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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Oh Cannabis: Ontario PC Doug Ford?

I make a very unlikely Ontario Progressive Conservative Party [PC] supporter. It's one of life's little ironies, I suppose. I have my "Oh Cannabis" media I.D. hanging around my neck. Also, a very important task: To learn more about new Opposition Party Leader and possible Provincial Premier Doug Ford's plans for the sales and distribution of cannabis in our province.

Like him or not -kudos to Doug Ford! Cannabis will be legalized this summer. That's already in the works, come what may. Meanwhile, with a provincial election looming come June 7th, the PC cannabis Blue Meanies have a commanding 50%+ lead in the polls! So what does Doug do?

Suddenly, out the blue, Doug Ford has promised if elected, to take a good, old fashioned, free market approach towards legal cannabis! How? By handing the task over to Ontario's already flourishing private sector cannabiz industry! 

Fortunately, for we progressives, PC Doug's actually gone and introduced a much needed legalization debate into our spring election proceedings! With voting less than 100 days away! Offering us a quite possible, free market alternative to the Wynne Neo Liberals! Their nefarious corporate legalization monopoly plans! 

No doubt, Doug's caught the provincial NDP napping! MIA! What more can one say? Seemingly they're still in a deep political slumber, nowhere to be see! 

The GOP in the US should take note! Canuck PC Leader Doug Ford knows! Legalization is both a good political and business move! Legal weed is a very excellent source of much needed tax dollars to help balance the budget! 

Plus Private  sector cannabis just makes great business sense! Why reinvent the wheel at great public expense, when there is already a perfectly functional cannabis free market? Already in place?

Should make perfect sense from a fiscal conservative perspective, no?

Ontario's underground cannabiz activist-entrepreneurs have realized that for years! It's grass root free enterprise, in it's most basic and purest form. 

Despite decades of Reefer Madness propaganda, lies and bullshit, cannabis is now widely known to be very safe. Much, much moreso than tobacco or booze. 

It's enjoyed by lots of folks of every race, age and persuasion. It employs a whole lot of everyday entrepreneurs of most every political stripe. 

We all have a great deal in common, across our fair province, in having our next government finally getting legalization right, for once and for all! 

Legalization should never have become just another big Corporate Neo Liberal cash grab! But unfortunately, up until now, the Ontario PC party hasn't shown any inclination whatsoever, towards championing free market cannabis, in the so called legalization debate. 

Aside from Doug, and maverick MPP Randy Hillier, the Ontario PC's have been blind that, quite simply put, from a fiscal conservative perspective too, free market weed just makes a whole lot of good, old fashioned dollars and sense!

Of course, Doug's Conservative Epiphany of sorts on free market weed all sounds pretty fine and dandy! Still, can he actually turn the party position around, with the provincial election less than 100 days away? 

The clock is ticking! Where are the details? Just what exactly does he plan to do?  

For example: 

Would a Ford PC government completely scrap the Liberal government monopoly stores? Mail order sales? Before they open this summer? Afterwards? Or keep them both in place too? 

What's are the rules and regulations? For a start up? To register a business? 

Moreover -a free Market? For Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

On and on it goes!

So here I am at Doug Ford's March 19th PC Unity Rally! To determine whether our Ontario PC Premier is actually just an emperor with no clothes! When it comes to even the most basic details about his seductive new plan for free market weed?

I dutifully register at the Toronto Congress Centre, as your "Oh Cannabis" reporter, over at the media table. Gingerly wade my way through a huge crowd of perhaps 2,000 of the Conservative Party faithful! 

I count two tables of caucus members, their families and friends. Many PC election candidates are out in full force, along with their riding association and election campaign members. There's lots of party operatives and officials. Also, many everyday "just plain folk" voters. 

It's a fairly diverse crowd of all ages. Demonstratively, very fed up with the corrupt and wasteful Wynne government. Desperately, in search of a viable alternative.

I am belly up, stage centre, in front of the podium, as Doug arrives with much fanfare. He's flanked by three former leadership opponents, all now seemingly united behind the new Ontario PC leader; Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney, and Tanya Granic Allen. 

Pat Brown? Conspicuous by his absence. 

Much hugs, back patting, sign waving and crowd cheers follow, but interestingly it is Doug alone who speaks.

Alas! Free enterprise weed isn't on the agenda tonight. Nor are any actual platform details whatsoever. 

Hmmmm. The PC's did have an election platform up, until a few weeks ago. Remember Pat Brown's "The Peoples Promise"? 

Alas! Kaput! All that much touted consultation and long, hard party work is now completely missing in action. The PC election platform sent packing too! 

Instead, Doug Ford has arisen from municipal ignominy and defeat. The controversial Ford Nation Toronto Phoenix of sorts, is now stepping up, last minute, as the newly minted PC leader! Reinventing the party on the fly as the election clock relentlessly ticks away!

Can he save the day? Still nail down the PC's huge polling numbers with a majority government? While now also including lefty potheads under the big Ford Nation tent too?

I stare into Doug's sweaty face from a mere few feet away as he speaks. His eyes dart about nervously but he's very deliberate. Focused. Stays on script. 

Tonight's unity speech is a full frontal attack on Premier Kathleen Wynne. A call to arms! Doug makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he's out to get her.

Still, with less than a hundred days until the provincial election, Doug's Unity Rally speech is totally devoid of any election specifics. Only that we are being offered up Doug, as Kathleen's "worst nightmare".

It's a theme that resonates well with the party faithful gathered at the Toronto Congress Centre. But let me be frank. Or David. As a native Torontonian, I have lived next door to Ford Nation for most of my adult life. Have experienced first hand the Brother Ford's rocky tenure at Toronto City Hall. 

Long time readers of my blog site will know that I have been no fan of Rob or Doug! 

IMHO, the Fords have been a very toxic, divisive political force, a neo con wrecking ball of sorts, not conductive to good order and government. Plus with Rob and Doug, the devil is always in the details!

I'm certainly not an Ontario PC supporter either, especially their neo conservative thrust. Then again, as a retired teacher, I watched the provincial Liberals compromise our once proud unions and destroy the collective bargaining process, once and for all, far more effectively than the Harris Conservatives ever did. 

Recall that it also was our supposed "labour party", the provincial NDP, whom so unceremoniously goosed the so called "social contract" down our union leaders' slippery throats. 

Most progressives have our own Ontario political horror stories and pet peeves! With all our parties! On any number of fronts! 

Over the last thirty years, time and again, we've been asked to choose between successive turn coat Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum governments of all three party stripes!

Neo Cons? Neo Libs? Or NDP Socialist's - Not Socialist's? No matter! 

We've constantly seen our hopes and dreams dashed, on the corporate altar of government austerity, thanks to a whole lot of Oligarchical Rigging 101!

And so, it's provincial election time again? In all fairness, I very much appreciate and will remain open, to Doug Ford weighing in on our provincial legalization debate, from a free market perspective. 

Our long suffering cannabiz growers, producers, sellers, dispensaries, bud workers and activist entrepreneurs? They should profit from the long struggle for legalization. Not the government bully boys and their greedy corporate buddies, now so eager to cash in on their grief. 

Clearly we need to make a wise and informed choice on June 7th. To do so, we will need to know a helluva lot more about Doug's actual plans! 

Truly, between now and election day, it's very necessary for each of us to grill all three parties on free market verses monopoly weed. There are just so many pressing legalization questions that need to be asked. 

Here in west Toronto where I live, the early bird candidates are already knocking on our doors. Ha! Truly, this opportunity has been a very, long time coming. 

Think about it: Doug Ford has helped finally dragged legalization into the election limelight. An alternative to the Wynne government's corporate weed monopoly is actually on the table! Maybe we will really see some real change? 

Doug finishes up onstage, the consummate politician. Stares me in the eye. Gives me a high 5. Then moves on, working the excited crowd, now bubbling over, cheering, clapping, reaching out, shaking hands, taking selfies, bathing in Doug's all encompassing glow. 

Doug's on home turf tonight. He's surrounded by an adoring Ford Nation crowd. But it'll be all up or downhill from here, in the short election daze ahead.

To the right hand side of the stage, former Social Conservative leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen is holding court. She's surrounded by bright camera lights. A gaggle of reporters. A big, excited, adoring crowd of the Ontario PC Tea Party style faithful. 

I waste little time. Leap in among the battery of questions about "party unity". To ask if she supports Doug's position on legalized weed. 

Doug's the leader. He'll make the policies. The now united party will support him. But in fact, Tanya won't commit. See @ WATCH VIDEO!

Tanya's clearly not impressed, nor ready, willing or able for that matter to answer my question. 

That in and of itself says a lot! Are Doug Ford's PC "Party Unity" claims, like his free market weed ones, little more than a glittering generality? 

Moreover, what of the PC's large continent of Social Conservatives and other old school Reefer Madness conservatives? Will they also be on board with Doug Ford's cannabis policies too? 

When it comes to choosing Ontario's next provincial government, we hardly want to end up with another pig in a poke. However, if we ask enough questions repeatedly, all three parties will know cannabis is an important issue. They will suddenly need to pay attention to us too, come June 7th. 

Plus if it's a tight race, with all three parties feeling the pressure, we might just squeeze a compromise or two out of them each. 

Think about it! It's not much. But it's a whole lot more than we are getting now! 

Imagine! After June 7th, Ontario could have a free market weed market! Instead of the Neo Lib Wynne government's dreadful, government controlled, cannabis monopoly! 

So let's start asking questions! Let's work for real change! Let's help grow our Ontario Cannabis Community together! 


David C

PS: Please: If you get some interesting responses when questioning any of the election parties and/or candidates, please feel free to share them here with us, in the "Comment'" sections below!


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Oh Cannabis: Toke of The Town!

[Hey You: High 5 Pot of Gold Pop Market Reviews Coming!!!]

Winter finds me mostly indoors at home in Toronto. It's a sharp contrast to the long summer daze I usually spend outdoors at the lake. Still, it's a good time to complete my big household chores. Also, weather permitting, to enjoy the local, indoor GTA [Greater Toronto Area] cannabis scene. 

I'm thinking of including "Toke of the Town" in my Oh Cannabis News y Views blog. Or maybe it will be a separate stand alone green marketing feature. Dunno. I'll decide later, but in the meantime, here are some entertaining local, medical, cannabiz links, that have recently crossed my scanner. May they also help warm and cheer up your long, cold, Canadian winter nights:

High 5 to the Rescue: Toronto medical cannabis and recreational users alike can breath a big, huge sigh of relief! Despite last month's Toronto Green Market's demise, the popular monthly pop up edible markets are definitely back, under the organizational auspices of entertainment and promo group the High 5! More @ CBC

February Valentine's Day Love Market: Many, if not all of the same sellers and producers were there, among my faves; Fritz's, Sofa King, Bakery Shop, Buudabomb, Cannabiscotti, Matty's Patties, Rasta Pharoah, Canna and Sea of Green to name but a few!

High Canada's Janine Rocks the Market!

The selection of medibles was excellent! There were lots of free samples! Plenty of good deals! The latest location? A very kool, downtown, side door Queen St. W. and Spadina warehouse/ gallery location in Soho! Much fun! 

More of my favourite market product reviews below! Plus follow the High 5 @ Facebook and @ Facebook Love Market details @ EB

High Societies Weedy Wednesdays present THC infused culinary delights with a Trinidadian Canuck stoner flare. Yummy top marks for Chef Reena's soup, salad, shrimp, wings, and vegan Trinidad Doubles with Bara bread! Very nice desert menu too! Non infused options are also available for hungry drivers of GTA'ers headed to this weekly, very kool and groovy Hamilton dinner event. 

Expect good company and conversation. Our fellow dinner guests included other cannabis activists, patients, entrepreneurs and other assorted enthusiasts! Plenty of joints, dabs and spicy sauces are served throughout the evening. 

High Society infused dining is a very worthy, medible cannabis experience that will without doubt will become VERY popular in the daze ahead. I will write a proper review but am going to be busy for the next few daze. Meantime -make a reservation for "Weedy Wednesday" now! It's getting pretty busy! Catering options are also available! More info @ Instagram

My Weedy Wednesday: High Society Supper Club review is @ HERE!

Matty's Patties: Our Love Market regulars nail down the fast food Jamaican patty with this 120 mg THC medible classic! They pack quite the wallop! Lotsa flavour; mild or spicy beef and buttered chicken are available. Nice n' flaky crust -never too crumbly! Nor does Matty scrimp with the meat! 

Matty's serves up a perfect patty, whatever way you cut it. Come in halves and wholes. Matty's even got a straight ["Virgin"] patty too. Yummy hummus, veggies and orange sides are free! 

Hmmm. Could make for a very popular pop up street stand in the Toronto summer holidaze to come! Trez kool @ Facebook

Rasta Pharoah: The Pharoah's top notch cannabis extracts were once again a big, favourite at this month's Medible Love Market [See Above]. The unflavoured Cannabis E-Juice [900 msg per 15 ml] provide plenty of discreet, naturally flavoured vape pen refills at a big savings. The handy stopper simplifies the refill process, -much easier and cleaner than making your own DIY E-Juice, although that's increasingly a personal option I like a lot too! The Pharoah's E-Juice provides a fairly mild hit, but a very pleasant one. It's very kool and laid back to puff on all day, for whatever ails. Grade it = A+. Link @ Rasta Pharaoh

Soak In The Sudz: Howzabout trying a leisurely, trippy THC infused cannabis bath to relax dem ol' weary muscles and worn nerves on a bone chilling dead o' winter morning? Night?! Whenever?!? 

Rasta Pharoah's Cannabreeze [AM] and Cannalove [PM] Bath and Soak crystals include 275mg of THC per 400mg pack. Only epson salts and natural oils are used, very nice especially if like me you are allergic or otherwise adverse to any and all nasty, chemically manufactured, commercial scents. Blech! Canna's bath crystals are easy to dispense from the clear see thru zip lock bag. 

Or how about a 100 mg THC Canna Bath Bomb instead? Canna's colourful, infused, bath bombs literally explode in yer tub with a flowery, natural essence, turning the bathwater turquoise as you gently soak in a sea of suds. Crack open the cellophane. Drop the Bath bomb under the facet. Off we go ... but how far?

Big Question: Can You Get High??? You don't ingest the bath water, of course. Still it definitely does leave me feeling very warm and relaxed all over. Goes very nice with a good book, a vape, and a long, dreamy soak on a cold, blistery winter day. Definitely earns more top marks in my books! Link @ Rasta Pharaoh

Buuuda Boom!

Buudabomb Edibles come in 10 Teddy 100 mil THC gummy bear packs with a home delivery offer. What would you like? A "little kick" or "travel in space"? Check out the handy dosage chart. Salty. Sweet. Very fresh. Nicely packed. More @ BDB

Buudabomb -Use the Code!

M.A.D. Medibles: Here's a personal favourite! Mostly I find these trez, kool, edible gummy bears far out up Northern Ontario way. Othertimes they'll amble into the Toronto Green Market. Or sometimes show up online on Weedmaps too. 

Consistently very tasty, and fruit flavoured, salty and/or sweet, these rocking lil' Teddy's pack a very flavourable, scrumptious, playful bite! Still, they can get messy! Don't carry them around in your pocket too long! But don't worry .... you won't!

I scored a fresh batch of two 50/50 mg packs on my visit to Sudbury last weekend. Gobbled them all up over 2 or 3 daze! Perfectly yummy fun! Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for these friskly, lil', high time, party bears! 

Sofa King Bakery Cosmic Pretzels: Tasty, and bite sized, these are just plain, darn good pretzels, cosmic or otherwise! Very fresh too! I find them perfect for watching TV on the couch during our seemingly endless, Canadian, winter nights. With 100 mg THC and 36 mg CBD distillates per pack, these "Cosmic Pretzels" will surely launch you into orbit. Takes about 20-40 minutes. Or you can just nibble all night, to stretch out your TV night high! Nice touch -Expiry dates are included!

Sofa King's Honey Roasted Peanut Butter [THC=200/ CBD=70 ml per 125 ml distillate jar] and hand picked Strawberry Fields Forever [same] natural jams are also sure to chase this winter's Blue Meanies away. What a sandwich!!! 

Note well: Sofa King is a regular on the local medible market circuit and home delivers in the GTA; infused cereal bars, cookies, brownies, rice crisps, chocolates, capsules and more @ SK


Toronto Green Market: Heard it through the weed patch that the High 5 will be continuing these medible events under another nom de plum. Stay tuned ...

Sea of Green: Talked to Jamie at the Love Market on Sunday! The dispensaries new Dundas St. West digs continue to serve all customers 19 plus, just like when he worked with Marc Emery at both of Cannabis Culture's Church Street shops. Jamies considering expanding operations into Saskatchewan and BC with legalization. Maybe branching out into a vapor lounge too. "Oh Cannabis" will be off to review his new Sea of Green location very soon, weather permitting .... I'm not a big fan of the great outdoors, up this way, this time of year .... but stay tuned!


I'm going to be out and about Toronto doing some more reviews. I DON'T make any money off this medical cannabis advocacy blogsite, nor do I sell anything myself. If you have a cannabiz location, product or event, you'd like me to review, kindly email me @


Remember, you can also comment below-

Friday, 16 February 2018

Oh Cannabis Winter 2018 News Y Views 2

Read "Oh Cannabis News Y View" @ Winter 1 @ Fall 2 Fall1 Summer @ May-June @ Spring 2 @ Spring 1 @ Jan-Feb @ December Twitter Feed @ Twitter!


Justice Delayed: Our unelected senate pushes back a final vote on Canada's legalization bill until June 7th, to provide an extra 3 days for debate. Any amendments could possibly be sent back to the House of Commons, creating further delays. If not, Royal Assent will follow quickly afterwards. However, don't expect any legal pot to go on sale for another 2 or 3 months until late summer, if you don't mind our Conservative senators, trampling all over your basic civil rights, especially as a medical cannabis patients ..... Eh? Say wot?!? It's readily for sale everywhere, anyways. Gee! Why aren't we surprised?!? More @ Star and Globe

Trudeau Legalization Follies: Recent estimates are that 60-70% of Canada's recreational market will remain underground after legalization! There are currently 66 dispensaries and 219 weed delivery systems listed on Weed Maps throughout the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] alone! That's despite TPS [Toronto Police Services] Projects Claudia and Gator busts. Also Premier Wynne's threat of a huger impending crackdown before the province's Cannabis Act becomes law in July. Here's a quick reality fix on the street credibility of Justin's weed monopoly follies, with special insights from Toronto "Hotbox" cannabis activist /entrepreneur Abi Roach @ CBC

Where There's Smoke There's Fire: Further estimates are that on average, weed is selling for as little as $7 gram across Canada. Plus, we know It's not uncommon to even score a very decent oz of street kush in Toronto, our largest city, for $150 [Cdn]. So far the proposed government retail price point for legal weed seems to be about $10 plus tax. Ha! Watch government retail plans come off rails, if plenty of cheap, good underground weed continues to flood the streets come legalization this July, August, September, whatever. Of course, Trudeau and many of the Premiers will continue to blame that on organized crime. Desperately continue to try to shut out our long thriving and entrenched indie market and existing dispensary/ home delivery cannabiz industry! All for their nefarious, big, bad, corporate monopoly weed buddies @ CBC

Canuck Price Per Gram: Statistics Canada's new Cannabis Stats Hub presents all the latest findings on cannabis consumption in Canada. Their cross country price per gram survey is determined by surveying anonymous online sites and and our LP [Licensed Producers]. It's a start ..... You'll find more on Stats Can Cannabis Hub under "Higher Learning" below. Also @ StatsCan

LP Pot Shops: Meanwhile, Canada's government licensed producers are left desperately scrambling to reinvent the wheel. Somehow squeeze out our indie pros who've been successfully setting up and running retail outlets for years. Some provinces will allow dispensaries, government run and/or private, others not. Some are slowly warming up to idea, but will it be too little in the daze ahead?!? @ NP

Shopify will be the Ontario government's sole online provider as a part of it's strict monopoly on the sale and distribution of legal weed. Hope they have better sales and service than Tweed @ CBC

Shoppers Drug Mart: The cross Canada pharmacy chain inks a supply deal for medical cannabis with government licensed producer Aurora Cannabis. They've also recently signed deals with Aphria, MedReleaf and Tilray @ Globe

Canuck Stock Ticker: Canada's hazy stock market movers and shakers in weed might be about to go up in smoke if the TSEX business speculation bubble goes bust. Heh heh, er .... @ Now! More @ Grizzle

Open Letter To Premier Wynne: Cannabis Activist/ Entrepreneur Abi Roach makes the case for average Ontarians who just want have a safe place to go socialize and toke come legalization. So far, the province is against it! @ Skunk and @ Leafly

Places of Use Regulations Under The Cannabis Act 2017: Read the Ontario government's highly restrictive proposals for where you will be allowed to legally vape and toke. There's a link to the "feedback" form too, due March 5th @ ON

Ministry of Attorney General: Seems there's a big conflict between Ontario's Cannabis and our Smoke Free Ontario Act! Rather late in the legalization game, the Wynne government is finally surveying we poor plebs on whether cannabis lounges should be allowed or not! Also on whether we should be able to smoke pot in hotel rooms, apartments, workplace and public outdoor places! They want you to write them an essay of sorts online, and it's due March 5th, with implementation expected this summer. Not exactly a realistic timeframe to sort through all that information! Almost sounds to me like they've all ready made up their minds about whatever they are going to do and are now just further wasting our fucking time! Then again, it's hard to resist these challenges, when there's so much to say. Can't hurt! There's always strength in numbers, very real even when ignored. More @ OC

OPSEU: As President "Smokey" Thomas is proud to point out, the Ontario Public Service Employee Union is covering up to $3000 of the cost of medical cannabis for it's staff. Recognizing the medical value of cannabis as an effective treatment for many ailments, they want to "keep up with the times". Here's to setting a good workplace example @ OPSEU

Sunlife Insurance: It's a significant industry shift! Also a strong sign of the growing public acceptance of medical pot. Cannabis is now being added as an option to Sunlife's group benefit plans, for pain management, cancer, sclerosis, arthritis, and palliative care treatment @ FP

Bad Police Trip: TPS suspends two police officers who allegedly consumed the medibles seized in a raid on the Toronto Community Cannabis Clinic dispensary. Seems the officers then began to hallucinate. Needed to call for help ... Dunno. I've consumed 500 mgs plus and never actually hallucinated .... no, I don't think so .... tho I suppose have a pretty high tolerance level as a long time, vintage med pot user. But hey! Weren't those medibles court evidence?!? Confiscated and then consumed in a police bust?!? Who's being served and protected here? WhewCBC

First Nation Rising: Canadian Indigenous FSIN [Federation Sovereign Indigenous Nations] are feeling left out of the legalization process in Saskatchewan. They're royally pissed that they weren't even included in the governmental process to decide how and where pot can be sold in the province. Our First Nations do not believe that Canada's new cannabis laws necessarily apply on Treaty lands! What next?Global

Hamilton High: A tip o' the wise thinking cap to Mayor Fred Eisenberger. Turns out he's a farm shareholder of sorts in a "growing field", tho he won't say where. I hear through the pot patch that at least one councillor is also wisely keeping an open mind to the long term prospects of pot tourism a la B+B's, and fine errr .... high society dining, just as long as it's kept low under the radar for now. Wow! Watch for Hamilton to become one hopping lil' city in the daze ahead @ CBC


CPAC Pot Rodeo: It was high noon at the not-so-ok GOP coral as retired, rogue "cowboy cop" Howard Wooldridge arrived to stir up conservative support for legalizing pot. He refreshingly argued his case on the conservative principles of personal freedom, responsibility and limited government for the party faithful. 

Bravo. One can even really respect Howard, even as a principled hard core leftie. Legalization is all about personal responsibility and freedom. It's very much a question of civil rights! It's also just plain, old fashioned grassroot, free enterprise -that's the underground, cannabiz industry in it's purest form, regardless of ones political stripe! 

Up here in Canada, Marc Emery like Rand Paul both get that. But ironically, not our own, wider, homegrown, conservative movement, provincially or federally, like in the US. Too bad, there could be a lot of common ground to build on here, in these otherwise so sadly, unprincipled times @ WR

US Drug War Is The New Jim Crow! The ACLU [American Civil Liberty Union] provides us with a primer explaining how prohibition is a violation of one's most basic rights. They also highlight it's racist origins @ ACLU

Free Trade Weed?

CannaMexico World Summit: Former Mexican president Vicente Fox hosts May 30-31st!  Too bad about NAFTA but ... but... but ... howzabout a trez kool 3 way US-Canada-Mexico cannabis free trade deal instead?!? Yessireee! We'll all be feeling lifted upwards and onwards from there. Here's Fox's plan @ BZ

Dollar$ and $en$e: US treasury department officials are finally questioning whether or not it might be better to ease restrictions on cannabiz banking accounts and receipts. It's better and safer than running a "cash only" biz for pot growers, producers, and retailers alike.  Oh! And it's also a better way to collect taxes. Duh! Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced @ Forbes

Refusal of Compliance: Massachusetts might become a "sanctuary state" when it comes to legalization. Voters have signalled that they want a "sensible drug policy" and "end to prohibition". Now, along comes Federal AG Jeff Session's War on Drugs! What to do?!? Seems local state authorities might just not be simply cooperating with their fed counterparts when it comes to weed @ PS

Scouts Honor: A very resourceful Girl Scout sells 300 boxes of "Girl Guide Cookies" in 6 hours outside the Urban Leaf dispensary in California scoring $1,500. Girl Scouts in California, unlike Colorado, consider a dispensary to be the same as any other store. Alas. those darn Girl Scouts could sure create quite a shit storm up here in Canada tossing their cookies into the legal quagmire of Trudeau's Prohibition 2.0 legalization mix. More @ Root


Cookin' With Chef Reena: High Society Supper Club Chef Reena Rampersaad discusses the importance of "microdosing", when figuring how much medibles we'll consume @ CBC  BTW, also read my High Society dinner review @ BLOG

Grass Brownies and Beer: Infused food and drink are all the underground rage! Supposedly, they'll be legalized in Canada during 2019 but ....ummmm .... aaaaaah .... we're kinda hungry and thirsty now, eh! Plus medibles are a very kool, healthy and effective way to enjoy your weed .... unless you're a Toronto police officer! Ummm .... never mind! Or see above! More @ CBC

How To Open Your Own Vapor Lounge: Howdy partner! Got what it takes? Includes helpful tips from Cannabis Culture 5 activist/ entrepreneur Chris Goodwin @ VL


Stats Can's High Stat Hub: Yup! The good folks at Statistics Canada have finally set up a site to collect and disseminate info on weed consumption in our country. There's links to "Health", "Justice", "Economy" and "Pricing". Also an online "Question of the Month" survey for your to fill out, straight or stoned @ StatsCan

What Did You Pay? Let's all help out poor old Stats Can with the price of weed! So far, they are limited to LP data and whatever else they glean online visiting various,  different sites @ StatsCan

Leading The Way: Meet pioneering Green Market Toronto Cannabis Activist/ Entrepreneur Lisa Campbell! Backgrounder @ Blyss

More On Why We Need Vapor Lounges: Ontario's lounge scene managed to dodge the Bill-178 bullet last year. The lounges have been granted a temporarily allowing folks, ostensibly med pot enthusiasts, to smoke cannabis when we go out in public, but perhaps not for much longer, not under Premier Wynne's tight ass, Prohibition 2.0, long range plans. Cannabis Activist/ Entrepreneur Abi Roach explains for the real dopes out there that our cannabis community is going to need somewhere public to go to gather, socialize, and enjoy our weed. Keep up the good work, Abi! To quote Baby Huey; Duh! @ NOW

Can cannabis cause hallucinations? The verdict's out. Maybe, if you have history of psychosis @ CBC

Cannabinoids 101: THC, CBD's, CBN's, CBG's, CBC's -all this and more! Check out the medical properties of each. Also, the ailment-treatment chart @ HL 

Shelf Life -Cannabis Oil: Store it right and you will be surprised how long it can last @ Leafly

Shelf Life -Flower/ Buds: Ditto! You've got to learn how to store it right!!! Lotsa helpful tips @ Leafly

On Driving Stoned: The verdict's out on how cannabis actually affects your driving skills. With prohibition, little serious research was ever done. Now the rush is on. Alas. The different study results can vary a lot. Consider this "meta-analysis" @ Frontier

Latest Research In Autism: Promising medical studies in Israel suggest that there might well be many advantages in using cannabis to treat autistic children @ NW

High Anxiety: A mum in New Mexico is charged with "child abuse" and "distribution to a minor" after officials discover she packed her 13 year old daughter some medibles to take to school. Sounds real bad. The article misrepresents the case as a total Reefer Madness horror show! However, read carefully! Turns out the medibles were recommended by a homeopathic doctor, to help the girl deal with anxiety issues. So, would it be better if she was just given lotsa, much, more dangerous, and addictive chemical drugs instead! Bad weed -bad, bad weed?!NYP


Pot Farmers Daughter:  Gallery Kristen Angelo is a US photographer set on documenting and destigmatizing cannabis. Her pictures show the prohibition era family pot farm where she grew up to reveal the basic, everyday humanity underlying our favourite weed. Critics claim she's very authentic and on the leading edge of a "powerful grassroots social and political movement" Whoa! Check her art out @ PFD Follow Kristen @ Facebook Learn how she's actually "fighting corporate cannabis" with her photos. Trez kool @ Herb

Pot Growing Blogs: Here's a guide to some good sites @ Note

Premier Doug Ford?!? He's back! It's Rob's supposedly smarter bro! The Ontario Neo Con CPC enabler leadership candidate with a very rich history, indeed. Ho boy! Get this -Dougie with a mullet dealing drugs as a high school jock! Then making a fortune off cheapo stickers/ decals! Now, he wants to lead the province, Trump North style! Git jiggy with the dude -goon but not forgotten @ Globe

Doug: Hash? Premier?

THC: More Is Better? Maybe. Maybe not. But recent research suggests that if you have developed high tolerance levels over time like me, the higher doses can also mean more med pot benefits. Hmmmm @ CN

Woman In Weed Power: Here's a Top 10 Cannabis list for the most interesting US women in industry, politics and political advocacy. Hmmm. Here, we've got Jodie Emery, Abi Roach, Lisa Campbell and so many more! Everywhere, it's a cause for celebration! Our sisters are arising to the cannabiz challenge, leading the way as activists and entrepreneurs! More @ WR


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!