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Monday 24 December 2018

Oh Cannabis: Happy Holidaze!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidaze! My Oh Cannabis blog is on a holiday break. Please enjoy my many features from over the past year by scrolling down the page, or checking out my directory top left of your screen. More holiday twitters, tweets, y music links will also be posted 

See you in the New Year!


David C


Monday 3 December 2018

Oh Cannabis: The Nugswap Bud Review!

Nugswap's usually held third Saturday of each month! Bring a bud to swap! More details via my Twitter feed @ Here!

Dankmasta P's second Nugswap is a big, 420 hit! It's Saturday afternoon. Outside Planet Paradise in Toronto's East End, a cold, wet, autumn day. 

Meanwhile, inside the converted bar-turned-weed lounge, the home grower's huddle down. Swapping buds with the crew. Sharing growing info. Firing up a storm. The reefer madness is hot and heavy! Endless joints are passed around!

Cannabis is now legal in Canada! So to is home growing, providing a great, grass root alternative to the government's corporate weed agenda. Seasoned home growers and medical cannabists know the score. Maybe our everyday, garden variety pothead will also soon discover this cheaper, more organic DIY [Do It Yourself] option to the dodgy, new OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store].

Back home in my man cave, I put on the stoner tunes; lots of Hendrix! Get out my "Mighty" Stortz and Bickell" and trusty Pax 2 vaporizers. Some Raw and Gizeh rolling papers. A standard, metal, hash pipe. Time to do a little grading. Nowadaze, these are my marking tools.

Sample Buds: The Grower's choice!

So how do the Nugswap homegrown buds rate? Here's my review of a handful or two or three from the last meet:

CBD OG Kush: The Dankmasta P's outdoor Dinamed medical bud hits me as very calm and relaxing; morning, noon or night. Left me very clearheaded and functional. There's no THC high. The sole focus is on the CBD's for pain relief, stress, melancholy, or fatigue -whatever ails. That's very helpful for an aging baby boomer like myself. Perhaps the Generation Anxiety toker too. Not big on rolling up my CBD's, I vaped P's bud. Long lasting. It smelled and tasted good. The verdict? Two thumbs up for when I'm sore or anxious. Need to relax and chill!

The Best: This Lollipurp and Island Sweet Skunk, JAH Seed strain yields a good outdoor grow. It's got a relatively high THC count. Provides a happy, relaxing, euphoric, buzz. It's good fun on the couch or in the easy chair, for listening to music and watching TV. Whatever turns you on. However, the buds aren't as firm or dense as Deadfoot's other samples below. 

Bubba Kush: This well known indica dominant bud has a groovy, body buzz and a decent head stone. Helpful for pain, stress, or when you are feeling down. Light green, covered in Trichomes, these Deadfoot buds felt less spongy to the touch than his "Best". Not quite as high power or supercharged a Bubba as I've come to expect, but a lot of fun all the same.


Bubba Kush: Here are 2 more Bubba's, one grown in water, the other soil! Both provided a sleepy, happy, couch lock but with a slight lift. Hey! That makes it a lot easier to get up to flip the tunes! So what's the difference? Which is best? Both buds were grown indoors, side by side under identical conditions, with the same light and nutrients. The same environment! The soil grown bud had a more earthy, organic taste, colour and smell. The water grown bud was blondish-khaki in colour and more subdued. Nothing much wrong with either, but I prefer the more natural feel. So the earthy, old school contender is the clear cut winner, for this boomer, in our battle of the Bubba buds!

Critical Mass: For me, this big yield, Indica dominant bud seemed the strongest THC contender among Deadfoot's three samples. Certainly, none of his grow was shabby, but this bud seemed the strongest and most up lifting. A higher high with a good body buzz for the pain and stress of the day, or night and day ... or ...and ... Also, it was the best for taste and smell. Plus, methinks, the flush and burn. 

Oh No! It's Mr. Bill On Sift Hash!

Hashish: Take some outdoor grown Green Crack and Agent Orange herb. Dry sift through silk. You get DIY hash! It's cheap! And lotsa fun! This hybrid mix promises both an Indica uplift and a Sativa high with energy and focus to boot. It's a happy and relaxed high. Plus the smell, taste and appearance are good. It's really kool to toke some readily available hash again, especially when it's cheap and in ample supply! It's not a real, strong high but smoking this hash is refreshing and a helluva lotta fun. Just keep loading up your bowl! Yum!

Industrial Plant: This Dynafem hybrid Afghani and Thai bud gets the job done! It's an easy, high yield, outdoor grow. Provides a seemingly, endless supply of cheap, plentiful tokes. The THC count isn't overwhelming or spectacular but it's a relaxing, uplifting, creative buzz said to also be good for insomnia and fatigue. Overall, it scored well in most departments, a decent, everyday smoke. Simple, stoner fun for those who love to roll big, fat joints and toke up a storm! 


Zamaldelica:  This exotic, indoor soilless, Ace Seed African/ Thai, Sativa dominated bud basically scored best for taste, colour and appearance among all the nugs I tested. It smells and feels great while rolling a doob, or preparing a plug to vape. With it's trippy, tingly head stone, it's known to be good for pain relief, stress, insomnia, appetite and depression too. Good yield. Hard to grow. I got a quick high. Really soared. Didn't last real long. But a nice, soft landing.

In Summary:

Dankmasta P's Nugswap shows there's lots of great, high yield buds out there that are fairly easy to grow! Generally, those I tested, grown both indoor and out tended to be very natural, organic and robust. Providing a good body buzz. A trippy head stone. 

No these buds aren't quite like the THC supercharged quad A reefer that you'll find in the underground market. They are a lighter high, but I also noticed that I didn't feel anxious or overwhelmed when I got stoned. They really helped me relax. Worked great on my various aches and pains. The subtle indica, sativa and CBD characteristics of each strain really stood out. I had to smoke more for the THC buzz, but then again, I've got a high resistance level. Still, I definitely got high AF. Felt real good! Coming down was easy too -no hard, bumpy landings!  

Forget OCS bud! As for quality and variety? There wasn't any suspicious crud with these homegrown buds! The endless OCS order shortages and shipping nightmares? No problemo! The government's, icky, corporate, monopoly mindset? You can give the finger to that! 

Then there's the price difference! The taxes! Without doubt, there are lots of advantages to growing your own reefer! Nuff said!

For good measure, a few constructive criticisms come to mind. I'm not an expert on growing issues, so I had some of the lads over for a sesh. A few were sometimes poking around at the ash, wondering about the flush times. Like me, most usually prefer a much higher THC count too, mid twenties and up. But when good bud's cheap and plentiful, so what if it isn't too fancy or over the top? There's nothing wrong with any of the home grown nug's tested that stops them from being a damn good, solid toke!

Definitely, the humble home grow is an ongoing learning experience. The Nugswap scene is real laidback and cool! You meet lots of young and old professionals. Just everyday tokers. Medical and recreational. Hoping to be left alone to enjoy their homegrown herb, without the hassles and negative stigma, now that it is legal. Overall, the results have been great. Imagine the next batch of buds!

Be sure to attend Dankmasta P's Christmas Nugswap. It's downtown December 22nd at Vapor Central on Yonge Street in Toronto. There's going to be lots of trez kool cuttings, prizes and giveaways too! Stay tuned for more details in the daze ahead!

See you there!


Thursday 29 November 2018

Teachers In The Weed Patch: A Chalk Talk With Dankmasta P!

Cannabis is finally legal in Canada! Like many young, respectable professionals. Dankmasta P is a medical and recreational cannabis enthusiast. He's also a school teacher, and an activist in the good fight against the reefer madness stigma and the government's nefarious corporate weed agenda. We hooked up at Planet Paradise, here in Toronto, for his November 22 Nugswap event! Meet Dankmasta P:

OC [Oh Cannabis]: Hi Dankmasta P! Why, as a school teacher, do you like to smoke weed?

P: Teaching is stressful work. Some teachers like to unwind after a hard day in the classroom with a glass or even a bottle of wine. Some like to unwind by consuming cannabis.

OC: As a retired teacher, I recall the reefer madness stigma before legalization very well. God forbid if the public ever found out that we smoked weed. It could mean sudden death for your teaching career! Goodbye to years of university, college and lots and lots of hard work! 

P: I was amazed at how many of the teacher candidates used cannabis when I did my degree abroad. I think that there are a lot more of us using the herb to help cope. More than we think. Some of us also use cannabis medically. I use it as for a myriad of issues related to pain and trauma. Some is related to trauma I experienced on the job. 

OC: Same then! Many teachers and support workers were physically and verbally assaulted in carrying out our duties. Some drank. Others, like myself were prescribed opioids and pain killers. Very addictive. Debilitating. Not good! Has legalization changed things for you, as a classroom teacher today?

P: While the public may still be a long way from equating our cannabis use with recreational alcohol use, or prescription pain killers, our government has finally decided to allow us to grow our own at home, and consume it wherever cigarettes can be consumed. I have two other ACMPR growers that I have traded with in the past, but with recreational cannabis being illegal, I had to be very careful about who I traded with. 

OC: So what's different now? 

P: We can at least start communicating with each other about our cannabis use and build up a cooperative community of teachers who have discovered the benefits of cannabis use. That being said, some of us have decided that government cannabis use is not for us. 

OC: Legalization means the OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store] and overpriced LP [Licensed Producer] weed. A huge bummer, burn and ripoff!

P: Many medicinal users who don't want to support the government grows have been growing for awhile. Some of us just grow for ourselves. Many of us, myself included grow for a number of family members and friends.  Some have taken it a step further and started cooperatives with multiple medicinal users and growers which is ideal in the terms of adaptability. Think multiple grows, methods and skill sets. Plus better selection. Multiple grows equals more genetics, plain and simple. I've said it all before ....

OC: Right! So what else are you planning to do, now that it's legal?

P: My idea is to create a nugswap which can give all cannabis enthusiasts access to the best model for our community; the cannabis co-operative. At first the coop will just be a bunch of growers legally swapping grams of their grow, but eventually I want it to be open to everyone who has something good to swap. Some new members have mentioned the idea of having a clubhouse where we can comfortably share our flower and press rosin and use communal equipment, which is an amazing idea as well.

OC: The times they are a changing, dude!

P: I think it's a revolutionary idea that we can now also create canna friendly safe spaces where we can medicate or just get high without being prosecuted or fired. It's huge. There is also the potential to run a Home Growers cup, which is a great way to publicize this great alternative to LP buds.

OC: Tell us about your next December 22 Nugswap?

P: The meet up will be openly advertised as an invite to bring your own grow and find people to swap with. Hopefully, more like minded people will  join our Nugswap collective and give back some of what they harvest from their grow!

Oh Cannabis is pleased and honoured to promote the Dankmasta's December 22 Nugswap. Details are forthcoming here on my blog site and via my Twitter feed. Also stay tuned for my review of the Nugswap buds from the November 24th meet!

 Nugswap's are held the third Saturday of each month. Bring a bud to swap! More details via my Twitter feed @ Here!


Tuesday 27 November 2018

Oh Cannabis: The Nugswap Co-op!

Hi Readers!

I attended Dankmasta P's 2nd "Nugswap" on Saturday. My strain reviews will follow shortly. Nugswap's are held the third Saturday of each month. Bring a bud to swap! More details via my Twitter feed @ Here!

Don't forget to include the December 22 "Nugsway" on your calendars now!

Stay tuned .... More details to come!

Dankmasta P., under another nom de plum [Wink. Wink. Wink.] is no stranger to this site. With corporate legalization upon us, "growing your own weed", is especially pertinent for our counterculture community. Please enjoy P's latest guest blog! And contact him to join in! Or start your own Nugswap too!

Some of us have decided that government cannabis is not for us. Many medicinal users in this position have been growing for awhile, and while some of us just grow for ourselves, many of us [myself included] run a grow for a number of family members.

Some of us have taken it a step further and have started cooperatives with multiple medicinal users and growers, which is the ideal in terms of adaptability [multiple grows = multiple methods and skill sets] and selection [multiple grows = more genetics].

Newly Transplanted CBD OG Kush

I have two other ACMPR growers that I have traded my grow with in the past, but with recreational cannabis being illegal, I had to be very careful about who I traded with.

Our Garden

The idea of a nugswap is to give all cannabis enthusiasts access to the best model for our community; the cannabis co-operative. At first the crop will just be a bunch of growers legally swapping grams of their grow, but the growth and community service potential of such a community is huge.

Mr. Law's Farm

Some new members have mentioned the idea of having a clubhouse where we can comfortably share our flower, press rosin and use communal equipment, which is an amazing idea.

Our Rosin Press

The revolutionary idea that we can now create canna friendly safe spaces where we can medicate [or just get high] without being prosecuted, is huge. There is also the potential to run an amateur "Homegrown Cup" with sponsors and real prizes if people are really enthusiastic about it, which is a great way to publicize this great alternative to LP buds.

Totrees CBD OG Kush

If you are interested in becoming part of the nugswap contact us 

Baby Pics

The first [Toronto based] event is almost fully booked, but any growers who don't register in time for the first swap can still register for the next one. More details coming soon!

-Dankmasta P!-

Dynamed CBD

Please contact me @


Sunday 25 November 2018

Oh Cannabis Fall 2018 News y Views!

Inhale! Hold! Exhale! Smile! Then Read "Oh Cannabis News Y View" @ Directory! UpDAtEs AddED iN LaRgE TyPe! Live tweets @ davidchiarelli 

Justin Trudeau: Legalization Sinner + Saint! Thanks but .....


Canada Legalizes Pot October 17th!

Canuck Legalization? A Weed Shortage Ahead! 

New Legal Ontario Cannabis Store Woes!

Prohibition 2.0 -Huge Dispensary + Pot Lounge Crackdown Looms!

We Won't Back Down: Medical and Recreational Cannabist's React With Uncertainty to Legalization and Prohibition 2.0!

Canadian Medical Cannabis Rights To Remain In Place!

Late Start: Ontario's Ford PC's Promise Open Market Weed, maybe in 6 more months!

US Midterm Pot Madness: Progressives Rock Pot Vote For Dems. Government Fake News Offensive Aims To Thwart State Legalization Process!

Michigan, Missouri, Utah, North Dakota Weed Referendums!

South African Courts Legalize Weed!

Uruguay Legalization Updates!

Pot: The China Card!

Willie Nelson Smokes Pot! [Eh? You didn't know?!?....]

Much More ......


Sh-Sh-Sh Shattered!

Canada's Cannabis Act 2018: Here's a link to the complete text to our new federal act of parliament, which as of October 17, 2018, finally legalizes weed GC.CA

Handy Guide: Here are the different regulations that will come into effect across Canada, in each province, as the Canadian Cannabis Act takes effect on October 17th. They effect sales, consumption, cultivation and age limit etc. etc. etc. @ Leafly

Cannabis Offences: Here's a handy chart explaining what you can be charged with, under our new act and the penalties, courtesy Brazeau Sellar Law @ FB

NORML.CA: Entrepreneur/ Activist Abi Roach, a well known force in our local Toronto cannabis community has been appointed national chair! Congratulations Abi @ Cannad

Cannabis Activism Now: Here's how some of Canada's leading cannabis activists are reacting to the Trudeau government's unclear, arbitrary, and very repressive legalization act come October 17th. Think Prohibition 2.0 @ Global

Scheer lunacy!

Canadian Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer won't commit to keeping pot legal if his party wins next year's 2019 federal election. Well, the answer to this one is very easy -don't vote for them then! @ CTV

Reality Check: How realistic are Andrew's claims he'll reverse legalization? Not very, but the threat of the devil's weed has long served well to help fire up his social conservative base. Maybe not once the big bucks start to roll into business profits and federal coffers? More @ Global

Flip Flop Man: Will he or won't he re-criminalize pot? Only his hair dresser knows for sure. Hey! See below! Stateside progressives rocked the US midterms by getting out the cannabis voters. How might we do that here? To take Justin to task for Prohibition 2.0 too? Or make the NDP show some real activist backbone and spine? More on Andrew's sheer BS @ NP 

Think Middle Class: Trudeau's plans for legalization were very much formulated with Canada's middle class values in mind, in this interesting piece @ NewState

Counterculture Rising: Even ye venerable New York Times is writing about the Canadian government's failure to shut down the so called "black market" in Canada with it's legalization plans aka Prohibition 2.0. Truth be told, legalization resulted from the largest, most sustained peaceful civil disobedience uprising in Canadian history. It's as much a social, cultural, economic and lifestyle movement as a political one. Whether our police and politicos want to admit or not, they've lost the war on pot. Big time. No if ands or buts. Sure, they can create as many stupid new prohibitive laws and regulations as they want. But we didn't follow them before. Why would they think that we'll follow them now? All they have created is a huge legal mess. Continue to disobey, as necessary! No justice = no peace! Stay tuned! The good fight's not yet over! More @ NYT

High Expectations: Canada's legalization rollout falls flat. So far it's failing to impress @ Red

Weed Shortage Ahead: Of course, Trudeau's hamstrung, LP's [licensed producers] of corporate, weed aren't able to keep up with the huge Canadian demand for bud, come legalization. Duh. Thank god for Weed Map, and our flourishing indie dispensaries and delivery services. More @ BloomB

No Fun: Yeah, it's official, in case you didn't guess. The shortage of legal pot could last for years @ Global

Seedy! Very Seedy! Okay. Pots Legal. Cultivation too. So how come we can't find any seeds? Legally, that is, from our government LP's .... Just what the heck is going on?!? @ VSun

Ontario Premier Ford can do good work when he sticks to things that he knows, which isn't much. So it should come as no surprise that our former hash dealer turned provincial premier has thankfully turned the Ontario weed monopoly upside down and created an open pot market in its place. Well done. Sure, there's nonsense galore! And it doesn't even nearly get Dougie off the hook with all his other neo-conster BS [see Teacher Free Speech news y Views]. But let's count our blessings for a moment or two, before we resume the good fight. Here's what you can and can't legally do in Ontario as of October 17th @ ON.CA Read the full text of "Bill 36", the Ford government's "Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act 2018" @ OLA Here's a link to Bill 174, the outgoing Wynne government's Cannabis Act, which it now changes and amends @ OLA

Yes, Smoking: You can smoke pot in Ontario just about anywhere you can smoke tobacco, except near a playground, school, or in your boat or car, so even on the sidewalk is okay @ iPol @ CBC

December 17th: That's the date when Ontario dispensaries can finally apply for a legal licence to open April 1st 2019, if they haven't been busted for selling weed since Oct. 17th, 2018 ... sigh .... on and on it goes! The latest? One can own up to 75 shops. They must be at least 150 meters from a school. Hours are 9 am to 1 pm. Customers must be aged 19+. More @ Vice @ CTV

Showdown: Ontario's small, indie dispensaries must close now if they wish to go legit later on in April, but who can afford that? @ CBC

Look! Up in the sky .... It's ... It's ... It's ...?!?

Devil In The Details: I've warned on many occasions that Premier Ford is a nincompoop. Just plain full o' shit. Sure, he talks a damn good game on an open pot market but in reality it's just been one screw up after another, to wit @ Vice

Chief of Busts: Seems Ford's unelected Chief of Staff was calling around trying to get Toronto police to bust any dispensaries that were open on October 17th. He wanted to show photos of people in handcuffs on legalization day. Get this -The premier's office claims they are only "protecting the community". Know that Premier Druggie Fraud is not our friend!!! Nuff said @ Toronto

Ontario Premier Druggie Fraud: Sure Doug said he'll look into allowing private dispensaries, but with the October 17th almost upon us, but there are still absolutely no new details yet. Nor have the previous Wynne government's plans for a government weed monopoly actually been replaced with any new laws or regulations for moving forward. Confusion and uncertainty reigns supreme across the province. City officials and law enforcement claim that they don't know what to do @ Global

LP Stores: Ontario's hamstrung licensed pot producers, who've done everything they were told, can now only open one retail outlet, no more, certainly not a chain @ BNN

LP Woes: Druggie Ford's deals in launching Ontario cannabis retail stores for nearly 6 months after October 17th, means some of our LP's are taking the ex-hash dealer turned Ontario Premier to court over a federal $82 million levy and lost revenues @ Globe

LP Snitches: Corporate Canopy Growth and Tweed are busy lobbying Ottawa to shut down Canada's thriving underground mom and pop dispensary market so that they can claim it all for themselves. Nothing new here but watch this get real nasty! To be fair, they did as they are told, but the government has tied their hands behind their back, as legalization approaches, and quite frankly, for the short term, they are screwed, unless police can succeed in shutting down the open market and eliminating any competition. Don't gamble on it! You might not want to buy too many stocks just yet, if you are so inclined @ Globe

Better Call Cary: A lot of tokers are going to be very, very disappointed to learn that the condo or apartment building where you live has banned pot smoking, despite legalization. Cannabis lawyer Caryma Sa'd helped us successfully fight the ban in my building, from a medical cannabis angle, but you better get hold of her asap. This issue is going to be real biiiiiiiig, and a right royal pain in the ass during the daze ahead @ AD

Pot Ban: Can a landlord actually ban smoking and growing pot in a rental building?!? Gets more dicey from a medical cannabis perspective, but otherwise, here are the laws across Canada @ CTV

Hot Box Hard Times: Many Canadian will be surprised when they wake up October 17th and learn that cannabis smoking, though now legal, will actually be banned in many apartments and condos, not to mention out on the street, or in the park etc. etc. etc. So where to go out to party and smoke? Across Canada, the prohibition laws against your friendly neighbourhood cannabis lounge's remain strictly in place, pretty much wherever you go. So congratulations! Now you can possess weed but have nowhere you can smoke it. Welcome to Canadian legalization! More @ TStar

Reefer Madness 1.0: Cannabis is legal in Canada but sadly, the negative stigma remains deeply entrenched. After nearly a century of reefer madness many popular misconceptions exist. The public desperately needs to be brought up to speed through proper educational  initiatives. Sadly, these are largely lacking. As a result, many folks still fear the "devil's weed". That makes our everyday social encounters very difficult for many mainstream tokers, including those in the professional fields. A new activism is required. A public school teacher, among others, speaks out @ Globe

And you thought with legalization folks would just fuck off and leave us alone ....?!?

PC's Bare Their Fangs: Doug Ford's Ontario PC's are threatening to blacklist any dispensaries that are open for business come October 17th. Like the landlord, they will also face huge fines! Here's the situation in Hamilton Ontario @ HSpec

BC Crackdown: There will only be one legal pot shop open for the whole of British Columbia come October 17th. The BC government is threatening to bust anyone else who's open for business. Otherwise you need to buy government licensed crud online from them and wait for Canada Post, who might be on strike, to deliver it. Sound crazy? A new police unit has even been set up to carry out the dirty deed. And you thought things were bad before legalization? Watch out! More @ Global

Political Suicide: Here's why the dispensary crackdown in BC might well not work as planned @ VIA

Not So Higher Ed: Canadian colleges and universities are moving quickly to ban smoking before cannabis is legalized. Note: These are complete indoor and outdoor bans! @ CTV

High School High: Or a real low rather .... a black Toronto Catholic high school student is suspended because he smells like pot. Sigh! Alas! Let the bullshit begin @ Star

Mail Strike: Government LP [Licensed Producer] Canopy Growth worries that an impending Canada wide mail strike will drive medical cannabis patients, not to mention recreational users, to the countries flourishing underground cannabis market. What?!? That's how most of us are already mostly buying our weed! Just think: The Ontario's PC's under Premier Ford will only allow government licensed mail order sales come October 17th. Just watch to see how quickly the government's ham fisted legalization plans crashes off the rails into chaos, across Canada, if the posties walk. A divine comedy! Duh @ Globe

CFAMM: Don't Tax Medicine: Canadians For Fair Access to Medical Marijuana provide an easy way to petition your provincial and federal MPP/MP's to stop the prohibitive and discriminatory tax on medical cannabis prescriptions. Do it in seconds online @ CFAMM

Moving the Movement: Share your medical cannabis experiences since legalization. There're still lots of special problems for us that aren't being properly addressed. Medical access. Driver pullovers. The negative stigma and lack of public education. On and on it goes. Let's increase awareness @ MTM

Med Pot Backlash: The CMA [Canadian Medical Association], in trying to protect it's doctors against the current legal and medical uncertainties of prescribing weed, recommends eliminating Canada's medical cannabis regime, and simply lumping patients in with Canada's recreational pot smokers to fend for our own, come October 17th. Medical cannabis activists quickly speak out against their short sightedness  Even the CNA [Canadian Nursing Association] strongly disagrees with the CMA. Fortunately, the Trudeau government decides to not take the CMA's advice, for now at least, but it's best to always remain vigilant, as you can see @ Leafly and @ Huff @ CBC 

Surete Du Quebec announces that a new Quebec police squad has been formed to crack down on weed dealers after legalization. The goal? To strictly protect the government corporate weed monopoly! Great shades of BC! More @ MTLB

No Cannabis Leafs Allowed: Quebec has banned retailers from selling or giving away anything with a cannabis leaf shown on it. But is that constitutional?!? Arguably, it limits free expression. They'll also need to prove it's harmful enough to warrant such a law. If so, then why aren't they going after beer and ciggies too? @ Huff

Canada-US Border Patrol: A well known, alleged, former Canadian hash dealer makes it across the US border just fine. There's no problemo. That's despite widespread fears anyone that who was associated with drugs will be hereto barred entry. Eh?!? Who wuz it??? Why Ontario Premier Druggie Fraud, that's who, ostensibly on his way to the US to fight Trump's NAFTA plans. Power does have it's privileges eh? @ Vice


US Government's Not-So-Secret War On Cannabis: A news leak reveals the Trump administration's MPCC [Marijuana Policy Co-ordination Committee] is going to try to thwart both the positive cannabis messaging and successful state legalization drives across the USA, by spreading lots of fake news stories, or as we used to say "lies", about our favourite weed. Hello Reefer Madness 2.0 @ Buzz

Flopping Bigly: Trump, with an eye on the polls, might not even support the plan. Plus the cat is now out of the bag about the MPCC's nefarious plot. Here's more on why their fake news strategy will fail @ Motley

Election High: US Democrats, also with an eye to this fall's mid term elections, are cautiously supporting legalization across the US, to get out the progressive vote against Trump and the GOP @ Politico

Cannabis Rocks The US Midterm Vote: State referendums legalize recreational cannabis in Michigan. Likewise medical cannabis will now be legal in Utah and Missouri. Ohio and Wisconsin slowly inch forward, with reforms being set in motion too. Pot stocks feel the love, move higher. Well done our fellow yankee friends and pot fiends! @ Benz More details @ Esquire

"Green Wave" or "Pot Beats Politicians": What a great way to get outlet progressive vote! In many cases, our lowly weed got more votes than the winning candidates up for election! Lotsa pro cannabis politicians, mostly Dems, also won big time. Unlike some well known GOP reefer madmen, including former House Rules Committee Chair Rep Pete Sessions [R-TX], who's political reign of error went up in smoke instead, come election night. More @ MM @ Leafly

Weeds In The Congressional Swamp: With Nancy Pelosi so far still refusing to guarantee a pot vote in the Democratic run house, Rep Earl Blumenauer [D-OR] plans an end run. Public support for legalization is high, high high, but what then of the beer soaked GOP controlled senate? @ RS @ RS

North Dakota Votes No: A recreational cannabis referendum was defeated even though medical cannabis is legal in the state. Conservative critics seriously outspent the pot progressives, who weren't sold on the referendum terms for legalization anyway. Still, it seems this ain't over yet! @ Forbes

Cannabis Vote Project: Find out the various candidates stand on legalization, where you live, and vote accordingly this fall @ CVP

5 Worst: For starters, here are 5 well known GOP and Democratic House Reps who's "policy" on legalization really sucks @ Forbes

Uruguay #1: In 2013 Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize pot. It sells for $1.40 a gram, or you can grow up to 480 grams yourself, or as a part of a growing club, each year. Quite predictably, US the nation's US banking interest's are not impressed @ CNN

Toking In Nigeria? As they say "Igbo, ganja or weed for Nigeria dey but a full everywhere." Confused? More specifically, "Nigeria no be Canada." Or in other words, you're looking at 15 years in jail even for a little boo. That's if your lucky! More @  BBC

South Africa #3: As far as legalization goes, South Africa now joins Uruguay and Canada in the world leadership department. It's high court has overturned the countries cannabis laws prohibiting adults from possessing it for their personal use @ BBC

Thailand? Cambodia? Vietnam? Damn they got a lotta fine weed! It's steeped in the counties history, culture .... and yet illegal. Except for medical cannabis in Thailand. Sure. You might well find it openly sold in restaurants and bars but ... but ... but the local authorities just love to very selectively bust your foreign ass, so be aware @ IS

China Weed: Did you know that China grows half the world's weed? That they have been secretly raving to corner the world market? More @ Civilized


Welcome to the OCS [Ontario Cannabis Store] Website! It''s the largest government run cannabis shop in the world. Also, for now, the only legal way to buy weed in our province, until next April. Or else, you can illegally buy it just about everywhere else .... @ BoC @ iPol @ City

Hacked: Canadian Post admits a info hack has leaked personal info on 45,000 cannabis customers from the OCS @ CTV

It Gets Worse: Seems the OCS is getting it's different strains of weed mixed up. Mislabelling the THC count too! Marking it up. Way up. Duh! Not nice! @ CBC

Mouldy Pot! Bugs Too?!? Redecan recalls thousands of grams of it's B.E.C pot from the trouble plagued OCS after reports of mould. Buyers claim that they were finding "little black specks" in it too, but the official government licensed producer denies they are "dead bugs" .... Bleeech! @ BloomB

Mandatory Cannabis Testing For Pesticide Active Ingredients -Requirements: This one's sure to become a golden mouldy! Here's the long awaited Government of Canada guidelines for testing our weed @ Gov.Ca

OCS -The Oral or Genital Way: Can you imagine this kinda mix up happening at your friendly, local, indie  dispensary?!? Cringe big time here: Our government run OCS has been marketing a cannabis "genital spray" as an "oral product" to unsuspecting first time weed buyers. Of course, as one wag has argued, it could end up in your mouth anyway ... @ CTV

Big Dougie -Big Plans?!?

Price Drop: Get this -Legalization could ultimately result in a huge drop, if not a collapse, in the price of your weed. As more and more is grown and sold, it becomes just another commodity. Howzabout $30 ounces?!? Anybody? More @ Leafly

Price Watch: Here are the top 10 sativa's from Canada's licensed producers. The price range? $8-9.67 a gram, plus shipping. The THC count? 13.8-19%. Hmmmm. Hey! Don't lose your dealer's number anytime soon! @ Hmed

Legal Weed Sucks: Pot consumers in New Brunswick are finding legal weed costs too much too in the government stores. Matter of fact, the first Main Street Moncton customer left without even buying any @ CBC

Pot Tourism: Changes to Ontario's Cannabis Act will help pot tourism and the hospitality industry blossom across our province under legalization. For starters, guests will be able to toke in a boutique hotel room or B+B @ MBD

Sisters Got The Power: Black women face a lot of racial and sexist discrimination, subtle and otherwise, in participating in the cannabiz industry. With legalization spreading across Canada and the UDS, the stakes are high, but they are going for it anyway @ Essence

"Old Boys Club" or "O' Brave New World": The boardrooms of Canada's top licensed cannabis companies are ... guess what ... still very old school and dominated by men @ Forbes

Summary -Cannabis Licence Management Guide: Here's the official word from the Government of Canada, in case you want to apply @ Gov.Ca

High Society Chef Reena Rampersaad explains how the sexual stereotyping works, at the grassroots level, even when we might not mean it or are aware that we are doing it, like in her business @ Flare

Misogyny + Weed: Seems our sisters of colour are not alone with some of their concerns. Is the cannabiz community headed towards it's very own "Me Too" moment?! Here's how to spot if your business is at risk to hopefully, as concerned and caring cannabis activists, safely level the sexist player field before the situation explodes. Certainly, we can do better than this! @ BigBud

Cannabis Advocate/ Entrepreneur Lisa Campbell turns her talents to developing Canada's blossoming cannabis hospitality sector, as the new CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions. Yay Lisa @ GO

Ethnoracial Pot: An Ontario study of a student's ethnic and racial background shows Asian youth are less likely to smoke pot @ Eenet

Chronic? Contrary to popular misconceptions, much more scientific research is definitely needed! The final verdict is still actually out on whether chronic cannabis use in male teens is really linked to any later mental and physical medical issues, as this study shows @ NW Same with depression and lung cancer too @ SciD 

Millennials' Toke: The next generation increasingly prefers pot over booze. Perhaps there's hope for us all yet? @ MW

Karma Cup 2018: A splendid time was guaranteed for all. What a vendors market too! Read my blog series! Here's a recap of the winners @ Dankr

Karma Cup Snitch: Seems a certain government LP couldn't stand the Karma Cup competition during the TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival]. So they got the Adelaide St. West location shut down after Day 1. Drat? Foiled! It reopened on Church Street, business as usual on time the next day. Ha! More @ TLeaf

Legacy 420: The classic, indigenous, pot superstore continues to pack us into the Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve outside Belleville Ontario. By the way, there's also dozens of more dispensary's! I'm a regular at Smoke on the Water, Peacemaker's, Oasis and Field of Dreams myself! See plants, prosperity and sovereignty work hand in hand @ Star

Cannabis Sovereignty: Tyendinaga has now created their own First Nation Cannabis Control Board. They insist that government licenses for the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale, possession and use of cannabis, are not valid on treaty lands. They've even passed their own interim regulatory framework instead. See below: 

First Nations of Canada continue to sell cannabis on a lot of reserves where it is creating much needed jobs and stimulating the local economy. But will a federal and/or showdown be coming over the First Nations' sovereign right to grow and sell their own weed?!? Especially in Ontario, where Premier Ford insists no brick and mortar dispensaries will be legal until next April? @ Macs

More Blarney: Former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney has joined the board of a Acreage Holdings, a New York based pot company. This from the man whom once banned High Times magazine and weed bongs from Canadian store shelves! How many of us have suffered along the way?!? Oh Brave new World @ CBC

Ker-Trumped: China responds to the Donald's trade war with a bunch of new new tariffs that are going to drive the price of your vape pens waaaaaaaay up @ WeedR

Higher Learning

Fake News: The Pot Stigma: False and misleading news misinformation has falsely been the main driving force in creating feeding, and sustaining cannabis' negative image. Writer Chris O'Brien examines Toronto's Project Claudia and Gator busts as a case in point. He quotes numerous local activists, including yours truly, on Noam Chomsky and manufacturing consent. Thanks Chris! I somehow missed this one. Lotsa real great info links here too @ Dankr

Marijuana -The Weed With Roots in Hell: Of course, we can't leave out the film industry in helping create the pot stigma too! Have you seen this oldie oldie from 1936 before? Guess what? You will become promiscuous, dance and dress funny if you smoke weed! Careful you don't drown! Gotta love the hopped up beach party weed scene! Yowza! Boy! Those 30's gals y guys sure knew how to party! Lotsa reefer madness @ Youtube

Fighting The Stigma: For starters, here are but ten lies you were told about cannabis @ Youtube!

Therapeutic Cannabis: Towards a new transcendent ethic, with insight, introspection and a focus on personal recovery, through pot. Ommmm @ NB

Sativa Verses Indica Verses Hybrid: What's the difference? What's each for? Why care? Hmmm. Let's see @ Leafly

CBD's: Why use them if they don't get you high? Let's see. Hmmm. Anxiety. Stress. Pain. Much more @ WP

CBD Verses THC: Here's how they work differently on you! Class is in session @ Youtube!

Autism + Weed: Studies increasingly show that cannabis can be used to treat autism. "Joey's Strain" has been developed for use with minors @ AIW

How To Store Your Weed: Make that stash last! It's easy! Just be sure you do it right @ HT @ Leafly

How To Make Cannabis Tea: Mad hatters and new agers alike take note @ Leafly and @ NCSM

Canna-Health Care: The groundbreaking impact of legalization on our Canadian healthcare system will need to be monitored very closely. Health and safety issues? Medical cannabis access? The issues are many, and under prohibition, very little real research was ever actually done. Let it begin @ Global

Pot For Pets: Here's a "must read" guide on CBD oils for your pet @ LeafSci


It's All Going To Pot: 85 year old, country legend and pot head Willie Nelson speaks out on weed and politics. Says he'd like to get high with SnoopMeryl Streep and Pope Francis. Ha. Ha @ ET

True Confessions: Gasp! Meet 19 teachers whom some pot. Then read the comments. Unfortunately this is often kinda dopey and unfocused, but it makes some good points, even inadvertently, about the pot stigma @ Herb

Mars Needs Pot: Futurists and Urban farmers are busy now making sure tomorrow's Mars colonists will be able to grow their own weed. Far out man, real faaaaaar out @ FC 

Electric Ladyland Remixed: Hendrix's 1968 psychedelic opus gets the 50th anniversary 5.1/ stereo remix treatment. It's a 3 cd/ 1 blue ray disc boxset housed in a glossy book. Includes tons of prerequisite hippy pix and sixties reminisces. Jimi's mind-blowing guitar totally explodes between your speakers! Love the special psychedelic panning effects on "Cross Town Traffic". His searing, guitar freak out on "All Along The Watchtower" hits new highs! There's a bootleg quality "lost concert"! Kinda muffled. Very raw. Then .... a ho hum documentary with lotsa talking heads. And only one disc of studio outtakes and home demos ... Zzzzzzz! No excuse! Endless hours of live and studio versions of just "Voodoo Chile" alone, have been kicking around on bootleg for decades. But not here on the official anniversary release! Great, as far as it goes. Very cheap on right now. More @ RS

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: These trees kool, counterculture, pot heads were the very suspect, heroes of Gilbert Shelton underground "comix", long ago and far away during the 1960's and 70's. Shelton remembers @ Can

Nugswap: Howzabout a cannabis co-operative where growers can swap buds? Much more to follow! See my blog. Or Dankmasta P explains @ TTB

High With A Little Help From Our Friends: How John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Led Zeppelin, Allen Ginsberg and the Grateful Dead helped kick start Canada's counterculture legalization movement way back in the day. Includes a history of prohibition in Canada too! Hmmm. Have I spotted this before?! Well, it deserves another read @ Star


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!