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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Guest Blog: Democracy in OECTA [Part 2]

Since my last blog “Democracy in OECTA?” [ LINK ] nothing has happened that would change my opinion. Instead, OECTA Provincial is steadily digging its own grave deeper. There was evidently not enough leadership in OECTA provincial to remedy its summary wrongful dismissal of elected President Richard Brock of Halton Elementary unit, this past August. Instead; this OECTA debacle has escalated into an expensive court case with OECTA Provincial having all of our member dues at its disposal and the multi-million dollar strike contingency fund. 

To alleviate this obvious power/financial imbalance Halton Elementary Unit gallantly set up a legal trust fund for the defence of President Richard Brock (whose only crime was looking out for his unit members’ interests and rights as he was elected to do). Rather than being thanked as one might expect, Halton Elementary Unit is now being actively persecuted and blacklisted for having dared to try to help their President (who had been re-elected for a period of 20 years). Halton Unit is seemingly being targeted by OECTA Provincial as an example of what happens to “bad” units, who support presidents that commit the “crime” of speaking out against bad “deals” by OECTA, and thus; who do not toe the OECTA Provincial line. Welcome to the “Catholic” “Teachers’” “Union” which increasingly resembles the KGB of the old Soviet Union with its open reprisals against anyone in our union who appears to be pro-democracy or even pro-teachers. 

Instead of serving its mandate to protect the rights and interests of union members against exterior forces; OECTA Provincial is plainly attacking and persecuting its own union members and making a mockery of both unionism and Catholicity. One cannot but wonder who is minding the shop (what is left of it after the MOU of July, 2012) while our leaders spend their time, energy and our resources in such “worthy” endeavours. Perhaps, these present reprisals are aimed at ensuring that President Richard Brock runs out of funds before his case reaches the civil court; which would definitely not look upon OECTA Provincial’s increasingly shady dealings with amusement. The courts will undoubtedly regard this further violation of Richard’s civil rights and his rights as a member of this union with severity, and will likely also, look upon the blacklisting of his unit, as an attempt to undermine Richard’s legal rights and the integrity of the civil court proceedings, by silencing his supporters.

York President Liz Stuart says in her York Sentinel article “Challenging Times Ahead” [ LINK ], that “according to the handbook the Provincial Discipline Board is to be established, as are all provincial committees, by the Provincial Executive”. Members of Richard Brock’s “panel” were not selected by the provincial executive and the “trial” itself had many glaring irregularities.

A petition by our independent OECTA Justice Committee is still on line and open. A hard copy was put in the hands of President James Ryan on November 22nd, 2013 at a meeting with the OECTA Justice Committee.  The petition details facts about the case and documents member support for its remediationPETITION
Delegates to the upcoming AGM have an opportunity to vote to have Richard Brock restored to his rightful position as President of Halton Elementary and to let OECTA know what we think of their unsavoury tactics and abuse of power in a free vote on an Action Directive submitted by Halton before they came under attack by Provincial.

The Action Directive put forward by Halton Elementary reads:

[132 Action Directive, page 80 (Halton Elementary]

Simple Majority

"That the Association annual general meeting 2014 declare null and void the August 29, 2013 decision of the discipline panel. That Richard Brock immediately be re-instated as duly elected president of Halton Elementary unit with the restoration of all rights and privileges of membership. That the respondents be reimbursed for the costs incurred, damages, lost wages and the inconvenience arising from the wrongful action".

Rationale: The Supreme Body, the AGM, in recognizing the errors in process, can overrule the entire handbook and reverse the decision of the discipline board with one simple majority vote by the member delegates.

This can be done by AGM delegates and must be done in my view to save any integrity that OECTA still possesses. Ask yourselves the following question:

Do we as delegates want OECTA Provincial to get away with assuming the powers of a dictatorship or an oligarchy? This is the issue, and the Richard Brock and Halton Elementary unit cases; are just a microcosm of this issue which must be dealt with here and now if our OECTA can survive as a viable union ruled by the wishes of its due-paying members. 

Please show Provincial that we know who has the ultimate authority in our union and that the executive is responsible for its mistakes, by voting in favour of Action Directive 132. Justice must be done and be seen to be done, if our organization is to have any credibility.
For a discussion on the issue of democracy in our union see @ Reinstate Richard Brock

P. Spearns
OECTA Staff Representative

Mary Ward CSS

Friday 21 February 2014

Hudak: No Right to Work for Less?!?

Provincial Conservative [PC] Party Leader Tim Hudak claims he is renouncing Right 2 Work 4 Less [R2W4L]. It apparently is no longer a part of his economic platform. He has claimed he was going to remove the Rand formula, but no more ..... 

Hudak: Ya! Sure! I've seen the light! No Right 2 Work 4 Less! You bet ......

Listen! The man is a snake in the grass. He got his butt kicked by the unions on the R2W4L issue during the recent February 13 provincial by elections, when it became obvious it was a very unpopular issue. Still, he has his eyes on a likely spring provincial election. He will doubtlessly form a neo con cabinet if he wins. His MPP caucus and party movers + shakers are predominantly neo con. Don't doubt all deals will be off if he can fool enough people to get elected and form the next government. You can read the latest from Hudak @ No R2W4L?

I hope the OFL [Ontario Federation of Labour] keeps mobilizing Ontario's unions and creating public awareness that we are still ready to fight the R2W4L battle. We must not be lulled into complacency! The OFL is highly commended for the great job that was done in making R2W4L a BIG issue in the Feb 13 by elections. Rather than react, Ontario unionists have taken the pro active initiative to create a properly balanced and knowledgeable public mindset for when it comes to discussing this contentious and quite treacherous labour issue. 

The neo con name of the so called "Right to Work" policy is very false and misleading. It has nothing to do with us being able to get jobs. Rather it gives big business a free hand to roll back wages, undermine working conditions, strip contracts and go after your health care benefits and pension. "Right to Work" sounds like a motherhood issue! Who could possibly be against it?!? As a result a false anti union perception is created in the public mind. That is how the issue is being fought by the neo con interests, both here in Canada and in the United States. 

Ontario's unions have succeeded in reframing + exposing the supposed "Right to Work" as the "Right to Work for Less" con game that it really is. By renaming it as such, it can be effectively defanged. This is no small achievement! Larger union movements in other jurisdictions [Michigan, Wisconsin etc. etc. etc.] have suffered when that was not the case. A new "doable" standard and template has been set! Bravo!

By removing the Rand formula in Ontario, Hudak knows he can effectively stop unions from collecting fees and being able to represent the interests of the members. By making it hard to unionize, and negotiate on behalf of our Ontario workers + professionals Hudak could do as he pleases to roll labour conditions back into the 1800's. 

Do not doubt that still is foremost in PC Party Leader Hudak's mind! It is an integral part of his neo con strategy and agenda regardless of whatever he is saying now!


In Solidarity!

David C

Some Backgrounders:

You can read about the troubled history of Hudak and his Right to Work con game going back to last summer, matter of fact right back to the Harris Years @ The Story So Far ...

My by-election coverage also included many useful links to help trace the story as it has recently unfolded @ Feb 13 By Election coverage!

The OFL has been planning to host a further meeting to discuss union strategy for stopping Tim Hudak + his neo con agenda. It's scheduled for Feb 27. All of Ontario's unions and local units are invited. Let's hope they don't change their plans! We are not out of the woods yet! Details are @ Here!

PC Hudak's US style "Right to Work" policy, if pursued, would encounter some very serious legal problems here in Ontario due to the Rand formula. Tim was planning to try using it as a wedge issue in the next provincial election. However he has had to keep details about the "new law" that he would also need to pass once he gets elected as vague as possible. Now it has become quite clear that voters don't want all the hassles + labour strife this would create. Still, one would be wise to consider this previous news story in light of his recent apparent "change of heart" + proceed with caution Rand

Here is Doorey's Law of Work blog. It provides a useful, insightful legal perspective on Right to Work issue in Ontario @ RTW4L?

Here is why we need a unionized workforce @ Reasons?

The News Reports

Doorey's Law of Work blog looks at the language in Hudaks statement + warns nothing might have changed at allDisingenuous!

Martin Regg Cohn critiques Hudak's Right to Work for Less policy noting it would've allowed workers to either negotiate their contracts by themselves or through the union with their employer. It obviously wasn't very well thought out and could've easily been picked apart in an election. It wouldn't work politically, economically or legally. He questions Hudak's judgement. Hudak still believes in Right 2 Work. He even said as much at the same time as he "renounced" his "policy" after doggedly hanging onto it for 2 years @ Toronto Star

Unifor warns Hudak's intentions are still quite unclear @ More PC BS?

The OFL [Ontario Federation of Labour] makes it quite clear they will not be stepping down from their campaign. Hudak is not to be trusted or believed. He is only trying to further hiding his agenda from voters in anticipation of the election campaign ahead. Sid Ryan's statement + more @ OFL Speaks!

The OFL will be continuing it's Rights at Work campaign with meetings across the province in the weeks ahead. A schedule along with more info, documentation, handouts and other download able materials are available @ Rights at Work!

Press Progress reminds us that R2W4L was only one of the neo con planks in his election platform @ More!


Wednesday 19 February 2014

Welcome New Readers! Some Blog Notes!

Welcome! I'm happily surprised by the number of new site readers here in Ontario, across Canada, the US + UK etc. etc. etc. Here's a few notes to help make it easier to navigate my site: 

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My 2 most recent think pieces were on the state of our teacher unions going into the 2014 contract year @  Collective Bargaining!? Also on the Ontario teachers unions endorsement and support strategy for a possible provincial spring election @ Provincial Politics

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David C


Friday 14 February 2014

By Election Results: There's Got To Be A Mourning After!

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NDP Wayne gates breaks OLP's 10 year hold on Niagara Falls!


Niagara Falls: NDP=40% / PC=36% / OLP=18%
Thornhill: PC=49% / OLP=40% / NDP= 7%

We know the winners. These are approximate percentages. Elections Ontario is still tracking the final count. You can see and crunch the exact numbers @ The Elections Ontario Website

Here's one way of looking at the seat results in term of seat losses or gains at Queens Park [QP]: NDP +1/ PC 0/ OLP -1


The by election losses are a double whammy for the Wynne OLP @ The Globe + Mail

Two crushing defeats do not bode well for the Wynne Liberals @ Canadian Press

TVO's Steve Paikin claims we've seen this movie before @ TVO

TVO Agenda's Story of the Week will include a by election discussion between Piya Chattopadhyay + the Toronto Star's Martin Regg Cohen. This blog is not in the business of selling online subscriptions for the Toronto Star. I've used up my 20 free links this month. However, Cohen can be quite insightful at times. If you'd like to watch, details on the upcoming show are @ TVO Agenda Week in Review

My by election coverage up to and including last nights leader victory/ concession speeches is @ HERE!


Hudak Press Conference [10:30 am]: An angry, quite melodramatic Provincial Conservative [PC] Party leader Tim Hudak, wearing the best thin veneer of faux choirboy despair throws his hands in the air. He declares the PCs would've won in Niagara Falls if it weren't for the big unions. He announces a new Working Family Exposed website. It will expose "Working Families", a union elite conspiracy whom he claims are running the political show in Ontario. They only want the OLP +NDP in their back pockets so they can make more money for themselves and workers. As a result Niagara Falls, which is a PC riding [in his words] was not an equal playing field or else the PC's would have won.

How much does the PC party hate workers + their families?

An incredulous reporter jumps on Hudak's argument right away. He points out that Hudak is just using this post election media debriefing to promote a new website so he can launch another attack on labour. Didn't this backfire on him all ready during the by elections? He created an anti union "Right to Work" issue, or "whatever" he "wants to call it", as the reporter notes, and it backfired on him last night. Voters did not respond positively. It even badly alienated many of his own party supporters. Hudak adamantly rejects this argument; "No, no no ....."

Analysis: It would seem "political lobbys" and "special interest groups" are okay to Tim Hudak as long as they are big business + conservative. I have to laugh at Hudak's apparent dismay. His cartoon portrayal of working family issues as just an attempt to make more money for the big union bosses and greedy workers is ludicrous. It will appeal to his hardcore neo con supporters, but they support him all ready. Hudak's R2W4L [Right 2 Work 4 Less] has not proven to be a likely provincial election winner in gaining enough of the soft vote to break through the 38% glass ceiling he has all ready long reached within the polls. Hopefully his numbers will continue to bounce back and forth beneath that ceiling further exacerbating the frustrating divide within his party ranks. It seems unlikely he will make a breakthrough with his current anti union bogeyman path of attack in order to be able to form the government. That is an incredibly pigheaded, obstinate course of action to pursue in a possible spring election against a Liberal Party who's shelf life has long expired, and is facing a provincial election that could well be his for the taking.

I was glad to see the unions seize the agenda and set the tone for Hudak's "Right 2 Work 4 Less" [R2W4L] issue, rather than be in a position of reacting to such issues as has usually been the case in the past. It has obviously been very successful. If in doubt, just look at how royally p.o'ed Hudak is at being beat at his own game!

Bravo! However, one must be careful. If Hudak is smart he will find a way to rejig this debate for the next provincial election. If not it will continue to severely split and handicap his party from within. Moreover the R2W4L issue does not look like an election vote winner for the Hudak PC's. This wouldn't be the first time the Ontario PCs have shot themselves in the foot! Or snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, so to speak!  Remember though: the by elections were merely but a dry run for the big provincial one that will be sooner or later coming up! 

MY coverage of the Right 2 Work 4 Less issue as it unfolded during the by elections is @ HERE!

[11:25 am]. New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath's media debriefing: She provides an overview of the party emphasis on creating jobs for working people.  Andrea attacks the Liberal policies, and notes they reward Corporate CEO's by helping them to make profits while the average family suffers. The needs of working families should be at the centre of the province's focus. Niagara needs jobs. That is what the NDP will focus on in the riding, and across the province.

A reporter notes the NDP Niagara win was slim, despite the help of union canvassers. "Horwathmania" is evidently not sweeping Ontario. Will she prop up the Liberal government again in the spring budget? Is a provincial election the best bet for the NDP? Horwath argues she will not focus on election fever like the other parties but upon the needs of the people of the province. She wants to see what she can do for them with the spring budget rather than speculate on a non confidence vote.

Analysis: By elections are the NDP's forte and Niagara Falls has turned out to be no exception. It's extremely high unemployment rate, the highest in the province I believe, makes the riding choice NDP pickings. Hudak can think what he will, the riding was held by the OLP for the last 10 years. After all is said and done, neither the PC's nor the OLP could win the day here.

It is also interesting how Hudak's R2W4L policy galvanized union NDP support with the full blast of venom thrown at us here. The shift towards supporting the NDP in London + Waterloo last year also readily emphasizes how badly the OLP has alienated it's once loyal union support. Let's face it, we got screwed with the MOU, and there has been little change since, despite all the fine talk. The 2014 provincial contract offer is tucked away hidden until the provincial election prospects seem clear. The MOE has all but ignored the school boards when they refuse to implement the terms of the MOU, especially at the Catholic schools.

Obviously McGuinty took a gamble with the MOU in 2012. It behooves the teacher unions, IMHO, to realize that the OLP needs us as much as we need them, if re-elected to keep the neo con PC's at bay. If it's chicken they want to play, well that should go both ways. The teacher unions, OECTA in particular, need to show more spine and only endorse NDP candidates whenever an NDP win seems possible. At best we need to keep our fighter jets on deck, so to speak, by not attacking the OLP in a no win NDP situation.

For what its worth, on my blogsite I would support the Doug Little Report provincial election strategy proposal, along similar lines, with the possible exception being that I don't think the teacher unions should endorse the OLP at all, though I can see where that might not be wise in a very close OLP PC fight. I will still want to consider that some more. Any constructive Comments are much appreciated. In the meantime you can read the Doug Little Report over while carefully considering it yourself @ Doug Little Report

[11:35am] Premier Wynne's is questioned at a media scrum after an Ottawa aerospace plant funding announcement: Wynne claims the "dynamics" in each riding last night were different, each has "their own reality". She understands voters "appetite for change", the Ontario Liberal Party [OLP] has been in office for 10 years. She repeats her mantra from last night's concession speech in Thornhill; "I am the change." Voters will see the OLP's new plan and trajectory with businesses and communities across Ontario in the next general election.

Kathleen: No really, nobody was watching or cared!

Wynne is questioned about whether she is wearing rose coloured glasses. The OLP lost 2 by elections last night. She claims she is a realist. Last night she visited the losing candidates, and thanked them for their terrific team job in continuing to implement the new party plan. Not everybody was watching the by elections. Most people in Ontario are more concerned about her efforts to create jobs like she is doing this morning. Her job is to work to make their lives better by helping provide more jobs, as in today's case in the Ottawa aerospace industry.

Wynne is questioned about why she is referring to a general election. She replies that's what she is always being asked about by the media. By elections are not the same as a general provincial election, so she can't extrapolate about the results of last nights vote. The OLP is in a minority government  position. Many didn't think she'd still be around a year ago, but here she is. She will continue to focus on the needs of Ontarians.

Analysis: This truly is the by election "mourning after". When I first met Kathleen Wynne during her first successful 2003 OLP Don Valley West campaign it was my opinion that she could have pretty much as easily run for the OLP or the NDP. I do believe she is a pragmatist, and for a long time, as assistant to and as our Education Minister, a lot of good work was accomplished with our teachers. In relative terms, until 2012 it might even be considered a golden period, but no more.

Premier Wynne's mantra that "I am change" is a pretty tall order, not one that I would doubt in and of itself. However, the bottom line is that she is stuck with a train wreck of a party. It is most unfortunate that she is left holding the dreck, and I doubt she has much wiggle room, even within her own party ranks with it's various competing interests and their often quite contentious "advisors".  

Quite frankly I don't see any concrete OLP "new plan and trajectory". With the teacher unions it is still, a year after she won the OLP leadership race, all words. In today's comments Kathleen engaged in a lot of platitudes about voters seeing all the good work she wishes to do. Unless the PC's screw up, that will not win her the next election. Dirty fighting might well not win the PC's a majority government. Nor will being seen as a good person, however true that might well be, keep her in power.

A by election is not necessarily a good indicator of a parties strength, but in politics perceptions are reality as far as most voters are concerned. After three bruising rounds of by election losses, fought alone without her teacher union support, the writing should be clearly visible on the wall for the OLP to see.

The teacher unions have little option but to play hardball with Premier Wynne and the OLP. Although the risks are high, for both sides, its high time to suck it up and not accept any more fig leaves or future promises.  IMHO its always better to go down fighting and take an honour guard along rather than grovel and kiss boot. That time is now upon us. The ultimate question of success though will be whether all the teacher unions have the fortitude and spine to take on the Liberals at their own game and see it through. Do they?

Neither the PC's, the NDP or the OLP have very much chance of forming a government majority at this point in time, nor as the polls suggest has this been the case for quite some time. If its a minority government that Ontario is stuck with then so be it. That is not necessarily a bad thing, far from it. On the other hand any further support for the OLP, as things now stand for the conceivable future, most certainly is. Andrea Horwath seems to understand and use the OLP's desperate situation quite well. It's high time all the teacher unions do too!


Friday 7 February 2014

Canada: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!

Here are some good live online links to watch, listen or read about Canada's medal wins at the Winter Olympic's in Sochi:

Here's a page of links to Canada's top moments at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics @ Best of Canada!

Read about, watch or listen to the Canada Olympic news round the clock online @ Live Feed!

You can follow the Canadian medal count, latest breaking news + info on our athletes via the Official Canadian Olympic Website @ We own the Podium!

Another excellent spot to keep checking for a running count of the medals is @

Canada Men's Hockey Gold on Feb 23 in a 3-0 shut out against Sweden!

Canadian Men's team beat US in Friday hockey semi final Friday Feb 2! Details @ Hockey!

Canadian Women's hockey team wins Gold for 4th time in a row on Feb 20!

Canada Women's hockey team above!

Excitement as Team Canada men's hockey team moves into the semi finals Feb 19!

Canadians take silver in Ice dancing Feb 17.

Canadian silver in men's figure skating Feb 14th

Canadian silver in Men's 1000 Metre Speed Skating Feb 12!

Canada takes Gold + Silver in Men's Mogul Mon Feb 10 at Sochi!

Although it's only lunch time Friday Feb 7 here in Toronto Canada, the 2014 Russian Winter Olympic opening ceremonies have all ready commenced due to the time change. They are recreating the history of Russia. I look forward to seeing how they represent the 20th century: Lenin, Stalin, WW2, the Cold War, + the Soviet Collapse!

Canada takes Gold + Silver in Women's Mogul Saturday Feb 8!


Retirement is great. I am sitting on my couch, still in my pyjamas with a coffee while it's freezing f'ing cold outside. Ha. Maybe I'll go out for dinner tonight. Dunno. I had planned to watch the opening ceremonies this evening but it's on now. Wonder what the networks will do for this evening for everybody else when they get home from work? Maybe you can set up a t.v. in the staff room?

Canuck team officially arrives at Sochi!

Right now they are performing an interpretive dance of War + Peace. Hmmm. That was kind of a long book wasn't it?!? The could cut this as far as I'm concerned, but it is quite the spectacle.

What I saw: The Russian Revolution: a dance of people + machines. Floating abstract shapes. Better than it sounds .... a very short clip @ Abstract Communism?

Skips to WW2. A bomber sound. Now lots of rebuilding: a big construction worker thingie. Young Pioneers. Everybody dressed the same...... oooh! Cosmonauts marching with a big rocket. I  like!  A red square parade: An abstract hammer + sickle floats by. Folks are dancing to rock + roll while policemen try to wave them away. Red Army chorus singing Moscow bights. Armies of women with baby carriages. Lots of fast construction and everybody running everywhere. They spread out to form two huge circles as the floor clears. A little girl floats away holding a balloon.

Historical revisionism is always very dicey at best but I'd give this a solid A+ for presentation + symbolism. Yup. online broadcasts also here!

Huffington Post reports + includes photos from the ceremonies @ Huffington

NASA photo: Sochi from earth orbit! Tres kool eh?

Some other notes:

OMG?! Some Russian attitudes might shock us, but let's look more carefully ... A sexist ad? If we say she is gay would that make it ok here?

There has been lots of criticism of the Sochi Olympic preparations. It even continued right through the opening ceremony today when one display didn't light up correctly. OK folks. Fair is fair. But just wait until the Pan American Games come to Toronto next year! Brace yourself! Have you actually seen many preparations under way? Ohhh! By the way, what about transportation?! NOTHING is in place as City Hall continues to argue about subways. We can't even efficiently move around 1.5 million Toronto commuters now. How about if we add another million visitors?!?

Funny bathrooms eh? But Pan American visitors won't be laughing about Toronto transit next year!

Then as far as human rights go how about our aboriginie reservations eh? Third world or what? Genocide, you say? No? Others might .......

There are problems in Russia.address some relevant ones here on my blogsite. But please, let's keep it in perspective and enjoy the games. Here's a litany of Rooskie complaints, rather comical, so ha ha  ha but ...... Remember! See @ We are next!

Toronto prepares for Pan American games? Oh wait! This is in Sochi?!

So you think they are backwards in Russia eh? Check it out:

Gay Pride flag raised at Toronto City Hall, like in many Canadian municipalities during the Olympics. Mayor Rob Ford wants it removed @ Gay Pride Flag

Gay Pride flag is raised at Ottawa City Hall for duration of the Socha Winter Olympics. An interesting Twitter exchange! reports on 22 famous LGBT gay Russians President Vladimir Putin shouldn't forget @ Russian pride

AT+T telcom speaks out against gay discrimination in Russia. Many sponsors are hesitant because it might not help their business prospects in the country. However, this article claims that if more do it's possible the games might not be awarded to countries with discriminatory polities in the future. Then that means better chances for us??? Yup. We are just so caring and concerned in the west eh? No? @ Sochi 2014

Russian fake lesbian duo t.A.T.u are reportedly to perform at opening ceremonies seemingly to deflect gay discrimination issue @ t.A.T.u.

Jah! Even fake lesbian women in Russia must live in dump today! No care can sing!

Ready for action! Terrorist threats are a big ongoing Sochi concern. Will something bad happen? Really, these days it's anybody's guess. Russia is taking great precautions. See below:

We could be in for an interesting 19 days ahead!


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!