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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! No Censorship of Teacher News!

A handy acronym list can be found on my January 13th blog. My updated teacher news links continue uncensored for now in blog that follows.

Hear ye! Hear ye! A Proclamation!

OECTA: The house of secrets? Yes! It's true! You will notice I posted a new introduction in the top bar of my blog beneath the title. Let's get over this nonsense. I do not officially represent OECTA or anybody else. I do not try nor would I want to make anyone think I do. This is me, all me, and nothing but me, for I am the Grand Poobah of the David Chiarelli -School Edition blogsite. Nobody else! ;-)

So if you think I am Kevin O'Dwyer, Sam Hammond or Kevin Cohn [?!], the answer is no. If you are confusing me with the official voice of a local OECTA teacher unit with the same acronym in it's title, the answer is no! 


Later on I will explain more about my unexpected Ascension to "Grand Poobahship". Meantime, no! No I am not infallible, nor a tight butt like so many other darn "official" lords + highnesses these days, be they teacher union leaders, or party apparatchiks, whomever. 


Censorship sucks! Information is knowledge! Knowledge is power!

I regret if I sound snarly but I am growing tired of the officious local harassment + accusations I have been receiving for nearly two years now. Somehow I am supposed to be confusing OECTA members about whom I actually represent on my blog. Apparently they are so dimwitted that they think I am speaking on behalf of OECTA Provincial + OECTA TSU. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Sometimes it gets so absurd private warnings are even sent out not to read my blog [?] One executive member has even gone so far as to report me to the school board for sending our teachers a link to the eulogy I wrote when one of our young colleagues died.Previously I'd find it hard to even imagine her, or any union leader for that matter, trying to get one of their colleagues in trouble with the bosses! Whatever is our OECTA coming too? 

Quite frankly I would be very embarrassed + humiliated if you thought I was the official voice of OECTA Provincial or OECTA TSU, especially when it comes to our OECTA MOU, local contracts + protests. I always strive to be very clear about who I am in my postings + all my communications. Claims to the contrary are quite annoying and pure poppy cock.Misrepresenting myself is the last thing on my mind that I'd want to do. Nor do I have any need whatsoever to do so to boost my readership locally or across the province. Why would anybody even try to claim I am doing all these ridiculous + unnecessary things?

Should the insulting behaviour persist I will regretfully be forced to publish these emails past + present in full, exactly as they are were sent to me. When anybody writes + sents it to me themselves, it is now quite frankly mine to share as I see fit. Contrary to popular misconception that's a very basic journalistic fact for those of us who are public political figures serving in an elected position. 

The situation with many if not most of our OECTA leadership is very disheartening. Is it becoming necessary to expose some of their most unfortunate lack of any understanding or respect for how social media like blogs, websites + tweets work nowadays? These inform + empower the teacher protest movement. There has been a major paradigm shift many seem to have missed, unintentionally or not:  Information is no longer the exclusive domain of the privileged few who alone can use it to control what the rest of us know, think or do. 

OECTA can no longer be a house of secrets where the information within and that going out to our members + the public at large can be tightly monitored + controlled. Our members + others can surf + communicate over the internet to find out just about anything nowadays. It's all out there somewhere! Thank God for that! 

Please also note: the total reader visits to my blogsite in January was 28241. Now we know why OECTA TSU in particular is so keen to censor me! How many folk do you think read the official Highlights newsletter last month? The OECTA Provincial Agenda?

I want my blogsite to be a clearing house for a wide range of news links, web resources, and challenging points of view. I don't like any sort of mundane party speak here. I want my site to allow us to critically consider our teacher issues like the well educated, professional + responsible free thinkers whom we are, regardless of our different teacher affiliates. As far as my opinions go, readers can + do disagree. I respect that + think it's great that we have thought things through + arrived at our own points of view for ourselves, be they different or not. 

That's education rather than indoctrination. It is not some misguided attempt to enforce group think upon us. IMHO it is pitiful + insulting when one's views or beliefs come from just regurgitating those of somebody else, be they a high falootin' union executive leader, a self proclaimed "expert" or a political boss. OECTA for one, is without doubt headed for a big upheaval or sad demise in the years ahead if they think they can still control what we think and know to serve their own purposes, whatever that might be. For shame!

As alwaysheartily invite anyone who has any deep well thought out concerns about my blog to communicate them to me directly. They can be appropriately be addressed in a friendly personal manner between us, or even with a moderator if we so choose. I always welcome constructive imput + indeed have actually made some well considered changes here and there to my blog based upon these discussions. It only makes sense. Like it or not the old ways of communicating are not fixed in stone anymore. Internet protocols are still new + evolving as the web continues to grow + change over time.

 Unfortunately that has been a long standing offer that none of my local OECTA TSU critics have ever take me up on. I wonder why? BTAIM I am not going to engage in any further dubious "in camera" executive kangaroo courts, nor like I said will the ill informed + ill advised secret emails be tolerated any longer without being publicly shared. For crying out loud I have even offered any of them who are upset the option of writing a guest blog about their concerns. So as far as being public and upfront goes, no further attempts at censorship of any sort will be treated any differently than the emails or kangaroo court anymore.

Backroom secret discussions and plots to depose me from our local union executive are your tawdry business. Please know that every time they occur somebody comes running to tell me everything anyway asap.I have a very loyal and numerous local political base whom read + follow my blogs regularly. They seem to respect + readily support me. I thank you all for that. I am very pleased to continue to be of service in letting you know what's going on despite the deafening silence + tightly regulated flow of information that we face as OECTA members. It is weird: who works for who anymore? I've always thought our OECTA executives worked for the members, not the other way around!

I have often joked that if this blog were to ever go down it is set, figuratively speaking, to explode and take everybody involved along with it. Ha? Ha? Ha? Better to go with a bang not a whimper?!?

Please note: Absolutely no genuflecting, blind allegiance, royal silence, boot licking or toadyism are in any way or manner required, nor of course acceptable, here in my School Edition blog or in the course of my travels. I wonder how many other teacher and political groups or organizations insist on that anymore? Not too many I'm afraid.

Duh de duh. But no more unpleasantness.

As for this new Grand Poobah thing of mine: it is hereby decreed that any + all "inauguration" gifts, offerings, or future tithes etc etc etc are to be respectfully directed to the charity of your choice. Hmmm. This should be fun.;-)  And now for some more Grand Poobah decrees:

Hear ye! A Decree: So as to not cause confusion, the title of the Grand Poobah's Teacher School Underground will not be referred to using the acronym TSU in my "School Edition" blogs, since it is also shared by many other such groups like TSU:  theTennessee State University etc. etc. etc. The decree will stay in effect for the foreseeable future. No future usage is anticipated, lest it be ridiculously misconstrued or taken out of context, contrary to the Grand Poobah's desired opinion and intentGrand regards + thanks in advance for your respectful understanding!

BTW: This always was the case but if it makes you feel better to see it in print GA [+ others] than so be it! Next time please talk to me first rather than sending tattle tale letters based upon conjecture to our TSU executive. I truly regret that it is necessary to post this message here brother. It was much better when for you + I could just talk directly with each other sharing our interesting + much more beneficial discourses.

Alas! Most unfortunately it looks like what's left of our once fresh original new TSU executive team has now come full circle. Whatever happened to the exciting changes we set out to accomplish for our unit? Now we are just replacing one stale oppressive status quo with another of our own making. I had hoped for so much more than the censorship + control being recreated again.

Hear ye! Another decree! Any + all readers of the School Edition blog need not address me as the "Grand Poohbah" of course, if you so please. I much prefer "David".  However in other ridiculous meetings, greetings + functions of a political, governmental or union nature which become officious +/or nauseating my proper titles will need to be used. "Your Grandness" or "exalted" are also known to suffice when acknowledging the presence of a Grand Poobah among everyone else who wants to act like the Lord Almighty in our OECTA house of secrets. Please do not require me under such circumstances to rise on a point of personal privilege to insist that the proper titles be used. Grand thanks in advance for your respect of the decree.

A typical Grand Poohbah ceremonial inauguration 

More to come as need be.

Monday 28 January 2013

Final January Teacher Protest News link Digest [3]

Updated 1:00 pm Saturday! New additions below + throughout!

A handy acronym list can be found on my January 13th blog.

Yes! We have almost made it through the month, and for our secondary school teachers semester one. Best of all we will be half way back to our summer holidays by February 1st. How delightful eh? Meanwhile it is dead of winter. The days are short, the nights long. The once fresh white city snow scape now looks black, icy and makes me blurry eyed. We settle in for the long haul before spring.

Hear ye! Hear ye! A Proclamation!

Yes! It's true! You will notice I posted a new introduction in the top bar of my blog beneath the title. Let's get over this nonsense. I do not officially represent OECTA or anybody else. I do not try nor would I want to make anyone think I do. This is me, all me, and nothing but me, for I am the Grand Poobah of the David Chiarelli -School Edition blogsite. Nobody else! 

Dancing + mirth often accompany a Grand Poohbah's foray out of doors!

Much more info on this latest development will be found on my latest blog!

Last weekend's cold snap during the protest is over + it's +14 decrees Celsius in Toronto by Tuesday. Unbelievable! Good bye snow! Then one day later + we have snow flurries and a wind chill factor of -17.

New Feature!!! Music Reviews at the bottom of my blog. Today: The Beatle's White Album Vinyl Re-issue! Includes notes + suggestions on why you should consider buying a new turntable.


Please note: the total reader visits to my blogsite in January is 28,241. I am honoured  to be of service in bringing you the latest teacher news. Now we know why OECTA is so desperate to censor me! Please continue to share my link in solidarity!

OECTA COP Update: There's a new bargaining process proposal being brought to Spring AGM 2013 for a general membership vote on any future provincial agreements. The motion, if approved at the AGM, will mean one member one vote. Gee thanks! But isn't that like closing the barn door once the horse is gone? I think we still need to deal with the fact that a fast one was pulled off without our approval. There's a difference between the letter of the by-laws and the spirit of the by laws and that ethical principle was violated, if anyone cares anymore. Please correct me if I'm wrong. More COP details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

J26 Protest Update: Have received confirmation OECTA York was there. Some of the other units too but get this! They flew their own local flags not the OECTA big blue! Makes sense! We will need to get some at OECTA TSU. It was brought up before. No time like now!

ETFO OLRB: Boards argue ETFO's memo to the teachers was an illegal strike action since it directed them to continue job actions. ETFO argues, where does it say that? Hearing resumes next Thursday. See: Directive?

ETFO OLRB Thursday meeting resumes late with more of the same + some current twittering problems in reporting information. Stay tuned. I'll keep on top of this 4 you.

ETFO Voice provides a good balanced overview on Wynne's track record to date up until, of course, she was chosen premier. And now? That's a chapter still to be written! See: Wynne track record

Visit Rabble TV online for an indie video of last weekends teacher protest. The internet + social media provide unlimited opportunities for alternative news. No wonder there are attempts at censorship. This is really bad news for those who control the status quo. It's revolutionary. How can they control what we think hear and say if they can't control the media anymore to stop us from communicating info and views they don't want spread around!?! Run rabbit run. See: Rabble TV Rocks!

You have probably received the private and confidential communique to every OTF teacher in the province about the new pension evaluation "CIP" [Conditional Inflation Protection] plan. It is to remain secret until February 6. So how many 100,000's of teachers know about this but aren't supposed to say anything?!? Ridiculous. Check your email account or super duper top secret affiliate website area. Another paradigm shift with how information spreads seems self evident here, but the powers that be seem to remain oblivious, thinking it can be self contained like in the old days. Well I'm not telling, my blog is controversial enough as is [see my next blog] ;-)

Toronto Star editorial says teachers + the OLP need each other to stop Hudak's PC's. One waits with baited breath for the next reliable poll done after the OLP Convention to see where the situation is really at. Please read the comments below this blog for a very interesting perspective on what our "friends" at the Toronto Star are up too. See: OLP vs PCs

Windsor Star editorial comes out in strong support for Hudak's education plan. This is one nasty piece of journalism here. One hopes the Windsor teacher affiliates can follow up on this one: Windsor Star

Wynne to re-introduce new sex ed curriculum. Conservatives + right wing religious frothing at the month. Xtra reports: Sex Ed?

A vitriol internet link to comments about Wynne + a lesbian conspiracy to snatch + pervert our province's children. It gets worse: something about sending her to Uganda to die?!? Read + weep: Vitroil Attack

Sun News whimpers over our "Broken School System" and the many other wonderful private school alternatives parents have in the USA. Here we go. Back to Harris. We'd have 2 tiered education for the haves + the have-nots. Remember Education Minister John Snobelen's efforts to "create a crisis" in education for that purpose back in the mid 1990's? Be aware! See: Class warfare

This is not a joke!  Far from it!

Looking for a bold Tim Hudak kinda guy, or a look a like Lisa McLeod hunka woman? Now there's a new Conservative dating service in Canada. "Liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, feminazi's + democrats need not apply." Hmmm. Doesn't say anything about Bolsheviks, Leninists, Trotskyites, Maoists or Fidelistas though!!! Whew! ;-) Oh what fun we could have with this thread eh? Anyway, see: Conservative Dates + Match-Making Services?

Teacher college applicants drop dramatically. This article suggests it's because there are no jobs. My niece graduated last spring and went to London England to find work. Most of her colleagues didn't get placed. There was a PDT proposal made that the MOE give the senior teachers, near or past the 85 factor a golden handshake, then hire beginning teachers basically at for two for one on the pay grid. Suppose it would've made too much sense. See:  Jobs?

Wynne gives an open speech to public school board trustees on Friday. Details to follow.

Wynne is greeted by trustees with a standing ovation. Globe + Mail says she offered an olive branch to teachers in her speech but there's not anything actually new on the table that I can see: Olive branch? 

Teachers to Wynne: Condemn Bill 115! Remember she voted for the Bill. Protests continue. See: Condemn Bill 115!

Teacher union leaders met with Incoming Premier Kathleen Wynne Tuesday for 80 minutes. OSSTF, ETFO + OECTA were there. OECTA President Kevin O'Dwyer attended too. Feelings seem to be that the meeting was relaxed + engaging. We'll see. Visit: Unions meet Wynne

ETFO sends out great Lincoln Alexander poster to celebrate Black History month at schools. See above. Jpeg at: Black History month

ETFO OLRB will continue on Friday at 9:30 am. Goldblatt has time lined the changes in the definition of a "strike: Bill 100 [1975]/ Bill 160 [1997]/ Bill 74 [2000] ETFO: Extracurriculars are no longer a part of the definition of a strike in the Education Act!

ETFO OLRB job action hearing drags into day 3 with the boards alleging that ETFO's post Bill 115 job action bulletin was a directive threatening the members with punitive action if they did not obey. ETFO continues to argue there is no factual evidence for that. Boards argue teachers have to do everything they are told by admin regardless of the time of day ?!]. Hudak's going to love this one! Check out ETFO's Lisa M's CB Communications tweets! See below.

School boards tie down the ETFO OLRB hearing on job actions with dickering over how to word an official head lice notice. Boards remain adamant that they are just trying to teach the ETFO teachers about their duties + responsibilities. More details forthcoming. If you are on Twitter, check out Lisa Mastrobuono @ LisaMastrb. Great work Lisa! Must be trying! Sore fingers from keyboarding? Whew!

Here's a news brief on the OLRB written after the Friday session, weekend protests + the OLP Convention. A ruling is expected today. Consequences either way could be huge! More coverage below. See: The Hearing

Here's another brief with a discussion board. It explains the two sides positions on the case. See: OLRB 

A tres cool video from TeachersinSoliarity focusing on the protests signs teachers made + carried at the weekend OLP protest. The soundtrack is just the street drummers percussion players. No talk overs. It speaks oodles. See: Protest signs

A similar video was made of the January 15th protest at the MOE + Bay Street. Hooray teacher alternative media! See: Moe Bay

An excellent OSSTF/ CFL photo album from the Saturday protest. See: OFL/ OSSTF Pix

A Maypole Dance is encouraged by the Grand Poohbah on May 1st of each year!

Provincial Politics

Wynne says no to NDP + PC dmands for a Public Enquiry into the gas plant scandal claiming its too expensive. See: No Enquiry

A decent Global Toronto assessment of Wynne's first week as Premier designate. See: Week 1

In choosing Wynne, a progressive,  is the OLP acknowledging that Andrea Horwath's NDP is the real party to beat, not Hudak's Conservative goons? OLP NDP fight?

Wynne to go toe to toe with Toronto Mayor Ford + PC Hudak over Toronto mass transit. Could play big in 416 ridings but elsewhere across Ontario? We are talking really big bucks here. See: Ford + Hudak

Wynne's 10:30 am press conference: She will be sworn in, along with her cabinet, it is presumed, on Feb 11 and the legislature will resume Feb 19. A pretty quick turn around for everybody to learn their cabinet portfolios!

Results from the latest poll on party leaders taken on Tuesday suggests the best premier would be Wynne at 24%, Hudak at 18% + Horwath at 13%. Only 16% expressed concern over her sexual orientation. Do Ontarians genuinely like Wynne or is she just riding a bump in the polls after the leadership convention? We'll see. BTW see the comments below this blog + go to: Wynne Polling

NDP tops latest Forum poll! OLP was in 3rd place last Saturday. Even though the poll was conduced before the OLP vote, the replies indicated the numbers would be the same if either Wynne or Pupatello were to win. The results were: NDP=35%PC=32%OLP=25%. The PC's are strongest in Eastern Ontario, the OLP in Toronto 416, the NDP in GTA, Northern Ontario + the Southwest. The margin of error between the PC's and the NDP suggests a dead heat. Will the narrow lead hold after last weekend's news coverage of the OLP Convention? A very exciting polling upset but what does it almean?!? See: Latest Poll

TVO Agenda's Steve Paikin provides a political look at the lay of the land in Ontario now that a new Premier has been chosen and we know that the legislature will resume sitting. Very thoughtful + well considered with cool interviews. A little long at an hour but well worth watching. See: Ontario's Political Future?

Paikin considers how Wynne's new style of governing will fare. The government beast has a life + character all it's own that's quite resistant to change, as many have found out before her. SeeChange?

3 different party MPP's duke it out over how long the Wynne minority government will last on Global's Focus OntarioFideles, Mathews, +Gilles. See: How long?

Wynne? Wynne? Wynne? I can the howls of rage all ready from my NDP readers who will say I am giving her too much coverage. Sorry folks! This is the big news story so far this week.This is her political honeymoon. You can bet it isn't going to last long. So let's leave our biases at the portal + just check out what 's happening for now, it will be important .... but once again, also read the Comments below this blog.

Premier McGuinty visits the Lieutenant Governor David Onley 10am Thursday morning tdiscus the transfer of office to "Premier Designate" Kathleen Wynne. The Media advisory is at: Onley

Andrea's back in the picture again. No too many current ones of her 4 the media tho!

NDP's Andrea Horwath is back with a to do list of "achievable" goals to be included in the spring budget. Wynne + her seem agreed on the need to tackle youth unemployment. See: NDP to do list

Horwath calls on the OLP to close Corporate tax loopholes to balance the budget. See: Corporate Welfare

PC's insist Wynne is linked to the estimated $1 billion gas plant scandal. Tim again reminds us he is bold. See: Bold 4 Billion

Wynne announces her transition team. Some interesting names: Crombie, McLeod, Sorbara, Lankin, Allison, Drummond, Murray + more. See: Transition team

Wynne starts to put together her new cabinet. Whither too Laurel Broten? Will she be rewarded for taking the bullet with the teacher contracts or be offered up as the sacrificial lamb. See: Broten?

TVO Agenda's Steve Paikin provides Wynne with a very extensive "to do" list: To do!

Wynne wins OLP leadership race to become Ontario's Premier designate on Saturday. Meet the new boss same as the old boss?

Here's Kathleen Wynne's winning Liberal Convention speech. Like her Liberal remarks or not, this is a real good one. She addresses the issue of a gay woman premier head on in the wider perspective of judging people by their merits, not their race sex, colour or religion. Wow! However the dance number + promo clip I can do without. Watch at: Wynnes speech

Kathleen Wynne speaks about being Canada's first openly gay premier. She's proud of being a woman and of her political skills. When equity barriers are broken down the big task then becomes to be able to stand up on one's own feet against all the big boys. Wynne seems particularly apt to succeed without any excuses. Now let's see her also go toe to toe with NDP opposition leader Andrea Horwath when the legislature resumes. Should be very interesting! See: Wynne won!

Here's a report on her first media news conference since winning the OLP race: News Conference

What next? Lieutenant Governor David Onley provides us with a parliamentary backgrounder on Constitutional procedures for a change in premiers. Our legislation curious readers can download and print the document from the site to peruse more carefully at their leisure. We know you are out there! ;-) Hey! These procedures are the official bottom line. See: David Onley

An interesting article speculating on the surprise convention cross overs to Wynne, as well as who will get what Ministry portfolios when Wynne shuffles her cabinet. Charles Sousa is labelled the "Queen Maker". Poopy is plussed. After all the nice words + hugs with Wynne she has sure split quick eh? Little surprise. See: Convention politics

Hudak's PC's waste no time in launching a nasty Wynne attack ad. Tim was grilled on it at today's media scrum to much derision while he kept arguing that he was just worried because she hadn't stated what she will do about jobs and taxes within her first 48 hours in office. Very trite and offensive. See the attack ad video: Wynne attack ad!?

Hudak's buddies at Sun News aren't impressed with Wynne's win either. No chance of a congratulation or a nice word from the get-go.Sun News See: 

Here is the proper way for a Grand Poohbah to be formally attired in public in Ontario Canada + much of the western world. We ourselves need not be so formal except on very special occasions!

Another slam! Doubt you will like this, especially the reference to the "union rent a crowd" protests on Saturday but we consider all points of view here. Like Wynne or not this article is definitely very small minded and uninformed. So what else is new when journalists who are out of their department just need copy? Reprint me instead. See: McCullough

NDP leader Andrea Horwath welcomes the Premier Designate's olive branch for co-operation with a call for a public enquiry into the gas plant scandals as one of her first acts as premier. During the media scrum I'm afraid Andrea came across looking pretty trite. It was obviously a rather obvious attempt to drag Wynne into a Paul Martin public enquiry debacle before or during the next election. The media called her on it right away after which she just kept repeating her demand over and over again until time ran out. C'mon Andrea you can do better than this! See: Andrea's Welcome

Here's a timely curio: TVO Agenda digs out a 2005 debate between Wynne, Horwath and Hudak: 2005 debate

Steve Paikin provides an excellent step by step account of how Wynne found her voice at the leadership convention and Pupatello blew her lead. The crossover of delegates from the various losing camps is quite interesting too, especially with Sousa and Takhar . See: OLP Racing Day

Kathleen + her partner Jane. No strangers to many teacher politicos. Is Wynne now too late anyway?

National Post's Andrew Coyne argues that Wynne's sexual orientation is not the issue. She wins a job that comes with a lot of baggage. She is also a surprise poke in the eye for the OLP right of centre establishment. Will she be appealing to centre left voters like the NDP's Andrea Horwath when the legislature resumes? See: A Horwath vs Wynne Supermatch?

Wynne is not bilingual nor for that matter multilingual. Here's why her translation service was fraught with peril during the campaign. An interesting insight into Ontario today. See: Diversity Supreme

Hot tip: Meet Tom Allison OLP "hired gun". He ran Wynne's successful leadership campaign. It doesn't mention it here, but he also ran Laurel Broten's last 3 successful campaigns too. I've worked with him on a few projects before. He's a totally cool and proficient political operative, a real life gunslinging political pro. Totally in the background but always there. Now also a member of Wynne's transition team. This is just a fluff piece but see: Hired Gun.

The Globe + Mail's Adam Radwanski reports on Wynne's win + speculates on what she will do next. While you are at the Globe site you might check out the Sousa article. The ballot counts are also posted. I've run out of free Globe links for the month so there will probably no more links to there until February 1st. Well, it isn't the only news source. Hope they shoot themselves in the foot or discourage the other dailies from doing the same. Too bad. If I like the free links I'm more likely to want to read the whole newspaper. Is this an ill thought out attempt to reassert the old business paradigms from before we all went viral? See: Globe + Mail

A picture is worth a 1000 word? How Wynne won! Hoskins, Sousa, + Kennedy.

Wynne contacts school boards + union leaders asap and gets a guarded response. She was a big teacher favourite as Education Minister + even TDSB trustee but the situation has now changed dramatically + all deals are off. Wynne is adamant she won't rip up contracts, nor is there any more education funds. There's much speculation on who she will appoint as Education Minister. Kennedy could be appointed even though he doesn't have a seat in the legislature. He doesn't want that. Eric Hoskin's name has been making the rounds. Deb Matthews too. I guess the only thing everyone seems in agreement on is that Broten must go. See: Unions + boards

Current events? Teaching Kids News provides an article on "Kathleen Wynne Ontario's Next Premier" with a lesson plan/ student study guide. See: Student News

Don't worry! Lots of protest photos + my reports follow this blog.


ETFO OLRB hearing. Lisa M's excellent live tweets report that the school boards claim they are only seeking to educate teachers about their rights and responsibilities. Chair Fishbein says his verdict will only apply to the 2 boards who filed the complaint. He plans to wrap up proceedings for today at 5 pm. Fishbein's hearings can be very interesting if not rather dull and drawn out. BTW I talked with the Metro 7 on Saturday and plan to cover part 2 of their OLRB OECTA MOU hearing, hopefully live, down at the courthouse on Feb. 5. Remember Bill 115 has been lifted + that is what OECTA Provincial has been using to try to block their case. Stay tuned!

Kudos to blogger Steve Wilson's new site. Here's a fabulous teacher + student resource: a link to the NFB [National Film Board of Canada's] whole film catalogue along with lesson plans to watch on line! The NFB has long been famous for it's excellent award winning documentaries, animation,  alt + interactive dramas. Let's call this the Canadiana find of the week [or maybe more]. The link is incredibly well recommended even for the casual viewer. Never dull. Great scope. Try the Iphone App? Enjoy: NFB Canada


Reporters Without Borders reports a major drop in the level of free expression allowed in Canada. Jamaica kicks our butt in the latest ratings.  Could somebody go kick OECTA's too?!? ;-) See my next blog. Also: Free expression?

The lowly Canadian penny one cent piece meets it's demise this Monday. Now I'm not an economist, but I can't see too many businesses wanting to take a hit on this by rolling prices back a few cents to average it down to the nearest nickel, quite the contrary. Wonder if that will show up in the inflation rate, which is pretty much flat lined, but anyways: a penny 4 your thoughts! See: Goodbye Penny!

Rob's back: Audit finds he committed over 100 violations under the Municipal Elections Act!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's election expenses audited. Auditors find over 100 violations of the Municipal Elections Act. Ford disagrees. Good Lord. He could be prohibited from running for re-election next year according to the act, though the article leaves that out. Hmmm. Odd. See: See Rob Ford Audit

Sex Ed: The Joy of Sexus: [320 page paperback/ released Jan 29] This study of love, lust + longing in the Greco - Roman world of 2000 years ago provides an important historical + anthropological study of common sex practices in the days of yore. From female buttock worship, to Fertility Festivals, aphrodisiacs, sex time shares,+ biodegradable dildos, not to mention the ancient tales of the Thebian "Sacred Band" of  marauding love soldiers seeking their brethren in Sparta + the like -It's all here! The Huffington Post book review claims " ... reading ancient history isn't smut -it's educational. At times edifying." Still for historians + anthropologists only! Not recommended for class use! Nor the reader who is faint of heart. For the book review see: Book Review For more info + to order see: Joy of Sexus [PS Ask 4 an Educators discount? Worth a try?]

Diogene's time share "love nest" in ancient Athens. Sex Pro bono.

Where were you during the Challenger space shuttle explosion in Jan 28 1985? I remember I was in front of a small class talking and looking at them when a radio in the back of the room seemingly turned on just as the disaster happened. Nobody was out of their desk or my sight. Kinda weird. Hmmmm. See: Challenger RIP

Our warrior Prince "I have killed" Harry muses on war movies, beer, candy + video games during his military stint in Afghanistan. Still no word on whether he will fly over to Canada in his Apache helicopter to the aid of the Idle No More movement. See: Harry Adventures

Prince Harry is winning the war in Afghanistan! He: "I have killed." With your crumpets Harry?

Here's a video gallery of the best Superbowl Halftime Performances by many of the rock, pop, country, jazz, R+B + blues greats, including but not limited too: The Rolling Stones, Springstein, McCartney, the Who, Janet Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith + more. Get pumped up now! Enjoy: Rock On

Idle No More? I was talking with a number of members just inside Loblaws over cafe on Saturday. An interesting discussion. We consider Canada the "peaceful kingdom". We deplore genocide + human right violations around the world. Then, as one member pointed out, how can we ignore the "Silent Holocaust" that has occurred in our own backyard Canada? Check out the Idle No More website. The movement is growing by the day. Ignore at our own peril. How can we be silent or uncaring about what has happened here at home, and in many ways is still going on? SeeIdle No More

Idle No More takes to the streets to assert their rights within and as a part of Canada!

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Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

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Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!