows very well that Cannabis is safe. But, like with Big Pharma, prohibition needs to stay in place because it means big buck$ for them @ FTP

Scheduling Cannabis 101: Classifications? What's it all about? More @ Tech.mic

The Congressional Cannabis Caucus: They are on a mission -to protect legal weed from Trump @ Stranger

On Cannabis Dissent In The Time Of Trump: Some notes on the strategic considerations and about the important need to step up the efforts now bigly! Snooze we lose @ HighTimes

Lies! Lies! All Lies! 25 US DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] "statements" from their website, about the health risks of cannabis, are debunked @ MR

More Reefer Madness: a sensationalist MSM article misleadingly connects smoking cannabis with minor illness despite the flimsiest of research. It's a very typical prohibition smokescreen, now being thrown up again stateside as a roadblock to legalization @ Telesur

Tricky Dick On Pot: The secret Nixon Tapes of Watergate fame show how a paranoid, conniving president launched America's "War On Pot" during the 1970's. LGBTQ? Jews? Commies? Pot? Here's how a booze addled, red baiting, Tricky Dick Nixon lumped them all together into one big conspiracy! Clearly it was against the Amerikan way, "his" that is, if not the more reasonable path outlined in the reports he had before him @ AlterNet

Pardon Me? You? Yup! Outgoing President Barrack Obama pardoned 330 drug prisoners from jail on the last day of his presidency alone! None of them, of course, pose a threat to anyone's security. Now, if he'd only descheduled cannabis ..... @ Huff


Green Market Toronto: The next "medible" show will be Sunday March 5th, from 2-5 pm, downtown Toronto. Tickets are $5 advance or $10 at the door. Lotsa samples and goodies. More info @ Event

Cannabis Culture's Church Street location is grossing between $30-40,000 a day, with up to 1,783 customers some daze! Some interesting insights into how the Emery family business is run. Marc? Jodie? Who does what? Read the business report @ FinancialPost

Biz Prospectus: What lies ahead for the budding weed industry in 2017? Renowned Vancouver cannabis activist Dana Larsen takes us on a trip into the year ahead @ Vice

Here's the top trending cannabis strains from 2016: Guerilla Glue #4 tops the list, followed by Critical Kush and Candyland at the #2 and #3 positions respectively @ Leafly

What Next? A Cannabis Cafe?!? Carly Simon saw "clouds in her coffee" in her 70's hit You're So Vain. Today's early morning/ late at night hop heads might prefer a little THC and CBD's instead! So -howzabout a lil' weed in your java? What's the buzz all about anyway? More @ Vice

More and more folks are increasingly turning to a toke rather than a drink to relax after work. They are often finding a quick, clean and convenient vape can best do the trick too @ Cannabist

Hi! Higher! Highest! Taa Daa! Welcome to Cannabis "Pairing Dinners", where guests can touch, smoke, eat and feel different strains of weed! Get high, rather than drunk! It's becoming all the rage. Basic Formula: A cannabis friendly home, 12 folks max and lotsa good vibes. Cost? About $125 each for a great dinner y tokes with you and yours! Here's how to host or participate in one of these @ BI

Where's This Winter's Most Exclusive Dinner Party in New York? Nope, it isn't with the Donald! And it certainly won't be at Trump Towers! Cannabis Chef Miguel Trindad's infused dinner parties are arranged at a secret location. They feature a tasty cannabis infused cocktail and scrumptious 5 course meal. The organizers are closet activist's too -working quietly to turn heads around to the weed by just letting folks see and taste what's on the menu! More on this growing fine dining trend @ Civilized

How will Afro-Americans be legally included in the budding cannabis industry? Prohibition often targeted them unfairly. Will they be able to profit from it too under legalization? @ RollingStone

Women in the Cannabis Industry: Some interesting numbers and findings! We will need to get into this issue more in future editions of Oh Cannabis. The US story @ Biotrack

Sexism in The Cannabis Industry: Product labelling? Advertising? Stoner chick stereotyping? Seems it's still a very male orientated biz @ Whaxy

And Yet! And Yet! Liberally minded women willing to buck tradition are increasingly entering the Cannabis industry in numbers not seen in other business sectors, especially at the executive level! Perhaps there's hope yet? More @ CSM

How to start up a vapor lounge @ VC

An Olde Person's Guide to Dos Dem Der Medical Cannabis Dispensaries @ KindStash

Green Marketers: Kindly contact me if you have any cannabis news with a progressive bent that I can share! []


And I Now Pronounce You .... Bud y Blossum! Here's a stoner view from the front row at a cannabis wedding! What strains to choose? Combustibles and/ or edibles? Here's to a "higher love" @ Civilized

A cannabis wedding planner provide extra special tips for your blessed event! Cannabis bouquets? Boutinneries? A rolling station? Different comfort levels? More @ Civilized

How to Reduce Rape + Sexual Assault on Campus? Tax beer more! Then legalize pot! Sans the boozy intoxication - violence relationship, we might end up with a lot more love, peace and understanding on the new counterculture party circuit! Consider @ NY

Higher Learning: Budding student interest is firing up a unique university course on cannabis in BC. Over 500 applications have been received. It will prepare them to work in the sprouting cannabis industry sector ... heh heh heh ... er @ Metro

"Freedom is NORML" or "Iowa State University Scores A Touch Down Cannabis Hit"! The courts rule the NORML leaf can stay on their student T's. And yup! A little birdie tells us so @ WP

Orlando Police Officer Disciplined For "Drug" Bust: OK! Get This -Seems some stoner [or maybe not ....?] was piggin' out on glazed donuts in his car. The officer thought the munchie glaze lying all over the friggin' place was crystal meth!!! Messy! Messy! In more ways than one ... Tch! Tch! @ HighTimes 

Sex? Munchies? Memory? Tolerance? Guess what? Weed can effect men and women differently! It's basically due to the interaction between THC and amount of estrogen in our bodies @ Herb

Medical Cannabis: here's 30 healthy ways CBD [cannabinoid] oil can help with your body and mind. Anxiety? Melancholy? Arthritis? Aches? Pains? Insomnia? Acne? PTSD? Alzheimers? Parkinsons? No wonder Big Pharma wants it outlawed and replaced with their expen$ive $ynthetic $ub$titues, when often times we could otherwise just self medicate with CBD's! More @ EN

Can cannabis CBD's help with mental health issues? The research increasingly says yes! More @ PeaceNaturals

Can cannabis CBD's provide an alternative to opiod's for chronic pain? Once again, the research is giving it a 2 thumbs up @ MJ

Here's a good history of CBD's which includes an overview of the insightful medical research and findings from 1940 to present @ DF

Back To School Daze: It's time for "Joint Rolling 101" with Cody Van Gogh @ Dankr

Millennial Corner 101: Cannabis dating, single's weed apps and more @ Civilized


Here are some kool psychedelic gif's to blow your mind @ MB

Fake Cannabis News: The "politics of pot" isn't escaping the blitz of false news stories accompanying the mad rise and fall of US President Donald Trump! Unfortunately, the pure hokum often obscure other very real, and more important cannabis news stories, about the growing push for legalization @ HighTimes

Wiki Project Cannabis: Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia will be updating it's cannabis content this April! Cannabis culture, health, history, medicine, politics, agriculture, women and education will all be updated, especially those issues that still do not have a page. Writers/ collaborators are being sought @ GP

Spot The History/ English Teacher: The story of "marijuana slang" and it's "etymology"! Ganja? Kush? Weed? 420? Here's how the lingo originated and became a part of our cannabis culture @ Lift

Japanese starlet turned politico Saya Takagi leads the charge to finally legalize cannabis in Japan! Go Saya go! Get this! Simple possession gets you five years in prison! Growing a plant? Seven!!! More @ CN

"A Child's Garden of Grass": This early 70's comedy record is still a must hear! I remember hanging about larfing to a scratchy old copy after school and on weekends waaaaaay back in the day .... Eh?! No! As a student of course ..... Listen, I stopped toking for 25 years while I was teaching the young folk, no cigarettes or booze too. Er ... ummm .... Make sure to give the disc a spin @ Youtube

Ganja Queen's Strut Their Stuff: LGBTQ user friendly Cannabis Culture at 461 Church Street Toronto, hosts a free drag show in it's lounge on Friday, March 10th, 9-11pm! See Marc's flyer for more details. Once again, tokers of all sexual persuasions ARE welcome. Tolerance and inclusivity are once again the only order of the day. Looking for a good, friendly laff? See flyer below for more details!

Ganja Queens -Next Show: March 10th! Same time, place ...

The Summer of Love ... Again?!? Canada's legalization bill is due in 2017. That's also the 50th anniversary of the "Summer of Love". Also Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band [SPLHCB], the Beatle's landmark psychedelic album. So back to 1967 we go, for a little audio help from our friends @ SPLHCB

The Beatles top 30 psychedelic tunes are @ Youtube

Yes! The man with the guitar, Jimi Hendrix, also used to play a pretty trippy version of "Sargent Pepper" too! Check it out @ Youtube 

Sometimes Jimi even played it along side "God Save The Queen" just ... just ... just like he was .... er ... stoned! OMG!!! @ In The West

Santana Rocks!

Guitar God Carlos Santana reveals cannabis is his inspiration. In fact, it almost sounds like it's a holy sacrament for him @ HighTimes

2001: A Pink Floyd Odyssey or "An Intro To Pink Floydian Studies 101" ~Whoa! I see mountains!! I see God!!! Or ... or ... or iz that what happens when we listen to vinyl Black Sabbath at 78 rpm's.....?!? Nevermind! Scenes from the super spacey Stanley Kubric' Sci-Fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey are synched to Pink Floyd's trippy "Echoes". Very faaaaaar out @ Youtube

Here's a rather kool "Top Ten" stoner playlist @ Youtube

And then you'll find 25 more potent and mind expanding Weed Anthem links @ Billboard


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