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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Teacher Free Speech Fall 2020 News + Views!

 LaTEr aDDiTiOns R In LargE TypEsEt! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! MuCh, mUch morE to coMe ..... REadeRs gUiDe 2 TeaCHer fREE sPEech NeWs Y vIeWs @ HERE!  LiVe tWEEts @ davidchiarelli 


Hi Readers! I'm back in Toronto for the fall! Am very busy making supply runs. Getting ready for the Covid pandemic's second wave. Expect lots more news updates below, as we settle in. for the long haul. And maybe a new Covid Diary entry too ..... DTC

State of Denial: The Canadian-US border remains closed. All is certainly not well here, that's for sure. But there's a sharp contrast in how both countries are handling the Covid pandemic. To wit @ Atlantic

Collaborators: Canada's labour unions continue to support Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's reckless back to work campaign, as our fall Covid Wave 2 infection rate soars. Sadly, the ostensibly left wing NDP party is aiding and abetting him too! Sure, party leader Jagmeet Singh scored some minor concessions in the fall budget: An expanded sick leave program for Federal workers. More income support for the unemployed. But basically Trudeau continues to suck off Canadian progressives into the Liberal Party fold. Leaving us without any effective opposition, now or for the foreseeable future, to keep him on his toes. Putting generating wealth, ahead of the health and safety of Canada's working families workforce, as the pandemic escalates. For shame! @ WSWS @ CBC

Covidiots North: Get this -Canadian Conservative opposition leader Erin O'Toole catches the coronavirus. Had been meeting across Canada with his other conservative buddies, risking spread. Oh, and now his wife has it too. While his right wing buddies continue to play loose with the alt facts. Pursue a corporate austerity agenda. Like the GOP, another Neo Conster party to our south @ CBC @ CBC @ Huff @ TSun

Big Secrets: Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Conservatives lose another court fight. And again decides to appeal. In question are the con-ster's mandate letters to each government ministry outlining their plans for us. Usually these mandates are clearly and promptly put on the public record. So why the big secret? What exactly is Ford really up to, behind the scenes, during the Covid crisis?!? We clearly have a right to know @ CBC

Failure 2 Re-LaunchTesting? Communications? The expert warnings? All this and more! Our Dougie has failed us miserably in preparing for a second wave of the coronavirus @ N66

Expert Advice?!? There's widespread uncertainty over who's really advising Ford, from behind the scenes, in developing his floundering response to the Covid pandemic. The province's doctors and medical experts often aren't onboard with his safety plans, especially as the second wave comes crashing down upon us. As for his perilous, school re-openings? Ford still hasn't even consulted with the province's teachers. See Covid Beat below, and @ TVO

Traces: Contact tracing lags miserably in Toronto, Ontario. Only 55% of the new cases, are being traced. Meanwhile the virus continues to spread, the infection numbers soar @ CBC

Support 1492 Land Back Lane: The Haudenosaunee-Six Nation land defenders are taking a stand against real estate developers on the Grand River - Haldimand tract north of Toronto. Here's why their fight is so important, from an indigenous perspective @ FenFc Updates @ 1492


Trump Flu: US President Donald Trump downplays the Covid-19 early in the pandemic. Then catches it the virus himself, with the fall election but a month away. As President, he of course gets the executive medical treatment. That's well beyond the reach of his fellow 210,000 Americans who've so far died. The numbers continue to spiral out of control. But Trump tells everyone not to worry. Even suggesting catching Covid is a gift from god. Jeez, you can't make this up! @ CNN Fear @ NYT The average "loser" reacts @ Guardian Trump's messianic musings @ BBC

Donald Superspreader: Was Trump contagious during the White House Rose Garden fete for SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett? At his vile, unpresidential first Presidential debate? His various GOP rallies and fundraisers? The GOP party faithful are catching it like crazy too; supporters, donors, politicos and army brass alike. Meanwhile mum's the word. Trump's hiding the medical details about how he caught it; the who, where, when, why and hows. Nor is there much tracing going on. As the White House remains a contagion zone, for staff, visitors and family alike. Sadly, if our neighbours to the south re-lect this Covidiot, well then, what to say? They deserve what they get! GOP Denialism @ WP More @ CNN @ CVB @ CD @ NYT

Oligarchical Rigging 101: Biden or Trump? Sigh! Alas! Either way the rich corporate oligarchs win! That's been quite clear in the 2020 election race, since Joe won the Democratic leadership race, pushing the party progressives aside. While leaving him the lesser of two evils, in what's a no win election, regardless of the outcome, admist the deadly Covid pandemic @ CD @ Jacobin @ ITT

Fear + Loathing: Like some power hungry, third world, tin horn dictator, the US President suggests he'll refuse to concede defeat, if he loses the fall election, preventing a peaceful transfer of power. America -a beacon of democracy no more! Once unstoppable, the US is now hellbent on doing itself inAtlantic

Election Email Scandal: Here we go again. A last minute October election surprise. Amplified by a suspicious far right wing news echo, this time between Fox News and The NY Post. Centring on a whack of  unsubstantiated emails, on a dubious computer drive. Supposedly linking Hunter and Joe Biden to another deep, dark state conspiracy theory. With Trump cronies Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, and ... ahem ... Rudy Giuliani lurking in the background. Sure. The US right wing media is on fire, but few else are convinced. This isn't 2016. Is another Trumpster dumpster trash can fire the best Der Donald can do, as his weirdo election campaign crashes and burns?!? Zzzzzzz @ NPR

Nigerian Lives Matter: Sadly, it's all too common. The peaceful protests against police violence in Nigeria are being met with beatings, guns and bullets. In this case, lots and lots of them. But in today's global village, the widespread concern isn't just going to go away. Or be ignored anymore. In the US, Canada, or wherever it occurs @ PAC

All Families Count: Pope Francis seems to shift the Vatican's LGBTQ stance by calling for civil union law to be extended to same sex couples. But will the Catholic church practice what it preaches? Allow same sex marriage? Become more accepting? And inclusive? Don't hold your breath! @ CNA 


Hello Second Wave: It should come as no surprise! Science and history tell us a second and third wave were inevitable all along. See my Teacher Summer 2020 News y Views blog for more links, plus @ OHS

Wear A Mask: During the first wave of the Covid pandemic we knew very little about the virus and how it spreads. There was a lot of focus on disinfecting surface spread. Now we are learning that the bigger threat is from inhaling and exhaling the Covid aerosols droplets in the air @ ElMed

A Marathon Not A Sprint: Surviving the Covid pandemic is a long not short range goal. Better be especial careful as the cold weather arrives. Now, the second wave action moves back indoors, where there's a whole lot more danger of spread @ CO

Covid Health + Safety: Sure. Covid might not kill you. But it's much more deadlier than the flu. And even if you survive, the long and short term health complications can be reeeeaaaal bad @ Giz

Presidential Hide + Seek: President Donald Trump isn't the first president who's tried to hide his illness during a pandemic. President Wilson downplayed the 1918-19 Spanish Flu. Took few precautions. Caught it himself. Then tried to carry on business as usual, with some very, very dire results. Sound familiar? More @ Yahoo


Official Ontario Covid Tracking Site: Here's a link to the government website, listing the province's infected schools and childcare centres. You might well want to supplement it with the other links below, but it's @ On.Ca  

Daily Ontario Classroom Risk Assessment: Check out Ryan Imgrund Biostatician and Science Head Ryan Imgrund chart to see how safe the kids are. It's updated daily @ Twitter

Canada Covid School Finder: Go to the map. Check out the schools in your area. Updated daily, as the pandemic continues to spread @ CCSF

Canada Covid School Guide: Here's a province by province breakdown, with lots of stats and links. Runny noses, nasal congestion and more @ MacLeans

School Covid Zone: Premier Doug Ford still refuses to properly consult with Ontario's teachers and medical experts on the province's school reopening plans. As the Covid virus spirals through our schools, our teacher unions speak out. AEFO, ETFO, OECTA and OSSTF's hold a joint press conference outlining the pressing concerns @ Teachers

OLRB [Ontario Labour Relation Board]. Get this! They too refuse to hear the teacher's school safety concerns too. Why?!? Seems it's not within their lackey, legal jurisdiction. So who's in charge, then? Just our Dougie and MOE Lecce it seems! Sure. Individual teachers could still risk a personal work refusal. Get bullied mercilessly by the school admin, the board and the powers that be. But where are our teacher unions when you need them most?!? MIA! Big time! Sadly, it's high time for some good old fashioned civil disobedience. Rather drastic yes ... But hey! If the teachers aren't safe, neither are our kids!!! For shame @ WSWS  Sud.Com

HVAC [Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning]: Class size matters. So do masks, in reducing spread. But then there's the HVAC. This all important school infrastructure was in widespread disrepair when I retired 7 years ago. Certainly hasn't gotten any better since then either. There isn't any simple quick fix. Now, like in our long term care homes, watch the virus spread. Especially as the cold weather arrives @ Global @ CTV

People Vs Generating Wealth: There's nothing new under the sun. Teacher unions around the world are clashing with the government over ill considered school reopening plans. Consider it a question of priorities @ WP

The Kids R NOT Alright! On teacher and student freedom of expression in the new ... ahem ... improved online classroom experience @ CFE  @ CFE

Apathy Plus: Only 15-20% of us closely follow the news! Sadly, widespread apathy is even more prevalent and dehabilitating than today's deep right/ left wing political divide. This article suggests that we need to make the issues much more tangible for everyday folk. Otherwise ... like it or not ... they couldn't care less, no matter how worthy the cause. A biiiiiiig dilemma @ NYT

Generation Z + The Fall of Trumpism: Todays' youngest voters are often deeply committed to diversity, social justice and fighting climate change. That puts them sharply at odds with Trump and the GOP during this year's US election and for the years ahead @ Politico


Gimme Some Truth: October 9th would've been Beatle Meister John Lennon's 80th b'day! To celebrate, Sean Ono Lennon steps up as executive producer, on John's latest, greatest, 2020, solo pack. We're treated to some new analogue stereo and 5.0 surround mixes. Lennon's paraphrasing on the vocals sounds warmer. The bass and drums tighter, less boomy, more concise. Song wise? Kinda heavy on the love songs, ballads and later releases. So overall? Nope! I'm still not dumping my original vinyl. But the new mixes sound pretty good, even hold their own, on today's more common, digital sound systems. More @ AP Dusted off and cleaned up a bit, the title song sure sounds especially relevant nowadaze too @ Gimme Some Truth!

500 Greatest All Time Albums: OK, here we go again. These lists are never very definitive. But at least this one tries to be more diverse and inclusive. So whattaya think? Feel free to list any "corrections" in the Comments section below. List @ RS

Worst Vintage Ads: Many of yesteryear's most popular advertisements wouldn't go over very well today, to say the least. Check 'em out @ SG


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Oh Cannabis Fall 2020 News + Views!

InHale! hOld! eXhAle! SmiLe! ChEcK oUt My
 "STONERs Guide 2 Oh Cannabis News Y View" @ Directory! 
UpDAtEs AddED iN LaRgE TyPe! 
LiVe TwEeTs @davidchiarelli 


Happy Cannaversary: Yup! Canada legalized cannabis two years ago this fall, on October 17th 2018. Ending a lot of the old school reefer madness. With legal pot shops. Home grows. Licensed producers. Cheap weed. And even oils, concentrates, drinks, topicals and edibles. Then again, our indies, illicit and indigenous brothers and sisters are still locked out of the legal market. As for an amnesty and expungement of criminal records? All that dumb legal packaging? The low THC counts? And hysterical safety concerns? We've still got a long way to go @ Leafly @ 420i

Welcome 2 Prohibition 2.0: Ontario's Doug Ford government is keeping our legacy cannabis retailers in legal limbo. After somehow weeding them out with his dubious pot shop licensing lottery, they're now just being left hung out to dry. Sure, there's no more "lottery". But with 550 licenses pending, it takes up to two years now, to get one approved. Legalization?!? Ford's still unfairly locking most of our long suffering, pioneering, pot shop activist-entrepreneurs out of the legal marketplace. Total BS. A real Neo Con @ DH

Beating Covid-19? Tetra Bio-Pharma! is focused on developing a CBD cannabinoid ARDS 3 [Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome] treatment for Covid-19. Phase 1 testing enrolment begins in December. We stoners know that our favourite weed is great for stress and anxiety. It's sure helping us relax during the pandemic. Let's not got too far ahead of ourselves, just yet. But wouldn't it be great if it can be scientifically proven that cannabinoids can also help treat and prevent Covid-19? And a company in Canada .... National Anthem Time.... helps lead the way! More @ Forbes Tetra Bio-Pharma

Target Pharmaceuticals + George Mason University partner with Tetra Bio-Pharma on a collaborative ARDS-003 research agreement. More on how cannabinoids might help treat and prevent the virus @ Biosp

Discount Legal Weed: Our thriving unlicensed legacy marketplace is really making Canada's Licenced Producers and dispensaries feel the heat! Now they're offering more cheaper, value brands of weed to compete. Good luck @ MJB

WeedMD -Union Buster: The Strathroy LP [Licensed Producer] has been very busy putting a dodgy chill on the employee's UFWC union drive. Nasty. Nasty. @ LFP

Weed Whacked: It gets worse! Some licensees have even been caught red handed writing a letter to the RCMP. Asking them to use Weedmaps to bust our unlicensed legacy retailers. The goal? To put them out of business! Rather than include them in the new regulated marketplace too. Hey! If ya can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! That's what's happening anyways! Want some quality and integrity with that weed? We know where 2 shop, in Canada's new licensed verses unregulated cannabis marketplace! Read the story @ BNN Let's boycott Dougie's very special Signa-Tory buddies for not getting it. If it weren't for our legacy retailers, you wouldn't even be in business in the first place!!! Screw that @ List

Cannabis Activist-Entrepreneur Erin Goodwin

Friendly Stranger Strikes Back: Ontario legacy headshop brand The Friendly Stranger [Think Robin Ellins] has acquired Toronto's legacy Hotbox Shop [Think Abi Roach]. And Peterborough's legacy Happy Daze outlet. With lots and lots more trez kool legacy surprises in store. Sooooo .... who's that behind the Hotbox counter now?!? Why, it's totally kick butt activist-entrepreneur Erin Goodwin! Know this: All three landmarks have now applied to become licensed pot shops! Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp also plans to open 17 more, new locations across the province. Take that, you Ford conster tools @ Cision @ BlogTO @ PEx

Toke Cannabis: Like Abi, Robin and Erin, pioneering cannabis activist-entrepreneur Chris Goodwin was certainly no stranger to us at Oh Cannabis, during the local, legalization good fight either. Nowadaze, he's focused on helping develop our challenged Canadian legal, retail cannabis marketplace too. More good news @ Toke

No Cannabis Cafes: Nope! Not in Ontario! Not 4 now anyways. More Ford nonsense @ CBC

Racial + Gender Disparities: Not everybody has profited equally under Canadian legalization. Far from it @ Globe

RIP: Med Pot? Canada's medical cannabis patients often got overlooked in the legalization process. Safety? Access? Compassion Clubs? Support groups? At the pharmacy? Here's to imagining a much, more inclusive system to better meet our very specific needs @ Muggles


Yer Weed Election Prospectus: Trump-Pence? Biden-Harris? Nope, legalization wise, neither ticket is an excellent choice. But best hold your nose and vote @ Complex NORML @ NORML

Dump Trump: If there's still any doubt, Der Donald is a lousy businessman, as his tax returns show. Rather than embrace the new cannabiz sector, he's done little but engage in reefer madman attacks and obstruction over the past four years. Plus the issue is a Liberal-Commie non-starter for most of his die hard MAGA base. Bottom line? There's little real hope for legalization anytime soon, if Trump gets re-elected. It's uncertain at best @ Leafly @ MM

Harris-Biden: Joe and Kamala are promising to decriminalize recreational cannabis and expunge all conviction records for cannabis use. Plus they support the legalization of medical cannabis. And will reschedule cannabis as a Schedule 2 drug. They are a step forward at least @ TeenVogue @ JB

Senator Bernie Sanders continues to robustly advocate legalization. But of course, you can't vote for him for president. No way. Still, if this is a transitional election, maybe the young progressives in a Democrat Congress can pick up the gauntlet. Complete the transformation in the year's ahead. A reasonable bet! More @ MM

More Weed Referendums: This federal election, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and North Dakota vote to legalize recreational cannabis. Mississippi and South Dakota  -medical pot. Popular support runs high, despite a sad, all to often lack of vision, amongst the state political leaders @ Hill


A Legal High: Ontario's licensed pot shop now account for 25.1% of the province's weed sales. Finally, there's some decent, legal places to shop! The OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store] is even boasting that the cheapest sale priced legal grams are now selling for as little as $7.05 a gram [Cdn]. But how's the THC count? The quality? And what about all that dumb packaging? Let's be frank. A decent sale priced "illicit" ounce still goes on average for $100-200 an ounce or less, in Toronto, for example on Weedmaps. Ditto at the Mohawk shops in Tyendinaga. Sure. Our licensed producers and pot shops are definitely improving. With Abi Roach as it's new senior product manager, the OCS too. But ...  sigh! ...alas! ... on the whole, the legal sector's still got a long way to go, in order to compete @ BNNB

Women in Weed: Our sisters in the cannabis community are stepping up! Cultivator Autumn Brands is 50% female owned. That's changing the way the company works and does business in some exciting, new ways @ Vie

Women, Blacks and Indigenous are still under represented at the board level of Canada's new Legal Producers [LP's], 2 years after legalization. White folk comprise 73% of our population. But according to a recent survey, we held 84% of the executive and director positions, in the 166 LP's and 56 parent companies being studied @ Vice More facts and figures @ CDPE

Avia Naturals: Our medical cannabis readers know what a pain in the ass it is getting our medicine through Health Canada! Fortunately, this local GTA company provides an excellent, readily available array of organic based, CBD topicals and tinctures. You'll find Michelle downstairs at the weekend Dixie Outlet Mall Flea Market, in Mississauga. Or can order online @ Avian

Next Level: I received 2 of their vape pen cartridges to test and review: Purple Romula and Apple Jack, a THC and CBD distillate, respectively. Made with pure MCT oil. The cartridges have a nice glass mouthpiece. They are rich and full flavoured. Not too harsh on my throat. The Romula packs quite a THC punch. The Apple Jack; a great way to take your CBD's. I quite enjoyed them a lot. Have often been my fall back toke when I'm stuck indoors. More info and to order @ NLD

Takin' it to the Next Level!

US Wake Up Call: The legal cannabis industry is creating a new, booming workforce across the US. That's admist the Covid pandemic, despite the endless, political foot dragging and business complications  @ Forbes

Meet the United Cannabis Workers: Yup! A widespread union movement is taking hold across the US. Here's a who's who. Plus how they're helping protect the new cannbis workforce's wages, benefits and working conditions @ GMR

Cannabis in Europe: Here's the inside dope on where it's legal to grow, sell, and possess both medical and recreational weed, across Europe. Hint: in most countries it's still highly illegal, not just in Eastern Europe, but in the UK and France. Except for the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Spain @ CLR

Cannabis in Asia: An industry update from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. With lotsa links @ MMJR


A Stoner Coronavirus Guide: Be a safe, responsible member of our cannabis community in lockdown. Online. At the dispensary. And when social distancing in public. No more puff, puff pass for now! Sigh! Alas! If Covid-19 doesn't kill you, the long term, side effects are totally blek! Both 4 you and others! Remember, we are all in this together, as a cannabis community @ Woke

Yer Guide 2 Covid + Weed: Here's why cannabis might prove medically useful in treating the virus @ HE

Beginner's Guide 2 Cannabis: Hi! Hi! High there! Here's a quickie peak at everything you need to know to start enjoying our favourite weed. Plenty o' links @ Daze

Toking Glossary: Stoners? Ripped? Baked? Say what?!? Know the lingo @ Toke

A Guide 2 420: Just what the faaak is going on?!? You dunno? Then check here @ Daze

How 2 Grade Pot: Use all five of your senses @ CN

Yer Dab Guide: Wax? Oil? Shatter? Let's supersize that high @ Atlantic

Cannabis Edibles: Jus' the facts m'am/ man @ MMP

Indica Verses Sativa Verses Hybrid: Understand the differences. Choose the strains best for you @ SSA

High Sex: Enjoy great sex while high on weed @ Fa

Wake + Bake: How to pair coffee and weed @ Leafly

Don't Drink + Toke: Alcohol and cannabis are a bad mix! It might seem like fun, but ... problems galore! @ MMP

How 2 Straighten Up Quick: It's waaaay easier than with alcohol. Definitely not as hard as you might think @ Leafly

Time Out Tips: Stop toking for a bit, every now and then, to keep getting real high AF. The low down on tolerance breaks is @ Leafly

How 2 Store Weed: The do's and don'ts 4 keeping it fresh y yummy @ Leafly

Why Pot Was Banned in Canada: Cannabis wasn't illegal here until 1923. Sadly, shameless racism played a strong role, as weed was inexplicably included in a list of banned drugs, without debate in parliament. Why? The Canadian government wanted to stop the flow of immigrants from China. And felt pressured to sign the US backed Geneva Conventions banning weed. 

Seems there was no time to waste. Apparently Cannabis turned tokers into violent, raving maniacs. Moreover, drug addled, young, white women were getting seduced! Having "mixed race" babies! 

Canadian icons Emily Murphy and Maclean's magazine even helped stoke the reefer madness. Amongst the confusing panic, prohibition was quickly passed, even though weed wasn't really dangerous. Nor very popular or widespread, throughout the Chinese community TC Walrus


Caremongering: Mercari CEO Lisa Campbell explains how many cannabis enthusiasts are making the best of social distancing during the Covid pandemic -by meeting with and supporting each other online. And in Canada, by legally mailing each other handy, dandy little care packages @ ESun

As If: Trump smokes dope @ BB

Karma Cup 2020: No. I didn't judge this year. I love puff, puff, passing with family and friends. And at the various Cup related events. But that wasn't possible this year, so I sat it out. Still the Karma Cup returns next September 11 and 12th. Meantime, here's the 2020 competiton results @ Karma

Smoke Weed Everyday: It's our stoner meme. A true 420 classic. Started out as a Dr. Dre track @ You Got the Snoop Dog/ Collie Budzz treatment @ Tube And just kept keeps getting and better @ ReMix Know your meme's @ NYM

Senior High: Baby boomers take note! Medical or recreational cannabis? We're turning on again like never before. Surprise! It can even increase the quality of life in our senior years. Get lit @ High Times

Ten Best Hip Hop Weed Songs: Yeh yeah! This is trez kool but there's plenty more. Feel free to add your own favourites in "Comments" below. The List @ BluntPower


Friday, 21 August 2020

David Chiarelli -My Blogsite Archives!

[More Coming ... ]

The original Kulture Kult Ink was a very limited edition, rather offbeat print 'zine, that I distributed myself. I wrote the script. Used my own photos and clip art. And published it, on the sly, via an office photocopier, during the early 90's.  

The basic premise? I was captured by space invaders. In flying saucers. Hiding behind the moon. 

Each story came with a warning. A case in point. They can unexpectedly show up anywhere! Anytime! Altering the course of human history. And our own lives too! 

Though, of course, the space invasion was actually just me reflecting on my own life and times, here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as a young teacher. 

And so the title -Kulture Kult Ink! With capital K's, because it was counter cultural. Strictly underground. Rife with deconstructed cultural references. And printed in ink. 

Hey! It was a 90's cult zine. Lotsa fun while it lasted, but where to go from there?

Let's fast forward to 2011. The monikor now morphs into the url for the online "David Chiarelli -Latest Edition" blog site that you see today.

My blog site was originally a very useful organizing and communications tool at the teacher, grass root level. An excellent way to advocate for education! Social justice! And change!

It also helped me get elected OECTA [Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association] 3rd VP. While keeping directly in touch with our members, as I represented them on the TSU [Toronto Secondary Unit] Executive and PAC [Political Advisory Committee].

I retired in 2013. But Kulture Kult Ink still keeps it's counter cultural, educational and social justice focus. And
 I'm still a teacher activist at heart. 

So the good fight continues. Only I'm completely on my own again. I include lots of different points of view for more insight. But now, this site just represents me. 

Basically, it's just what I think. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Sometimes with a little agit-prop thrown in, if things need stirring up. 

Progressive, but not party line, especially when I disagree.

For direction, I follow my muse to pick topics and issues I love writing about. To speak out. Advocate. Educate. And in my own way, perhaps help keep the ball rolling. The changes coming. 

Who knows? Maybe someday we might yet thwart the diabolical space invasion? You know -those nasties always getting in our face! Screwing up the works!

Anyway, there are two main corner stones for my blog site; Teacher Free Speech and Oh Cannabis. Each appears quarterly; during the winter, spring, summer and fall. Providing a compendium of the latest news and views links. 

Often both work together to further develop the underlying, progressive issues and themes. Boo to the corporate neo lib agenda! And corporate weed too! 

Oligarchical rigging? Inclusivity? Diversity, Privilege? Fake news? Oppression? 

A tip! Look carefully at both blogs to get the bigger picture!

Sound complicated? There's a guide for each of my news services: 

A Readers Guide to Teacher Free Speech News and Views @ [HERE!]

A Stoners Guide to Oh Cannabis News and Views @ [HERE!]

My Blog Archive, from 2011 until now, is located at the top left hand side of your screen. You'll find over 800 blogs, organized by date and title

That's a lot of blogs! On lots of topics! So here's a brief overview to help you out:


My blogs directly addressed our various teacher educational issues. Plus our local, backroom, political intrigues. Lots of the union members quite appreciated that. But not so the powers that be

Other blogs explained our OECTA government lobbying efforts from a PAC perspective, as we fought the good fight together. Everyone seemingly on the same page.

To get a better sense of where things were at, check out my original Blogspot Manifesto @ [HERE!


The blogs main focus shifts to the OECTA MOU [Memo of Understanding]. They cover our difficult "austerity binge" provincial contract negotiations with the Liberal government, under Premier's McGuinty and then Wynne

Then comes the surprise betrayal of our most basic union principles through concession bargaining by OECTA's Provincial Executive. As approved by the Council of Presidents. All without a membership vote, while we were on holidays, during the summer of 2012. 

Not everyone was a big fan of my site. Far from it. But agree or disagree, the many unfiltered first hand insights from our members, as posted below each blog, are especially interesting. A real slice of life, from as it happened. Ahhh, free speech ....

My Teacher Free Speech News and Views blogs begin here. But in various formats. Under different names. With lots of the original documents and primary news links. A worth while resource!


I cover another round of contract negotiations, climaxing in strikes and job actions, from July through October 2015. But I'm retired. Can comment more openly. And impartially. 

My site's still mainly focused on teacher politics and educational issues, for now. Arguably, despite their importance, contract negotiations can be about as interesting as watching paint dry, unless you have some skin in the game. Teacher Free Speech and Grassroot Renewal summarizes my thoughts about Ontario's teacher union movement, as my own interests start to move on @ [HERE!

See too, my original Teacher Free Speech News Archive 2011-15 blog for a final "you are there" overview of these very disturbing union times @ [HERE!]


The Trudeau government gets elected with a federal legalization mandate. The main focus on my site shifts to cannabis; as a medical and recreational "gray power" and inclusivity issue. Rife with troubling socio economic, political and legal concerns. Once again, viewed from a grassroot, if not blatantly counterculture perspective. Now with a much more action orientated, protest-civil disobedience directed thrust. 

I review the Toronto Karma Cup in September or October of each year. There are my blogs on the Toronto Project Claudia and Project Gator pot shop busts from Fall 2016 through Spring 2017. Followed by my
 Toronto Green and High 5 market, and various lounge, event, dinner club and product reviews, mostly from December 2017 on. 

My Toronto court coverage of Marc Emery and the Cannabis Culture 5's bust, continues throughout the year. With coverage of Canada's new highly flawed, corporate legalization model. Verses our flourishing unregulated cannabis market. And the ridiculous commercial and legal mess that follows legalization come October 2018. 

Oh Cannabis News and Views starts in earnest in December 2016. It's monthly at first. Then like Teacher Free Speech News and Views, on a quarterly basis.

My blogs on the Toronto Nugswap, and teachers in the weed patch, are located in my  November to December 2018 and April 2019 archives.

My "Medical Cannabis Statement ", a new "Pot Manifesto" of sorts, appears as a youtube video @ [HERE!]. Also see my accompanying Project Claudia blog @ HERE!


Each year, I provide a January news prospectus of sorts. Surprise! This years got interrupted in no time flat by the Cover-19 pandemic! So too the wide spread protests! Political unrest! And total chaos! Especially south of our border!

As I write, our world is seemingly pivoting in a major, unpredictable, paradigm shift. Our life and times heading off in so many, new directions. With my blog site, I plan to be there too!


You'll find a series I wrote on site avatars John Lennon and the Beatles. They're located in my Blog Archive, from December 2013 through December 2014. There's another on Bob Marley and the Wailers, from August into September 2015. Plus I regularly provide a wide variety of free stoner tune links via Twitter. See below ...

Travel Blogs

Cuba: I have travelled and taught in Cuba for many years. My original Cuban School Project blogs were posted on the ENO [Education Network of Ontario] website back throughout the Harris years, and the "Great Tory Demise" from the mid to late 90's til 2003. 

Now they're archived here on my blog site. Check out August 2011. November and December 2013. December 2014 through May 2015. March 2016. November 2016 to April 2017. June 2018. And Spring 2020.

There are also two helpful directories, with detailed links to my Cuba blogs @ HERE! and @ THERE!

Europe: So far, Janet and I went there twice. See August 2013 and July 2014.

Jamaica: See August to September 2014 and March 2018.

Mexico: See July 2011 and 2012, June 2016, and November 2018  

Janet's Retirement Tour: My wife and I hit the road from November 2019 through March 2020 visiting, Japan, Florida and Cuba. 

My Toronto Covid-19 Diaries: We arrived back just in time for the pandemic! Check out March through May 2020.


Twitter: I regularly retweet the latest relevant news and views links to the issues of the day. Then condense them for my quarterly Teacher Free Speech and Oh Cannabis News y Views blogs. Always throwing in lots of trez kool free music, video and movie links, with a kounter kulture bent, along the way @ DavidChiarelli


David C


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!