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Tuesday 27 March 2018

Oh Cannabis: Spring "Toke Of The Town"



It's time for some cannabis green marketing in the GTA, across Canada, the US, and around the world! Here are some kool green market products that have recently come across my scanner. Also see @ Toke Of The Town 1 

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Reefer Madness 2: Toronto's Queen Street West "Friendly Stranger" Cannabis Culture Shop is pulling out all the stops to fight for our indie lounges and dispensaries in the June 7th provincial election. Their unique strategy involves special storefront window displays, "social activism" discounts, a website and twitter tags. Support your local toke shops @ Cannabiz Coalition! Legalization Not Monopolization @ #savecannabiz! Boycott the government Ontario Cannabis Stores @ #boycottocs! 

420 Toronto

420 Toronto 2018: Our local 420 celebration proceeded outside City Hall, without an allusive, official permit, in one huge collective act of civil disobedience! High times were guaranteed for all, except unfortunately our weed vendors. Alas! Only in Toronto, eh -Faced with a huge, growing crowd, Toronto Police Service "yellow jackets" focused their efforts on shutting them down with stern warnings, depriving 420 partier's of a handy above ground green market instead. An eye witness reports one dealer getting busted with a whole whack of weed in the underground parking garage below city hall. Still can't independently confirm, but would not be surprised. There certainly wasn't any shortage of boo. Another 420'er told me he'd lost count after the 30th joint passed his way! Read my exclusive blog report @ Here! More @ THERE!

Save Our Dispensaries: Many of our local, downtown shops wavered their membership requirements, allowing anyone with a medical cannabis card, or on one occasion folks over 19, to check out their wares. Nice marketing move! Also very helpful under the circumstances! See Above!

Toronto City Hall: Howzabout some good, old fashioned, peaceful civil disobedience? 420 Toronto festivities are proceeding at Nathan Phillips Square, out front Toronto City Hall, despite the lack of an official permit! Seems that the city is very worried that .... OMG!!!! .... cannabis [nee pot, marijuana, boo ....] .... will be smoked there! 

Enough is enough! Legalization keeps getting rolled back. It sure looks a damn lot more like Prohibition 2.0, than any serious reform of our unjust cannabis laws! 

420 is our high holiday! Let's celebrate it in high style as committed cannabis activists! Check out the kool roster of activist speakers, and live music, along with your many, favourite, green vendors expected at this year's big "free" event 420 Toronto! @ Facebook!  

Hotbox 420 Block Party: Get your tickets to continue the festivities afterwards with Abi Roach's Hotbox crew in Toronto's Kensington Market. Lotsa hip hop, house music, high times and stoner fun including "shatter shots" and a "Canna bar". Tickets y info @ Facebook

PS: I arrived late from 420 City Hall to find the smokin' Hotbox lounge packed to the rafters. Tunes still blasting at the warehouse party. A splendid time was guaranteed for all!


High 5's "420 King" Medible Pop Up Market features 25+ cannabis vendors and a comedy show hosted by Paul Thompson and friends. Mark April 18th 6:30-10:30 pm. on your calender. Location TBA! Tickets, info etc @ Instagram

Hallelujah! The High 5 markets continue to "pop up" across Toronto on a monthly basis. You'll still find many of your favourite "Oh Cannabis: Toke of the Town" cannabiz producers and vendors here with their latest wares! Stay tuned here for more upcoming dates and reviews! Follow the High 5 Facebook


Unlike an old fashioned pipe, reefer or bong, vaping is very clean, convenient and discreet. Who's to know if you are smoking E-Juice nicotine, THC or CBD's?!?

Toko [LINK] and Alair [LINK] are widely available across Canada and in the GTA. They're pretty good, with new challengers constantly arriving on the scene. Each vape pen is usually preloaded with 1/4, 1/2 and 1 gram of E-Juice. A disposable pen ranges in cost from $45 to $70. A rechargeable battery with cartridge? from $70 to $120 on average.

Problem: The batteries can and do fail. The cartridges sometimes leak, especially with the cheaper pens. Reliable dealers will gladly replace them. Hopefully, have refills in stock. Generally, it's a very good product, but problems do exist.

Solution: DIY -Make your own E-Juice! Surprise! Your local, nicotine, vape shop sometimes stocks everything you need, minus of course our favourite drug. You'll find it's very easy to make. More reliable. A lot cheaper too.

Stress you know that the Vape shop doesn't sell weed, if they get uptight. Hopefully more will soon get with the THC E-Juice program, once weed is legalized in Canada. Maybe realize that there's a huge market for THC/ CBD E-Juice and supplies! Not just E-Juice nicotine! Bleech! Fortunately, in Toronto, there's at least 2 good Vape shops whom are already very hip. Ready, willing and able to please we cannabis aficionados! Check out E-Smoke Canada [LINK] and Vape To Vape [LINK].

Ready! Set! Go! Start with a good, stand alone, rechargeable battery. Personally, I like a reliable Aspire [LINK] or even the hardy el cheapo E-Smoke Canada's EVOD Twist. Generally these are quite reasonably priced, in the $20 to $50 range. Add a refillable tank. Aspire carries a solid line of glass-omizer refillable cartridges, many in the $20-$40 range.  

At the vape shop, you'll also need to buy some EJ Mix Vapor Blend [LINK], or other cannabis compatible E-Juice. Also, an E-Juice syringe, a small glass container, a stir stick. Cost me roughly $40 for 15 mls plus re-usable supplies at E-Smoke on Yonge Street Toronto?

Note well: 1 ml of EJ Mix will make you 1 gram of very potent THC/CBD juice to vape, at quite a savings. It's much cheaper than, let's shelling out $45 to $70 for a 1/4 gram disposable pen. Another plus is that you can mix the strength according to your own needs and tastes -medium to light for everyday use, stronger to party! 

Next: Break up a gram of your favourite Shatter, [$45 to $70] or BHO, Honey Oil or Wax. Add to a ml of EJ mix into the glass container. Microwave for 10 seconds or so. Stir til smooth. Inject it into your cartridge using the syringe. Screw on the battery. 

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Smile. Enjoy!


Rasta Pharoah: The good Pharoah's back at the High 5 market! This time I checked out their coconut, grape seed and olive oil 15 ml/ 300 gm THC Tincture. It works like this: Use the squeezer to dab under your tongue for maximum, instant effect. Dose as needed. I found it subtle, almost like a body stone. Also check out the Pharoah's 30 ml/ 375 gm Strawberry Concentrate. Just add it to water, soda or your favourite cocktail. Great for a party sized, punch bowl too! Let the high times begin! Rasta's Rasta Pharaoh


Thanks god for medibles. Here's a few of my favourite snacks with a vegan theme. Each is quick and easy to prepare! Dose to your own personal taste! In Ontario, the ingredient's are readily available online and at yer local green market:

Peanut Gallery: Did you know that a THC infused peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich has as much protein as a steak? Enjoy a new post kiddie high with this 2 kool snack! Ingredients available @ Sofa King Bakery

Double Time: THC Chef Reena Rampersaad's infused chick pea doubles, with an extra spoonful ... or two ... or three of her killer infused "Sunshine Sauce" is a real spicy treat for those of us hungering for something different. Follow Chef Reena Instagram

Matty's Patties are proving to be popular, green market favourites. This time, we try the "Callaloo" 60 mg infused vegan patty. Nice flaky crust. Tons of veggie stuffing. Take some home to freeze. I had one for lunch later on in the week. Added lotsa Chef Reena's Sunshine Sauce for an extra special kick! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Got love in my tummy! Matty's Patties @ Facebook!

Indigenous Nature's Nectar Cherry Cola: Wash down your snack with an 80 mg THC soft drink! They're only available from Legacy 420 in Shannonville on the Tynedinaga Mohawk Reserve. Their Cream Soda is also quite the treat. No low cal beverages available yet, among these trez kool, sinful delights. Hope they become widely available soon! Great summer fun -high times guaranteed! $5 a can!


Green Chef's 100 mg Medical Cannabis Gummy's: Check it out: 4 jolly 25 mg jelly squares per pack. Take one for a nice kick, all 4 for space travel. Makes for a nice, sweet, and delectable addition to the green market gummy wars. Green Chef's @ LINK


Buudabomb's Chocolate Sweet Tooth: Another High 5 favourite, Buudabomb is back with their new 5 pack 100 mg infused "Milk Chocolate" duds. Also a new THC infused "Cookie and Creams" too. The milk chocolate dud's melt in your mouth. Are sweet, but not too sweet. Dose separately -at 20 mgs each, they pack quite the kick! Or take all 5 for earth orbit! 5-4-3-2-1 .... Blast off BDB


Monday 26 March 2018

Oh Cannabis: Jamaican Tripping -Mo Bay 2018!

Sufficiently stoned on some great reefer, I float effortlessly on my back under a light, blue, pastel sky. The fierce, hot sun beats relentlessly down. I feeling calm. Tranquil. Very happy to be snorkelling again in the Caribbean.

I'm a couple of hundred feet off the coast of the Sunsplash [formerly the "Sea Winds"] resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Where my wife Janet and sister Maryanne work on their tans, in-between relaxing in the shade, under the swaying palms, on the crystal, white, sand beach.

A light sea breeze brushes my face. Slipping my mask and snorkel back in place, with a few effortless flipper flips, I gaze down into the refreshingly cool, deep, dark, blue waters below. 25 feet down to the glistening, sandy white bottom. From 5 to 10 feet down, stretches a seemingly, endless, coral sea. 

Schools of bright, colourful, tropical fish swirl about me, as I dive down into the cooler depths. Along the sea bottom, a huge stingray gracefully glides by. A giant, fluorescent eel pokes out his head. A small octopus or two look up, before slipping back into their sleepful slumber. 

My third trip to Jamaica, I'm feeling very much at home. There is little I enjoy more than swimming and exploring a coral reef. For me, it's the supreme natural high!

Janet and my last visit to Jamaica was about 4 years ago, shortly after I retired from teaching. A hardcore Bob Marley devoutee, I'd made the pilgrimage up Mystic Mountain to his birth and burial place, Nine Miles, to pay my respects. At his grave site, I imbibed in the holy sacrament; a little weed, for the first time in almost 25 years! [READ] [BLOG]

Yep! That's a long time not to toke my favourite herb. Perhaps longer than some of you, my dear readers, have even been alive. 

So why weed? Why now?!? 

It works like this: Although I've toked since the early 1970's, like a lot of baby boomers, I later decided that from a career perspective, it just wasn't  worth the risk. Plus, for me, hard work and study requires my complete focus. I felt I could hardly talk the talk to my students, if not actually walking the walk myself. 

For good measure and health reasons too, I also stopped smoking tobacco and drinking booze. Promised myself I could do whatever I liked later, after I'd grabbed my pension, gotten the job done. It wasn't a lifestyle decision everyone would make, I realize. Strictly a personal choice.

But let's fast forward! It's a whole new millennium now, in more ways that one. Finally retired, I've got a whole of time to relax. Kick back on my own time. Reassess the situation. 

Quite frankly, I hardly miss the twin demons nicotine and alcohol, now that I've long got them out of my system. 

Good riddance, but damn! Cannabis?!? Except for being illegal, it never did me any harm. But ... but ... but, do I still want all the unjust prohibition hassles and bullshit?

Fortunately, nowadaze, I qualify for medical cannabis. It certainly helps a lot with the aches, pains, shot nerves and whatever ails, of creeping old age. Eliminates a whole whack of big, bad, nasty prescription drugs, including opioids too, which I rarely take anymore, except for my really bad health daze. 

Overwhelming, for health reasons, I much prefer to self medicate with my weed.

Plus damn! Let's admit it! Recreational cannabis will soon be legal in Canada. In lots of places! All around the world! And cannabis sure is a whole lotta fun! 

Goes great with the tunes, food, and friends. Also let's not forget lying on the beach. Or diving in the sea. 

So back to my story! We clamber off our flight from Toronto to Montego Bay. Exhausted. Snake our way through Jamaican customs. 

Guess what? 

Our ever resourceful, baggage, rude boy asks if I'd like some ganja. Slips me some big, fat goo-ey buds: thick, khaki green and orangey red, very fresh and sooo lush .... 

The price? $40 for the weed, plus another $5 to carry our bags! Yeah, he probably ripped me. I've heard it can go for a lot cheaper, but I'm not complaining. Unwilling to risk arrest when we travel abroad, he saved me a lot of possible hassles. [1]

The buds certainly put a smile on my face morning, noon and night as I swam, lay in the sun, listened to tunes and read my book in the shade on the beach. There was even some leftover to leave for the maid, when our week was over!

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Some other notes on this year's beach holiday in Mo Bay, Jamaica: 

Sunspash All Inclusive Resort:  It's actually the historic "Sea Winds" hotel from back in the days of the Sunsplash Reggae concerts, hence the name. Uh huh, Bob Marley was here, but that was long ago. It's kind of run down now, it's future uncertain. 

Still, we really enjoyed our sea view room on the 7th floor of one of the towers. Big. Spacious. A fabulous balcony. Oh my god -the fiery, crimson sunsets! 

The white sand beach was hassle free. The huge, shoreline, coral reef never far away, extending endlessly down the coast and out to sea. 

Good old school roots, rock and reggae are still the tune-age of choice at the Sunsplash! The staff was very nice! The food good -spicy, but not too much so!

Coral Reef: Alas. I was last here in the early 1980's. Along the coastline, like in much of the Caribbean, the reef is basically dead. The novice diver might not notice, but it's now basically pale white, with small bursts of colour; a fading shadow of it's former, natural splendour and glory. Still, I counted at least a half dozen types of coral, the bigger and better ones, the further out and deeper down you go.

Montego Bay: Except for the shore dives, I think I much prefer Runaway Bay a little further down the coast. As you've probably heard, a military state of emergency has been declared in Mo Bay to try clear up the awful police and gangland mess. 

Driving from the airport through the city, one's faced with a very toxic mix of great affluence and appalling poverty! Everybody, uneasily living side by side! Very tighly squeezed in-between the mountain foothills and the deep blue sea. 

Hello Jamaican Babylon -it's quite the social justice, political-economic horror show! However, perhaps not much more so than when I was here back in the day. 

We only took one excursion, a quick, guided, shopping trip into town, booked through the hotel. Not the way I usually like to go, on our travels. 

Still, consider this: The tourist upside, is that there's lots and lots of great deals on resort packages in Montego Bay this year. Meanwhile, It's been an especially cold and bitter winter in Canada. 

We were very, very happy to just spend our week on the beach. We had absolutely NO problems, mon. If anything, the staff went out of their way to make sure everything was "irie" for us! Very fine and groovy!

Still, be warned! Everything in town and at the hotel shop is ridiculously overpriced. The crowded areas are probably still pretty risky. Of course, the back alleys too. 

We love Jamaica, but it's a fucking mess! My heart totally goes out to the poor sufferers in their war with Babylon.

Decriminalization: Although cannabis has recently been decriminalized in Jamaica, "pot tourism" is still in it's infancy. Ganja is definitely the Jamaican "brand". However, it wasn't openly available at the Sunsplash or the next door Hard Rock Cafe. Then again, we weren't hassled either, though I only toked on our balcony and at the beach. 

Let's hope that the sufferers can soon cash in. That things loosen up some more for the tourist trade. Without doubt, it could be a huge, much needed, cash windfall for the real Jamaica we all know and love so well! [2]

Bud and Breakfast: Abi Roach and Hotbox Toronto run one closer to Runaway Bay, that I'd like to try next time. More @ LINK!


[1] = Still, legal, pharmacy, prescription cannabinoids like Naboline, in pill form, or Sativex spray, can provide 2 quite reliable, above ground, traveller friends. 

[2] = Check for news updates on my Oh Cannabis News y Views blogs!


Bob Marley + The Wailers: The Early Years: Read my blog series -Part 1 @ Here Part 2 Here! Part 3 @ Here! Part 4 @ THERE!


Tuesday 20 March 2018

Oh Cannabis: Ontario PC Doug Ford?

UPDATE: Doug Ford seems to be walking back his support for free market pot, as the Ontario provincial election approaches, running into a lot of internal flack from the Ontario Conservative party, most predictably, it's social conservative wing @ PM

I make a very unlikely Ontario Progressive Conservative [PC] supporter, but here I am at the Toronto Congress Centre for new party leader Doug Ford's March 19th "Unity Rally". It's one of life's little ironies, I suppose. I have my "Oh Cannabis" media I.D. hanging around my neck. Also, a very important task: to learn more about new Doug Ford's plans for the sales and distribution of cannabis in our province, if he is elected premier.

Like him or not -kudos to Doug Ford! Cannabis will be legalized this summer. That's already in the works, come what may. Meanwhile, with a provincial election looming on June 7th, the PC cannabis Blue Meanies have a commanding 50%+ lead in the polls! So what does Doug do?

Suddenly, out the blue, Doug Ford has promised if elected, to take a good, old fashioned, free market approach towards legal cannabis! How? By handing the task over to Ontario's already flourishing private sector cannabiz industry! 

Fortunately, for we progressives, PC Doug's actually gone and introduced a much needed legalization debate into our spring election proceedings! Where the PC's have feared to tread! With voting less than 100 days away! Offering us a quite possible, free market alternative to the Wynne Neo Liberals! Their nefarious, corporate, legalization monopoly plan! 

No doubt, Doug's caught the provincial NDP napping! MIA! What more can one say? Seemingly they're still in a deep political slumber, nowhere to be see! 

The GOP in the US should take note! Canuck PC Leader Doug Ford knows! Legalization is both a good political and business move! Legal weed is a very excellent source of much needed tax dollars to help balance the budget! 

Plus Private  sector cannabis just makes great business sense! Why reinvent the wheel at great public expense, when there is already a perfectly functional cannabis free market? Already in place?

Should make perfect sense from a fiscal conservative perspective, no?

Ontario's underground cannabiz activist-entrepreneurs have realized that for years! It's grass root free enterprise, in it's most basic and purest form. 

Despite decades of Reefer Madness propaganda, lies and bullshit, cannabis is now widely known to be very safe. Much, much moreso than tobacco or booze. 

It's enjoyed by lots of folks of every race, age and persuasion. It employs a whole lot of everyday entrepreneurs of most every political stripe. 

We all have a great deal in common, across our fair province, in having our next government finally getting legalization right, for once and for all! 

Legalization should never have become just another big Corporate Neo Liberal cash grab! But unfortunately, up until now, the Ontario PC party hasn't shown any inclination whatsoever, towards championing free market cannabis, in the so called legalization debate. 

Aside from Doug, and maverick MPP Randy Hillier, the Ontario PC's have been blind that, quite simply put, from a fiscal conservative perspective too, free market weed just makes a whole lot of good, old fashioned dollars and sense!

Of course, Doug's Conservative Epiphany of sorts on free market weed all sounds pretty fine and dandy! Still, can he actually turn the party position around, with the provincial election less than 100 days away? 

The clock is ticking! Where are the details? Just what exactly does he plan to do?  

For example: 

Would a Ford PC government completely scrap the Liberal government monopoly stores? Mail order sales? Before they open this summer? Afterwards? Or keep them both in place too? 

What's are the rules and regulations? For a start up? To register a business? 

Moreover -a free Market? For Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

On and on it goes!

So here I am! To determine whether our Ontario PC Premier is actually just an emperor with no clothes! When it comes to even the most basic details about his seductive new plan for free market weed?

I dutifully register at the Toronto Congress Centre, as your "Oh Cannabis" reporter, over at the media table. Gingerly wade my way through a huge crowd of perhaps 2,000 of the Conservative Party faithful! 

I count two tables of caucus members, their families and friends. Many PC election candidates are out in full force, along with their riding association and election campaign members. There's lots of party operatives and officials. Also, many everyday "just plain folk" voters. 

It's a fairly diverse crowd of all ages. Demonstratively, very fed up with the corrupt and wasteful Wynne government. Just plain folks. Desperately, in search of a change.

I am belly up, stage centre, in front of the podium, as Doug arrives with much fanfare. He's flanked by three former leadership opponents, all now seemingly united behind the new Ontario PC leader; Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney, and Tanya Granic Allen. 

Pat Brown? Conspicuous by his absence. 

Much hugs, back patting, sign waving and crowd cheers follow, but interestingly it is Doug alone who speaks.

Alas! Free enterprise weed isn't on the agenda tonight. Nor are any actual platform details whatsoever. 

Hmmmm. The PC's did have an election platform up, until a few weeks ago. Remember Pat Brown's "The Peoples Promise"? 

Alas! Kaput! All that much touted consultation and long, hard party work is now completely missing in action. The PC election platform sent packing too! 

Instead, Doug Ford has arisen from municipal ignominy and defeat. The controversial Ford Nation Toronto Phoenix of sorts, is now stepping up, last minute, as the newly minted PC leader! Reinventing the party on the fly as the election clock relentlessly ticks away!

Can he save the day? Still nail down the PC's huge polling numbers with a majority government? While now also including lefty potheads under the big Ford Nation tent too?

I stare into Doug's sweaty face from a mere few feet away as he speaks. His eyes dart about nervously but he's very deliberate. Focused. Stays on script. 

Tonight's unity speech is a full frontal attack on Premier Kathleen Wynne. A call to arms! Doug makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he's out to get her.

Still, with less than a hundred days until the provincial election, Doug's Unity Rally speech is totally devoid of any election specifics. Only that we are being offered up Doug, as Kathleen's "worst nightmare".

It's a reoccurring theme that resonates well with the party faithful gathered at the Toronto Congress Centre. But let me be frank. Or David. As a native Torontonian, I have lived next door to Ford Nation for most of my adult life. Have experienced first hand the Brother Ford's rocky tenure at Toronto City Hall. 

Long time readers of my blog site will know that I have been no fan of Rob or Doug! 

IMHO, the Fords have been a very toxic, divisive political force, a neo con wrecking ball of sorts, not conductive to good order and government. Plus with Rob and Doug, the devil is always in the details!

I'm certainly not an Ontario PC supporter either, especially their neo conservative thrust. Then again, as a retired teacher, I watched the provincial Liberals compromise our once proud unions and destroy the collective bargaining process, once and for all, far more effectively than the Harris Conservatives ever did. 

Recall that it also was our supposed "labour party", the provincial NDP, whom so unceremoniously goosed the so called "social contract" down our union leaders' slippery throats. 

Most progressives have our own Ontario political horror stories and pet peeves! With all our parties! On any number of fronts! 

Over the last thirty years, time and again, we've been asked to choose between successive turn coat Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum governments of all three party stripes!

Neo Cons? Neo Libs? Or NDP Socialist's - Not Socialist's? No matter! 

We've constantly seen our hopes and dreams dashed, on the corporate altar of government austerity, thanks to a whole lot of Oligarchical Rigging 101!

And so, it's provincial election time again? In all fairness, I very much appreciate and will remain open, to Doug Ford weighing in on our provincial legalization debate, from a free market perspective. 

Our long suffering cannabiz growers, producers, sellers, dispensaries, bud workers and activist entrepreneurs? They should profit from the long struggle for legalization. Not the government bully boys and their greedy corporate buddies, now so eager to cash in on their grief. 

Clearly we need to make a wise and informed choice on June 7th. To do so, we will need to know a helluva lot more about Doug's actual plans! 

Truly, between now and election day, it's very necessary for each of us to grill all three parties on free market verses monopoly weed. There are just so many pressing legalization questions that need to be asked. 

Here in west Toronto where I live, the early bird candidates are already knocking on our doors. Ha! Truly, this opportunity has been a very, long time coming. 

Think about it: Doug Ford has helped finally dragged legalization into the election limelight. An alternative to the Wynne government's corporate weed monopoly is actually on the table! Maybe we will really see some real change? 

Doug finishes up onstage, the consummate politician. Stares me in the eye. Gives me a high 5. Then moves on, working the excited crowd, now bubbling over, cheering, clapping, reaching out, shaking hands, taking selfies, bathing in Doug's all encompassing glow. 

Doug's on home turf tonight. He's surrounded by an adoring Ford Nation crowd. But it'll be all up or downhill from here, in the short election daze ahead.

To the right hand side of the stage, former Social Conservative leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen is holding court. She's surrounded by bright camera lights. A gaggle of reporters. A big, excited, adoring crowd of the Ontario PC Tea Party style faithful. 

I waste little time. Leap in among the battery of questions about "party unity". To ask if she supports Doug's position on legalized weed. 

Doug's the leader. He'll make the policies. The now united party will support him. But in fact, Tanya won't commit. See @ WATCH VIDEO!

Tanya's clearly not impressed, nor ready, willing or able for that matter to answer my question. 

That in and of itself says a lot! Are Doug Ford's PC "Party Unity" claims, like his free market weed ones, little more than a glittering generality? 

Moreover, what of the PC's large continent of Social Conservatives and other old school Reefer Madness conservatives? Will they also be on board with Doug Ford's cannabis policies too? 

When it comes to choosing Ontario's next provincial government, we hardly want to end up with another pig in a poke. However, if we ask enough questions repeatedly, all three parties will know cannabis is an important issue. They will suddenly need to pay attention to us too, come June 7th. 

Plus if it's a tight race, with all three parties feeling the pressure, we might just squeeze a compromise or two out of them each. 

Think about it! It's not much. But it's a whole lot more than we are getting now! 

Imagine! After June 7th, Ontario could have a free market weed market! Instead of the Neo Lib Wynne government's dreadful, government controlled, cannabis monopoly! 

So let's start asking questions! Let's work for real change! Let's help grow our Ontario Cannabis Community together! 


David C

PS: Please: If you get some interesting responses when questioning any of the election parties and/or candidates, please feel free to share them here with us, in the "Comment'" sections below!


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
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Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

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Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

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Have you seen them!

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Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

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You don't look well.

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Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!