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Friday, 17 March 2017

Oh Cannabis News y Views!

High! I'm revamping my stoner newz blog series! Stay tuned. Lot's still coming. Updates will be included in large type set. Last edition @ HERE!

Cannabis Culture Busted!


The Cross Canada Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Dispensaries Busts: Read my firsthand Project Gator Toronto courthouse coverage -Marc y Jodie, Chris Y Erin Goodwin, Britney Guerra are released on bail @ Here! @

My mainstream and social media news link primer is @ There!

Even more details and links are under "Across Canada" etc. below ....

Green Market Toronto M-Edibles are back this Sunday March 19th from 2-6pm! See "Green Market" below for my review of the last show.....

Hey Protesters! 420 Toronto is still a go for Dundas Square on April 20th 2017. Marc Emery plans to speak! More @ CanLifeNet

Let's March: Start getting your banners ready n' roll a few joints! Toronto's 19th Annual Global Marijuana March to Queen's Park is on for May 6th from 12-5pm @ Facebook


Welcome 2 Canada 2017!
Busted! The onerous charges against activist Marc and Jodie Emery put at risk their considerable investment in Cannabis Culture 's business ventures. Also a couple of life times of activist work. Marc's commitment to his Libertarian principles shows! He describes his acts of civil disobedience as a "mission for legalization" and "cannabis for freedom" @ Sun

Trudeau Verses the Emery's: Make No Mistake; Marc and Jodie Emery are being targeted because they are cannabis activists whom aren't afraid to engage in civil disobedience when need be! As a result, the Neo Lib Trudeau government needs to shut them down so that they can more quietly hand over the big windfall profits from legalization to party insiders and their big corporate buddies. Think of the court case to follow as political theatre which the Emery's will use to help expose the truth. More background info @ PostMedia

Meanwhile, over 22,400 busts later ....

What's Justin Trudeau Toking?!? Not the good stuff! Jodie Emery quits the Liberal party explaining that he has lied to us about legal pot @ Tyee

Caught in the Act: Read this news story in which Justin once even promised to "decriminalize" cannabis "right away". Sure that changed. What next? @ GeorgiaStraight

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: As a result of the Emery's actions, more and more Canadians are now seeing that Justin Trudeau is being very hypocritical and two faced about his legalization plans @ ATT

Cannabis Culture Church Street reopens with the staff taking over ownership as the new managers. Marc and Jodie consider their next move. They are planning a May cross country tour! Stay tuned! More @ Now

Toronto Police Services [TPS] made a big mess trashing the inside of Cannabis Culture, Church St Toronto during the Project Gator bust. BTW, Chris and Erin Goodwin told me that police also seized all the kiddies computers, devices and games when their home was raided. For shame! Church Street Photos @ CJB

Save Our Dispensaries! Despite what Toronto Police Services [TPS] claim, cannabis patients are not very well served by Health Canada and it's licensed producers [LP's]. Any one of us can tell you that it's mail order system totally sucks! Will Marc Emery's acts of civil disobedience finally help make the Trudeau government reconsider it's hard assed position against listening to and allowing our small biz craft dispensaries a place within the legalization process? We know that they actually work, and help us a lot, when they aren't getting busted! Here's some preliminary notes on making store front dispensaries the "next big fight" @ Globe

Whack-a-Mole Department: The London dispensary raids and re-openings show that police crackdowns aren't working @ LPL

Medical Cannabis: Canada now has almost 130 K prescription users @ CP

"Cannabis Law Reform in Canada: Pretense and Peril" or "Non 4 Profit Weed": Sadly, the Trudeau government remains grossly derelict in meeting it's current legal requirement to provide for the needs of Canada's medical cannabis patients, it's spring legalization bill notwithstanding. There is a non profit alternative, but it leaves the big money LP producers out in the cold, so it seems to be a no go. Story @ CBC Download the report @ PDF

Law + Odor: Ironically, the City of Toronto allowed Uber to operate for a good year before it was regulated. Not so our cannabis dispensaries, which police have decided to bust non stop since legalization was announced last spring. Widespread confusion exists as the "law" is enforced in a haphazard, draconian fashion across Canada. Who can sell? What? When? Where? How? It really stinks, but the Project Gator busts could finally help force the underlying issues to a head. Does Trudeau think legalization is just a big $$$ windfall for his hoodwinkin' Neo Libs and their Big Pharma/ LP buddies? Even the mainstream Canadian media has finally taken notice, in it's typical half assed way @ CBC

Project Gator -Lost in the Legal Swamp! Great shades of the infamous, "Bath House" raids, the Toronto Police are at it again! The charges from Project Gator have little real chance of holding up in court. LGBTQ activism after the bath house raids lead to lots of big, legal changes. What happens next after the police crackdown on Cannabis Culture? Read as CC Lawyer Dan Stein punches legal holes into the TPS's leaky paddle boat, while he fights to free Marc Emery @ Now!

A Crown Affair: Meanwhile, Durham police are allowing a cop to co-own a pot dispensary. Huh?!? Does the right hand even know what the left hand is doing? Seems some of the officers want in on them too. Hmmm. What to think? @ Star

"Weed>Booze" The Trudeau government continues to stoke reefer madness fears of underage tokers puffing on the devil's lettuce as a safety concern while dragging it's feet on legalization. Meanwhile they often turn a blind eye to selling them booze, which is much, much more dangerous! Cannabis activist Dana Larsen explains @ Huff

Canadian Cannabis Court: Weed arrests are badly clogging up our already overloaded court system. Police arrests continue to soar across Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rules out decriminalization. Dithers about with legalization. Sigh! Alas! Canadian cannabis advocate Dana Larsen shows how Canada's justice system is crumbling. Welcome to the Canadian police state circa 2017 @ Huff

CC's Chris + Erin Goodwin Rock Toronto!

Party Politics: Marc Emery is succeeding in putting PM Justin Trudeau on the hot seat for mishandling the legalization portfolio. Did you know that he has endorsed CPC candidate Maxime Bernier, a fellow Libertarian for the spring Conservative party leadership race? Will Bernier have the balls to break CPC ranks, and speak out for legalization? Support Marc? How the mighty fall by the wayside, one by one by one, as push comes to shove. And Maxime? Marc's planning to attend the Toronto CPC leadership convention on May 26/27th to cheer him on. Good! It's important to get the issue out on the floor. Wonder what O'Leary will say? Ha! More @ GeorgiaStraight

Trudeau Pot Czar Bill Blair digs in his heels. He says the government won't rush legalization. To be expected @ Bloomberg

Good Buds: Since Project Claudia's dispensary raids began in Toronto last spring, 10 owners and managers have been "committed to trial". As for the additional 151 bud tenders arrested in the raids? They've had their charges "stayed"/ tossed out of court. What a senseless waste of time and legal resources! More @ Citizen

Bad Weed: Mettrum and OrganiGram, 2 of Canada's much touted, big, licensed producers [LP's] are facing class action lawsuits. Traces of pesticide have been found in their supposedly safe, legal, government approved weed @ Now

Cannabis at Work: Canadian employers are already considering how to "cope" with legalization in the workplace. Safety issues are a big focus. Know this: Workers, unions and cannabis activists need to get involved asap, to make sure that they get it right! Otherwise?!? @ CBC

Got A Pot Medical Benefits Plan? The Nova Scotia Humans Right Commission has ruled that a union insurance fund discriminated against an injured worker by denying him coverage for his medical cannabis prescriptions. Let's hope this helps set a precedent @ EmploymentLaw

Driving on Cannabis: Manitoba is considering legislation for "impaired" driving checks, while looking at ways for the police to do it @ Globe

Pre-Emptive Strike: New zoning changes in Edmonton Alberta close "loopholes" for the cities cannabis lounges and dispensaries, prior to legalization @ Journal. You'll find copies of the new regulations here @ PDF's

No Canada Wall? Seems the Trumpster isn't worried about legal cannabis in Canada. Still, beware of carrying weed through US customs @ MassRoots


The Trump Effect: While President Trump is a pretty scary, unpredictable dude there could be a silver lining to all the BS at the grass root level. Until he decides what to do, and does it, "Big Marijuana" [Banking, Pharma, and Tobacco] are sitting on their hands among all the uncertainty. That gives the small cannabiz sector a chance to grow and develop some more in the meantime. More @ MJIN

From Russia With Love: Maybe/ maybe not! Another theory is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions might get too tied up and distracted over the Rooskies to crack down on weed @ HighTimes

Congressional Cannabis Caucus: So far, 28 states have legalized cannabis for recreational and/ or medical purposes, mostly the latter. However, only 4 congressmen are openly advocating for the cannabis industry. 2 are Democrats. 2 GOP. Meanwhile the Trump administration continues to send out confusing smoke signals over whether the Fed's are going to meddle in the state's biz @ Entrepreneur

Reefer Madness Session: What's US Attorney General Jeff Sessions been smoking? Maybe crack? Certainly not weed! Session's reveals he doesn't know the difference between heroin and cannabis! Hope he doesn't try to shoot it with a needle! Oh no!!! Careful Jeffrey!!! @ ActivistPost

NIDA Toke? The US National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA] now recognizes Cannabis as a "medicine". It's a promising move, in sharp contrast to the reefer madness nonsense coming from the White House @ FreeThoughtPro

Crossing State Lines: What's legal? Where? The USA is different than Canada when it comes to legalization. So far, it's has been left up for them each to decide, so the laws vary from state to state. Here's what you should know while travelling around, so you don't get busted @ Cannalytics

Mister Trump -Tear Down That Wall: Ronnie Reagan knew that the Berlin Wall was BS. Fast forward to now. Legalizing cannabis would hurt Mexico's drug cartels worse than any great wall ever could. But is the Donald listening?!? @ Reason

Legal Pot Clubs: The senate wants to permit cannabis "social clubs" to open in Colorado. However, the Guv doesn't want tobacco smoking to also be allowed or he could nix them. These clubs are very popular in Spain. Marc was going to scout them out at one point, told me he thought no tobacco was best. Dunno if he did. It's an interesting concept @ AP

Worldwide Round Up: Here's how different countries around the world are dealing with legalization. Or doubling down on prohibition. Malaysia? If you're caught with 7 ozs or more, it's the death penalty! Same with trafficking in Saudi Arabia! For weed?!?!? More @ CCRegister


Cannabis Activist Lisa Campbell rocks Green Market Toronto!

Green Market Toronto returns this Sunday March 19, 2-6pm, location TBA @ Event

Meet Local Cannabis Activist's/ Green Market Toronto organizer's Lisa Campbell + Sarah Gilles! They provide us with an overview of where they are going with the leading edge, grass root, m-edible initiative! Interview @ Lift

The Toronto Centre for Social Innovation Green Market as it's otherwise known, readily provides M-Edibles to a hungry city. The courts have ruled that medical cannabis users have the right to access medical cannabis in all it's forms. Without our cities dispensaries and the Toronto Green Market, that's not possible, unless one somehow makes them yourself, or buys on the street! More @ Star

Hooray Green Market Toronto 4 the yummy treats! My Review:

Green Market Toronto M-Edibles: Alas! Toronto Police busts have decimated the local medical cannabis market for both patients and recreational users alike! Fortunately, Green Market Toronto keeps popping up to fill our wants and needs. On March 5th, our local friendly, well informed and helpful producers once showed up to provide everything from infused honey's, oils, candies, chocolate, to topical creams etc. etc. etc. Standouts for me included "Fritz's" popcorn, gummies and chex mix. "Cannaloves" gluten-free medibles. Also "Extreme Infusions" honey, syrups and oils. Good news to see expiry dates being listed on the products -absolutely necessary from a consumer/ medical patient perspective! "Toko" and "High Ends" disposable vapourizer's were out in force. The occasional dud pen continues to be a concern, refund policies vague, but otherwise a handy little product. Cody Van Gogh's creative 2 gram joints now come in a nice gift pack. Free medible samples abounded.  A "Take Care with Cannabis" health tip guide was handed out to customers at the door. Trez kool! Truly, at the Green Market Toronto, a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Follow @ Facebook

With Cannalove!

Toronto Toker nails it with this excellent March 5th Green Market Toronto Review. More kool pictures too @

It's A Pop Up Market: Another Green Market Toronto Review is @ Civilized

Toronto Weed Map Anyone?!: The new TTC [Toronto Transit Commission] public transit "Weedmap" angers city prohibitionists! One hopes that they will soon be going the way of the Doddo bird, but don't hold your breath. Meantime, Weedmap now shows Torontonians where the nearest local dispensary is. Police continue to play "Whack-a-Mole". Raid a shop. They re-open next day. Good to have a map, but the whole scenario is very bizarre, to say the least @ CBC

Vapor Cartridges -The Inside Story: What are you vaping? Where does it come from? Is it safe? Pesticides are a concern. More @ MerryJane

Online Weed: What to look out for in choosing a good site to buy from @ CannabisCulture

Cannabis Infused Tampons?!? Hey don't laugh. They are getting rave reviews for reducing cramps and lower back pain. Plus they're organic! @ Independent

Cannabis Stock Ticker: Canuck cannabiz stocks have taken a bounce on speculation after the dispensary raids. Hmmm. The raids were good for business?!? Which ones? Why? Maybe it's time to put together a personal cannabiz portfolio? I think so. The plot thickens @ FinancialPost

Investment Tips: 5 things the new cannabis investor should know about playing the market with weed @ Forbes

California Cannabis Business Expo: Two CEO panels discuss the "state of the industry" in both Canada and the US within the "different cultural and legal context" that exists. Yes! Yes! I know. Our Yankee buds y blossoms can be pretty kool. But they don't say "eh". They like to buy guns. Lots of them! And they don't seem to get our universal health care thingy. Here are the big differences pro y con, on both sides of the border, when it comes to weed @ MJIN

Cannabis Social Clubs: They provide a novel, cost effective way for members to grow their own supply of non profit weed. Sounds ideal for the medical cannabis patient. But where are the big buck$ for the big boy$ in that eh? More @ Lift


Cannabis 101: A Visual Buyers Guide! What to look at when shopping for weed @ Leafly

"Extracts 4 Dummies": or "Shattered": TPS tried to create a big reefer madness horror show about discovering the "potent" and "dangerous" cannabis concentrate "shatter" during the Cannabis Culture Church Street bust. At the media scrum outside the court house, everybody laughed! Here's some much more knowledgeable info on concentrated cannabis extractions @ HighTimes

Cannabis Activist Halima Hatimy rocks McMaster U!

Sister's Got The Power: Cannabis activist Halima Hatimy, a McMaster grad student, is filing a human rights tribunal complaint. The Ontario university has barred her as a medical cannabis patient from an important study trip abroad. She also accuses them of racism, and says it highlights the need for universities to have better policies about the medical issues at stake @ CBC

Getting Lit 101: A creative writing workshop on cannabis, anyone. Wait!!! You mean some folks actually write while stoned on weed?!? No..............!? Yer kidding me, eh? Ummmm, by the way ... toke! toke! toke! ... It's BYOC @ HighTimes

Medical Cannabis: The Patient Experience is a free symposium where folks can participate in an interactive learning experience. It's April 2, 1-4 pm downtown Toronto. For more info call 844-456-1515. RSVP @

"A Pain in the Joints" or "Advice From The Cannabis Om"buds"Man [or Lady or or or ...]": Here's how to discuss the medical cannabis option with aging family members still stuck in the reefer madness headset of yesteryear @ SFChronicle

Senior Prescriptions: Here's a medical cannabis guide for seniors in California! A great idea @ SFChronicle

"Women's Use of Cannabis for Pleasure": A McMaster University School of Social Work candidate is seeking participants for a bona fide "research ethics" approved study! It will be done one on one via Skype. In return you will get a summary copy of her thesis! Contact @


Political Activism 101: CC's Erin Goodwin shows us how it's done! Be prepared at our cannabis community protests and events. Don't let the mainstream media set the agenda with negative "drug war" imagery! Think, act, share .....

Cannabis Social Media 101: A Call 2 Action! Let's not let this February news story get lost in the Project Gator shuffle. Marc Emery shows us how to effectively use the social media as a rallying call for cannabis activists during a raid. We saw that during the October Cannabis Culture Church St raid []. Now, check out his Facebook videos from the CC Brantford raid @ Dankrs.

History of Women and Weed 101: Activists Jodie Emery? Erin Goodwin? Britney Guera? [Add your fave here ....]? Females' are filling a leading role in the emerging cannabiz industry and protest movement. That should come as no surprise! Women have a long history of being caregivers! Learn a lesson in caring and healing @ JaneStHealing

Tokin' With Queen Vic? Maggie Mead?!? Yup! Here's a crash course on 7 famous women who smoked weed @ Herb

Vic: Toke? Who? Me???

Fake Pot News: "Fake News" is rampant in America during the Age of Trump. Some weed stories have turned out to be real whoppers too. Recognize any of these? @ HighTimes

Cannabis and The Arts 101: Don't just sit there stoned! Your friendly local art gallery, museum and zoo are very trippy, potent and mind expanding after enjoying a puff or two or three! Here's what strains go best with this higher learning experience @ Marijuanomics

Do It Yourself Corner: Here's 5 DIY bongs and pipes you can make for yourself in a pinch. Real cheap! Very grass roots! Heh Heh er .... @ GrassCity

No! Really?!? Jimi Hendrix, our "man with the guitar" smokes a little boo back in the day @ Youtube

Sweet Marijuana: Mistery's "Save Di Earth Riddin" rocks my house these daze @ Youtube

Bad Doggie -Not Good?: Tweed Weedster Snoop Dogg freaks out the Donald with his new video, and receives one of his infamousTweets @ HighTimes Watch the video @ Youtube

Welcome to Jam Rock: Bob's youngest offspring, Damian Marley steps up in the new millennium! Damian's planning to set up a "global medical cannabis platform and brand" franchise business @ JaGleaner

US Cannabis Festivals: Here are 5 big ones! Suppose with legalization pending in Canada there will be a lot more to watch out for here this summer! Read @ Allbud

Weed Roots: A health scare cancels several Willie Nelson shows, but it seems like he's back again @ KHOU.

It's All Going To Pot! Yeah, Willie knows the score. Gotta love this space cowboy anthem with one time Okie from Muskogee, Merle Haggard @ Youtube


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