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Friday, 22 March 2019

Oh Cannabis Spring 2019 News y Views!

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Canada's First Nations declare weed sovereignty on treaty lands. What'll the Feds and provinces do?

US Legalization: Democrat and GOP politicians and lawmakers are getting onboard as legalization takes hold to the north! But will they succeed in 2019?

Pot Race: Licensed Ontario dispensaries race to open April 1st in Canada's largest market! Will they make the deadline? What comes next?

Nowhere 2 Toke: Licensed lounges remain verboten in Ontario, despite Cannabis otherwise being legalized! Is there any hope in sight?

Pot Tax: Canadian Federal Budget adds a new medibles and topicals tax. Provides some limited income tax relief for med pot users! What's up? How to fight back? 

Stock Market Reefer Madness: Many challenges face Canada's floundering legal cannabiz industry in the year ahead. The unlicensed market continues to kick their butt! Why can't they compete?

Casual Causal: Cannabis is under renewed hostile scrutiny! Sound science verses more reefer madness: which will win?

Some Spring Weed Musings ....


Weed Sovereignty: Six Nations are fed up. The largest of Canada's indigenous peoples are now in effect declaring weed sovereignty on the treaty lands. The goal? To protect their "health and safety". And to prevent "external interference". All levels of Canadian government be damned! They've got their own regulations for cultivating, distributing, selling and using weed. Minimum age is set at 19. Plus 18% of sales goes towards community projects. A new cannabis control commission is being set up. And provincial sales licenses have no validity here! So what if anything will Ontario's "law and order" reefer madman Premier Doug Ford do now? Or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who's facing a dicey federal election this fall? With indigenous issues all ready in the spotlight? Note that many of the Six Nation reserves are located next to our major urban centres. Ontario's government licensed dispensaries don't even begin to open until April 1st, with only 25 so far approved, for across the whole province. Ha! The heat is on @ HSpec @ CBC

Canuck Pot Budget: It's official! The 2019 Canadian federal budget includes a new excise duty tax for cannabis edibles and extracts, including oil and topicals. It takes effect May 1st for medical cannabis users. Later this year for everyone else, once it's legalized for recreational use. Expect to pay $0.01 cent tax per milligramme of THC, in the government's new tax by "THC content" scheme. Meanwhile, the $1 per gram tax on dried flower remains unchanged. Consumer spending on "legal cannabis" was only $1.2 billion, less than projected. However, our untaxed "black market" enjoyed a 400% increase in sales. Basically, government licensed weed just doesn't make the grade. Can't compete in supply, quality or price. But try telling Ottawa that, as they pile on more and more taxes, regulations and other restrictions @ BloomB 

Med Pot Tax Time: Cannabis remains the only Canadian prescription drug that includes an excise tax! A little medical patient tax relief is being offered through a 15% credit come income tax time. Still, no justice, not peace! The good fight continues @ Leafly 

CFAM: Canadians For Fair Access 2 Medical Marijuana continue to actively lobby for and demand the removal of any and all taxes on medical cannabis. Join the fight @ CFAM

Worker Compensation Pot Claims: Injured workers from across Canada continue the important fight to have medical cannabis prescriptions for pain management covered as a benefit. The results remain mixed at best @ CBC

Ford's Ontario Pot Lottery: A third, winner strikes gold by throwing their lot in with Alberta's High Tide Inc., this time to open a legal Canna Cabana dispensary in Toronto, by the government's April 1st deadline. Surprise! The corporate big boys somehow come out on top again! So much for our many, long time, eager, knowledgable, homegrown, mom and pop operations who didn't win the draw. More below in "Green Marketing" and @ HTI


US Legalization: US lawmakers from both the Democrats and the GOP are on a roll. This spring, there are 6 pieces of legislation before congress to end prohibition at the federal level. Will one of them pass? Here are the 6 different bills in play @ Leafly But don't hold your breath! Here's why they still might not pass this year @ Fool

Canadian Green Print eh? American busine$$e$ are increa$ingly nervou$ that Canadian legalization will freeze them out of the marketplace if they wait too long. Some even view the Canadian model as a "blueprint" for how it can be set up in the United States. Hmmm. Wanna buy a used one for corporate government monopoly? Then try ours! Sure, it's got some salient points. Actually, I'd say it's more of a "green print" too, but but but .... More @ SN

US Cannabiz Equity: The MCBA [Minority Cannabis Business Association] isn't taking any chances as legalization takes hold across the US. They're providing US lawmakers and regulators with a policy model. It seeks to maximize the ability of disadvantaged communities of colour to rightfully benefit in equal measure as manager, owners, employees and investors in the new, legal cannabiz sector. Whether anybody is listening is something else. But it's important work that needs to be done from the get-go. Bravo! Read @ NCV 


Cannabis Market Crash: The Canadian Cannabis Index lost half it's value in 2018. There's still dark storm clouds on the horizon. What could go wrong in the year ahead? @ MT

Pot Wars: In all fairness, Canada's seemingly hapless LP's [Licensed Producers] are often being sent in battle with both hands tied behind their back. Until they can compete with supply, quality and pricing, the unregulated, underground cannabiz sector will continue to kick their ass @ MT

Stock Ticker: Cannabis stock promoters continue to prey on investors and operators who are not really "in the know". Beware @ NCV

Canopy Growth Grows: They've hooked up with one of our lucky Ford Pot Lottery winners. Now HMV music's former flagship store on the downtown Yonge strip is reopening as a Tokyo Smoke cannabis dispensary. Whoda guessed? All those years ago? When we use to go shopping there for CD's, and DVD's? Then, had to step back out into the Toronto night, looking for a lil' boo to go with the movies and tunes .... @ TStar


A Mental Case: A recent UK/ Euro study suggests that cannabis puts us at risk of mental psychosis. That's always possible, if one is already so predisposed, of course. However, as NORML stresses, the research lacks any scientific proof of a direct causal relationship between cannabis and mental disorder. It's strictly based upon observational data. That's suspect at best. Other variables could also be responsible and at play. For example, did those tested also drink? Use any other drugs or intoxicants? Without proper, objective research, such alarming and unsubstantiated reefer madness claims are suspect and misleading at best @ NORML

Oil's Well? Vaping cannabis oil is pretty kool. I much prefer it indoors during our long cold Canadian winters. However, it might have some health risks. Now that cannabis is being legalized, proper testing and research can begin in earnest. New research is seeking alternatives to the possibly harmful substances including thinning liquids commonly used in making it @ Leafly


Ontario Pot Place: Our local Hotbox Cafe is partnering up with the Toronto Craft Beer Fest. They're opening Canada's first legal "Potio", where you can toke weed. It's a test run of sorts, at Ontario Place from June 21 to 23rd. Two daze eh?  Well, it's a start. Otherwise, there are still no legal licensed facilities anywhere in Canada's most populated province @ BlogTO

Spring Weed Break: Winter's over! There's a thaw in the air. Many tokers are starting  to kick back a bit. Want to relax, but still need a little energy to get us through to the summer holidaze. Which strains work best? Consider Chocolate Fondue, Ultra Sour, Go, Super Silver Haze. More @ Leafly

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Santiago de Cuba A Go Go!

Here we are on the beach at the "Brisas Sierra Mar"; The "breeze". The "mountains". The "sea". The sizzling hot sun beats down relentlessly. I turn up my headphones. Adjust my sunglasses. Roll over on my lounger. A slight sea breeze tickling my toes.

We're back at our favourite Santiago de Cuba resort. It's an hour outside Cuba's second largest city and birthplace of the 1959 revolution. It's nestled among the foothills of the towering Sierra mountains. On the coast of the Caribbean. Ninety miles north of Jamaica. On a gorgeous, dark, fine sand, volcanic beach. With a breathtaking coral reef stretching on endlessly down the coast.

My sister Maryanne, wife Janet and I are on a beach holiday. We do this every year. Back home in Canada, it's dead of winter. A deep freeze. Non stop blizzards mixed with freezing rain. Endless daze of dirty snow banks, black ice and grey skies. The numbing cold of big city life.

We booked a cheap all inclusive deal to the Brisas from Toronto. Even in high season, 2 rooms at the all inclusive Breezes will rarely cost more than a $1000 Canadian each, including airfare, taxes and Maryanne's single supplement. 

That's easily half what we'd pay anywhere else for a Caribbean resort holiday. But there's nothing fancy here. The Brisas has a dumfy three star charm. The service very friendly but spotty. At times even maddeningly inept. The menu is limited. The pool loud, packed and very busy. The drinks flow free and plentiful but hope you like lots of rum, wine and beer. One elevator works. The rooms are very simple. Have seen better days. But most include a drop dead gorgeous ocean view, framed by huge ferns and sprawling palm trees. On the ground floor, the sea is but steps from your patio door.

Cannabis? A toke? A lil' boo? Forget it. Pack some prescription cannabinoid's in your med bag to tide you over. 

The guests? Mostly our fellow Canucks, from Ontario and Quebec. Some Russians. Germans. Latinos. The odd Yankee on the lam. A smattering of discount latin Lothario's, gigolo's and jinetera's. Plus on the weekends, a fair number of resort Cubano's, a virtual who's who of Santiago de Cuba; those who can afford a $29 day pass.

Sadly, there was a lot of very, unseemly pushing, and shoving at the airport in both Canada and Cuba. Also on the risky hotel elevator. Don't get caught in the doors! Also beware! There was lotsa very trite, white trash. More than a few loud, obnoxious drunks. Bratty kids running amok while mom and dad get totally shellacked. Someone might even try to steal your beach chair, or squeeze in on your shade, should you look the other way. Sigh. Alas. Typical resort fare! The Brisas Sierra Mar has become a victim of it's own success!

The view from our room ...

Better to come off season. We often visit the Breezes throughout the year. Usually all but have the resort to ourselves, when the sea water is warmest and most refreshing, from Spring through Fall. Plus you'll save a couple of hundred dollars more! 

Whenever we choose to visit, the Cubans are always very glad to see us. Unlike other tourist destinations, in Cuba the resorts are mostly built, staffed and supplied locally, with the profits pumped back into the local economy rather than being siphoned off abroad to line somebodies pockets. As a result, nobody resents us here despite the great "First Word/ Developing World" economic divide. We can put our feet up, and relax. Take some small satisfaction in helping Cuba build "sustainable socialism". Rather than aid and abet the ruthless, capitalist exploitation that fuels tourism, throughout much of the troubled region! 

So. We had a great week on the beach. Our Cuban friends came out to stay with us for the weekend. We wiled away the lazy daze with much laughter, relaxation and reminisces. It was a nice, romantic getaway for Janet and I. A chance for Maryanne and I to touch base. 

We'd take long, endless walks down the beach, way past the resort, undisturbed and alone with the sea, sand, sun and thundering surf. Swim out to the coral reef, about 10 to 20 minutes off the coast. Diving down to check out the brightly coloured coral and huge schools of tropical fish. Then float bobbing up and down on the huge breakers out at sea. Gazing at the mountains stretching from horizon to horizon. The endless, hazy blue line where the sky meets the sea. Pure nirvana. In my minds eye, I am still there. While back in Toronto, it snows and snows and snows .....

With our Cuban teacher friends ...


Brisas Sierra Mar: Check out videos of the beach @  HERE! and snorkelling @ THERE!

Here are some more of my Brisas Sierra Mar reviews, should you wish to go @ HERE! @ HERE! @ THERE!

Or visit the Breezes Jibicoa half way between Habana and Varadero! Here's another el cheapo Cuban low star resort with a great coral reef and lotsa dumfy charm @ HERE!  @ HERE! @ THERE!

Back 2 Toronto ...


Friday, 1 February 2019

Oh Cannabis Winter 2019 News y Views!

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Welcome to 2019: There's plenty of challenges ahead in Canada's first full year of legal weed! Sales? Shortages? Edibles? Driving Regs? Legal Pardons? Read all about it @ Vice

Legalization Is A Legal Mess: Home cultivation? First Nation rights? Our new zero tolerance driving laws? These pose serious constitutional challenges that'll take years to work their way through the court system. The Canadian political fight over legalization is over. But in 2019, the important court battles begin, to clean up the legal mess @ NP

Cannabiz Prospectus: Canada's cannabiz sector is expected to grow from $1.6 billion in 2018 to 6.1 billion in 2025. Legalization has created a lot of exciting business opportunities, plus many difficult challenges. Prepare for the year ahead @ BK

The 3 L's Prospectus: Legalization? Legitimization? Listings? Legalization is taking hold in Canada and increasingly across the USA. The stock market's dazed and confused movers and shakers bewilderingly jockey for position. There's lotsa bummers, burns and rip offs @ FP

Big Joke! Not Much Legal Smoke!: Canada's underground cannabis economy is red hot. In sharp contrast, the new legalization model lacks any sizzle. It's ham fisted. Over regulated. With a reefer madness policing focus to match it's corporate government mindset. Our initial joy and optimism is going up in smoke. Put bluntly, legalization is sadly out of touch with our everyday reality within the cannabis community. They can't supply the weed. Nor compete with quality, cost and accessibility against the unregulated market. Plus it's just soooooo terribly unkool! For shame! @ WP

Women 2 Watch in 2019: Meet 21 exemplary female cannabis activists and entrepreneurs out to challenge the status quo. They're creating new women focused alliances. Upending traditional business models. Our new cannabis sector is rapidly evolving. Watch as equity, equality and inclusion progressively move to the forefront of the agenda in 2019. More @ MJB

Weed Find: Find out if your Ontario municipality has opted in or out of allowing legal dispensaries to operate close to home, starting April 1st @ AGCO


NORML.CA: Abi Roach Steps Up!

The New Normal: Big changes as NORML Canada welcomes our first full year of legalization with a newly "re envisioned mandate". Hotbox Toronto cannabis activist/ entrepreneur Ms. Abi Roach steps up as new Executive Director. Deepak Annand becomes VP. Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd is President, while John Conroy retains a General Council role. The new mandate includes a focus on political engagement at all three levels of government; federal, provincial and municipal. The goal? To promote "functional laws" and an "inclusive" approach to the cannabiz industry. And to "advocate for licensed consumption spaces and retail stores". Congratulations Abi! @ NORML More @ NORML.CA

Medibles, Extracts, Topicals: Health Canada begins a new so called "consultation" process, to "strictly regulate" these when they are legalized in Canada this fall. It's the next step in our anal legalization process, aka "Prohibition 2.0". Will they listen? The survey's on line until Feb. 20th @ 

Please Sir! We Want More! Sigh! Here's a good summary of what Health Canada is actually thinking, so to speak. PS: Abi! Deepak! John! Please go kick their ass for usMonD

GPP [Good Production Practices]: Wait! There's more! Don't overlook the new safety requirements for our all ready hamstrung growers and processors. Hmmm. We definitely want to keep things healthy and safe, but ... but ... but ... is this the best way? @  CanCom

High Price$: Duh, go figure! Frustrated consumers are still flocking to Canada's much cheaper, unregulated marketplace for our weed. Blame cost, supply and accessibility. Had the government just started by licensing our existing growers, producers and dispensaries, this all could've been avoided, but nooooooooo @ Yahoo

Ho$tile Takeover: They got the know how. And the goods. But Canada's grass root entrepreneurs are being locked out of the government's tightly regulated monopoly on weed. Prohibition was wrong in the first place. So why should they suffer now? Canadian's continue to shop underground. The "legal alternative" is just way too over regulated, inefficient and insulting. Doesn't meet our taste or needs @ TSun

Ontario Licensing Act: Here's the complete text of Regulation 497/18. Supposedly, it's Premier Doug Ford's new, improved plan, to create a thriving legal, free market, cannabis industry, here in Canada's largest, richest province. Hmmm. Dougie sold drugs in high school eh?!? So what's with this?!? I know. I know. We were sooooo smug about Trump south of our border. And now we've elected this putz. Hey Yankee readers -Stop laughing! Grrr. Grrr. Ummmmm. The devil's in the details, or lack thereof @

Buds o' Wrath: Under Ford's "plan", Ontario dispensaries voluntarily agreed to close shop so that they could apply for a license to legally re-open on April 1st. But they got punked! Real bad! Get this -only 25 lucky winners from the 17,320 whom applied will now get a license for the 1st. The rest? Who knows? Alas! The lucky winners were chosen in a very unexpected and confusing lottery. Douglas opened it wide up so that most anybody and their mother could apply. The cost? Just $25 bucks. Most have absolutely no experience. Or know how. Never operated a dispensary. Are just plain, dumb lucky. As for our experienced dispensary owners? They're locked out of the game. Royally screwed! Sidelined as Ford and his cronies laugh so hard they'll piss their pants! Who knows what comes next, but it can't be good @ BoC @ CC

Next Steps: Congrats, you won! So what do you need to do now, to comply with the new licensing "rules", by April 1st? Get a $25,000 line of credit! Pay a $6000 non refundable fee! Is your financial info readily available? Your business structure in place? Got a building permit? The signs? Shelving? Displays? A knowledgeable staff? Also, beware; the clock is ticking! Remember, there's big financial penalties if everything isn't correctly set up and running on time! More BS @ CanCom @ LFP

Cashing In 2 Win Big: Abi Roach explains. Ford's "ridiculous" lottery system was just a "golden ticket to get rich quick" scheme. Naturally, the 25 lottery winners are now desperately reaching out for help from Big Bud. The lawyers, investors, retailers, and even the LP's are stepping up. Offering the distraught winners $5-7 million with a 1.5% share in revenue, to partner up and cash in. How nice n' helpful, eh? Lotsa happy people! But lots more whom are not! @ CBC @ BloomB @ FP

Big Bud's LP Agenda: What? The LP's too?!? Yup! Hey "lucky" lotto winners! Ford's crafted some sneaky, legal loopholes. So that they can try to franchise and license you their legal boo! Nice. Nice. Very nice @  Now

Ford's Big Fix: Think about it! Con man Ford's lottery "process" was actually staged for the fun and profit of the PC's anonymous, big buck players. Not our poor, befuckled, small biz, dispensary owner's. Or you the consumer. Or med pot patient. No way! @ CLM

Recipe 2 Fail: Budding Toronto cannabis lawyer Caryma Sa'd asks; why uproot Ontario's all ready fully functional dispensaries? Replace them with a sure fire recipe for failure?!? Was Ford's lottery all a diabolical plot? Just to make sure legalization fails? Hmmm. Ontario's prickly, backroom, social conservatives would be very pleased! Then there's his evil archenemy; PM Justin Trudeau, who's facing a federal election this year! Hey Dougie's no rocket scientist, that's for sure. But he's sure got lots of dirty, sneaky tricks up his sleeve @ Now

Who's Tory Now? Lots and lots of ex-Tory's, who we'd quite frankly rather forget, are now miraculously back as private weed sale lobbyists at Queen's Park. Here's but a few, with more below under "Green Marketing" @ NOW

CCMe2: In a shocking, very disturbing turn of events, leading Canadian, Cannabis Culture, legalization advocate Marc Emery stands accused of sexual harassment. The allegations roughly date from 2003-17 at his chain of CC [Cannabis Culture] outlets, mainly in Vancouver BC. The "Me Too" victim accounts quickly go viral becoming international news. Deidre Olsen explains and provides the links Leafly Mr. Emery defends himself on Facebook from a CC road trip through South America FB  FB More allegations @ Vice Marc responds @ FB

Marc Emery isn't currently facing criminal charges related to the allegations. However, it's quite unlikely they'll go away. What happens next? @ City

Editing Notes: Lots of good people from within our cannabis community are now openly speaking out against Marc Emery. They're very hurt and upset. Oh Cannabis always seeks to advocate in the best interests of our legalization movement. Report the big, news stories affecting our struggle. That presents some very difficult decisions about what to focus on here.

From my own experience, I've had nothing but good things to say about the Emery's. Knew nothing about harassment. Can't add any insights. Not from my own small window into the Cannabis Culture world. 

Oh Cannabis' coverage mostly focused on the CC Project Gator bust and court proceedings in Toronto during 2017. Within that limited context, I enjoyed Marc's sharp intellect and witty repartee. Very much appreciate the Emery's many, very important contributions to our legalization fight, as reported here. 

But no, I can't knowledgeably refute nor confirm the veracity of the many different claims now swirling all about. But I do think that it is a teachable moment.

Out of deep concern and with a heavy heart, I'm including these news links from within our cannabis community, just like I would any other important story. Without doubt, sexual harassment is very disturbing. Can't be allowed. Needs to stop. Please also see the proactive links I've posted in "Green Marketing" below. Hopefully we can somehow learn to work to better prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, on a go forward basis, as a positive outcome from of all this!

Cannabis Culture Kaput? CC's Jodie Emery and CEO Jeremiah Vandermeer are struggling to save the dispensary chains last 3 outlets in Vancouver BC. After January 31st, only Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot-TV and a bong shop/ lounge will remain; the last of CC's once loud and proud activist/ entrepreneurial legacy. Marc and Jodie Emery separated about a year or so ago. Continue to work together as business partners, with Jodie at the helm, since about 2009. Sadly, 50 employees will be laid off, as the city closes their remaining dispensaries. Due to a recent BC supreme court ruling, police have been ordered to close all 53 of BC's un licensed cannabis shops. CC is requesting an emergency license to sell medical cannabis products, not otherwise available in the province's 3 remaining, regulated stores @ CC @ GStraight

Union Busting: OPSEU President Smokey Thomas accuses the Ford PC's of ordering police to stop workers from unionizing at the province's OCS warehouse. The new top secret and privatized cannabis distribution centre is located in Oakville, Ontario. This smacks of backroom shenanigans. Is Dougie setting it up and running it as a private, non union, government shop, outside the public eye? Little surprise @ OPSEU @ NK

Med Pot Tax: Canada's medical cannabis community continues to organize against the unfair, government, sin tax targeting our favoured, prescription herb @ GStraight

Med Pot Tax Time: Yip! It's tax time. Did you know that in Canada you can claim your prescription receipts on your return as a "medical expense deduction"? How many $$$ can you get back? Depends upon how much you spent and how much you earned. Don't expect much, but of course, every bit helps. More @ Lift

No Place 2 Toke: Now that weed's legal where can we safely enjoy a social toke, especially if we face a condo or apartment pot ban at home? Jenna Valleriani and Abi Roach explain how bad the situation is in Ontario, where the status of even our vapour lounges remains unclear @ OC

Condo Law: Unfortunately, many ill advised, Ontario condo boards gambled on passing in suite pot bans, as legalization approached. Medical cannabis exemptions? Forget it. Nor can recreational users now safely and privately enjoy a legal toke at home. Expect lots of expensive, charter right challenges to come! Don't be too surprised if the high court costs drives up your maintenance fees. Someones got to pay for your board's tom foolery. Welcome to 2019! @ BK

Driving Laws: Police are ticketing about 21 Ontario drivers a day for cannabis offences, under our new zero tolerance laws. Expect lots of legal challenges ahead. Many medical cannabis patients will erroneously test over the litigious limits. The flurry of charges? A clear violation of our charter rights @ HT @ Global

$54 Million: That's how much Canadians spent on government weed during the first month of legal sales. Note that in Ontario, Canada's largest market, we could only buy legal weed from the troubled plagued OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store]. Then there's the supposed "weed shortage". The unregulated market is, of course, a whole other story. More @ Nasdaq

Not So Belle Province: The CAQ [Coalition Avenir Quebec] is raising the legal age in the province to 21 for buying cannabis. Get this -they've banned smoking weed in public now too! Expect lots of court challenges @ CBC 


Dem's On Weed: 6 leading Democratic presidential candidates want to legalize weed; Sanders, WarrenHarris, Booker, Gillibrand and KlobucharWM

Make America High Again: Seems like William Barr, Trump's new pick for a Attorney General, might not be another federal reefer madman like outgoing AG Jeff Sessions. Let's see @ Forbes

US Bipartisan Weed Patch: The new, new US Congress is perhaps the most pro-cannabis yet. Despite the deadlocks and shut downs, when it comes to legalization, expect the flurry of bipartisan cannabis bills to continue unabated! God knows if any will pass, but a big push is on to reduce federal intervention and assist vets @MM. There's a specific focus on protecting state medical pot laws from federal intervention @ MM And on removing cannabis from the controlled substance list. Could be big game changers for the US cannabiz sector. Create jobs. Stimulate the economy. Generate tax revenue. Hopefully the GOP stays the course! And the Donald isn't a total ass hole again [and again and again ...]. Doesn't nix any deal at the last minute. Maybe not now that reefer madman AG Jeff Session is gone? Inhale. Hold ... @ MM

US Governors + Weed: And the winners are ...... Here's the best and the worst pro pot governors from both parties. Hooray @ Forbes

Ganja News: Jamaica is struggling real hard to develop it's legalized medical cannabis industry. Enjoy the medical and economic benefits. But Schedule 1 and 4 of the UN Conventions continue to stand in the way. Add the related banking issues that creates. According to international law, Jamaica is still designated a pariah, or more specifically an "illegal drug trafficking state". So much for all it's good efforts @ JGlea

Jah Brand: Meanwhile, Rastafarian cultivators want to protect the international GI [Geographical Indicator] copyrights, for their irie brand of Jamaican ganja. So that everybody knows where it's from. Can't just pass off any ol' herb as being the same. Ya mon! Rasta ganja is very much the product of their unique cultivation methods. Plus the island's tropical climate and growing conditions. Makes sensi -real sense! But will they succeed?!? @ JGlea


Health Canada ends 2018 by adding 6 new LP's [licensed producers] to it's government approved list. 56 LP's were licensed in 2018, 47 in 2017. But the stamp of approval remains a mixed blessing for many growers. It comes with just so many hard ass rules and regulations, that it's very tough to compete and make a profit, in the marketplace today. Then again, there's those huge, new, legal LP grow ops sprouting up across the country. Long term? Hold on tight, Wait a few years. You're looking good! Especially for export sales! But until then ....?! More @ NCV

OCS Hack: Oh oh! The Ontario Cannabis Store was hacked! We can only buy legal weed from the on line OCS here in our province, so you can't use cash. Weed's illegal most everywhere outside Canada. Now, your personal info has been stolen. Is maybe being shared around the world. Travel much? For business? Pleasure? Not kool @ FP

Inside Dope: Winnipeg LP Bonify is busted for slipping a lil' dubious, non-company weed into their shipments. Also, for selling E-Coli infected boo. So much for the much touted virtues of safe, regulated LP cannabis, eh? Can't be helping biz @ WSun

Pot Blogging: What to do about the many restrictions imposed on advertising cannabis products and services in Canada? Blogging can offer another, safer way to enhance your business growth. Of course, this is a non-commercial, non-monetized, indie activist blogsite, but consider the possibilities @ MJS

Corporate Culture: Now hiring! Canada's legal Cannabis industry! But they're mostly targeting traditional corporate suits, from the alcohol, tobacco and consumer packaging sector, to steer their future growth. Hmmm. Y'know what else we used to call a stiff suit? When we were being nice? "Squares". Even "establos". I liked that one myself. Until now, Canada's cannabiz sector has been very diversified, underground, and counter cultural. Fortunately, there's our heritage Women's Grow/ Green Market Toronto advocates like creative, cannabis activist and entrepreneur Lisa Campbell, now the CEO of Toronto based Lifford Cannabis Solutions. She's among the new breed of progressives whom are also up there in the corporate boardroom, keeping an eye on the things for us. Take it away, Lisa @ MJBiz

Dept of PR: Aurora, 48th North, and Good and Green are among the many LP's trying to creatively market and promote our favourite herb, despite the ridiculous, "hands tied" advertising restrictions of Prohibition 2.0. Hope they hired a few heads, rather than just leave this job to the suits! @ BAC

Cash CropAltria Group Inc and Cronos are wisely eyeing both hemp and cannabis as a profitable alternative to growing tobacco. Or for that matter soybeans. So. Whatcha' like best? Soybeans? Tobacco?? Or weed?!? Nuff said Bloom

Right Wing Watch: Remember Premier Doug Ford's crackpot "pal"and former Toronto Councillor/ Reefer Madman Giorgio Mammoliti? After getting the election boot, he's shown up stateside! At Green Growth Brands! As their new Director of Government Relations! Beware: Our Giorgio has a long track record as a total First Class, Grade A, Number Uno Ass Hole. A very nasty, Con-servative. A total creep! Maybe stateside nobody knows? Or cares?! Booooooooooo to Green Growth! Everyone! Be very careful around this slime ball with your weed @ DH @ BlogTo

Hostile Takeover Bid Fails: Any coincidence? Canuck LP Altria Inc. rejects Green Growth's "inadequate" and "undervalued" takeover bid. Say it's "not in their interest". Sounds slimy. Where's Giorgio?!? @ BNN

Busted: Dougie's daughter Kyla Ford gets caught selling cannabis oil on Instagram. Meanwhile, daddy's huffing and puffing away on the nightly news about nixing our big, bad "black market". Surprised? The Ford crew's ballsy, but none too swift @ Huff

Hempy New Year: Hemp products are projected to become a huge new consumer market. Producers are focusing big time on it's use in food, fibre, building materials, health supplements, plastics, cosmetics and pet treats/ toys. All this and more @ WW

Shoppers Drug Mart is selling medical pot online, in Ontario only, for now. Dunno if you can use your points card. Plus unlike their other prescription drugs, it's also taxed. Naaa -stick with Weedmaps! @ CBC


Women in Cannabiz: The allegations of sexual harassment at Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture aren't an isolated event. Female cannabis workers from Women Grow, Green Tent and Boss Ladies of Cannabis explain from first hand experience, how sexual discrimination often manifests itself with the cannabis industry @ Lift

Glad 2B Gay: LGBTQ community activists are increasingly speaking out too, in order to reclaim their space within the predominantly CIS, straight and male orientated cannabiz sector. There's a lot we all need to know and consider carefully, to make it more welcoming and inclusive. Also, to avoid a whole lot of truly horrible legal problems if we don't. Here's are some good links to learn more @ Rise @ Leafly

Respectful Workplace: A pro-active, human resource strategy can help constructively fight bias, bulling, discrimination and sexual harassment in the cannabis workplace. As more women and minorities step up in the business world, a safe, healthy and inclusive work environment is absolutely necessary, for your company to succeed. 

Unsolicited touching? Inappropriate talk? Sexual harassment is nothing new, even within the cannabis industry. For years, nobody usually said much. Maybe wrote it off as just stupid guy stuff. Privileged information. Or a joke. 

Nowadays, we must do a lot better than this, to create a level playing field at work. So that we can all work together to do a good job. Pay the bills. Realize our potential.

Think "respectful workplace" and "consent". A safe and healthy environment works. It's good for staff development. Team building. Commitment. Productivity. Morale. Now and for the future. 

Let's not settle for anything less. Without doubt, there's lots of bad behaviour in the working world. In the cannabis sector too. The horror stories are everywhere @ FL @ NFD 

Here are some psychological reasons for why men harass women at work PT @ CNBC A lot of the focus today, is on the relationship between sexuality and power in the workplace @ HRL and @ KGR

So what to do when we see or experience a problem at work? As staff? Management? And as the boss? For starters, here are some very good, practical tips @ Gratton @ Evio 

Think and behave proactively! Now! Rather than have a very hurtful and counterproductive, legal mess wreck total havoc at your place of work! @ @ HRL CBL @ CBE

Unionize! Unions are at the forefront in advocating respectful workplace policies. Plus they've got the legal resources to back you up. Fed up with substandard, b.s. working conditions? Troubled by sexual harassment and discrimination in your cannabis workplace? Not getting anywhere? Consider joining a union @ Vice

Medical Verses Recreational Pot: So what's the difference under Canada's new legalization laws? How are they different? Alike? Think THC/CBD levels, additives, contaminants, and accessibility too. Then there's the controversy over taxing prescription weed @ Leafly

Big Pharma Scam: The big pharmaceutical companies have been very busy suppressing and banning cannabis since the 1930's. That despite it's use for thousands of years as a safe, natural remedy for countless medical needs. Why the BS? To develop and then profit from often, much, more dangerous, chemical drugs instead. If you get real sick and there's a good pill -take it. If not? Perhaps just to maintain? Check out the medical benefits of weed @ NN

CBD's in Kiddie Land: Nope! Medical CBD's don't get you high. Plus, they're a very promising alternative to a lot of other, much more, controversial pharma drugs. But are they safe for children too? More @ Mel

Make your own RSO [Rick Simpson Oil]: It lasts longer. Is a great medical treatment for cancer or whatever ails. And just to get high. Here's the inside dope on Rick's very special home made oil @ Leafly

Know Your Strains: No! All weed isn't created equal. Some strains are good for this, others for that. Pain? Relaxation? Focus? A good high? Here's another link to a helpful guide. Includes growing info too @ MG

Autism Elixir: More on how cannabis could prove useful in treating autism @ AIW

On Judging Cannabis: Very important! Do you know how to check your buds and ash for curing and flush. Lisa Campbell and Dana Larsen help explain how to spot the good, top quality weed @ 420In


Puff, Puff Pass: Time to brush up on our pot etiquette; Bongs? Lighters? Toking? Sharing? A little politeness and consideration go a long, comfortable way. This primer's good for old timers and newbies alike @ TS

Hi! Hi! High! Lesbian and bi-women are out toking their straight sisters. Here's why @ LGBTQH

On The ... Ahem ... Mature Toker: Hey baby boomers! Guess what? We're seniors now! Aches? Pains? Stress? Or for just a lil' pick-me-up? To really chill? Without the hangovers! Blackouts! Well, fuck booze. Or pills. Smoke weed instead! @ Gu

"Tea" Time: Or here are some trez kool, easy recipes for making yer own cannabis infused tea. Nice, nice very nice on a cold winter day. Just add ice and chill come summer! @ HM @ Leafly @ HMJ

Coffee + Weed: Remember those heady 60's?!? The good, old fashioned, coffeehouse might be about to make a cannabis comeback with legalization now upon us. Please note that this is a US article. It's still uncertain to what extent that will be allowed in Canada. More @ Forbes

Canuck Cannabis Tourism Scene: Sadly, legalization has thrown up a lot of roadblocks to weed tourism across Canada @ Global But if you're visiting Toronto, here's some kool tips, with more to follow @ WB @ FG

Over Sexed: Ignite's supposedly titillating billboards are raising more disturbing questions about sexism within the cannabis advertising industry @ Vice

CBS: No Medical Pot Super Bowl Ads: But booze, pharma ads and boner pills are okay?!? Sigh! Alas! Watch it here @ BW

Bluntly Speaking: How much weed does Snoop Dog actually smoke? 81 blunts a day  times 7 daze a week, eh?!? Whoa! Check it out @ CTR


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!