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Monday 6 March 2017

Teacher Free Speech March News y Views!

hEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... Legalization news now moved to "Oh Cannabis!" @ HERE!


OECTA's "Pieces of Silver": Ontario's OECTA Catholic teachers join AEFO and CUPE, by voting 87% to ratify a 2 year contract extension agreement with the troubled Neo Lib Wynne provincial government! What do they get? A 4% pay and benefit raise! And a .5% lump signing bonus! The trade off? Sigh! Alas! @ CBC.

ETFO: "We Are Negan": Next, the public elementary public teachers also ratify a contract extension deal with the Wynne government by 81%. They get the same 4% and .5% cash buy out over 2 years. Also a large and unwieldy FDK [Full Day Kindergarten] class cap, along with some additional hiring and classroom support promises. More "walking dead" teacher's, from the neck up? @ 680

Voting 4 Education: We await news on the OSSTF public secondary school teachers vote to ratify their 2 year contract extension by April 7th! Any guesses on which way that will go?

Post Bill 115 Blues: Note that since the 2012-13 MOU's, both the ETFO and OECTA member contract ratification numbers continue to decline. Furthermore, numbers aren't provided to show how many teachers even bothered to vote, a long standing procedure by the secretive union powers that be.

Realize This: Sadly, these latest "deals" contain the same contract concessions and strips taken away by the Wynne Liberals under Bill 115. They also sanction a move towards provincial rather than collective bargaining. Certainly they violate a lot of basic, longstanding, broiler plate, union principles, from over the years. Ontario teachers fought very hard to win and protect these union gains by fighting the government and walking the picket lines often at great personal sacrifice. But no more. 

So, what is the court imposed Bill 115 remedy, since the Liberal's Bill 115 OECTA "Road Map", which enforced the stripped, concession contracts upon all of the province's teacher unions, was ruled illegal? That often robbed the members of tens of thousands of dollars, when they lost their sick day banks? Turns out it's $25 million. Get this -the school boards get to hand it out! Might seem like a lot of money, but it's a very small price for the Liberals to pay! So much for going the legal route! Responsible, civil disobedience anyone? Guess not. More @ Star

"Bill 115 2.0" or Ontario's New School Boards Collective Bargaining Act [2017]: Aren't our province's teacher unions now telling the membership to buy into the government cuts with the recent ratification votes? Maybe it should be retitled Bill 115 Redux? Read a critique of the act @ CPCML It's anti-labour amendments are explained @ Ditto Both CUPE and OSSTF were originally against it @ Same but not anymore, it seems @ Next Link

A Win: After a ten year fight, the BCTU [British Columbia Teacher Union] restore the class size and composition provisions that had been removed by their provincial Liberal government. Story @ CKNW  

The NSTU Nova Scotia Teachers continue the good fight against Bill 175, their own Liberal version of Bill 115. Notice how little we hear about this in Ontario? More news links to come, when I find some good ones, but you can also follow their progress @ NSTU

"US Not Safe 4 Children?" or "No More US School Trips": the TDSB [Toronto District School Board], the largest in Canada is prohibiting all school trips to the US. Due to the large multicultural mix of students, the fear is that some might be turned away at the US border under the recent immigration ban @ CNN

Realities Behind The Curtain: Here's an interesting piece on the "experience" and "challenges" faced by students with a "precarious immigration status". It's written by a secondary school teacher who has taught them here in Toronto @ EdForum

Medical Cannabis: Employees face increased workplace scrutiny and restrictions, especially with the legalization of recreational cannabis now on it's way. Workplace safety is always a concern, but traces remain in your blood for up to a month. Also, what accomodations, if any, are in place for the medical cannabis patient at work? Are prescriptions covered by your benefit plan? Is your union doing anything? Will they leave it up to your employer? It's time to tell them to get up off the floor! Stop kissing the boss'/ government's ass! Look into it for you, now! More @ CBC

NB: There's much more about cannabis and the workplace in my "Oh Cannabis News y Views" blog. By the way, "Teacher Free Speech News y Views" is now the "Straight Goods". "Oh Cannabis" is my "Stoner Newz" feature. Eh? Yes! I know! I know! With the way things are going who can tell the difference anymore, eh? But check it out @ HERE!

$$$$$ or "It's Very Good To Be A Donor!" Seems Betsy Devos and family bought her the seat as Trumpster's "Secretary of Education" by paying off 50 Republican senators. For shame! @ Huff


Cardboard Trudeau: Six foot corrugated "cut outs" of our illustrious Prime Minister are now being removed from Canada's stateside embassy parties. Turns out they were being paid for on the public dime. So much for Justin's foreign policy charm offensive and manufactured charisma? A case of all form, no content? More @ NewYorkTimes

Trumpland North: CPC Conservative leadership candidate, and Dragon Denner Kevin O'Leary, muses over winning the millennial vote by consulting with his daughter, Ivanka style! Sounds very icky, icky @ iPolitics

Death Threat: Toronto Neo Conster Doug Ford threatens to kill a movie producer with his car. He does so for all to see live on CP24 lunchtime news. Right while he's musing over running in the next provincial or municipal election. Host Steven LeDrewFilth City". It's a black comedy based upon his notorious brother/ gangsta-druggie Rob Ford, the former Mayor of Toronto, who died last year. Doug claims that if he sees the movie maker crossing the street, he'll run him over in his car. That would be Andy King! Hey, isn't that illegal? Not for Doug? Whoa! Watch @ CP24

Filth City: Our Doug Ford gets down y dirty!

Going! Going! Gone! The Wynne Liberals are hoping against hope. Will their 17% hydro rate cut succeed in appeasing Ontario's very angry voters come the next 2018 provincial election? Was it wise for our provincial teacher unions to gamble on their good fortune by voting for a 2 year contract extension until 2019? Whew! @ CBC

Wynne-Lose: The Ontario Liberals might choose a new leader, to try to still win the 2018 election, if all else fails? Here are seven possible names being kicked around @ Star

Notice -Toronto Women's March: The next one's scheduled for Saturday, March 11th @ Events

First Nation Charm Offensive: Trudeau's public relations approach to indigenous issues is all sunny daze. However, take a critical look at the policy documents that have been slipping by largely unnoticed. Self determination? Land Rights? Don't be fooled by all the posturing and smiles @

"These Injustices Persist": Two Canadian senators' explain how the Trudeau government still discriminates against First Nation Children. Flawed and inequitable child welfare services are being provided on the sly. So much for the much ballyhooed TRC [Truth and Reconciliation Commission] recommendations! @ Vice

LGBTQ Pardon: Trudeau the Elder decriminalized gay sex between consenting adults in 1969. Even under Justin Trudeau those previously charged still haven't been legally pardoned, almost 50 years later! The consequences and implications are pretty scary. For shame @ Globe

"Islam is Evil" Rally: Protesters clash in Toronto as "Make Canada Great Again" style "free speech" advocates denounce M-103; a federal bill to counter Islamophobia @ Vice

Escape to Canada: The cost for the increasing number of refugees fleeing the US under Trump's immigration travel ban? Besides the emotional turmoil, think rough terrain, sub zero temperatures, and transportation @ Vice

Brain Gain: Trump's travel ban might prove to be a windfall now that international scientists are boycotting meetings in the United States. Perhaps a lot of other professionals and foreign business types might join them, especially if look like or are Muslims too?!? Where else in North America to go? Oh Canada @ CBC

Canada's Anti Terrorism Bill Revisited! Harper wrote it up. Passed it during a "terrorist" fear frenzy. Trudeau promised to fix it. Well kinda sorta. So far hasn't, not now that he's been elected. Meanwhile lots of innocent folks are having their personal phones and laptops searched at the Canadian border for all sorts of dubious reasons! More @ CBC and @ Vice

Panama Papers North: Some very wealthy Canucks have finally been caught red handed, then exposed, in the rash of offshore tax evasion schemes we've been hearing so much about in the news. The "entry fee", to participate? $5 million, so they are pretty big fish. Hope Revenue Canada keeps fishing deeper, and will start telling us the names of whom they catch! Regretfully, this "Fifth Estate" expose required a lot of investigative reporting or we certainly wouldn't have learnt the names, as that isn't CRA [Canadian Revenue Agency] policy. More @ CBC

No! No! Don't! You'll git high from all the weed!!!

What Next -A US Invasion of Canada?!? President Trump is very unpredictable. But would he invade Canada? What to expect? In the first few minutes? Hours? In the true north strong and free? Or weak and cold? Take your pick!

What then about the CAF's "Defence Scheme #1"? It's our big, top secret plan for a pre-emptive strike against the United States! Betcha didn't know about that one, eh? The Yanks either! Heh! Heh! Would Canada retaliate by burning down the White House? Again? Naw, let's face it -we're Canucks. That wasn't very polite! No way!

So. If the Trumpster invades and conquers Canada, would we all need to reapply for a US driver license?!? And what about Toronto? Hell, would we even notice a US invasion? At the Eaton Centre?!? 

Oh no! Just think -Trump's latest travel ban now leaves room for .... dare I say it? .... another country to be added to his list!!! Gulp! Could we still go cross border shopping, as the US tightens it's invasion grip? And afterwards? Would the Yanks make us take off our goose jackets and toques to see if we are hiding body bombs? Arrest Marc Emery again? For some more seed money? Or seize our oil and natural resources to pay for the invasion? Eh? They've already got that? Well then, take all our maple syrup y Canadian beer? As we watch the Donald try to build a Canada wall to keep out universal medical care? In the middle of a huge, deep lake? Four of them, actually?!?

The horror! The horror! Truly, the prospect of a US invasion of Canada boggles the mind! Alas! I'm afraid this story is NOT for the faint of heart! Read at your own peril! You've been warned! @ Vice


Fellow Canucks! If Trump invades, this could be us! Read on ....

Is Truth Dead? President Trump ruminates on "truth and falsehoods", while we are left to wonder whether he can even recognize or handle the truth anymore @ Interview and @ Article More Commentary below under "Another Blog" ...

What Next: Behind the Scenes at the Trump White House as the Republican congressional wheels fall off his signature promise to kill and replace Obamacare @ NYTMag
Welcome To Our New Ideological Matrix! Like in the Keanu Reeves movie, it's a simulated reality. It's rapidly evolving to control every aspect of our life and times! Consider: A TV Reality Star has become US President! The War Against Terrorism -a permanent state of emergency! Meanwhile, the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security see all! Jeez, it's more exciting than pay-tv! The big difference? Sigh! Alas! This article argues that we are actually living the Matrix Sci-Fi adventure flick each and every day! Read on @ ActivistPost

Trump: The Great Distractor? Lots of controversial bills are now being introduced to the US House of Reps: The Repeal Affordable Care Act! Vouchers for Public Education! A National Right to Work Bill! Bills to terminate the EPA! Defund Planned Parenthood! Criminalize abortion! While Trump's antics have folks looking the other way! How so? Read on ....... 

Trump's Chaos Theory With a Tip o' the Hat to White House Svengali Steve Bannon: Stir up the populace! Roll back the progressive-egalitarian agenda! Keep stirring @ Syndicate 

Dumbing Down: Trump's brand hasn't suffered among his hardcore, down and out supporters. They either believe his lies, or don't even care if he is lying. The Donald continues to plug into their misguided anger with the government behemoth @ Star

Who's on Second? The dirty fingerprint traces of Steve Bannon's "sad, desperate crusade" seem to colour all of the Donald's troubling words and actions! More analysis @ Vice

How Does The US Know That Russia Interfered In The US Election?!? Ummmm... because they have done so themselves in 81 foreign elections between 1946 to 2000 alone! @ ActivistPost

Obamacare Lives! Here's an early account of how the Republican "Freedom Caucus" helped kill the Republican president's repeal and replace bill in the Republican controlled congress @ Politico

The Miserable US 21st Century: Is Trump the great billionaire savior that a lot of troubled, disillusioned Americans are hoping for? Ha! Consider the enormous range of problems that badly needing fixing. Politically? Economically? Socially? Whatever way you cut it, there's no real hope in sight @ CommentaryMag

Double Take: Suppose that the US Neo Liberal elite are amongst the Donald's strongest allies. Sound far fetched? By encouraging his opposition to attack all the  bullshit and lies, of which there are no shortage, they are actually very busy protecting an already existing and unacceptable status quo. In the US two party puppet show, either way, whatever happens -they win, you lose! Consider @ TruthDig

Trumpgate: The Donald seems to be following Nixon's Watergate playbook all over again, 21st Century style @ Huff

DNR Sidebar: A timeline of Trump's apparent Russian ties @ CBC More links @ WashingtonPost

Kissing Kislyak: Jeff Session has reclused himself from a Trumpgate investigation, but that doesn't mean he didn't perjure himself during his confirmation hearing. Now the ACLU is calling for an investigation! Talk about confusing! @ ACLU

First Address to Congress: The presidential bottom line has been set so low, you'd need to look up to see rock bottom these daze. Trump's first Congressional speech has finally won him some bipartisan praise. Then again, patriotic appeals are always a crowd pleaser. And at least he mentioned women, jews and blacks. Donald sticks to the script. Even seems kind of presidential. But how do most of his facts and claims hold up? The pre-requisite "fact checks" show they don't, not very well @ NewYorkTimes and @ Politifact and @ Indy100

Mr. Bipartisan? Consider Trump's speech as a "broadside attack" on "values" in a "free society". The consolation prize? At least, he didn't improvise and ratchet up the BS a lot more @ WashingtonPost

Coming soon: To a war near you?

Like big Aircraft Carriers? Lotsa of them? Donald seems to! So, are 2 more multi billion dollar air craft carriers coming the US Navy's way? He says so, but doesn't have a plan to pay for them. No problem! The navy boys are just happy to get some more shopping money! Whatever he can toss their way. Hey! Aren't the US armed forces already the largest in the world? No matter @  NewYorkTimes and @ PalmBeachPost

Now Trump's revised executive travel ban order only applies to immigrants from 6 Muslim countries! Not Iraq! How about Saudi Arabia? Home base for the 9/11'ers? Nope! Will the revised ban even hold up? Or just result in more chaos? @ NewYorkTimes

Keystone XL Pipeline Manifesto: The indigenous fight to kill Keystone begins anew after Trump announces he is moving forward with it @ IndigEnviroNet

Trumps Standing Rock or "Oil Not Water!" Consider the messy, final, defiant daze at the Standing Rock Camps. Big oil's smiling. The protesters? Gone from Standing Rock, but even a lot more pissed, the movement growing and spreading. PS: Justin Trudeau beware! Canada's pipelines could be the next campsite, and rightfully so! Story @ Vice

All A Twitter: In a series of bizarre, early morning Saturday night tweets, the Donald claims that President Obama wiretapped his telephones at Trump Towers, during the fall US election. He doesn't offer any evidence for his explosive claims, despite now being in the best position to find out for himself, using his presidential powers @ NYT

Trump's Smoking Gun? Right wing pundit Mark Levin outlines circumstantial evidence of a "silent coup" by Obama to undermine and destroy Trump. Other's expand the case @ Breitbart

Foxy Conservative News: Watch and listen as the "Great" Mark Levin further outlines his conspiratorial wiretap case to the fawning Fox news types @ Youtube 1 and @ Youtube 2

Another Fact Check: How do Trump's "facts" hold up? Ditto White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's "reports" ? They don't, without some evidence, which others are inexplicably asked to find out for them. Not very credible behaviour for a POTUS [President of the United States], to say the least. Check the analysis @ FactCheck.Org

The Kernel of Truth? Was Obama busy trying to preserve intelligence of the alleged Russian election hacking during his final days as the president? Is Trump just trying to spin that story to protect his own sorry ass? Much a poppin' @ NewYorkTimes

What Next? James Clapper, Obama's former director of national intelligence disputes Trump's claim [Telegraph], while the US Congress now investigates [BizInsider]. More chaos, whatever way you cut it!

Caught Red Handed: The FBI debunks Trump's Obama "wiretap" conspiracy tweets. They are totally unsubstantiated! His credibility and polling numbers continue to tumble. The Donald's response? He doubles down on his lies, then just ignores getting caught amongst all the other cascading Washington intrigues, and scandal @ WashingtonPost

The Russia Card Revisited: President Trump keeps denying his Russian connections, but what if they do have something on him? To twist his arm on NATO? Or even blow Trump's whole card house down? Frankly, the Cold War makes me very dubious about diabolical Rooskie conspiracy theories. We often overestimate them, for our own purposes, but more @ NewYorkTimes

Abnormally So: Just how "abnormal" is the Trump presidency? To be balanced, he's a political newbie. Without all of his cabinet and staff in place. Anyhow, he and Steve seem to be running the show quite well, according to our "Chaos Theory". Here's how twenty different controversial events since the Trump inauguration are rated on the abnormal scale @ Upshot

Ryancare? The Massive Military Build Up? A Multi Billion Dollar Mexico Wall? Does the GOP really believe in fiscal responsibility anymore? Or is conservative ideology now just an exercise in shaming and blaming the poor for their lot in life and the sorry state of the US union? To facilitate more tax cuts for the rich? The big corporations? @ WashingtonPost

Is Pope Francis the "Anti-Trump"?!? Could be! Francis has a nuanced speaking approach except when it comes to moral principles. They're not something that the Donald knows nor cares very much about. Or lots of other folks including Catholics too. Let's hope that they still count! Go Francis go! @ NewYorkTimes.

The Trump Alternative: It's not like Donald thinks all media is "false news". It's only false when he's criticized or doesn't like the story. So has presidential "truth" now just become a case of whatever he likes, finds useful, or thinks he can get away with? What a standard to set! More @ Time

Making America The Laughing Stock: Inevitably, Trump's lack of credibility is affecting international perceptions of everything he says and does in an negative manner. When an international political or military crisis' occurs, will the "leader of the free world" still be believed? As push comes to shove? And he needs to rally international support? Seems not, especially in Europe and Asia, as the POTUS' polling numbers for credibility hit record lows. Here's a breakdown @ PBS

Spyglass: Like the US, many other countries also have their own CIA/ FBI style spy networks. They are very busy gathering intelligence. In Europe and the UK, they already know lots about the Russian allegations too. Although traditional US allies, they are often decidedly not on the same page with many of the POTUS' very contentious world views. Plus they are scared! What could they reveal, if for example, they doubt Trump's full support for NATO? Feel at risk? Would they try to blackmail him too? Or go ahead and spill the beans on the Donald just to get him out of the way? The poor old prick is hardly the only "Mr. Smarty Pants" around, to paraphrase a certain Negan, who also knows only too well how to bat the political ball in a world increasingly inhabited by the walking dead! But at what cost? For whom and why? The plot thickens @ Week

Trump Slump: Seems the old pussy grabber is scaring the tourists away! As a Canadian "snowbird", I certainly don't like to go stateside nearly as much anymore. Seriously, it's getting kind of scary! Lots of nice folk, but it's just increasingly not a very visitor friendly scene. More @ CBC

Jackie 101: or "The US Darkside 2.0": One almost hopes Melania saw the Grammy nominated "Jackie" flick for some tips on what to do! Poor girl! Of course, Donald is no JFK, but suppose he gets assassinated too? Sadly, it's a good bet! Consider this: Lefties don't like him. Nor Democrats. Or the CIA. Ditto the FBI. Maybe it'll be a crazed, white, rust belt supporter, once they wake up, smell the coffee and realize that they've been fooled.  

It's must all be a lot for a hardcore Republican too. How to reconcile Trump's ... ahem ... moral values and his huuuuuuge spending promises with traditional conservative principles? Yes! Winning is great! But there's another round of elections in 2 years. Then there's Mike Pence! He's next in line to become Republican President should the Donald get assassinated. He's a lot more malleable too!

Damn, the Trumpster must have mad, bad boys gunning for him on all sides! From all over the political landscape! It's all speculative. Still, consider the possibilities. Maybe he'll get impeached first, but hold onto your hat. We could still be in for a very rough ride ahead, even moreso than one might suspect @ Raw

Space Race 2.0: Trips to the moon and to Mars are in the works. The US no longer leads the race! Far from it! Just ask India or China. BTW: we used to call them "manned missions". What now? More @ Vice


Worst Nightmare: Studies reveal that homophobic men are actually ... get ready for this -GAY! Uh huh! What's gay bashing all about? Angry and in denial, these repressed dudes [read "dud's ...] are trying to prove to themselves and everybody else that they are actually big macho men. But truth be told? Noooooooooo @ Connections

Women in the Age of Trump: What comes after raising consciousness? Raising hell! Women's History Month 2017 signals that the good fight continues unabated @ NewYorkTimes

Asia America: Meet four women whom you didn't learn about in school @ NBC

Filipina songstress Renee Dominique's heartfelt "UNA" is too beautiful for words. I am speechless! See y hear @ Youtube

Next Generation: These nine youth activists are already changing the world @ GlobalCitizens

Indigenous Toronto: It's one of the world's most multicultural cities. So it should come as no surprise that when Anishnaabe educator Eddy Robinson is asked where he's from, the answer is Toronto, and not a reservation! Here's a very interesting insight into the multifaceted, everyday life, and challenges of First Nation Canadians living here in Toronto today @ ViceCanada

Yup! He's from Toronto too!

"We Are Halluci Nation" or "Idle No More": On the indigenous musical/ kultural front, Ottawa social activist's ATCR's [A Tribe Called Red] very trez kool, urban industrial global electronic sounds are scoring some well earned, rave reviews! Check out their unique mix of contemporary hip hop with traditional indigenous drums and vocals! "We Are Halluci Nation" is a self explanatory anthem of sorts @ Youtube. "Sisters" vocals are very, very trippy @ Youtube. "Burn Your Village Down" spares no protest punches @ Youtube. Then there's the live ATRC Pow Wow "Just Jam" clubbing experience @ Youtube

RIP Chuck Berry: Hands down, Chuck was the real "King of Rock n' Roll"! His catchy country and blues mix provided the perfect spark to light the rock n' roll fire. He had a real way with words. The beauty of his lyrics lay in a simple portrayal of joyful emotions and everyday life. Plus Chuck had a real bad boy/ gangsta edge. As for Elvis's Crown? Well ..... Elvis was white. A great entertainer! But in my books? No comparison! Obit @ PopMatters

Chuck Berry: The King is Dead! Long Live The King!

Want A Taster? Check out Chuck Berry's "Live Peace In Toronto" [1969] concert @ Youtube

No LGBTQ?!? Seems Youtube's "restricted mode" "targets" a lot of decidedly, non sexual, LGBTQ videos because the subjects "queer affirmative content" is considered too "sensitive" for some eyes. As a result, many innocent queer/ trans youth are often finding they can't properly post their videos online, like everybody else. For shame @ Waypoint and @ Vice

See 4 Yourself: Tegan and Sara's "Alligator" video was at first considered "too sensitive". That is until Youtube was forced into the political spotlight. Activist's take note: Now, it's finally started scrambling to more appropriately address LGBTQ .... ahem .... concerns @ Youtube

Kings + Queens of the Castle: Tom Atwood's latest photo's focus on everyday LGBTQ life. They provide an alternative to the hoary, old stereotypes and divisive sexual imagery we might associate with queer photography and the many different LGBTQ lifestyles @ Vice

OMG! Not So Sexy! LGBTQ families today ... ;-)

Reader's Corner: OK -can you guess the classic novel from just reading the first sentence?!? Ha @ BuzzFeed

Science Corner: A fisherman posted photo's of these very strange creatures from the deep, dark ocean depths. Yiiikes!!! @ ScienceAlert

Celebrity President: Arnie Schwarzenegger quits the Apprentice, citing problems with the show's Trump "baggage". IMHO, it's a nasty piece of work. People are forced to turn on each other, even if they do incredibly well, just because their team isn't number one this time around. Wonder how many two bit managers watch the show? Fancying themselves the big boss, they then try to inspire themselves and their minions onto greatness, using similar, divisive, toxic, workplace tactics too? Hmmm. Well, at least if Trump's impeached, his retribution will be that everyone can point their finger at him and yell "Your Fired!", for the rest of his sorry, miserable life! Story @ CNBC

Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" has turned out to be a worldwide blockbuster hit despite fears over the inclusion of a .... gasp .... "gay" cartoon character. Wonder why nobody was alarmed about "Beauty", a young girl, being captured by an amorous .... ahem .... animal "Beast"? What exactly is the "Beast" anyway? A boar? A buffalo? A gorilla? A bear? Yiiikes! Y'know there is a name for this! It's called "bestiality" ..... but no matter. Seems Disney really copped out bad, bad, bad! They water down the original fairy tale's deep, dark, and very important message about "consent". Included a bevy of light n' lively musical numbers instead, according to this review @ Vice

A beautiful human girl and a whaaaaaaaat?!?

"Come From Away": Canuck PM Justin Trudeau continues to woo Daddy's Girl Ivanka Trump. Now it's a night out at the hit Broadway play about Canada, the US and 9/11! Pure theatre? Well, the Donald seems to have taken somewhat of a liking to him with his frequent references, for what that's worth @ ViceCanada

Erased Couples: Grammy nominated film "Loving" was a rare exception. Even today, big, blockbuster, Hollywood movies starring interracial couples just somehow rarely get their chance on the silver screen @ NewYorkTimes.

"Loving" lost! "La La Land" too! Instead "Moonlight" won as the Grammy Best Picture of the Year in a very surprising upset. But here's an interesting debate about "Moonlight", that you don't hear very much about: While some critics claim it deserves much praise for finally portraying black gay men in all their "joy, sadness, and complexity" [Yay!], others claim that it still "fetishizes" and "pities" their lives [Nay!]. So, was "Moonlight" a disappointing, compromised Hollywood cop-out, despite it's success? Agree? Disagree? You can "Comment" below my blog, y'know?

Metal Machine Music: Lou Reed would've turned 75 years old this month. Did you know that he turned guitar feedback into a musical art form? Way back in the 60's and 70's? @ BBC

Another Month! Another Blog!

News links! News links! And more news links! Most of the news, a real horror show! What's real? What's the truth? 

Nowadays, only 6 major corporate news and entertainment networks control the US mainstream media. Until recently, their Neo Liberal corporate bias has enjoyed a free hand in determining our attitudes and beliefs about what's really going on in the world today. 

Unfortunately, without any other sources of information, most people uncritically believe whatever they are told. That in turn then becomes our pre-"media"-ted reality, regardless of whether it's real or true or not. [ActivistPost ]

The social news media offers countless, different, divergent points of view. Not all of them are real or true either, but at least they provide an alternative. We can critically think for ourselves, instead of just accepting what we are being told. We can act effectively too!

Hopefully, my monthly news and views blogs are proving of some use for you in this regard. Please note a few, recent, ongoing changes I'm making to deal with the increased traffic:

Teacher Free Speech News Y Views The focus is on "straight good" news, entertainment and culture cult links with a political activist bent.

Oh Cannabis News y Views The focus is on "stoner news" links for the cannabis activists and other enthusiasts among us.

Read whichever interests you. Or read them both. Dare I say; in an age when both the truth and lies are interchangeable, so perhaps the straight or stoner news links too?!?


2017? Yikes! Beam me up Scotty! Hey!!! Yer not Scotty .....


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ETFO has a double majority ratification process. And while 81% of the members who cast a vote, did vote did accept 6 Teacher or OT locals voted to reject...clearly informed members and strong local leadership is still alive in a few places within ETFO. The last provincial ratification only saw one ETFO reject that equally bad at least the trend is in the right direction. When Hammond goes things will get better.

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Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!