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Friday 22 March 2019

Oh Cannabis Spring 2019 News y Views!

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Canada's Indigenous Six Nations declare weed sovereignty on treaty lands. What'll the Feds and provinces do?

US Legalization: Both Democrat and GOP politicians and lawmakers are getting onboard! But will they succeed in 2019?

Pot Race: Licensed Ontario dispensaries desperately race to open April 1st in Canada's largest market! Will they make the deadline? If not, what will the Ford government do?

Nowhere 2 Toke: Licensed lounges remain verboten in Ontario, despite legalization! Is there any hope in sight?

Pot Tax: Canadian Federal Budget includes a new medibles and topicals tax. Provides limited income tax relief for med pot users! How to fight back? 

Stock Market Reefer Madness: Canada's floundering legal cannabiz industry faces some huge challenges. The unlicensed market is totally kicking their butt! Why can't they compete?

Casual Causal: Cannabis is under renewed scrutiny! A lot of it very hostile and misleading. More reefer madness? Now? What gives? And what to do?

PSSSSST! NEXT TORONTO BUDSWAP is Saturday June 15th 4pm on at the downtown Vapor Lounge!!!

All This and Some Spring Weed Musings Below ....


420 2019: This year's 420 is the first since Canada legalized weed. That's left us with Prohibition 2.0! Also quite a legal mess. Should we treat our most venerated pot holiday as a day to protest? Or celebrate? Hey! Let's not forget the legalization movement's activist roots! More @ Leafly

420 Vancouver: Once again, the city park board failed miserably in trying to quash the high spirited, pot festivities. Sadly, like the Canadian government, not giving up the prohibition ghost, despite legalization! But it was all for not! This year, there were an estimated 400 venders! Plus a crowd of 150,000 partygoers! Hip hop weed rappers Cypress Hill were the headlining act! Marc and Jodie Emery were also in attendance. All in all, it perhaps turned out to be the largest, most successful 420 event anywhere! Vancouver's pot heads show us how it's done @ CLN  Plus see "High Times" below for Cypress Hill Live at Vancouver 420!!!

Activist's including organizer Dana Larsen list 10 reasons why Vancouver 420 continues to be such an important protest event. The harder they come, the harder they fall @ GStraight 

420 Vancouver Live: Watch Pot TV's archival recording of the full live stream. Trez kool @ Youtbe

420 Toronto: The cold and rain might've kept the crowd numbers low. But spirits were high, to say the least. This year's main festivities were held in Woodbine Park along Queen St. East at Eastern Avenue and Coxwell, from noon until 6 pm. There were DJ's, bands, sponsors and vender tables and a "Free Farmers Market"! More @ Twitter and Facebook 

420 Toronto Video: Experience first hand this year's celebrations! Also learn more about why Canada's corporate legalization monopoly is unfair, unjust and off to a very unsuccessful start @ Yahoo Lotsa interviews and the speeches @ Youtube!

Hotbox's 420 Block Party: There was live music, venders and free giveaways in Toronto's Kensington Market. Plus the reopening of the landmark Hotbox's venerable, outdoor, summer "Potio"! All this, plus Abi Roach and more @ Twitter @ Facebook

420 Sudbury: Saturday April 20 found me at Mr. Green's Novelties, LaSalle Blvd. Sudbury. First Nations Medicinal [See below] was in attendance. There were banners. Costumes. Free burgers. And dabs. Come 420, a huge joint was lit and passed around. A small but hospitable crowd of cheerful Northerner's gathered. Sharing a giant toke. It was truly an honour, as a southerner, to attend! Sigh! Alas! In Sudbury on family business, I couldn't stay long, as I made the rounds. But boyoboy, do they know how to party! Here's to the True North! A big Oh Cannabis Thanks for the high times! More [Link]  @ Facebook


Weed Sovereignty: Six Nations are fed up. The largest of Canada's indigenous peoples are now in effect declaring weed sovereignty on the treaty lands. The goal? To protect their "health and safety". And to prevent "external interference". All levels of Canadian government be damned! They've got their own regulations for cultivating, distributing, selling and using weed. Minimum age is set at 19. Plus 18% of sales goes towards community projects. A new cannabis control commission is being set up. And provincial sales licenses have no validity here! So what if anything will Ontario's "law and order" reefer madman Premier Doug Ford do now? Or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who's facing a dicey federal election this fall? With indigenous issues all ready in the spotlight? Note that many of the Six Nation reserves are located next to our major urban centres. Ontario's government licensed dispensaries don't even begin to open until April 1st, with only 25 so far approved, for across the whole province. Ha! The heat is on @ HSpec @ CBC

Police Raids: The police are taking a different approach to raids on the Six Nation Iroquois' dispensaries outside Hamilton and the Mohawk ones in Tyendinaga. Indigenous weed sovereignty -what next?!? Also see my Mohawk pot shop reviews below, under "Green Marketing". More @ CBC

Robbed Not Raided: OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] continue to raid Wahnapitae First Nation Capreol's local pot shops outside Sudbury. So far, the band councillors haven't voted yet on whether they'll be allowed on the reserve, despite the considerable demand. That leaves First Nations Medicinal and Creators Choice in a lurch, playing "Whackamole" with provincial police. Police close the pot shops ... The pot shops reopen ... Time and again ... Creator's Derek Roque claims that they're actually being "robbed not raided" of a very important and much needed source of economic sustainabilityCBC @ CTV

RCMP Edible Madness: Canada's mounted police withdraw their latest, ill informed, reefer madness, scare story about edibles. This time it was a false and misleading ahem .... warning story that edibles can kill little kids. But has the damage already been done? Edibles are due to be legalized in Canada this fall, as the fears grow .... See below under "Green Marketing" and @ DH

Border Crossings: Pot busts are way up! Are you packing weed on your next trip? Beware! Canadian border guards want you to know that they'll get really, really pissed, if they catch you lying! Press criminal charges @ CHer

April Fools: The first 25 pot shops are finally scheduled to open across Ontario, Canada's largest province population wise, come April 1st. That's almost 6 months after legalization. However, they aren't expected to even put a dent in our booming, unregulated cannabis market. Think high prices and a lack of licensed retail outlets. Duh. Its clearly a case of too little too late, for the foreseeable future. What to do?!? Hint: Grow your own or stick to Weedmaps! More @ CBC @ TStar

No Delivery: The Ford government cancels it's plans for same day delivery of the OCS's government online cannabis sales. Meanwhile, the unlicensed sector continues to offer same day service throughout the GTA, Ontario's biggest market. Better weed! For a lot cheaper! With much quicker delivery! The OCS strikes out again! Big time! Are they completely incompetent? Or is legal weed being set up for failure? Have to wonder @ CP24

Legal Pot Shop Fines: 12 of Ontario's first 25 pot shop lotto winners are fined $12,500 for not opening their stores on time. Do they even know anything about what they are doing? Quite possibly not! And if they aren't open by the end of April, they could lose their whole $50,000 deposit. More @ CTV

The Price Point: Licensed government weed only accounts for 30% of total cross Canada sales. It's also 36% more expensive. That's if you can even find a legal dispensary or lounge, so you can toke. Duh @ CTV
Needless to say, high prices are pushing consumers everywhere back to the unlicensed market for cheap weed @ CBC

Grow Yer Own: Canadian pot consumers fed up with high prices are also finding it much cheaper to just grow our own weed at home @ CBC

Sales Dept: Ontario's first 25 legal cannabis shops could be earning $500 million a year! Of course, as we know, that's nothing. It could be a lot more, if Ontario was a truly, free, open market sans Ford's lottery licensing BS @ MJB

Alberta Bound: There are some problems but the province is Canada's weed capital! It's got the most pot shops. Sales seriously out perform the rest of the country, including Ontario and BC. Surprise! Unlike Neo Con Man Doug Ford, former "socialist" NDP Premier Rachel Notley's actually made sure the province is legally "open for business"! More @ Vice

No Busts: So far Calgary police seem unwilling to bust the underground competition, much to the legal pot shop's dismay @ Beta

Canuck Pot Budget: It's official! The 2019 Canadian federal budget includes a new excise duty tax for cannabis edibles and extracts, including oil and topicals. It takes effect May 1st for medical cannabis users. Later this year for everyone else, once it's legalized for recreational use. Expect to pay $0.01 cent tax per milligramme of THC, in the government's new tax by "THC content" scheme. Meanwhile, the $1 per gram tax on dried flower remains unchanged. Consumer spending on "legal cannabis" was only $1.2 billion, less than projected. However, our untaxed "black market" enjoyed a 400% increase in sales. Basically, government licensed weed just doesn't make the grade. Can't compete in supply, quality or price. But try telling Ottawa that, as they pile on more and more taxes, regulations and other restrictions @ BloomB 

Med Pot Tax Time: Cannabis remains the only Canadian prescription drug that includes an excise and sales tax! A little, medical patient, tax relief is being offered with a 15% credit come income tax time. 15% eh?!? No justice, no peace! The good fight continues @ Leafly 

CFAM: Canadians For Fair Access 2 Medical Marijuana continue to actively lobby for and demand the removal of any and all taxes on medical cannabis. Join the fight @ CFAM

Good Morning Judge: A Nova Scotia medical cannabis patient becomes the first of many planning a constitutional challenge to Canada's new impaired driving laws. Why? The roadside test measures the level of THC in your system. Not how impaired you are. If you have a cannabis prescription, the test becomes discriminatory -the THC will show up, even though you aren't stoned. Expect a lot more legal challenges in the daze ahead @ CTV Even CDB oils and poppy seed cake have resulted in false readings @ CBC

Worker Compensation Pot Claims: Injured workers from across Canada continue the important fight to have medical cannabis prescriptions for pain management covered as a benefit. The results remain mixed at best @ CBC

Ford's Ontario Pot Lottery: A third, winner strikes gold by throwing their lot in with Alberta's High Tide Inc., this time to open a legal Canna Cabana dispensary in Toronto, by the government's April 1st deadline. Surprise! The corporate big boys somehow come out on top again! So much for our many, long time, eager, knowledgable, homegrown, mom and pop operations who didn't win the draw. More below in "Green Marketing" and @ HTI


High Hopes: Get This -Trump's re-elected in 2020. In 2022 he legalizes weed. Hmmm. Well, the US has gone plum loco. Suppose anything's possible nowadays. Or maybe he's just fishing for votes? @ TMZ

Bottom Line: Legalization now enjoys about 60% support across the US, according to most polls. However, they also sadly show that it's not a very high priority for most folks. With so many other pressing political problems, it hardly tops most Washington "to do" lists. Far from it! @ MFool

US Legalization: US lawmakers from both the Democrats and the GOP are on a roll. This spring, there are 6 pieces of legislation before congress to end prohibition at the federal level. Will one of them pass? Here are the 6 different bills in play @ Leafly But don't hold your breath! Here's why they still might not pass this year @ Fool

Canadian Green Print eh? American busine$$e$ are increa$ingly nervou$ that Canadian legalization will freeze them out of the marketplace if they wait too long. Some even view the Canadian model as a "blueprint" for how it can be set up in the United States. Hmmm. Wanna buy a used one for corporate government monopoly? Then try ours! Sure, it's got some salient points. Actually, I'd say it's more of a "green print" too, but but but .... More @ SN

US Cannabiz Equity: The MCBA [Minority Cannabis Business Association] isn't taking any chances as legalization takes hold across the US. They're providing US lawmakers and regulators with a policy model. It seeks to maximize the ability of disadvantaged communities of colour to rightfully benefit in equal measure as manager, owners, employees and investors in the new, legal cannabiz sector. Whether anybody is listening is something else. But it's important work that needs to be done from the get-go. Bravo! Read @ NCV 

The Times They Are A Changing: Here's how the cannabis industry in the US has changed over the last 10 years @ MM

Cannabis in Cuba? Basically, forget it! Mucho prohibito! It's very expensive, if you can even find it. Plus if busted, you are totally fucked! On the other hand, prescription cannabinoids can go undetected in your kit bag. Sativex and Naboline have plausible deniability, are legal in many countries. Customs might not have a clue what they are. I'm not sure if the dogs can sniff the THC. Maybe the authorities will just confiscate them, like in most places where they're still illegal. But proceed at your own risk! More @ CG


Cannabis Market Crash: The Canadian Cannabis Index lost half it's value in 2018. There's still dark storm clouds on the horizon. What could go wrong in the year ahead? @ MT

Pot Wars: In all fairness, Canada's seemingly hapless LP's [Licensed Producers] are often being sent in battle with both hands tied behind their back. Until they can compete with supply, quality and pricing, the unregulated, underground cannabiz sector will continue to kick their ass @ MT

Stock Ticker: Cannabis stock promoters continue to prey on investors and operators who are not really "in the know". Beware @ NCV

Pot Polls: So far, legalization hasn't made cannabis any more popular in Canada. In fact, overall support for it is down. Blame poor marketing and the sales roll out. The RCMP reefer madness stories. Plus, I'd add the lack of a proper public educational component. In short, the stigma remains! More @ Global

Canuck National Cannabis Survey: Perhaps these first quarter results more positively reflect our changing attitudes and practices involving weed, as legalization kicks in across the country. Read them out @ 150

Hunny Pot: Come April 1st, 6 months after legalization, and Toronto finally has one ... count em' -one .... legal cannabis shop! It's a pricey Apple Store type set up, with personal shopping assistants and all the other fancy bells and whistles. The owner Hunny Gawri; a non toker, remains confident that the government can keep him in business with enough legal boo. But once the novelty wears off, can the Hunny Pot really even begin to compete with our all ready flourishing, much cheaper priced, unlicensed, underground market? The countless other experienced, heritage, dispensary owners, waiting patiently in the wings? Check Gawri's Hunny Pot out @  TL @ Vice @ BBM @ BBM Lotsa pix @ WL

It's blood money, Hunny!

Ganjika Rat: Desperate pot dealers, long left out of the government legalization model, are undercutting prices by selling to folks lined up for hours, outside Brampton's sole legal pot shop. The owner declares war. Calls for police arrests. Sad. The fight against the government monopoly begins @ BG

A "Not So Meri" Pot Shop Trip: It's official! I've visited my first legal cannabis dispensary! The new Ameri Hemisphere shop in Yorkville, Toronto! In all fairness, the staff tried to be nice about it all. But it was very, very awkward for this old pot head, at best .... Had to show them my photo id! Warning! Danger! Danger! A grey haired, med pot patient! A senior citizen! ... For crying out loud -I got the security look over! Not once but twice! From head to toe! No ... nothing up my leg .... for you to see .... Anyway, I browsed the glass encased weed samples. Passed on the $15 a gram buds! And the $150 CBD spray! For shame! What a ripoff! Remember -prices don't include taxes! Left empty handed .... Definitely, not 4 me!

Tokyo Smoke: Toronto's 4th, trendy, licensed pot shop opens in HMV's old Yonge and Dundas flagship, record store. Again, security ridiculously demands photo i.d as proof of age. Even from seniors. Who've obviously been around for many years. Toking looooong before they were born. Sad. Sad. Sad. Once inside, personal shopping assistants doggedly follow you around. Well versed. Pleasant. Just carrying out their duties. Trying to be helpful. While making sure you don't touch anything. Or are left unsupervised. Very awkward. There's a good selection of strains. Many not in stock. In super uptight, hands off displays. They handle the pipes, bongs, and vaporizers too. Everything outrageously overpriced. Was very weird. Underwhelming. Like trying to put a welcome on what must be, at best, a very difficult situation for all concerned. I leave empty handed, quite content to stick to the much better underground market. This is for the dazed newbie only, with lots of cash to blow! More @ TStar

A Shopping Trip ...

Meanwhile Back At The Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve: There's dozen's of excellent First Nation pot shops outside Belleville, Ontario. They're on Mohawk treaty land in Shannonville, Marysville and the outskirts of Desoronto, just south of Highway 401, near the US border! Shop around! There's no sales or excise tax. You'll find ounce's costing under $200 [Cdn] for many strains!

The competition is fierce. Prices vary. There's lotsa great bargains, free samples, and swag. Buyer reward cards too. You can usually touch and smell the buds. Plus seniors won't be asked for an age of majority card. Unlike in our Canadian government licensed dispensaries! 

In short, the Tyendinaga pot shops are everything the legal one's aren't. Truly, they're a good old fashioned example of free enterprise at it's very best! An excellent example of how it's done right!

This spring brings lots of clones going for as cheap as $15 as planting season kicks in! Bongs, pipes and vaporizers are real cheap too. Many shops feature a respectable, entry level, outdoor grow, bargain priced for a $100 an oz or less. The buds and shatter selection are quite excellent, with plenty in stock. CBD's are also in ready supply. No shortages here! Seek and ye shall find!

Some personal favourites: Check out Mohawk Medibles mix and match candy bins. $3 each for the 25 mg sweets! Rest up on the couch under the black light posters, in Herbal Healing Best Buds roadside trailer, sampling some dabs. I really like the Catatonic and Bruce Banner at $40 or 2 for $70 myself. 

The Legacy 420 superstore will now test your grow for you! Plus it's got an excellent selection of bud, as does Fiddler's GreenSmoke on The Water, Forever Green, Peacemaker, Better Bud and the Cannabis Farmer's Market, to name but a few. Or drop by The North End Dispensary, The Pot Shop or Big Green's! Never know what you'll find! Lots and lots of pot head fun! [Weedmaps]

The OPP are laying low. The local First Nation economy booming. Bet the Mohawk's aren't going to put up with any guff, if big putz Doug Ford comes a' calling either ..... 

Hey! Tired of shopping for overpriced weed in a crappy, uptight, Canadian government, pot shop? Try your local friendly First Nation reserve instead!

Oh Man! Men still hold 93% of the cannabis boardroom seats in Canada. That's only up 2% from last year! Considering the leading role of women activists and entrepreneurs in Canada's underground legalization movement, that hardly seems equitable, nor fair @ MJB

LGBTQ MIA: The queer community's annual, global, purchasing power is projected at $5.4 trillion. That's lotsa big bucks! Yet they're mostly being ignored by cannabis marketers. And still finding themselves on the outside looking in, within the corporate cannabis workplace too! More on the LGBTQ and cannabis below, and @ Leaf

Canopy Growth Grows: They've hooked up with one of our lucky Ford Pot Lottery winners. Now HMV music's former flagship store on the downtown Yonge strip is reopening as a Tokyo Smoke cannabis dispensary. Whoda guessed? All those years ago? When we use to go shopping there for CD's, and DVD's? Then, had to step back out into the Toronto night, looking for a lil' boo to go with the movies and tunes .... @ TStar

A Cheap Beginner Health Fix: Here are the top CBD products you can legally buy for under $50! Some are even listed on Amazon and/or are available for shipping to Canada @ CSH


A Mental Case: A recent UK/ Euro study suggests that cannabis puts us at risk of mental psychosis. That's always possible, if one is already so predisposed, of course. However, as NORML stresses, the research lacks any scientific proof of a direct causal relationship between cannabis and mental disorder. It's strictly based upon observational data. That's suspect at best. Other variables could also be responsible and at play. For example, did those tested also drink? Use any other drugs or intoxicants? Without proper, objective research, such alarming and unsubstantiated reefer madness claims are suspect and misleading at best @ NORML

Smoking Tobacco Vs Pot: No, relatively speaking, they aren't the same. Pot isn't harm free, but studies suggest it'll cause coughs not cancer. Rolling blunts with a tobacco wrapper might lead to smoking cigarettes too. More @ GH

Chemical Reactions: On why a little THC helps make your CBD's work better! Even though you don't want to get high! @ Leafly

Oil's Well? Vaping cannabis oil is pretty kool. I much prefer it indoors during our long cold Canadian winters. However, it might have some health risks. Now that cannabis is being legalized, proper testing and research can begin in earnest. New research is seeking alternatives to the possibly harmful substances including thinning liquids commonly used in making it @ Leafly

April is World Autism Awareness Month!

Autism -High Hopes: Can cannabis help children and adults with autism? The verdict's still out. However, studies suggest that it might reduce violent outbursts and improve other challenging behaviours and symptoms, for those on the spectrum. Now, that it's being declassified as a Schedule 1 drug in many places, more in-depth research can seriously begin. Israeli researchers for one, aren't wasting any time racing headlong into the study. There are high hopes that our lowly weed could prove be a healthy, natural alternative to the much, more harmful chemical drugs currently being prescribed. Here's a quick survey of the recent literature on autism and cannabis @ RS @ CP @ ToI

Ummm ... it's not! 

LGBTQ Weed: Cannabis activism has long been a proud, risky part of the LGBTQ communities historical struggle. Now, as it's legalized, they are being ignored, shut out and marginalized again @ WBlade

Trans Sex + Weed: How cannabis helps trans gender men in particular; sexually, health wise and with many life issues. Includes an interview with legendary performer/ director LGBTQ human right activist Buck AngelLeafly


Ontario Pot Place: Our local Hotbox Cafe is partnering up with the Toronto Craft Beer Fest. They're opening Canada's first legal "Potio", where you can toke weed. It's a test run of sorts, at Ontario Place from June 21 to 23rd. Two daze eh?  Well, it's a start. Otherwise, there are still no legal licensed facilities anywhere in Canada's most populated province @ BlogTO

Dankmasta P's Nugswap continues in Toronto on the 3rd Saturday of each month. It's an interesting alternative to the government's corporate weed agenda. Swap and grow your own @ HERE!

Toronto Toke Tours: Toking tours? Limos? VIP services? Yoga, massage, and cooking classes? All this and more! Say "High" to Toronto on your next "trip". Now we are legal! Check out all the trez kool Toronto pot tourism options @ TTT

High AF Sex
: Hey Ladies! A new study shows that a toke before sex makes for a great vaginal orgasm! Yep! Up to 2.10% times better! Whoa!! So grab yer favourite bud! Double your pleasure! Double your fun! With the big "O" @ Vice

Lotsa High AF Sex: Tabitha Fritz's recent social media survey of sex and weed  in the bedroom [or wherever ....] is also a very interesting and enlightening read. Includes a special section on topicals. Surveys guys, gals and the LGBTQ too @ imgur

It's Only Rock + Roll [But We Need It!]: For the straight goods on the Rolling Stone's Mick n' Keif, read Oh Cannabis' alter ego -Teacher Free Speech Spring 2019 New y ViewsHere!

Cypress Hill Live at Vancouver 420: Nothing more need be said! Watch @ Youtube! @ More!

Cypress 420: Having a lovely time! Wish We Were Here!

Spring Weed Break: Winter's over! There's a thaw in the air. Many tokers are starting  to kick back a bit. Want to relax, but still need a little energy to get us through to the summer holidaze. Which strains work best? Consider Chocolate Fondue, Ultra Sour, Go, Super Silver Haze. More @ Leafly

Getting High In An Ontario Provincial Park: With summer on it's way, many of us need to know! Where exactly can we/ can't we toke on our next outdoor/ camping trip? In Ontario's, truly, excellent, provincial parks? Yup! You can toke at your campsite. Otherwise? The rules are the same as for tobacco. Be mindful of others and the environment. More @ CBC

RIP Cannabis Activist Tracy Curley [1973-2019]: Our pioneering, homegrown "Weed Woman", "Hashmob" and Women Grow's diabetic and medical pot advocate [Whew!] bows out early in Year One of legalization. Will be well remembered for her ardent contribution to the good fight. Hey! Tracy helped push us over the top! Hi! High! Good bye! Sigh! Alas! @ 12 @ GStraight @ Now

All A' Twitter: Please note -I often tweet lots and lots more news and stoner links for your information and entertainment. Follow me @ @davidchiarelli


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