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Friday, 17 November 2017

Oh Cannabis Fall News y Views 2

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Legalization Will Be A Legal Mess: Cannabis Activists speak out as provinces enact legislation to meet federal legalization target by July 1st 2018! 

Prohibition 2.0: Police raids continue across Canada and US as legalization movement continues to gain momentum!

Cannabis Culture 5: Back to court December 4th! Pre-trial deal pending?


Prohibition 2.0: Here we go again? The new regulatory regime in Canada is worse than the old school prohibition it seeks to remedy and replace! Moreover, our civil liberties are still at stake! Consider @ FL

Alberta's Bill-26: Hybrid Weed! The province plans to take a "hybrid" approach to selling pot, through on line sales at a government website and privately owned stores! The NDP government wants to create a "competitive" legal alternative to "destroy" the black market. The legal age is set at 18. One can carry up to 30 grams in public and grow up to 4 plants at home. Smoking and vaping are restricted like tobacco. A 90 day driving suspension is being proposed. THC limits and roadside testing continue to raise many questions and concerns. Overall, many aspects of the new bill still need to be worked out for legalization by July 1st 2018 @ Global @ Global @ CBC @ CBC

Quebec's Bill-172: Zero The Hero? Quebec's new "zero tolerance" cannabis law will unrealistically limit tokers' 18 years of age or over to only 15 government stores and state run online sales. Legal possession is set at 30 grams in transit, or 120 grams at home! No homegrown weed will be allowed for now, as a part of these "evolving laws", except for pre-licensed med pot patients. PQ opposition critics argue that the provincial Liberal government plans will actually benefit the Quebec chapter of the Hell's Angel's thriving gang run black market in the province. Also noteworthy, drivers with "any traces" of THC in their system could lose their license. However, Ottawa has yet to provide a reliable way for testing drivers, and the clock is ticking! More details @ CBCCBCMJB @ Globe .

Half Baked: Cannabis Activists Marc-Boris St-Maurice, and Jody Emery among others analyze the reefer madness mentality of Quebec's new bill. Note: Chief Gina Deer makes it clear that the Mohawk's plan to regulate the sale of indigenous weed on tribal lands @ MGazette

CC5: Live coverage/ blogs! @ Twitter!

Return Of The CC5 -Cannabis Culture 5: The upcoming December 4th hearing at the old Toronto City Hall court house could be the big one, with a possible pretrial release deal in the works! Read my blog @ BLOG! Stay tuned for more coverage as it unfolds!

Canada 2.0: 15,000 citizens from across Canada have been arrested for pot since Trudeau was elected 2 years ago on a legalization platform. Very few cases result in convictions. Still, the federal government continues to ignore NDP opposition calls for interim decriminalization until legalization is passed into law, claiming that they are busy fighting organized crime @ Lift

Wynne Loses: The Ontario Wynne government's controversial plan to ban the public consumption of cannabis, is threated by the huge proliferation of new, increasingly, popular cannabis lounges across the province @ CLN

"Chasing Rainbows" or "O Brave New World": Retired cops are getting into the weed business after having made a career of busting others for doing the same @ CTV

Cashing In: Cannabis Culture 5 activist Jodie Emery takes former controversial Toronto Police Chief and Conservative MP Julian Fantino's to task for his "hypocritical" behavior and "profiteering". With legalization pending, the former reefer madman's new job is as an executive chair of a medical marijuana company @ Global @

Overgrown: Cannabis activist Dana Larsen's trafficking charges for giving away free cannabis seeds have been stayed by a court judge in Alberta. Charges kaput @ Straight Follow Dana @ Facebook and @ Overgrow


[Not So] NORML US: US AG Jeff Session's hazy comments about weed at his latest House Judiciary Committee hearing, have resulted in a NORML campaign urging the forgetful old "Just Say No" reefer madman to puleeze just start respecting state marijuana laws in the US @ DC Participate online @ NORML

Big Swat: "Door busting raids" are leaving a horrific "trail of blood" across the US in the senseless, spiraling war on drugs. The result? Gruesome injuries, avoidable deaths and some very costly legal settlements @ NYT

Corporate Agenda: 653,249 Americans were arrested, charged and their lives thrown into turmoil, one every 45 seconds, throughout 2016 alone. Thank the beer, alcohol and big pharma corporate interests lobbying congress against legalization @ ActivistPost @ RR

Backing The Bluez: US human right activists are warning pot dealers about the new congressional "Back The Blue Act": Should the police just happen to beat you "without justification" during a bust, you can claim medical costs but nada for pain, emotional stress and suffering or punitive damages @ ActivistPost

4 Shame: 77 year old Charles White 2 die in jail 4 growing weed!

Busted: A 77 year old US cannabis farmer faces 10 years in jail, even though police broke the law to arrest him and weed is now legal in many states @ FTP

Crash Fatality Rates: Despite frequent police claims in both the US and Canada, they haven't increased in Washington or Colorado since legalization @ AJPH

Much, Much More To Come ......



Sweet Marijuana: Portuguese electrodance, reggae rapper "Mistery" provides us with a trez kool, weed, protest anthem for the new millennium, with his underground klassik @ Youtube

Police + Thieves: J. Boog's latest spin on the vintage reggae golden oldie helps put the War on Drugs in proper perspective for the new millennium @ Youtube


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Cannabis Culture 5: A Court Settlement?


The Cannabis Culture 5 were back at Toronto's old city hall courthouse November 7th. It was another, long, drawn out, tedious morning full of procedural wrangling, with the case finally being remanded until December 4th.

Here's an important takeaway: It seems the pretrial resolution discussion process is going fairly well. A feisty Marc Emery is even hopeful that a settlement can soon be reached!

To wit: Our High Prince o' Pot advises Oh Cannabis that the crown isn't seeking jail time, which he's quite willing to serve. Instead, it sounds like they are raising the Prohibition 2.0 ante, seeking a huge, much larger fine than any we have so far seen in a case resulting from the ongoing, cross Canada dispensary raids. Eternally optimistic, our PoP has high hopes that a deal might still be reached by December 4th! Marc explains @ [Videoclip]

Meanwhile, Jody Emery expressed her dismay over the awful, supply shortages Canada's medical cannabis users still face prior to legalization in Spring 2018. Cannabis Culture, like our other, indie, craft weed dispensaries, was already up and running to meet our unfilled prescription needs, with a wide variety of otherwise still available products and strains. Ironically, as the police raids continue full thrust, Canada's much touted, corporate, licensed producers still won't be able to adequately meet  Canada's medical cannabis needs, let alone the new legal recreational demand, come this spring! Jodie speaks @ [Videoclip]

The CC5's Erin Goodwin tells Oh Cannabis that she's of course enthusiastic to wrap up the case asap. However, as Erin points out, it was only through active civil disobedience over the years that Canada's prohibition laws have been changed. One doubts the good fight to safeguard our basic civil rights will be over on December 4th, let alone next spring, come what may, on any number of fronts. Nonetheless, as a result of cannabis activism, better toking days are definitely on their way! Erin looks ahead @ [Videoclip]


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A Toke With Marc + Jodie Emery: @ HERE! 

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CC5 in Court @ HERE! 

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Oh Cannabis Fall News Y Views 1

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Project Gator Cannabis Culture 5 Bust: Marc Emery tells Oh Cannabis that the crown wants to strike a pretrial deal, perhaps by the next December 4th court date! Exclusive blog y video interviews @ Here!
Legal Cannabis Prices: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposes a $1 excise tax on legal weed sold by government LP's [licensed producers] at $10 a gram. A further 10% tax will be added to any strains more expensive then that. Canadian growers, craft dispensaries, and seasoned pot smokers shrug in disbelief. See below ....

Med Pot Access: Despite legalization plans, Canada's medical cannabis patients still suffer from a worsening legal weed shortage and an inexplicable medical cannabis prescription tax, with no relief in sight. See below ...
"Loose With Wynne" or "More Ontario's Corporate Neo Lib Hijinks": Ontario Premier Wynne's proposed provincial legislation takes a further huge police jackboot to the province's popular vapor lounges and craft cannabis dispensaries. Also, the creation of a very limited and strictly controlled stand alone CCBO [Cannabis Control Board of Ontario] corporate monopoly over the sale and distribution of legal weed. More! See below ...

Prohibition 2.0: The Canna Clinic raids continue across Canada, as TPS [Toronto Police Services] and the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] play Whack-a-Mole to little avail, with our countries craft cannabiz industry prior to legalization next year. See below ....

CC5 [Cannabis Culture 5]: get a bit of a respite. Bail Conditions for Marc and Jodie Emery, Chris and Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra, have been softened somewhat, as the slimy case slowly snakes it's way through our court system. See below ....

Back in the USA: The US GOP House and Senate is split over AG Sessions plans to squash state legalization rights, but he could still win by default. See below ...


Write Your Federal MP: Canadians for Fair Access To Medical Cannabis [CFAMM] wants the Trudeau government to eliminate the unjust and abhorrant HST and Excise tax on medical cannabis prescriptions! A sample online letter is provided along with a lot of other useful email tips. Please share! @ #DontTaxMedicine! 

Legalization Date: We still don't know exactly when legal weed will go on sale in Canada next year. Here are some government hurdles that Bill C-45 still has to pass through before it becomes law @ CBC

Bill C-45 Review: The House of Common's Health Committee has completed it's study of Canada's new legalization bill. Mostly minor changes, for example to the height of legal homegrown plants and to the Non Smokers Health Act are recommended. The committee seems oblivious to a lotta other awfully, more huge elephants in the room. Too bad! The bill's oppressive and unrealistic Prohibition 2.0 thrust continues to serve Canada's greedy, corporate neo lib masters and feed hungry police budgets, rather than serve us. See below and @ CTV

M-edibles: A further amendment will allow for cannabis edibles and concentrates to be produced and sold, but only one full year after legalization, to allow for further study [he writes as he brushes the crumbs from his keyboard ... ] @ Lift

Cop Data DNE [Does Not Exist]: Canada's police forces are using reefer madness scare tactics to oppose legalization next spring. The shocking claims that they're constantly slipping into the public discourse are quite frankly unsubstantiated. Turns out, the data to back up the fear mongering about everything from stoned drivers to weed crimes, just simply DNE @ CTL

Flying High: Canadian airport security is relaxed for medical cannabis users, allowing up to 150 grams to be carried on board flights. Sounds like a party, eh?!? But howzabout medibles?!? At least we can eat those in fight for those ... er ... long trips!!! Jeez @ Star

Cheap Weed: Trudeau's all wet! Get this -he's proposing a $1 [Cdn] excise tax per gram for legalized government LP [licensed produced] weed. Plus an additional 10% tax on any strain costing more. Meanwhile, in Toronto at least, our city streets are all ready awash with a tsunami of cheap, top quality, underground, craft grass, sometimes as low as $150 an ounce [Tom Cruise, Kosher Cush, Alien OG etc.] which the LP's can't match in price and potency, let alone availability. For example, of the new low water mark, a vast range of top notch strains [Rock Star, God Bud, etc. etc. etc.] were selling for as low as $5 a gram, prerolled joints for $2-3 at the September Toronto Karma Cup .... Keep up the good work Justin! Stick to your water guns! Let's watch for a pricing race to the bottom that could prove a financial lifesaver for we poor lowly cannabis medical patient and recreational consumers alike, as government legalization goes awash under Prohibition 2.0 @ Global

Reality Check: Guess what?!? Now a huge legal cannabis shortage is widely expected as Canada's LP's struggle to meet the increased market demand next spring. Most medical cannabis tokers were all ready painfully aware of the licensed producers inability to keep their heads above choppy waters in just producing and delivering the goods in meeting our relatively much smaller prescription needs []. As for the flood of new commercial buyers looking to buy some legalized LP Trudeau-juana weed? Tch! Tch! Diver down! See above and @ Global and @ Global and @ Macleans

Reefer Monopoly Madness: CC5's Jodie Emery explains that since the Canadian government doesn't really want to legalize pot, so much as they just want to profit from it, civil disobedience once again becomes our only option against Canada's unjust pot laws. Nice one Jodie! Screw Trudeau's pricing and taxation pipe dreams and the mad, keystone cop, crackdown attack on our huge, existing and flourishing underground cannabis market @ OCitizen

Med Pot Access: Alas, medical cannabis patients take note -there's no specific promise guaranteeing our access to the greatly reduced legal supply for meeting our prescription needs once recreational weed is legalized! So far, Trudeau's still greedily taxing our medical cannabis prescriptions too!!! More @ OCitizen

Ontario Prohibition 2.0: New legislation from the Wynne Liberal government to regulate and distribute cannabis are super strict, punitive, and not very well thought out. No public consumption? No craft dispensaries? A legal age of 19? Duh @ Vice

Puff on This: A frank overview of everything that's wrong with Wynne's Weed Plan 101 @ Vice

Vapor Woes: Ontario's health conscious tokers, our vaping lounges, med pot dispensaries, and even the government licensed producers come under attack by the ill considered anti vaping thrust of Wynne Lib's Prohibition 2.0 plan's for legal weed @ Vice

Leaky Gov't Boat: Leaked Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services documents suggest Wynne's ill conceived plans are all wet, a sinking proposition! But are the Lib's listening to reason? Will they even still be in charge of the provincial ship of state after next spring's election, when the new laws take effect? @ Vice 

Legal Pot? Wynne Loses!

RCMP Doubts: Canada's venerable mounties argue that federal legalization plans won't succeed in killing the black market @ NatPost

No Canna Do: Another of Canada's resilient Canna Clinic dispensaries has been raided, this time in Toronto's bustling Kensington Market. TPS [Toronto Police Services] arrest 15 employees, seize 169 kilos of cannabis, 14.5 kilos of oil, 4.9 kgs of shatter, and $14,400 in cash! @ Global and @ CP24

Fighting Provincial Weed Monopolies: CC is prepared to go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to advocate for the right to move weed between provincial borders without import or export tariffs or taxes. Ironically, the test case involves booze @ CC 

Busted: Ming's Cannabis Culture Ottawa dispensary, in the Bank Street shadow of Parliament Hill, is raided once again. She and her Good Bud's remain undaunted @ OCitizen More from Ming @ Twitter

Ming Saad: Ottawa CC Rocks!

 Project Claudia: Mayor John Tory's Toronto City Hall looks to the province to pick up the law enforcement bill for it's unsuccessful million dollar whack-a-mole police crackdown on Toronto's indie dispensaries @ Globe

More Med Pot Access: In challenging the Project Claudia busts, King Canuck Cannabis lawyer Alan Young argues that Toronto police dispensary raids are an unconstitutional infringement on our patient rights @ Star

Senior Med Pot Relief: Cannabis supplier "WeedMD" has inked an agreement with the Ontario "People's Care" nursing home chain. However, it seems another monopoly is in the making with this "exclusive deal" @ CBC

Project Lincoln: The TPS and RCMP have teamed up again, as with the CC [Cannabis Culture] "Project Gator" raids, this time to target Canna Clinic's craft cannabis dispensaries across Canada in Vancouver and Toronto. They have been very busy @ Global

CC5: The Emery's, Goodwin's and Britney Guerra have managed to get their bail conditions modified. They now allow for more travel, work and media, just not in relation to the dispensary arm of the Cannabis Culture's business interests. Remember, CC also runs Pot TV, Cannabis Culture magazine. Then there's their cannabis advocacy efforts. More @ GStraight

Cannabis Control Board of Ontario [CCBO]: Premier Wynne announces the province's plan to create a new government run Cannabis Control Board in Ontario. Not to be confused with the existing government LCBO [Liquor Control Board], up to 60 stand alone storefronts will open over the next year, with 150 to be up and running by 2020 @ CBC and @ Vice

Prohibition 2.0: When the legalization of recreational weed arrives next year, that equals about one government CCBO store for every 250,000 Ontarians. Cannabis will also be available online similar to the federal governments sale of mail order medical cannabis through it's LP's [Licensed Producers]. It's hard to figure how Wynne thinks this super strict regime will be able to compete with the thriving black market craft cannabiz industry all ready in place. The governments plan? Bust and close and close them all down! Phfffffft! Think Project Claudia/ Gator .... Good luck! Not! @ Vice 

Cannabis Culture's Jodie Emery slams the provinces "insane" monopoly game with legal weed, urging them to "Stop criminalizing the existing industry." @ CTV and @ Citizen

Missed Opportunity: The Ontario government could probably make much more $$$ by partnering up with our local dispensaries, rather than by trying to bust them all and creating it's own monopoly .... Where's the dollar and sense Conservative Party voice in all this?!? Duh @ Vice

PC/ NDP MIA: Sadly, neither of Ontario's provincial 2 main opposition parties will stick their neck out to say how they'd distribute cannabis, with the next election 8 months away. According to the Trudeau timeline, recreational cannabis will become legal less than a month afterwards, at the latest @ Star

Dr. Doom: More on the governments plans to raid and close the existing dispensaries, and replace them with their own monopoly @ Vice

Return of Dr. Doom: Trying to create a public sector monopoly on selling weed by trying to shut down the free enterprise sector will only fuel the very illicit trade the government claims it wants to stamp out @ Huff

Prohibition 2.0: Ontario proposed minimum age for buying recreational weed will be set at age 19, not 18 as recommended by the feds @ CBC

But would you bring him home to meet mom y dad?!?

Back 2 Basics: Guelph Ontario's Jeffrey Shaver has captured public attention to the cause like never before . It's all a part of the good fight for access to medical cannabis! Jeff's smoking pot outside the Provincial Offenses Court in his underwear to protest the police seizure of his weed and bong @ CBC

Stop Arresting Patients: Ouch! Canuck Medical Cannabis Activist Chris Enns is busted big time with weed during a police traffic stop. Is he deterred? Nope, feeling confident, he's going to make this a constitutional challenge! Video @ Global

Med Pot Access?!? Rights?!?

Jagmeet Singh: The federal NDP Leadership hopeful promises to call for the decriminalization of all drugs for personal use. He does not consider it a "criminal justice problem" @ Huff

Prince Edward Island: Business leaders and owners are now being consulted on the provinces cannabis legalization plans. The public is also being consulted via an online survey. Will government retail stores be the way to go? @ CBC

British Columbia: Seems BC's NDP government might not follow Wynne's lead. Interesting; BC cannabis activism and the dispensary movement on the whole are a lot more vocal, and organized too. But in Ontario?!? Story @ Global


Blowing In The Wind: An extended Trump-Democrat US hurricane relief/ debt ceiling, federal spending agreement now protects state medical cannabis programs from a feared crackdown by the Donald and Jeff Sessions until December 8, 2017 @ Leafly

Reefer Madness Session: US Attorney General [AG] Jeff Sessions gets totally smoked on his ridiculous um ...."theories" .... about weed as the House of Judiciary Committee [HJC] meets to grill him on the Russia Story! Put that in your pipe y smoke it Jeffrey! @ Mash

Med Pot Access: 12 year old epileptic Alexis Bortell is suing US AG Jeff Sessions over her access to medical cannabis! Go grrrrrrl go! @ Slate

Med Pot: Alexis Vs The Session Man!

 Progress [Of Sorts]: Nowadaze, badly divided US Republicans are fighting among themselves at most every level of government. With weed, it's over federal interference in the spreading state legalization drive. Beware! Quite possibly, the GOP controlled federal House and Senate won't be able to agree on a position. By default that gives a green light to head honcho, reefer madman AG Jeff Sessions! Yup! The complete and utter dick will actually enjoy a freehand to further thwart state rights. Meanwhile, a befuckled President Donald Trump seems totally non plussed that more voters support legalization than voted for him in the real non alt fact world of US politics. Getting angry? Let's hope the spreading grass fire grows to help chase the whole gang who can't straight shoot from office in the 2018 mid term Congressionals @ Civilized

Fighting Reality: A once befuddled American public is now slowly coming to grips with the idea that cannabis should be legalized @ CNN

Following The Smoke Fumes: Unlike in Canada, US legalization can basically occur, or even be blocked, at more than one level of government; state or federal. Here's an updated state medical and recreational cannabis law map for 2017 @ Gov

US Legalization Playbook: Here's what legalization measures are in currently in play, state by state across the US @ Leafly

Meanwhile in Westminster ....

UK Legalization Bill: Check out the parliamentary debates, as the Bill moves towards becoming law @ UK

Not 4 Hire?!? As in Canada, the budding, legal, US cannabis industry will be handicapped by laws preventing the hiring of experienced, battle worn, heritage cannabiz employees with previous pot convictions. Remember: These were earned from fighting, and seemingly winning the good fight against prohibition! No justice, no peace @ Forbes. 

Still Not Much Fun With Weed in Much Of Europe!

Europe Tripping 1: My recent road trip to Rome, Prague and Dresdon was rather disappointing weed wise. Perhaps we Canadians are spoiled by the pending changes to Canada's cannabis laws. Alas! Quite frankly, I'm not keen on buy dope from strangers in back alleys ways etc. etc. etc., like we had to do way back in the bad ol' daze. Still, each country is making some progress, it seems. Learn more about smoking weed in the Czech Republic @ Leafly Italy @ WBH and Germany @ HN

No Drones Allowed: Alas! California won't be allowing weed delivery by drone to your home any time soon. Booooooooo @ Verge

Kim Jung Rolls Un: Here's the scoop on ..... are you ready for this?! ~North Korean Pot @ HT


Karma Cup 2017: Complete news links, and my own judge's review is now posted under separate cover @ Blog

Karma Cup 2017 Winners: Buds Shatter? Extracts? Edibles? Glass? Here are the results! Happy shopping! More @ KC

NORML Canada Conference 2017: Here are the videos from this year's different speakers and workshops, once again held in conjunction with the Karma Cup in Toronto. There's lots from an enlightened perspective, about green marketing, legalization, and the politics of pot! Watch @ Dopechef

Looks good but .....

Europe Tripping 2: Cannabis infused chocolate anyone? Alas! Imagine my disappointment back at the Belvedere hotel, ready to party after I got my hands on a few bars at the local corner store, during our first night in Prague! Yup! Trez kool packaging! But the "weed" is strictly CBD's and/ or hemp seeds!!! There's little more info, except for the very fine print on the wrapper, which simply states that there's no THC!!! Tasty, but kinda sad .......

Canuck Stock Ticker: US pot laws have been creating a lot of headaches and uncertainly for weed on the Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX] @ Globe @ FP

The Dank Duchess!

Dank Duchess: Meet the Cali cultivator turned hash maker as she now turns her attention to curating new strains of killer weed, from rare seeds she found in Spain! Go Duchess go!!! @ CN

Snoop Dogg North: Rapper y cannabiz entrepreneur The Snoop has invested in the Canada based Trellis' companies "seed to sale management" software @ FT


Weed Ed 101: The Trudeau government earmarks an additional $36.4M for a new health and safety education campaign about pot. Is it a case of too little to late? More @ Global Read the government media release @ GCA

Parents 4 Pot [P4P]: advocates for responsible, stigma free adult use. Also a parent's choice to choose medical cannabis to treat their child's illness. Learn more @ P4P

Med Pot 4 Kids: Here's a doctor's guide for parents @  CC

Know Your Weed History: Prohibition 101 began in the US 80 years ago, when President Roosevelt signed House Bill 6385: The Marijuana Tax Act into law @ Norml

Cannabis Terpenes Rock: Here's 11 you should learn more about @ MJ

Go Solventless: These concentrates or extracts are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking bud @ MR 

Misdiagnosed: Does your doctor know that Cannabis can be used to relieve the symptoms of gastro intestinal disorders such as IBS, Crohns, and Colitis? More @ Potent 

How Sneak A Toke In Public: Of course, we protest and engage in civil disobedience. But Ontario tokers won't even be allowed to go to a vapor lounge under the provinces legalization plans, let alone toke anywhere in public. Enquiring minds need to know -what is 2B done @ IHL

Trip-ster Guide: The right and wrong ways to inhale weed? Now it can be told! Some tips @ AB

Ghost AG: Meet the weed with a 28% THC count! Compare it with today's other most popular strains @ Leafly

Fentanyl-Laced Weed?!? Here's the dirty lowdown on the mainstream media's big reefer madness myth @ Lift

Finding The Correct Dose? You can't overdose from cannabis. Still, the correct amount for a pleasant buzz varies between individuals. Here's the inside dope on figuring out how much flower, oils and extracts etc. are best for you @ Herb

Sativex -The travelers friend!

Europe Tripping 3: Travelling abroad? Meet legal prescription cannabinoids -the traveler's friend! They can prove very handy and discreet! Love the pharmacy label! Plus most folks have absolutely noooooo idea what they are, lying alongside all the other meds in yer toiletry kit. So if you gotta trip, consider asking your medical cannabis friendly doctor for a prescription for "Nabilone" capsules, or "Sativex" spray .... @ CHealth

High Higher Highest: Canada's post secondary schools race to set up educational cannabis programs for students seeking work in the new legal cannabiz industry @ Lift

Some "Concentrated" Toking Tips: How to smoke shatter, budder, oil, wax and live rosin @ MR

Timely Reading: How to prepare your cannabis crop to survive a hurricane @ WR


The 5 Best Reggae Albums When You Are High: Bob Marley, Damien Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, Jimmy Cliff and Sevana. Hmmm. Kool, but lots and lots of others are missing @ Leafly

Marley Remembered: Here's Bob's 1976 High Times magazine interview in it's entirety @ HT

No More Reefer Madness: Higher Ground's TV "Marijuana vs Cannabis" ad week campaign parody emphasizes the advantages of legalization @ HG

Up In Smoke 2017: Cheech gets high. Finds out how it's different being a stoner today. Whoa @ Youtube

WE'ed Are The World: Cheech y Chong go rap @ Youtube

Still Smoking: Cheech y Chong reflect on legalization and the Trump Presidency! A "Mexican Mall" eh?!? More @ Youtube

Party Hardy: Howzabout a tasty, cannabis infused fruit punch to wet your autumn whistle?!? @ Leafly

Stoned: Here's an edited collection of High Times best all time druggie interviews, featuring Bob Marley, Hunter Thompson, Mick Jagger, Steven King, Dave Chapelle, Willie Nelson, and Oliver Stone @ HT 

Rasta Chant: Jah Rastafar I shows us how it's done right! Hey! Maybe they can take in our Canuck protester from Guelph [see above] once winter comes ......?!? Bing-bong! Chillum' @ Youtube


Saturday, 30 September 2017

Teacher Free Speech Fall 2017 News y Views!

hEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... Legalization news now moved to "Oh Cannabis!" @ LINK!


No Is Enough: US Education Minister Betty DeVos "fact finding" trip to Ontario, Canada goes kaput! The province's OTF, ETFO and OSSTF public elementary and secondary school teachers make it very clear that her corporate education/ privatization agenda is not welcome here @  Globe @ ETFOOSSTF 

Cross Country Check Up: Teachers across Canada report that they are regularly being harassed and attacked at school! It's quite a very, shocking, workplace reality that few of us are even aware of! Learn more @ CBC

No 2 School Violence: Read OECTA's recommendations for dealing with the alarming rise in violence and harassment experienced by teachers in our province's schools @ OECTA

Drawing The Line On Sexual Violence: Here's a useful website that's trying to engage Ontarians in a thoughtful, constructive dialogue. Useful for adults and students alike @ DTL

Autism Now: Concerned parent's rally to demand more funding from the province. 72% of Ontario's autism students are not being adequately serviced by our schools @ CBC

Ontario College Strike: 86% of faculty rejected the Ontario colleges final contract offer before being legislated back to work by the not so union friendly Neo Lib Wynne government. Nope! The sticking issues didn't include the old boogey-man of more pay. Rather the 5 week strike was over fairness, precarious work and teacher input in their classes @ OPSEU and @ CBC

Teaching "The Secret Path": Iconic Canuck Tragically Hip front man Gord Downie's tale of a young, indigenous boy who died trying to escape from a residential school is being taught in classrooms across Canada this year! Truth and reconciliation @ Youtube Video and discussion @ More  Also see below ... 


NAFTA Issues: An Environics polls shows 80% of Canadians feel the Trudeau government should "walk away" from NAFTA trade talks if labour, environmental and social issues aren't addressed. 75% are concerned that corporations have benefited the most from NAFTA @ Unifor

 Race 2 The Bottom: Since 2002, Canada's working poor have nearly doubled, while our middle class continues to shrink @ Huff

NAFTA Woes: Trump's win-lose proposals in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement have created an impasse for Canada and Mexico. His "Buy US" rules, a "Sunset Clause" and new car plant assembly rules block any possibility of a winning 3 way deal @ Star @ Star

Bilateral Free Trade: If Trump kills NAFTA, our old bilateral Canada/ US agreements will just kick back in, sans Mexico ..... right?!? Think again. For starters, our GDP could take a 2.5% hit. Much more @ CP

Peeved Steve: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticizes Trudeau for being inflexible in meeting Trump's demands. He is also highly critical of Trudeau's for including progressive labour and environmental policies in the negotiation talks @ CBC

"Foreign Interference" or "Nothing New Under The Sun": Harper's Conservative government had a lackie track record for being subservient to US party renovations @ GR

No Is Not Enough: Canadian "No Logo" activist Naomi Klein warns the left about Trump's Neo Liberal Corporate "brand", his destabilizing "Shock Politics" tactics and the need to keep moving steadily forward on progressive issues @ RP 

TPP/ CETA: As Trump threatens to tank NAFTA, Canada has been quietly diversifying our free trade with Asia and Europe via the TPP and CETA agreements. It could be a good offset but get this! Our new European free trade partners are having serious concerns about us because of the flood of genetically engineered food entering the marketplace from Canada! It was all over the news when I was in Europe in October. Not much coverage here! See @ IATP   

Trans Pacific Blues: TPP trade talks hit a snag at the Asia Pacific Economic Council [APEC] meet in Vietnam. PM Trudeau explains that we can't sign on because, contrary to popular opinion, there is "no consensus" yet. Outstanding issues remain for Canada's automotive, agriculture, culture industry, also over intellectual properties @ CBC @ CBC @ Globe 

 Genocide Myanmar: Trudeau meets with leader Aung San Suu Kyi amongst deep concern, as Muslim Rohingya refugees continue to flee the state. Bob Rae sits in. But are they just soft peddling the issue? @ CBC

Politely Speaking: Trudeau has a "cordial" discussion with Philippino strongman President Duterte over the horrific human right abuses in his countries War on Drugs @ CBC

Trudeaumania 2.0: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is beginning to slip badly in the polls. Both the opposition NDP and CPC parties have chosen new leaders, eager for the renewed political fight @ Macleans 

NDP Singh: Canada's federal third party, the socialist but not socialist NDP, chooses Jagmeet Singh a Sikh leadership contender to lead the way. However, the Canadian media don't quite seem sure how to man handle our countries first non-white party leader yet @ Vice PS: These folks are NOT Jagmeet Singh @ Vice
A Place 2 Grow: NDP Federal Leader Jagmeet Singh promises to help the provincial wing defeat the very unpopular Wynne Neo-Libs in the June 2018 election @ Star

Big Con: Neo Conster Jason Kenney's united Conservative Party might ironically help set the stage for a generation of provincial NDP governments in Alberta @ CBC

Scheer delight!

Seig Heil: Newly minted Conservative CPC opposition leader Andrew Scheer doubles down on the neo right! He's named former controversial Canuck Rebel Media director Hamish Marshall as the parties 2019 federal election chair @  CBC
National Shame: Canada agrees to pay millions to finally settle a very disturbing indigenous lawsuit, this one over the forced racist adoption of First Nation youth during the 1960's to 80's @ NYT

MIA: Trudeau, Scheer and Singh all remain pretty tight lipped on Quebec's controversial Bill 62 Burqa Law, despite the Charter of Rights and Freedoms implications. Why?!? For political reasons, in courting the fickly Quebec electorate @  Star

UN Peacekeepers: Trudeau unveils a watered down Canadian peacekeeping initiative! It's one third the size promised in the last federal election, but is expected to expand in time. The initial government focus is a worthy one -recruiting women UN peacekeepers and tackling the foreign use of child soldiers in combat, but we had hoped for so much more @ CBC

Broken Trudeau Promises: Some food for thought -"UN + Canada: What Canada has done and should be done for UN Peacekeeping Operations" @ Ceasefire


NAFTA US: Deep concern over Trump's ham fisted approach to renegotiating, or perhaps even destroying the North America Free Trade agreement, raise alarm south of our border too. The Chamber of Commerce, the auto and retail sector all speak out @ Forbes @ Reuters @ Bloom @ Newsweek

Confusing Signals: Trump encourages Asia to unite over North Korea but go it alone on trade, during his recent visit @ NYT 

Der Trump: "America First" = "America Alone" @ WP

No Dapl: Water Not Oil!

Canuck Oil Leak: TransCanada Pipelines admits a 210,000 gallon oil leak along ..... wanna guess where?!? ..... the controversial Keystone route in South Dakota. Standing Rock Souix called it first -NODAPL anyone? @ ABC.

Red Star Rising: Does the 21st Century belong to China? The economic and military superpower eagerly steps up to fill the leadership vacuum, poised to eclipse dwindling US influence during the Age of Trump @ WP @ Telesur

"Foreign Interference" or "Shock Doctrine" or "State Sponsored Terrorism" Or "Terrorism! Terrorism! Who's The Terrorist?" Or Or Or: Newly released JFK papers include over 90 pages about CIA plans to assassinate foreign leaders prior to Kennedy's assassination in 1963 @ PDF

Question of Privilege: Surprise! Trump, the notorious, old "pussy grabber" somehow can't quite find the words to properly address the horrific issue of sexual assaults being voiced across the US, in a presidential manner befitting his high office! Ummmm ....... Perhaps that's due to his own piss poor track record on the subject?!? Indeed, many feel that the Donald's bragging about his er .... sexual conquests still hasn't been adequately addressed. Not since his alleged victims first spoke out before he was elected president @ Star

DEM MIA: US Democrats seem missing in action. They need to articulate an alternative for the new US silent majority, to counter Trump's "white cultural grievance" political agenda. Will the party capitalize on the Donald's fuck ups to make some big electoral gains in 2018 or 2020? Not necessarily, as history shows. Think Nixon and McGovern. It's very important how they proceed, policy wise. Are progressive politics a winning or a losing proposition for voters in the USA? One point of view @ Politico

No 2 Oligarchic Rigging 101: US Congressman and former Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will be running again as an independent in the 2018 mid term Congressional elections @ Huff

Feel The Bern: Sanders praises Canada's successful, cost effective, single payer, universal health care system as an exemplary model for the US to follow during a visit to Toronto. Check out his corporate neo lib health care critique @ Globe

A Guide for Frustrated Conservatives in the Age of Trump: Gotta feel sorry for our old foes. At least they had some principles @ NBC

Like A Hurricane: An independent Cuba rallies to quickly recover from this year's killer hurricanes. Meanwhile in Puerto Rica? The American protectorate's call for help goes largely unanswered by the Donald. For shame! Anyway, Cuba helps fill the relief gap, by sending it's own doctors to help throughout the badly ravaged region @ BBC @ Ind  


JFK Papers: President Trump promises to release the last of the top secret files on the 1963 Kennedy assassination. The CIA somehow intervenes. After over 50 years, it seems some names still need to be redacted, at the very last minute. Now he promises that the rest of the files will be released this spring @ CBS

That Wasn't The Summer of Love: This year is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles iconic, counter culture, psychedelic opus, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Oooooooh, how the times have changed @  Guardian

Canuck Tragically Hip Minstrel Gordon Downie has died from cancer, but he leaves us with this fine, live performance of The Secret Path @ Youtube

Not So "Lil" Jackie Shane: The Toronto based sixties transgender Little Richard/ James Brown styled soul singer had a surprise local hit with "Any Other Way", recorded a sizzling live album, then disappeared from sight -but now she's back with a new 2 cd re-issue of her riveting tunes @ Now! Order @ Numero

Coming Down: Here's a fun, recent, video spin on another Jackie favourite @ Youtube  Also, see Jackie Walking The Dog!

Trans Rights: Relatively speaking, Jackie's struggle against both homophobia and racism is a lot better understand and appreciated today. She revisits life in "Toronto the Not So Good" [back in the day] in this insightful interview @ Guardian

LGBTQ: On how music "came out" of the closet recognizes Jackie's contributions along with 14 other unsung heroes @ VF

Future World 102: China Vs The USA: The US government wants to cut taxes for the rich, cut health care for the poor and build a wall with Mexico. On the other hand China wants to develop articificial intelligence [AI] to gain global economic dominance by ... oh let's say ....1930! Oh boy! Let's see who wins @ MIT


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!