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Monday, 26 June 2017

Oh Cannabis Summer News + Views!









Monday, 12 June 2017

Teacher Free Speech June News + Views!

hEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... Legalization news now moved to "Oh Cannabis!" @ LINK!


OTPP [Ontario Teacher Pension Plan: Some good news! Full inflation protection has been restored for the retired members, plus there's a contribution rate reduction for the active teachers! @ OTPP

No Justice No Peace: ETFO is rising to the challenge! The public elementary teachers' are returning to court to seek a "fair remedy" for their lost rights under the Ontario government's illegal Bill 115 from 2012! Will OSSTF and OECTA still just continue to sadly suckle on the Neo Liberal "extended contract" election teat? @ ETFO

Invaluable for School AND Home: "Four Tips for Effective Lesson Planning on Fake News" @ ASCD

School Violence is cited as the reason for a 29% spike in teacher sick days in Waterloo region. Alas! Also check the dramatic rise in staff sick days across the province of Ontario, especially by our hard hit CYW [Child Youth Workers] and EA's [Educational Assistants] @ Star

Not So Peaceful Kingdom: Nova Scotia teachers call for more support staff and a "clearer discipline process". Statistics now show that students in the province's public school system threaten or commit violence 1100 times a month. Endangered educators are regularly being bitten, spit at and punched by "troubled youth". The students also can't be easily removed from the classrooms they are disturbing, without proper procedures and supports in place, for safety and legal reasons. The Nova Scotia government is downplaying the crisis, nonsensically claiming that the bad behavior will decrease as the kids grow older and somehow learn to "self regulate" themselves @ Global

Autism Ontario: With an election looming in spring 2018, the increasingly desperate Wynne government is finally taking action! They've made some long awaited and much needed changes to autism programming in the province's schools. The process has been "streamlined", and students will now be "serviced" until age 18. Now if somebody could only light a fire under their butt about school safety! @ Star

Surplus Beginning Teachers in Ontario, Alberta and BC learn to navigate a very tight job market @ Globe

Austerity Binge: CUPE's Saskatchewan school workers say it's an "absolute no" to a 3.5% pay cut and 3 years of frozen wages @ CBC

Catholic School Funding: The Saskatchewan government decides to appeal a court ruling that public funding of it's "non minority" Catholic school system is a "violation of equality rights" under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Seems they might also evoke the "notwithstanding clause" to nix the decision when the legislature meets again this fall @ RegPost

School Facts: Cuba provides universal access to education for all it's citizens from kindergarten through university, despite a crippling, 50 year plus, US economic embargo @ ACEX


Manitoba NDP MP Niki Ashton: enters the federal party leadership race promising to try to "bring the Bernie Sanders movement to Canada". Alas! The time seems right, and it might've once been a good fit for the proudly progressive party. However, today's wishy washy NDP seems more set on self destruct, as it strays from it's leftist roots. Is Niki's plan doomed?!? @ Tab and @ NatPost

NDP Intrigues: The Canadian Labour Congress [CLC] has been working the party backrooms trying to finally oust deadbeat, federal NDP Leader/ Not the Leader Thomas Mulcair once and for all @ ipolitics

"Andrew Who?" Or "Harper 2.0": Meet CPC Andrew Scheer, Canada's new federal opposition leader. Will he be any match for Justin T?!? @ TorLife

The Trouble With Andrew: Scheer's been described as a theologically driven, social conservative with close ties to the alt right "Rebel Media" group. Seems the Conservative party is about to abandon the voter rich political centre where Canadian elections are usually lost and won @ Now

All Talk? The Trudeau government promises Canada will help "pick up the slack" after US President Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord @ CBC

No Go: Canuck leftist firebrand Naomi Klein warns that it's dangerous not to hold Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accountable for his election promises on climate, energy and indigenous issues, as Canada now feels the brunt of the "Trump trajectory" from our neighbour to the south @ MacLeans

Trump Appeasement:Trudeau is accused of trying to appease President Trump as they begin to renegotiate NAFTA. Reportedly, Trudeau asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to leave the Paris Climate Accord out of a planned NATO statement after the recent summit/ non summit in Brussels. However, the Canadian government is denying the media claim, and has requested a retraction of the allegedly false news story @ NatPost

Justin Vichy: Seems our Canadian PM is now also willing to increase defence sending and help out the poor old, military-industrial complex, in another effort at appeasing the Trumpster, as he sets out to MAGA [to Make America Great Again] @ Star

Standing Rock North: The appeasement news stories follow an earlier statement by Trudeau that he was "very pleased" Trump has approved the Keystone XL pipeline. Doesn't that contradict his previous bromance with former US President Barrack Obama over all things environmental? Also his self professed deep respect for First Nation treaty rights? Are Trudeau's moves just some fancy political footwork? A part of a larger negotiation strategy? Regretfully, they smack more of a Liberal flip flop and appeasement with the Donald! Ugggh! Read @ Star

Cuba Si! Seems Justin is sticking to Canada's long standing policy of constructive engagement with Cuba despite Trump's "crackdown"! Canada's business and tourist trade continue "business as usual" with the rogue socialist state for now, same as they have throughout the permanent state of emergency under the illegal US embargo, since 1961. But for how much longer?!? More @ Huff

Counterpoint: Canada's Trump Strategy: On a positive note, there are claims that Justin is working with the provincial premiers to "go around Trump" forging "direct ties" at every level of the US local, state and federal government to box him in on policies that would be detrimental to Canada. Apparently it's a strategy that even former PC PM Brian Mulroney, Trump's neighbour in Florida is in on too. How long will it work? @ NYT

Wynne Win: Seems even Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has been involved in Trudeau's Trump strategy. She successfully applied pressure for New York State to back off a protectionist "Buy America" policy that would've been detrimental to both Canadian and US businesses, by threatening to retaliate! Pretty ballsy! Hope there's more method to her madness @ NYT

Fake News North: Canadians shouldn't feel too smug about the rash of misleading "truthiness" of "alt news facts" by "election hackers" and "purveyors of fake news" south of our border. It's a growing concern here too that will only get a lot worse come the next federal election. Unfortunately, not much is being done to deal with the threat @ Globe

It Can't Happen Here? Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is under attack for exposing "corporate media lies" about the War in Syria! Hmmmm .... so, what aren't we being told about Canada's involvement?!? @ ActivistPost


"National Security Presidential Memorandum on Straightening the Policy of the United States Towards Cuba": Read the text of Trump's travel ban @ WH and a news backgrounder @ NYT

Normalizing Chaos: Obama's efforts to normalize US relations with Cuba, as brokered with help from Canada and the Vatican, was a "smashing success" until the Donald came along to destroy it @ Nation

Pay Back Time: So why change course now? To stand up for human rights?!? Well then what about China? Vietnam? Saudi Arabia? Etc. Etc. Etc... Truth be told, Trump is in debt to Senator Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart and the Miami Right for their election support. Get behind the scenes with the Cuban backroom boys @ Politico and @ MJ

Double $tandard$: Eager Biz Mogul Trump illegally violated the U$ embargo of Cuba him$elf for profit and personal gain during the 1990'$ @ Daily

Revision Not Reversal: Despite Trump's claims that he's "completely cancelled" Obama's "deal" with Cuba, little has really changed. In some cases, tourist travel for US citizens will become more difficult to arrange @ MHerald

Cuba Tripping: A guide for US traveller's to Cuba under the Trump travel ban @ RollingStone

Vamos: Cuba refuses to negotiate with Trump under pressure or threat @ Atlantic

Viva Cuba! Read the official Cuban critique of Trump's Miami Right inspired travel ban @ Granma

So Bad It's Good: GOP Majority House Leader Kevin McCarthy explains how withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is actually a good thing. Just thank American ingenuity and the free enterprise system for a better world without an environmental agreement! And if you believe that, maybe I can sell you some private property in Cuba? No?!? Why not??? @ KMML

Trump-ocracy 101: Trump White House messaging on the Paris Accords shifts from blatant outright lies to authoritarian style propaganda, to further the corporate agenda and reassure the faithful that everything's fine @ MediaMatters

Trump-ocracy 201: On "tracking the creeping authoritarianism" of the Donald through his conspiracy theories, attacks on the media, praise for tyrants and countless other befuckling moves @ MotherJ

America's New Crime Boss: Former FBI Chief James Comey's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee reveals Trump's "management style" is more like that of an American Mafioso then the President of the United States @ Globe

Loyalty Issues: A full transcript and video of the Comey hearing is @ NYT

Loyalty Tests: Trump's "loyalty test" is having a very debilitating effect on US government institutions and staff. Ask yourself, is this by accident or design? Hmmmmm. Read @ Time

"An Appetite For Chaos" or "Self Inflicted Pain + Incompetence" or "This Is Not Celebrity Apprentice": Confusion and anger are also the order of the day within the dysfunctional Trump White House @ NYT

Department of Alt Facts: Check out the Trump team's anti-Comey talking points and media propaganda to better understand the dark side's complete disregard for the President's obvious lack of respect, understanding and allegiance to the rule of law @ Boing

To Russia With Love? By accident or design, Trump's chaotic presidency has served to divide Americans, destabilized the countries long standing and fruitful alliances as a world leader, and helped strengthen Russia's international hand @ MotherJ

LGBTQ Fight Back: Trump's attack on LGBTQ rights is galvanizing Gay Pride activists across the US at this year's celebrations @ MotherJ

Life In The Saudi Den of Extremism: Dumbfounding Donald thinks his massive arms deal involving advanced weapon systems is worth the Saudis promise of a $200 billion investment for "building infrastructure" back in the USA. He also somehow manages to forget that it comes courtesy of the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists @ Alternet

Mid East Sizzle: The Trump-Saudi deal lacks enough economic substance to actually create very many jobs back in the United States. Moreover, it pretty much gives the questionable Saudis a free hand to do as they please in the troubled region, with US support! Unfortunately, their track record is not very good, to say the least. More @ MotherJ

"Missing In Action" or "The MOAT [Mother Of All Terrorists]": Civilian casualties in the ISIS terrorist hotbeds of Iraq and Syria are mounting from the US lead coalition air strikes, which also employ Canada's CF-18 jet fighters. They deadly attacks are seldom investigated. Nor do they get much media attention over here @ AlterNet

On The Killing Floor: The UN claims 300 civilians have died in US lead air-strikes in Raqqa, Syria since March alone! @ Reuters

MOAT 2: US airstrikes in Afghanistan have tripled after 16 years of a war that's reduced the country to rubble many times over, to no avail @ DailySab

Expect Retaliation: Human right monitors are trying to investigate the US lead forces use of deadly white phosphorus incendiary weapons on civilian targets in Syria. It's creating extremists whom can't possibly fight back with even nearly the same military force that we have. Still they can retaliate an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth style with a home made terrorist attack. Then we are surprised, shocked and angry in the west! But before we get too indignant, who is really the Mother of All Terrorists??? More @ Snopes

The War Against Terrorism as a Fraud: Getting sick and tired of surrendering more and more of our basic, hard earned civil liberties every time the government announces it's latest measures to fight terrorism? Why not? A lot of often very dubious terrorist threats have been used since 9/11 to expand their authority and control over us. They argue that it's an emergency, and quite conveniently, a permanent one at that! How dare we question what's really going on!!! Pffffffft! @ DailyB

Who Loves the Donald?!? The military-industrial complex, that's who! More @  GlobalRe

War Watch: Syria, Iran and/ or North Korea -who's it going to be? @ NEO

Theresa May May Not Survive! It's official! The Conservative party has squandered and lost it's "working majority" in the recent UK election. The Brexit wing of British politicking takes a darn, good shellacking @ Toi and @ TeleNews

Bad Seeds: There's an Global Arctic Vault in Norway, where 5,500 crop seeds from around the world are being safely stored in case of an emergency. Well folks, the emergency is here! Due to global warming, the vault is melting! @ BBC


Bruce La Bruce: The Toronto based "cult" movie maker/ writer/ and queer core punkster discusses the role of "lesbian terrorists", "second wave feminism" and "radical queer cinema" in his latest batch of challenging, thought provoking films @ Now

2 of Amerika's Most Wanted: The Trumpster angers Latino's and blacks while playing up to his white base by targeting Tupac's auntie and Black Panther member Assata Shakur, who was granted political asylum in Cuba by Fidel Castro back in the day. He wants her returned to the US to face criminal charges, but of course, Cuba says no @ Telesur

The Donald? Tupac would NOT be impressed ....

Nice Nice Very Nice: The stereotype that we Canadians are polite to a fault is critically re-examined and largely debunked, eh @ Huff

Pink Floydian Studies: "The Dark Side of The Moon" -What's it all about? @ Spinditty

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: A woman has photo shopped her body 18 different ways to illustrate the "ideal picture of beauty" from different countries around the world. The purpose is to reveal how subjective and depending upon context, the concept really is @ 22W

Cold Place: Moby's new video sounds the alarm about the rise and violent fall of capitalism, greed and President Donald Trump in no uncertain terms @ Huff And of course MAGA objects @ Alternet

Talking To Yourself: Ever catch yourself doing it?! Don't worry, talking to yourself can be a good thing. Helps you organize your thoughts, put things in perspective and feel motivated. Not sure about doing so in the 3rd person though, like you are somebody else, as this article suggests. Personally, I always talk directly to myself in the first person ... hmmm ... but to each their own, especially if it works. Right, me? Yup! @ NYT


Summer 2017 Blog Update!

Still keepin' an eye on things during summer at the lake!

Summertime finds Janet y I tripping back and forth between town and country; our Toronto home and our countryside summer place near Bon Echo Park, Land o' Lakes. With friends and family dropping by all the time at both locales, I'm taking care of the summer festivities out here on the shores of Lake Mississaganon.

Hard work but somebodies got to do it! I'm retired, so to speak .... Since Victoria Day, I've been busy here cleaning, setting up, kayaking and getting ready. Yup! It's time for another trez kool summer tripping and grooving out by the lake!

As a result, this blogsite will be on reduced hours as we slip into our summer mode until autumn rolls around again. As much as Janet and I love to travel, there's nothing finer than a Canadian summer. We plan to enjoy it fully! 

Fortunately, we've got internet here now! Yup! Our trailer's finally "on the grid". So this year I'll still be online, if not as much as usual as during the rest of the year, to attend to the following regular site features:

Summer Daze!

Twitter: Check me out for my regular blogsite updates, lotsa extra news links, pix, and kool tunes etc. etc. at @davidchiarelli

New Blogs: These will become available, as different issues and events warrant, throughout the summer.

Oh Cannabis News + Views -My Stoner Newz Feature: I'm starting a new summer edition, which will be updated on a regular/ fairly regularly basis during the daze ahead. Stay tuned!

Teacher Free Speech News + Views -The Straight Goods: Ditto. My new Summer Edition will continue to keep an eye on the world at large, in all it's folly. Be sure to check it out for updates too!

Wood Shedding: Rainy days can find me busy typing away. Some of my more lengthy features [The "Bob Marley" series, some of my backgrounders on medical cannabis, legalization and on Cuba etc. etc. etc.] get knocked off this way to post later. I also want to update you a bit on my site's new "Oh Cannabis" focus, as it continues to evolve, since I've retired from teaching, so that should be coming your way too, during the summer months ahead ....

Teacher Free Speech News + Views Archive 2011-17: There is ALOT of valuable info here! My teacher readers in particular, might still wish to refer back to those for our contract negotiations with the Ontario government over the years. [Alas!] Then there's the travel blogs, Cuba stories, and all sorts of other dope stuff that's still a pretty good read! It's yours to explore @ Here!

This autumn Janet and I will be travelling to Europe, Rome and Prague. Come winter, I plan to go back to teach at the Cuban schools and do my scuba/ snorkeling thing. There's plenty still coming on this site!

Hope you enjoy the Summer Edition!


David C ..........

Yup! This is pretty much my yearly routine nowadaze. Some links: 

Kayaking: My meditation, straight or stoned @ Here!

Trailer Park BoyTeacher retirement as a seasonal thing @ Here!

Land o' Lake Ontario Canada: Includes "The Spring Mating Symphony Of The Frogs + Toads" @ Here!

Lake Mississaganon beckons ...


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Cannabis Culture 5: May 23rd Court Date!

Canada's most high profile cannabis activists; Marc y Jodie Emery, Chris y Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra, aka the Cannabis Culture 5 [CC5], returned to court May 23 at Toronto's old city hall. 

Here are the takeaways: The Crown has finally provided full disclosure of the evidence against the CC5. There will be a judicial pre-trial meet. Another court date is set for June 15th.

The CC5 left by noon with their lawyer to review the evidence and discuss their case. Happily, unlike during the CC5 March bail hearing [Here!] [Here!] the grinding tedium of the court process was kept to a minimum, the proceedings mercifully short

Sadly, mainstream news coverage of the May 23rd court date has been minimal and in very short supply. So too an answer from Toronto Police Services [TPS], the Mayor's Office or the Trudeau government, to the excellent questions Jodie raised in her court step media scrum. Here's my unedited video clip of her comments for you to see @ HERE! 

Consider this:

Why are police targeting Canada's most high profile cannabis activists, and the increasingly popular dispensary movement now, after the cannabis community has fought for decades to legalize weed? As Jodie explains we potheads are peaceful, non violent, and guilty at worst of a victimless crime!

Why aren't other more violent, dangerous offenders now being rounded up instead? Inexplicably, with legalization coming in Spring 2018, the number of cannabis prohibition busts quite drastically continues to grow!

Make no mistake! The new Canadian reefer madness is creating an unnecessary and very costly burden for our overtaxed police and court system! Taking away dollars that could be much better spent on our hospitals and schools, and to protect us from the much more dangerous criminal elements on our streets!

Welcome to Prohibition 2.0! The Trudeau neo liberals and their corporate cronies are eyeing the big profit$ and tax dollar$ to be made from "legalization". Of course decriminalization or an amnesty doesn't make any sense! Plus an example must be made of the high profile Cannabis Culture 5 activists for standing in the way. Trudeau's henchmen are very busy clearing the path for a big cannabiz monopoly takeover come next year!


Oh Cannabis News Y Views: Lots of informative links from Winter 2016-17 are posted here @ 12 @ 3 @ NOW!


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Review: Toronto Cannabis March Green Market!

A very successful Green Village was held north of the Queens Park Legislature at the Charles Street staging area for the May 6th 19th Annual Toronto Global Cannabis March.[LINK] It quickly became a happy cannabis picnic adventure! Also a very excellent shopping event! I'm posting photos here and on Twitter, to provide you with a better idea on product pricing and availability. Here are a few personal observations:

Buds: A wide variety of strains were available from the umpteen vender's setting up their tables y tents. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Generally speaking, buds cost $9-12 a gram [$1 US = 0.73 Cdn!], tax included! I was pleased to find  a "Green Crack" bud. Bought it on a whim! There was lotsa creative marketing. Plenty of great deals. "Weed The North" handed out free t-shirts while promoting their bargain priced, pre rolled, 420 joints. Jamie and the venerable "Village Cannabis Dispensary" bud masters brought along some quality boo. Also their trez kool Pink Floyd VCD t-shirts too. 

Vaporizer Pens: Disposable vaporizers were widely available to sample and buy. Most were priced in the $40 - $60 range for a disposable pen, $70-100 for a reusable charger with a full tank. It's important to be able to check these out yourself for duds! Standard bearer "Toko" was in attendance. There were plenty of new models from the competition to try out for quality control purposes too.

Dream Leaf: I got a refillable vapor pen being test marketed at the "Puffdog Farms" stand [LINK] [] in exchange for a review. Here goes:

I chose the Pineapple Express and Blueberry OG extracts. Yummy! A natural taste! Not too sweet! A good high! 

The sleek, silver or white battery provides a strong, steady and hearty draw. It's very easy to recharge and use, even when I'm in a hurry. The handy USB charger always keeps the heater going for a full day outing, no problemo! 

The Dream Leaf pens are very competitively priced at $20 for the battery, $40 for a refill tank. Screw them together. The pen is 14.5 mm in length and .8 mm in width. The handy, tailored mouth tip makes for a smooth, even draw. The overall presentation is very kool and discreet. One can comfortably vape pretty much anywhere on these sleek lil' babies, without being noticed by any uptight squares.

Dream Leaf stressed that they are very careful about pesticides and the processing of their potent and mind expanding extracts. Are still working on a brand name and the marketing angle. Plus they promise it'll be convenient to get refills on a regular basis here in the Toronto area.

I'll follow up on my continued use of these Dream Leaf pens in the "Green Marketing" section of my Oh Cannabis News y Views blog. I can also write a more lengthy review, as the product, distribution details and strains are developed further, if Dream Leaf likes.

Keep an eye out for this one! In my books, Green Leaf's new prototype pen scores a solid A+

[Are you interested in a review? See below [#1]. 

Hashish: Moroccan or Afghani was plentiful, priced at $15-20 gram . A carefully weighed jeeb usually came packaged in a small, brown envelope, so it doesn't get lost. In recalling the vintage originals from back in the day, I'm pleased to report that the taste, texture, body and colour was quite authentic, but of course the THC is much higher nowadays!

Concentrates-Shatter: There were lots of excellent $5 to $10 dabs. The "McMedible Centre" featured $3 dabs! By the way, free samples were in abundance at the Green Market, if you arrived early for the protest march.

M-edibles: Plenty of  tasty, cannabis infused baked goods, candies and snacks were available, priced at $5-20 depending on potency and size. "Fritz's" gummies, lollipops and t.v. treats remain a big personal favourite. Glad to see my "Canada Pure 710" gummy faves available here in the Toronto area again. "White Label Baking's" 3 pack, 75 mg gummies scored a knock down punch. "Jake and Eva's" home made cookies came courtesy of a lotta TLC! Regretfully, the expiry dates on most of these products remain allusive, an especially big no no for the medical cannabis patient. Let's get on top of this quick folks!

Topical Creams: Chatham's "Spread the Love" was on hand to let us sample their infused creams. Dana Larsen's Karma Kup Award Winning  "MMJ" topicals were in plentiful supply. They were regularly priced, but with the tax included, still a very good deal.

Swag: "Weed Maps" was on hand to sign up new subscribers. Hand out free prizes. I scored a Weed Maps cap. As for stoner clothes, pipes, jewellery, or rolling papers? There were a lot of really kool vender's at the Green Market. It was a shopping extravaganza for psychedelic stuff that was certain to catch your eye, whether one was straight or high!

Food: Blech! Greasy, fast food trucks ruled the day. Some natural and exotic fast food options would've been very much appreciated. Cannabis infused too? All the better! Marc Emery introduced me to the "High Society Supper Club" crew [Link] []. They were in attendance, drumming up local business for their dinner events. Perhaps we will soon see some more tantalizing offerings in the fast food department at our future cannabis events? During the daze, months and years ahead? I hope so!


The streets of the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] have become a thriving weed patch during the ongoing Project Claudia/ Gator raids! Regretfully, it's very hard to freely sample and openly ask questions about the many available products and stains, many of which were here, all in one safe, friendly place! 

The Green Market downtown, cannabis market cum picnic event was a definite crowd pleaser. Surely, it demonstrated a very strong demand that's going unfulfilled. More of these "on the fly" outdoor markets are certainly in order for our GTA cannabis community as the summer season beckons us outdoors. They could also be a real compliment to the Toronto tourist scene! Unfortunately, Mayor John Tory can't grasp that despite his business sense! Certainly Toronto's falsely maligned GTA cannabiz entrepreneurs do, and a splendid time was guaranteed for all!


Perhaps I should do product reviews more often! Please contact me via email or my site if interested. Should it turn out that your product or service flunks the test, we can certainly talk first, to try to fix the problem. I'm a hard but very fair and honest marker. Quite well read! Email me @ [LINK] []


Monday, 8 May 2017

Protest Videos! - The 19th Toronto Marijuana March!

On Saturday May 6th 2017, Toronto cannabis activists marched to protest the Trudeau government's legalization plans in Canada. Wait a minute! Cannabis activists marching against legal weed?

Ironically, yes it's true! It was absolutely necessary too! To wit; in her fight against "complacency", Grand Marshall Jodie Emery [Flare] lead the march carrying two signs that read:

"Just Say No To Cannabis Arrests!" and "No More Marijuana Arrests!"

Further protest chants included;

"No More Raids!"
"Fuck Project Gator!" 
"This is What a Police State Looks Like!"
"We're Here! We're High! Get Use to It!"

And last but not least, frequent calls for "Freedom" and "Amnesty!"

The march proceeded north from the Green Market gathering point on Queen's Park Crescent at Charles Street, outside the provincial legislature. We marched east on Bloor St, and south on Yonge, our protest numbers blocking both lanes of traffic. At Wellesley Street, the march turned west, back to Queen's Park again.

Marchers included a happy mix of cannabis activists both old and new. Although we were visibly angry, it was a very positive and empowering march. There were medical cannabis patients. Rights activists. Heritage tokers who remember the bad old days only too well. And newbies who don't want to see it happen again, under "legalization".

Saturday's march was fueled by anger over the Trudeau government's largely ignored attempts to create a police enforced monopoly over the legalization process in Canada. It's easy to see why that rubs us the wrong way; both grass root activists and simple enthusiasts alike, in our homegrown, Canadian, cannabis community.

A quick history lesson -For almost 100 years, Canada's independent growers, producers, and dealers, as well as medical and recreational users, have been discriminated against by our countries cannabis laws. It's been done with extreme prejudice to Latin's, Asians, the poor and the disenfranchised in general. Socially, economically, politically or otherwise, -any discontent? Anyone could be arrested, rounded up and contained at will! When we got out of line, even today's pot smoking baby boomers faced arrests, jail time, criminal records and the loss of our most basic civil rights as a Canadian citizen. All justified, without reliable medical evidence or any serious debate about the "danger of cannabis", under our countries false and racist prohibition laws from the 1920's. [CBC] [Star]

Now comes Prohibition 2.0! Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected on a promise to legalize cannabis in 2015, police have actually stepped up their cannabis busts. The "Cannabis Culture 5's," Marc and Jodie Emery provide a case in point, as do Toronto's Project Claudia and the cross country Project Gator cannabis dispensary raids in general. These have all been documented at length on the social media and here at my blogsite, as well as by the mainstream media [Sun] [Straight] [Marij]

Why are Canada's independent cannabiz community being target in record numbers like never before? A short year before legalization? To raise prices for more taxes! And to clear the way for the Trudeau government's small number of hand picked licensed producers! So that they can create a huge monopoly over the big bucks to soon be made with legally "regulated" weed. As concerned stock ticker speculators on Bay Street keep careful watch on the profit margins too! [HighTimes]

Marc and Jodie are Canada's most well known, uncompromising and "in your face" cannabis power couple. They have personally put everything on the line to help get the job done right, with a more, effective, community based, and traditional free enterprise mindset, as Canada becomes the first G7 country to legalize weed.

A stalwart Libertarian, Marc has invested millions of Cannabis Culture's profits into our Canadian legalization effort. His activism is guided by a strong, principled belief in our most basic civic rights. Agree or disagree with him on an issue, he invariably sparks a much needed public debate where it's otherwise sadly lacking.

The Emery's Cannabis Culture brand first gained notoriety as an Canadian seed magazine and mail order company. That earned Marc a highly dubious 5 year prison term in the United States even though he didn't break any laws in Canada. [CBC] Since then, it's become very popular and successful again, as a grass root, neighbourhood style, craft cannabis, dispensary franchise. [Wiki]

The Emery's had planned to open a chain of 200 new stores across Canada in 2017. [Post] Surprise! They became the indie showcase target of the Project Gator police raids this March instead! Just before Trudeau announced his corporate monopoly "legalization" plans for next year!

It's specially fitting that one of Emery's was again asked to marshal the 19th Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March. This year Jodie lead the charge, with Marc in tow, to help shake hands, share a toke, and spread the good word. Certainly they are up to the job. As a very progressive couple, they are most fitting representatives for our forward thinking Canadian cannabis community. In true style, they seem comfortable switch hitting on the fly, or in taking care of business separately or together, as need be.

Add an eager group of Canadian cannabis activists! What do we get? The 19th Annual Toronto Marijuana March afforded the collective anger of Toronto's cannabis community a loud voice in the public debate otherwise being denied to us by our elected federal "leaders".

Enough! So much for suffering in silence!

Mr. Trudeau, you have been put on notice! We've had enough of your reefer madness!

PS: There is much more to report! Some more news stories will be included in my Oh Cannabis News y Views 4 blog [LINK]. A blog on the Green Market at Queens Park Crescent will also follow shortly.


My live videos from the march are now posted on Youtube. Here are the links and some brief notes:

19th Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March 1: Or as we can hear the protesters chant; "Fuck Project Gator"! Jodie kick starts the march, with a police escort nonetheless, heading north from the Queen's Park provincial legislature. You can even see the CN Tower in the background! How Toronto! @ HERE!

19th Annual Toronto Global Marijuana March 2: The lively protest approaches Bloor and Yonge. Downtown traffic in Canada's largest city grinds to a halt @ HERE!

Jodie Emery: Why We Protest? As Jodie says, "No to complacency!" Yes to an "freedom", "amnesty" and a "moratorium" on the police busts and arrests @ HERE!

Jodie Emery: No More Busts! "No Prohibition 2.0!" or "The law is the law?" Jodie points out that police have a lot of discretionary power, despite what they say. She notes that there aren't any busts at the Green Market or during the march. Also, she speaks with some of the medical cannabis patients in attendance about how the dispensary busts drastically limits our right of access to safe weed @ HERE!

Tokin' With Marc Emery!: Canada's "High Prince of Pot" smokes a festive joint with some of the everyday cannabis activists and enthusiasts in attendance while reflecting on Prohibition 2.0, and Cannabis Cultures path forward @ THERE!


This is a list of my blogs on Marc and Jodie Emery's Cannabis Culture story, as seen from here in my hometown of Toronto, Ontario Canada:

On Cannabis Culture and Toronto's Wild West: Oh! Oh! Toronto Mayor John Tory's "Wild West Show" targets Marc's first Church Street LGBTQ dispensary. It's a sleazy, slum landlord takedown tale. Reminds me of a bad, b-grade, cowboy movie with the mayor in the black, oversized, ten gallon hat @ HERE!

On Marc Emery + The Ontario's Pot Busts: Here's a report on the Peterborough Cannabis Culture raid and Marc's protest afterwards at the police station. Nope! They won't come out to talk! Also includes my notes on his speech to the faithful at the busted, ransacked dispensary @ THERE!

Oh Cannabis: More On Ontario's Dispensary Busts: Cannabis Culture's down but not out! My follow up on the fall 2016 raids is @ HERE!

Toronto Karma Cup 2016: Drat! Foiled! More of Mayor John Tory's Wild West Show! Toronto City Hall unsuccessfully tries to ruin our 2016 cannabis cup, but Marc comes up with a plan @ THERE!

Oh Cannabis: On LGBTQ + Inclusivity: Cannabis Culture's second Church Street location quickly becomes a landmark, downtown, gathering place. It's a friendly place where Toronto locals, progressives and our LGBTQ community can comfortably and freely mix beyond the corporate legalization shadow. No effort is spared in repeatedly busting it. Or in pulling another fast one to finally shut it down! Old habits die hard! The bitter irony seems lost on Mayor John Tory and his henchmen, because the "law is the law" -just like during the Toronto Cherry Beach gay beatings and the infamous police downtown bathhouse raids! @ HERE!

Free The Emerys -The Cannabis Culture Bust: My live coverage of the Cannabis Culture 5's bail hearing @ THERE!

Oh Cannabis Culture: The Project Gator Busts: More, as the Cannabis Culture 5 are released. Leading edge activist duo Chris and Erin Goodwin, along with Britney Guerra also speak out about the necessity of civil disobedience in the struggle @ THERE!

A Toke With Marc + Jodie Emery: I catch up with the Emery's for a toke. We discuss the dire implications of the dispensary busts for Toronto's medical cannabis users. Also includes a report on Cannabis activist Dana Larsen's "Overgrow Canada" cross country project and tour @ HERE!

Oh Cannabis News Y Views: Many more informative links from Winter 2016-17 are posted here @ 12 @ 3 @ 4


The Green Market: -The 19th Toronto Marijuana March!

Green Leaf Vape Pens -A Product Review!


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!