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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Japan A Go Go!

Pix y Edit 2 Come!

Janet and I experienced autumn twice this year. We enjoyed the crimson splash of colour as the leaves changed colour at our country place in Land o’ Lakes, Ontario, Canada. Then flew half way across the world to watch them explode again in gorgeous splendour in Japan. 

It was a real high! Beyond compare! A fitting celebration. Janet is retired now too! Japan was on both our bucket lists. So, away we go:

The 12+ hour direct flight from Toronto to Tokyo was totally discombobulating. We sat through 3 meals, a couple of movies, endless chatter, a snooze, with still a few hours to go. The 14 hour time difference was manageable upon arrival. It was evening, so we went to bed early for a good nights sleep. But it was pure murder coming back. 

Still well worth it. Our most fantastic trip yet!

We spent 12 nights in Japan. From Tokyo we travelled to Nikko, Mount Fuji, Hakone, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima and Osaka. Our trip was booked through Jade Tours at New Wave Travel here in Toronto. Most of our excursions were with Sunrise Tours. By bus, train, boat and on foot. 

Quite frankly, Japan was a lot more cultured, sophisticated and efficient than most places we’ve travelled, even among the G20 countries. The transportation technology is amazing. The trains are always on time. Even the public toilets onboard the super fast, bullet train have heated seats. Lean back. Play music. And deodorize. The cellphones, tablets, computers and apps are way ahead of us, in the west too. 

Our hotel rooms were very comfy, with plenty of extras. Arrivals and departures ran smoothly. The transfers were orderly and on time. Our suitcases were aways picked up and dropped off at our next location, right away, without fail. 

The staff and tour guides? The locals in the street? Unfailing helpful, polite and friendly. We were amazed. The young folk automatically step up, offering to help an elder, or giving us their seat. Without question. No need to ask. 

We like to think that Canadians are very polite, eh? Ha!

Bump into somebody by accident? Or commit some other faux pas? Everyone bows to each other out of respect. To smooth things over. And move on, with a touch of social grace, so sadly lacking here in the west.

Quite frankly, Janet and I usually book airfare, and hotel only, in advance, when we travel. We decided to try a package tour of Japan. We were worried that the large crowds, and quite different Japanese language and customs might be very confusing, at least for our first trip. 

But no problem! Am happy to report; even though we were on the other side of the world, everything ran very smoothly. Like clockwork. And we always felt safe. Never afraid. Even though we were very far from home. The world we know best. Making it very easy for we two Canucks to travel about, relax and enjoy ourselves to the max, in Japan. 

Here’s a  few notes:


Our first 3 nights were at the Keio Plaza Hotel, while we explored Tokyo and Niko. Our room was comfy, not too small like we had feared, with all the modern amenities, and then some. 

The Keio is conveniently located beside the Shinjuku station and shopping complex. We also enjoyed an evening at the nearby Shibuya Crosswalk, shopping at the stores. Tower Records offers 6 floors of music for sale, mostly on CD, a third of it  JPop. The local scene is huge. But floor displays also touted the latest reissues by western pop legends the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

I caught a free in store concert with local alt rockers Rourourourous. Met the band. Bought an autographed copy of their new disc. 

As we stepped back outside Tower Records, I was amazed at all the many, unique clothing stores, bookstores and arcades and so on that we saw. Truly Japan is like one big, giant shopping mall everywhere you go. Plus the local scene in fashion, music, literature and the popular arts is huge, to say the least.

True, Japan is pricey. Reminds me of Manhattan. The low Canadian dollar doesn’t help. Still we managed to find some reasonable priced goodies. Mostly clothes, electronics and a few souvenirs. Were pleased we didn’t blow our budget -there is just so much cool stuff to buy!

After Tower’s, we watched the huge flow of people and cars criss crossing the intersection at Shibuya, Tokyo's Times Square; the giant throbbing, heartbeat of Japan and the night. Then retired to the Keio’s Luxe lounge for a nightcap and snacks. Caught up on our social media, enjoying a tasty menu of piped in post war, American jazz.

Breakfast and lunch were included most days. The Keio, like our other tourist digs, offered a hearty Japanese-American breakfast buffet as a part of our package. Otherwise? It cost about $25 US. 

The skies the limit for dinner, depending on your budget and tastes. However, western take out or a bento box were always readily available for $25 or less. Chicken, beef and pork, besides the prerequisite seafood and fish, were usually on the menu. So too, a huge bowl of Udon soup at kiosks everywhere, for half that, when we were hungry and on the run. Sandwiches were always in stock at the local convenience stores, for a few dollars tops. Ditto the countless Japanese drinks and snacks dispensed from the countless vending machines lining the streets, everywhere we went. We were never hungry. Or couldn't find something good to eat!

As for the local historical sites? Be forewarned! Tokyo was fire bombed relentlessly during World War Two. Most of it was destroyed. It's been rebuilt. Is very ultra modern. Few of the original structures survived the war, as mostly they were made of wood. So like most Japanese cities, everything is very nice. Also very new. 

We checked out the huge stone foundation of the old Imperial Palace. Didn’t get inside as it was closed for a royal ceremony. Most of the famous Tokyo sites we visited were post war reconstructions, sometimes none the better for wear and tear. 

Quite frankly, we saw more Shinto Shrines and Buddha Temples than you could shake a stick at Tosho-gu? Meiji? Asakusa?, Also, largely later recreations, perhaps now ready for a virtual high tech makeover. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed the amazing scenery everywhere we went. The countless statues. Small ponds. Meticulously sculptured gardens. Kegon Falls nestled among the exploding autumn colours, was breathtaking. 

Outdoor Japan is very refreshing! Drop dead beautiful. Carefully preserved for the ages, despite the march of time. And the horrors of war. You won't see garbage on the streets. The trash bags at night are even secured with a mesh cover or net. Folks just don't toss wrappers and junk on the ground. In fact, I'd be frightened to try! 

Here's an interesting insights perhaps, into the Japanese Psyche. Our Tokyo tour guide explained that 80% of Japanese practice both the Shinto and Buddhist faiths. There’s lots of cross over. Only 1% practice Christianity. But Christmas holidays and Christian weddings are very popular. 

Western style base ball is also very popular in Japan too. She described it as a game where everybody knows their place. Has a specific role to fill. And must play hard to the best of their ability, for the good of the team! 

We didn't see a game while were there, or I might’ve watched it in a different light. But there was a lot of sumo wrestling and horse racing in the sports section of the Japan Times, and on TV. Hmmm. Dunno what that means. Read into that what you will!

Also interesting: Our tour guide explained why they sometimes wear protective surgical masks in public. Think pollen. Pollution. Plus it's common courtesy if you think you've got a cold or flu. 

A tour of Tokyo Bay provided an good view of the city skyline. Despite the high density of citizens living along the coastline, and in mountain foothills and valleys, the city skyscrapers were not nearly as tall as I expected, in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan. Seems that’s because of the frequent earthquakes and typhoons. Plus a tsunami or two. 

Still, driving about Tokyo most anytime of the day is challenging. With 9.27 million people, expect one big huge massive gridlock. Interestingly, few motorists honk their horns! 

Tokyo public transit is the best way to get around. One lines up at the bus or train station in a very orderly manner. It pulls up exactly on time, stopping right at the marker on the floor where one stands waiting patiently in single file. Go with the flow. It'll work perfectly! Mess up and everybody notices! It will not do! Better get ready for some real serious bowing! Alas. We weren’t ready to venture onto the Tokyo subway at rush hour. But maybe next trip!


Mount Fuji juts out among the clouds as one descends into Tokyo, the first sight you'll see. It’s a fairly short day trip from the city, traffic permitting. The wheels of our tour bus, on the corrugated “singing roads”, hum a local folk tune.  We wind our way through Hakone National Park up to 5 Mile Station.. Next we take the nearby Komogatake Ropeway cablecar to hilltop Owakudani station, to enjoy a most spectacular "420" view. 

Tokers beware! Despite it’s many virtues, Japan is not, repeat not, cannabis user friendly. Far from it. Best one pack some high grade, discreet, prescription cannabinoids instead. 

Still, picture this: the exploding fall colours. A mystical, surreal view of Mount Fuji. From high above the clouds. 

Buzzing alone on whatever. In the thin mountain air. Mount Fuji is "420" par excellent, in it’s own way. Huge. Immovable. Timeless. And serene. Ommmm …


From Mount Fuji we take the bullet train to Hakone-Yumoto, famous for it’s mountain hot springs;  it’s “onsen” public baths. The modest 3 star Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, is simple but friendly and clean. Comfy Jobito gowns are provided in our rooms, acceptable lounge wear at the hotel, or even out and about the local village. 

Our English speaking tour group are mostly Australian, Indian or from the US. We go out for dinner, check out the shops. Janet and the girls score some delightful, traditional silk tops, very reasonably priced. Head off to the hotel hot springs. 

As for the guys, I had to go it alone. An onsen has separate men’s and women’s baths. With small, heated pools. A steam room. Sauna. Open showers and stools. No clothes are allowed! Wash cloths only. When done, put them on your head. 

I was real laid back and relaxed. Sweat out a few, very busy daze on the road. Truly, the onsen is a uniquely Japanese. Very polite. Functional. A totally non-sexual and non judgemental experience. And a calming, collective, daily, cleansing respite. Not to be missed! 

For the next 2 days Janet and I continue our tour of the Japanese Alps. Visit the mountain towns of Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa. We gaze out the bullet train window, speeding through deep valleys, along the breathtaking ridges and death defying cliffs. Surrounded by the bright orange, red, yellow and dark brown, leaf covered, mountain tops towering over us. The alps exploding in fall colours. For a far too brief moment in time, lost in complete reverie. 

We enjoy more onsen at the Hido Hotel Plaza in Kanazawa. Hold hands shopping the bustling, morning market. Walking the picturesque  Kenrokuen gardens at Kanazawa. Touring a rebuilt, ancient Samuri residence. Exploring the traditional, thatched roof grassho-zukuri huts in Shirakawago. Tucked in a valley, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. The gay autumn leaves forming a glorious patch work quilt below the rocky, cloud draped, mountain tops all-around us. 

We catch our train to Kyoto. Check into the Miyako Hotel. Excitedly, awakening the next day for our excursion to Hiroshima.


Standing wordless at ground zero of the atomic age. Quietly gazing at the ruins of the Atomic Bomb Dome. Surrounded by studious Japanese children furiously taking notes. A slight breeze rustles the leaves. The grass. A touch of winter to the air. I'm at a complete loss for words.

At 8:15 am on August 6th 1945, a US B29 bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped “Little Boy”, an atomic weapon on the unsuspecting city. 140,000 women, children and died from the flash. And it’s horrific after-effects. It is said if we put our ear to the ground, one can still hear the lost souls crying in terror. 

Truth be told, I doubt I’d be able to get back up off my knees. Not anymore. Not in my autumn years. So as far as an ear to the ground goes, I have to leave that for you.

Instead, we wander the Hiroshima Peace and Memorial Park. Examine the grainy survivor photos, scorched artifacts and remains of that profoundly shocking and disturbing day. A blackened toy doll. A melted eye glass found in a skull. A patterned, dress seared by the intense heat into a woman’s skin. Innocents for the most part. In the morning. During rush hour. Like us, for most of our lives. Just heading out to school and work. Ker Boom!

A Yankee visitor, in red cap, oafishly yammers away about military necessity and like. Is greeted with stunned silence. It’s 74 years later. The Age of Trump. I shudder. Staring at the collateral damage all around us. Think state, sponsored terrorism.

We visit Miyajima with it’s stately red, floating Torii gate rising from the harbour. It’s covered in scaffolding, getting a face lift. We sample a traditional pancake made from a survivor’s recipe, dating back to the blast. Served up straight with a bottle of US styled Hiroshima Cola. Sigh. Alas.

We catch the bullet train back to Kyoto at Hiroshima station. Like much of the Japan, it's brand new and ultra modern. Hopeful. Built atop the atomic ruins of World War two. 

I leaf through my newspaper. More stories of North Korean missiles, fired into the Sea of Japan. While the western world looks the other way. Sadly, a grim reminder that human folly is never very far away. 


What more can I say? Lots of traditional castles, residences, temples, and shrines. Mostly reconstructs. Two lively, post modern cities, jam packed with people and shops. We visit the Kyoto Handicraft Shop, scoring lots of reasonably priced Japanese JinBei pyjamas. Traditional Yukata dressing gowns. Pants and tops. Colourful. Lose. Flowing. Excellent lounge wear for back home. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

We toured the picture, perfect Tenryuji Temple pond garden. Enjoyed a morning stroll through the bamboo forest at Today Temple Nara Deer Park. The impossibly thin, tall trees. Ate home made apple pie. Marvelling at everything. Alone in our own world. Deeply in love.

Now and then, young, happy Japanese couples in bright, gay kimonos glide by in rickshaws. I watch. Breath in the cool, refreshing mountain air. Enjoying every last minute of our trip. Each, a moment in time.

I close my eyes. Take a snapshot in my mind's eye; of the sites, the sounds, the fleeting essence of Japan. Hopefully, enough to last a lifetime. Or until we can come back.

In Kyoto, there’s tours of  Aerial Garden Observatory. Osaka Castle.  A river boat cruise to see Nakanoshima.

Back in our room, Janet and I pack. Next day catch a flight back to Tokyo. Transfer to our Air Canada flight. Landing back home in Toronto, many, many hours later. Tired and exhausted. But still mesmerized. In wonder. Agape.

I'm sure a little of our heart and soul will always be in Japan. 

David C

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Oh Cannabis Fall 2019 News y Views!

Inhale! Hold! Exhale! Smile! ChEcK oUt My "Readers Guide 2 Oh Cannabis News Y View" @ Directory! UpDAtEs AddED iN LaRgE TyPe! LiVe TwEeTs @ davidchiarelli 


More Trudeau: A liberal minority win in this fall's federal election, sadly leaves the Liberal's corporate weed agenda firmly intact. Expect more bureaucratic inertia and health and safety reefer madness a la Prohibition 2.0! However, with the NDP and Greens holding the balance of power, we could see more private member bills, pushing for expungement and an end to the medical cannabis tax @ Leafly 

Truth Tracker: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to defend his money grubbing, corporate legalization strategy during our federal election. Apparently, it's been a great success. Canada's big bad, black [read "unregulated"] market is now on the run. Eh?!? Not so fast buster @ CTV

On The New NORML: NORML Canada held an open meeting October 17th, on the first anniversary of legalization, to announce it's new 5 point plan for the road ahead. The goal? To focus advocacy efforts on reforming Canada's highly flawed Cannabis Act @ NORML.CA @ NORML.CA

Dr. Mike Whitty from NORML Michigan and NORML Motorcity [Detroit] provided insights into that state's new recreational cannabis law. Former Health Minister/ BioMed Exec George Smitherman dropped by to discuss cannabis lounges and the Ontario Smoking Act. Then Abi Roach and the NORML Canada executive opened the floor to a lively discussion on the "unregulated" [as opposed to "black"] market. Over regulation. Medical cannabis access. Fear and stigma. Social discrimination in the cannabiz sector. US border crossings. Expungements and lots more.

Furious George On Pot!

Oh Cannabis is duly impressed and plans to incorporate the term unregulated market on a go forward basis. Applauds the new NORML's clear focus on many of the most pressing grassroots problems with Canadian legalization, as also regularly highlighted here on my blog site.

Afterwards, we were invited to an industry party for a local, legal, cannabis dispensary. They will remain nameless. I've slammed them before on my site, but they were still nice enough to let me in. Suffice to say that no toking was allowed, even though they were celebrating a new line of pre-rolls. And as for the cannabis edibles they were handing out? They contained no THC or CBD's! For shame!

The irony seemed totally lost on the drinking crowd. We heads decided to just slip outside by ourselves, into the cold and dark, to do our stoner thing. Smoke our own boo. Sigh! Alas! How typical of the whole problem with the legal sector verses the unregulated market! 

Ever wonder why the legal scene isn't catching on?!? Quite simply, the whole corporate mindset and culture sucks! They just don't seem to get it! Nuff said!

Abi on The New NORML!

Sign Abi Roach's Petition: Toronto's Kensington Market Hotbox/ NORML cannabis activist is rightfully pissed! She's demanding that the Ontario Thug Ford government open up the dispensary application and licensing process just like like they would for any other legal business in our province. Say no 2 his corrupt "pot lotto" reefer madness @

Thug Ford's Pot Lottery: It's Ontario losing ticket! Sadly, Canada's largest province can't even begin to provide enough weed to go around under the "system" Ford's created. Meanwhile, there's plenty of established indie retailers, who've suffered long and hard throughout prohibition. They could quickly rush in to meet the demand. Instead, the Thug's oh-so-lucky friends and lotto fiends continue to somehow win big time! Without having ever risked any skin in the real legalization game and struggle! No justice, no peace @ Globe

Procedurally Unfair: Thug Ford's "disqualified lotto winners" launch a legal challenge against the corrupt AGCO @ FP

Ford -Not Open 4 Business: How bad is it here? Even the province's OCRC, our government run crown pot corporation, somehow managed to lose $42 million over the last fiscal year, since legalization. How ironic! Ex- high school drug pusher Premier Thug Ford and his Neo Conservative party?They insist Ontario is open for business. While clearly lack any half assed business sense whatsoever! @ CP24

A Different Kind of Dope: Yup! Even Ontario's big licensed producers are furiously lining up en masse to lobby the Ford government. Desperately hoping he'll finally get his fucking business act together in Canada's largest marketplace. More below under "Green Marketing" and @ MBD

Ford Bans Vapes: In another half witted, knee jerk move, the Ford PC government bans vapes from gas stations and convenience stores. Few if any THC pens are sold there, legally anyway, but who knows what the fucktard will do next, as he reforms Bill 36, which governs legal cannabis sales in our province @ TStar @ Ipol

Canada Vapes: Our Canuck producers are standing by their soon to be legalized vape products, despite the recent US health scare. Much more on the real problems and issues below, and @ FP 

Nic'd: Canada's only confirmed, vape related illness to date involved nicotine @ Globe 

Cannabis Council of Canada: stresses that vape pens and their contents should be sold in a "properly regulated and responsible environment" @ Inc

Canadian Medical Association: urges the government to reduce the THC count in legal edibles from 10 to 5% for ... ahem ... "safety" reasons. Our underground craft producers will quickly make up the difference, especially for our more needy medical cannabis market. Internationally speaking? Canada's legal producers simply won't be able to compete there either, recreationally or otherwise. More reefer madness @ CH

Standing On Guard 4 Weed: The RCMP's Dudley Do Right comes to the rescue, once again. Kinda sorta. While warning why we shouldn't buy unregulated weed, they provide a whole lotta good reasons why we should @ Vice

Missing In Action: Blacks are being disproportionately sidelined throughout Canada's new, cannabiz sector. The underlying criminalization, expungement and policing issues are examined. The focus is also on how they're being excluded from most of the big, important policy discussions @ PO

Alberta Smokes: Seems Canada's western "Texas Lite" province has the best well oiled and functioning cannabis retail sector in the country. Their usually combative right and left wing politico's even managed to work together to get it right, whereas here in Ontario it's nothing but a total fucking mess @ CH

BC Ban: Promoting cannabis at any liquor-licensed venue or event in British Columbia is now strictly prohibited! But for booze it's okay?!? Crazy man crazy @ Straight

Indigenous Perspectives: Locked out of and not consulted on legalization, many of the First Nations in Canada have decided to declare weed sovereignty; that is to grow and sell their own cannabis on treaty lands. Legacy 420's Jordan Brant explains the many internal challenges and considerations that presents from an indigenous perspective @ JBrant

Here's another point of view about the right to create and enforce a indigenous "Cannabis Control Act" on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory outside Belleville, Ontario, where the Legacy 420 dispensary is located. The issues and implications run deep! More POV's @ RP

It's a very lively, in-depth community debate, bubbling under both the surface of Canadian politics and history. One we hear little about off the reserve. Truly, we can learn a lot from the First Nations' community approach to legalization. Plus from the terrific indigenous dispensaries and grow-ops that they are busy setting up. Ours often pale in comparison. No pun intended. Well, maybe ... 

Six Nations Green Cross 6N Police raid!

Six Nation Busts: When are dispensary staff beaten during a police raid? When they are indigenous. No?!? See above. Check it out @ DF

Police dispensary raids on Six Nation treaty lands are increasingly dramatical and quite brutal. In response, the Six Nations Peoples Cannabis Coalition is calling for more self regulation of the production and sale of cannabis on the reserves @ DF

Election Warning: Many First Nation chiefs across Canada are voicing a stern warning for whomever wins the fall federal election! Amend the Cannabis act to include indigenous treaty rights, so that conflict doesn't ensue! Serious business @ CBC

Canadian Federal Election My coverage of the main parties position, or lack thereof, on reforming our flawed Cannabis Act [2018] is @ HERE!


Feel The Bern: US Democrat presidential candidate  Bernie Sanders promises to legalize cannabis, by executive order, within 100 days of taking office @ MF He also outlines a three step plan to block a big corporate takeover of the US cannabiz sector @ MM

Slow Joe? Biden walks back his comments that cannabis is a gateway drug, after belatedly looking into the current research, and discovering that it isn't. The other prudential candidates respond @ MM

Trumped: The befuckled US President gets his youth vaping crisis' mixed up. Bans flavoured cannabis vapes. They're not safe, it seems! Unlike opiods, or for that matter the NRA ... Well you get the picture @ Politico @ VF @ Vice

Safe US Banking Act: Good! SAFE [Safe And Fair Enforcement] has been passed by the House! Would finally allow the US cannabis industry to access the everyday, legal, banking and financial services, it so desperately needs to succeed. But it's also bad news! SAFE doesn't dare remove cannabis as a mucho verboten schedule 1 drug. So the long and short of it all? Our favourite weed remains a big no-no at the federal level. Plus, the bill's highly unlikely to be approved by all those GOP reefer madmen, still foaming at the mouth in the US senate @ BW

Two Thirds Support: Americans are increasingly in favour of legalization. Not only isn't cannabis just for hippies anymore. More and more folks also realize, it just makes makes good business sense @ MR

MORE: The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act passes, by a bipartisan House Judiciary Committee vote of 24 to 10. The act would delist cannabis as a Controlled Substance. Impose a minor excise tax to pay for the expungement of criminal records. Now the lobbying begins @ NORML @ NORML

Cannabis Summit: Women Republican and Democratic lawmakers from across US meet to knock heads. They calmly and rationally discuss legalization policy, showing the Big Boise [ ... duh ... ] how it's done right @ MM

Friends in High Places: Finally, a lot of top Republicans are speaking out for legalization and supporting the cannabis industry now too @ TCBD @ GH

Patricia Spottedcrow Verses the Stool Pigeon: A 25 year old single mom from Oklahoma got 12 years for selling $31 in pot to a police informant. Faaaa .... that's less than is sitting here beside my computer as I type ... !!! Patricia simply can't afford the court costs and fines, so she keeps getting tossed back in the slammer. And so it goes to be poor, indigenous and female! Once again; No justice -no peace @ Insider and OCSW

US Report Card: How does your state rate for medical cannabis access in 2019? Check it out @ Leafly

Makes Sensi: Mexico moves closer to legalize recreational weed. The plan @ Fool


All Dried Up: How greedy Bay Street financiers killed the golden goose of Canadian legalization @  Globe

Corporate Weed: Canada's Canopy Growth is very busy promoting it's corporate strain of "cannabis colonialism" throughout the US. Stateside, the big cannabis business sector is still behind the times. But before we start wrapping ourselves in our flag to celebrate Canada leading the way, one must wonder; is the corporate legalization model really a good thing? @ BT

Election High: Canada's cannabiz producers and investors alike are breathing a sigh of relief. Legalization under the Trudeau Liberals has been problematic at best. But had CPC Andrew Scheer had been elected, who knows what would've happened next?!? Now, they consider the way forward @ Fool

A Legalization 2.0 Q+A With Lisa Campbell: Mercari's CEO, a well respected local activist and entrepreneur in the ongoing struggle, fills us in on the next big step in Canada's legalization process -cannabis food and beverage consumables! Take it away Lisa @ Verdie

How 2 Tell If Your Vape Cartridge is Safe? Cannabis oil itself is quite safe. The danger is with the cutting and binding agents and other vaping liquids added for flavour, plus to make big clouds. Ditto the cheap and dangerous Made-in-China batteries. Check it out @ GE and @ Weedmaps

Vape Safety Requires Legalization Just like with any other consumer product, the cartridges and pens could be easily safety tested and proper standards set, if they weren't illegal. But of course, that just makes too much sense @ NYM @ FEE

Big Tobacco is using crisis to consolidate it's power over the massive new vaping market! Surprised? @ Vice

Up Yer Butt: The cannabiz sector is pulling out all the stops in marketing "Boof", a promising, new CBD "butt lube", to the LGBTQ community. Seems it's good for pain, inflammation and to relax too. Er .... face north, Jack @ MJ 

Corporate Woes: The cannabis market is growing growing faster than the marketing branders can define it. And so we watch as the corporate squares move in on our turf and try to co-opt us. Fall flat on their face @ Forbes

Reefer Madness 2.0: Despite legalization, the pot stigma remains! Sadly, the mainstream media in both Canada and the US continue to reinforce the same old, tired racial, criminal and cultural stereotypes about us, and our favourite weed @ FT


Vaping Woes -The Scientific Evidence: Since cannabis has been illegal up until now, nobody in the scientific community could properly investigate the questions that naturally arise, as with any new product. That's slowly changing. Now, the CDC [Centre 4 Disease Control] is investigating pulmonary disease among E-cig users for us @ CDC [list]

Here's Why Cannabis Must Be Properly TestedWM

Know Your Rights: Sigh! Alas! Both employees and bosses alike are equally uninformed about our medical cannabis rights, in Canada. But hey! Knowledge is power @ Leafly

Flying High: Yes! You can bring e-cigarettes for personal use with you, or in your carry on baggage, on domestic flights in Canada. But you can't toke or recharge them. Plus any spare batteries must be "protected" while you are on the plane @ GC.CA Eh? Uh huh! You can bring up to 30 grams of weed. And nope! You don't need the receipts @ CBC

Driving Stoned: It's widely assumed that THC, like alcohol, impairs your driving ability. However, that's never been properly tested nor established as a scientific fact. Indeed, another recent report, suggests otherwise @  NORML

Gender Exclusion: Here's a timely reminder about inequality, discrimination and oppression within Canada's budding cannabiz sector. How does it effect indigenous women? Our LGBTQ community? Anyone and everyone who is somehow different than the mainstream "norm"?!? What can we do?!? Some of our leading cannabis activists, including Caelan HartCaryma S'ad and Abi Sampson speak out @ HV

"Yer Visual Guide 2 The Perfect Dab": Aka "A Lil' Dab'll Do Ya!"Leafly

Everything You Need To Know About CBD's [But Were Afraid To Ask]: A complete guide @ Leafly

How 2 Avoid Getting Banned From the US for Weed, Even CBD's?!?Vice

Sore Joints Department: Seniors rejoice! Our favourite herb is a safe and pleasant source of pain relief from arthritis! Here are some strains you might want to try @ GO @ MB @ Leafly

A Weed Overdose? It's all but impossible! Yup! You'd have to consume 400 grams of pure THC in a very short time. Basically, it's all about the receptors in your brain cells! Unlike with alcohol and most other legal drugs .... So put that in yer friggin' pipe and smoke it, Mr. Reefer Madness Mad Man @ IHL


"Where's Waldo?" or "The Real History of 420?" Truth be told, 5:20 pm would work better for me. It's when I'm most likely to wrap up my day. Decompress. Unwind. Get real laid back with my favourite weed. But 420 is THE stoner high holiday time, on a global scale! A massive, widespread counter-culture celebration of weed and our legalization struggle! So Hi! Hi! High! Resistance is futile! Er ... Here's how it all started! Thanks 2 the Waldo's, the Grateful Dead and High Times magazine @ MJ @ LS @ Time and WL

Toronto's Top 5 Weed Destinations: Finally! A list that includes places that I, as a local, actually go too. Vapor Central. Hotbox Cafe! The Underground! More @ Exclaim

Church of Weed: Some Cali aficionados have decided that cannabis is a holy sacrament. Smoking it is their religion. Others say it's all just an illegal scam. So then, when is a weed church really a church?!? Ummmmm ..... Ummm .... Er ... Praise the Lord! And pass me a toke @ NYT

Karma Cup 2019: See my review with links @ HERE! The final 2019 results are in. See who won @ Karma!

John Sinclair Remembered: With weed now legal in Michigan, some state locals believe veteran activist, poet, and music impresario [think MC5!] deserves a public holiday! To recognize his heady contribution to the struggle. Get this -John was busted, back in 1969 for offering just 2 friggin' joints to an undercover cop. Was sentenced 10 years!!! 

Fortunately, Yippie Jerry Rubin and Beatle John Lennon came to his rescue, helping organize a "Ten For Two" Freedom Rally at which John and Yoko played a song he wrote called ... what else but ... "John Sinclair". Still rocking @ BB  @ MT @ MT The John and Yoko set @ Youtube

Hippie Inc: With legalization, yesterdaze cannabis counterculture is apparently going corporate, out in California anyways @ 1843

This Year's Top 9 Fall Harvest Strains: Miracle Alien Cookies? OZ Kush? Dosi Punch? These best bud lists debates are always lotsa fun! What's your own favourite?  Feel free to add them in the "Comments" section below. See @ Leafly


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!