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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Oh Cannabis Summer 2017 News + Views!

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada: In special commemoration -"Oh Cannabis: The Anthem" @ YT and "Oh Cannabis: Our Homegrown Plant" @ YT

First Step: At least, the "Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017" would federally declassify industrial hemp as a "Controlled Substance". More on US legalization efforts below [See "In The News"]. More @ HT 

Karma Cup Toronto returns early September 9-10th! Details and links @ KC See my review from the last Karma Cup @ Here!

Cannabis Culture 5: The endless Toronto court hearings continue for Marc y Jodie Emery, Chris y Erin Goodwin y Britney Guerra! I covered the May 23 [Here] and June 26 dates live on Twitter [LINK]. Stay tuned! The next one's scheduled for July 31st! The Crown seems hell bent on continuing to tirelessly drag out the process. Meanwhile, Cannabis Culture's dispensaries and other business interests remain closed across Canada as per the CC5's bail conditions. Marc openly seems keen to deep 6ix that. He's repeatedly noted in his media scrums that he fully plans to reopen his dispensaries, business as usual, once bail is lifted. A PJT [Pre Judicial Trial] is to be held before the 29th, in which a deal could be struck, though that's by no means certain. Any jail sentence, would be Mr. Emery's 31st for civil disobedience, as he and the crew continue to fight the good fight for our civil liberties, in this case to our right to buy, sell and toke sans the Trudeau Neo Libs nefarious corporate weed agenda! Also read trez kool's June 26th review @

Free The CC5: Progressive Federal NDP millennial leadership candidate Niki Ashton calls for a full pardon for the Cannabis Culture 5. Also for decriminalization and an end to Canada's mad frenzy of pre legalization cannabis busts @ Tab

CC5: Court daze ...

Project Claudia: Charges have been dropped or stayed against 72 of the 90 individuals busted in the 2016-17 Toronto Police Service's [TPS] high profile cannabis dispensary raids. Many had previously signed a peace bond. The Attorney General has decided not to pursue a verdict. Surely the decision is a cannabis infused pie in Police Chief Mark Saunder's face! He insisted that he was very sure the highly controversial charges, supposedly to preserve "public safety",  would stick @ Vice

Organized Crime?!? Whatever limited interest the real big, bad guys still have in Canada's weed industry is quickly slipping away, contrary to the fear mongering by the TPS and the Trudeau government @ Star

Fentanyl Laced Weed: Let's dispel the ridiculous fear mongering stories. To put it bluntly, it's extremely unlikely you'll accidently get killed from it by smoking weed. Here's why @ HT

Health Cannabis: Absurdly, Health Canada is denying that there's a critical shortage of medical cannabis in our country, as the legalization date for recreational cannabis approaches. We patients know that's total BS. The situation only seems to be getting worse, leaving many sceptic's wondering whether the Trudeau government is secretly planning to break it's promise @ Lift 

See my first hand report on the horrific supply problems with Tweed an our other licensed producers [LP] @ Here!

Educational Reefer Madness: Drug education in Canada is often based upon ridiculously overstated medical and safety concerns about weed. Many of these claims are highly questionable and/or have been discredited by modern research. Such an outdated reefer madness approach is backfiring among young people today, and is often treated like a joke. How do we better educate people about cannabis as legalization approaches, so that they act responsibly? More below [See "Higher Learning"] and @  Straight

"Prohibition 2.0" or "Trudeau Beware": Over regulation of legalized cannabis won't stop the black market. Far from it! Here's why @ DP

CLOSED NOW: COMPLETE THE ONLINE SURVEY: The Ontario government is seeking your feedback by JULY 31st, on "how we should approach selling and regulating cannabis in Ontario." Please share widely with our cannabis community @ ON.CA

Mohawk Alert: The reefer madmen at Quite News ["Quinte's Best Source of News" -according to themselves ....] are actually bragging that they're out to stir up shit for the First Nation cannabis dispensaries popping up at the Tyendinaga Reserve south of Belleville, Ontario [See my review below ...]! They're demanding that the reserve police and council explain why the dispensaries are being allowed, while others across Canada, despite a dire shortage of medical weed, are being busted big time prior to "legalization" next year! So ....  Will controversial reserve Police Chief Ron Maracle come to the lackey "Quinte News" rescue as they try to white wash the situation? To create an excuse for a huge, ill advised RCMP or OPP bust?!? On Treaty Land?!? When First Nation relations across Canada are all ready going up in smoke under a dark black cloud of broken promises?!? Check out the "News Story" [and one uses the term lightly ....] @ Quinte

More Reefer Madness: Police Chief Ron Maracle evokes the absurd specter of fentanyl laced weed, which the dispensaries DON'T sell, as an excuse for a possible police crackdown @ BI

Summer: Happy US/ Canada Travels?

Canada/US Border Crossing 101: With the tourist season upon us there will be many stoner "trips" back and forth between our two countries. Here's what you should be aware of, crossing either way @ Leafly

Sieg Heil Mein Jeff: Even admitting at the border that you have ever smoked pot can get you banned from the US for life @ Mac


Cannabis Act Bill C-45: Canada's legalization bill has passed second reading 200 yays to 77 nays. It now goes to the Health Committee for further study, and should be passed before Canada Day July 1st 2018 @ Lift

C-45: Canada's Cannabis Act: Here's a brief legal backgrounder on the legalization bill for the concerned recreational and/or medical cannabis user who's just getting up to speed on the issues. Also, see the many links in past editions of my Oh Cannabis News y Views. More @ Slaw

C-45 Highlights from the Second Reading at the House of Commons in Ottawa is @ Pot-TV

A Change of Heart + Mind: Unlike in the US, Canadians seem refreshingly open to changing their minds over time, rather than digging in their heels and becoming more polarized on any number of controversial issues, like pot @ Star

Time 4 a change!

Provincial Angle: Canada's provinces have each now been tasked with working out a local cannabis framework setting the age limit, sales and distribution model for legal weed in their jurisdiction. These will take effect when Bill C-45 is passed into law by next July 1st. Here's what each province is doing, or not doing, as legalization approaches @ Mari

Canada's Provincial Premiers issue a joint communique asking Trudeau to clarify how they can realistically implement legalization before Canada Day, July 1st 2018. Otherwise they're going to want the deadline extended. The Prime Minister claims he's sticking to his plan, whatever that might be ..... Note how everybody is still singing from his hopped up Reefer Madness Prohibition 2.0 Safety Songbook. Regretfully, Trudeau and the Premiers still seem to think that more policing, regulations and corporate control are somehow going to help them "get this right". More below and see the cross Canada coverage @ Star and @ Post and @ Globe and @ Gazette and @ CBC

Getting it Wrong: Reefer Madman + Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister claims that "youth fatalities" from legal weed in Oregon and Colorado [?!?], along with fears of the Hells Angels taking over Canada's cannabis trade [?!?], mean that legalization should be delayed @ CTV

The Inside Dope: A grave injustice was committed under "Prohibition 1.0" in making cannabis illegal in Canada. Sadly, many more injustices are still being constantly perpetrated under Trudeau's much ballyhooed legalization plans [aka "Prohibition 2.0"] for next year. Canadian cannabists and our grass root cannabiz entrepreneurs are now being busted in record numbers! Moreover, our vulnerable minority groups are being prosecuted the most! So why no pardons? An amnesty? Or compensation? Why aren't those Canadians who fought the hardest for legalization, persevered and are still suffering grave injustice, being incorporated into the government's plans? Something very rotten is obviously going on with Trudeau's corporate weed agenda. Few Canadians are forcefully speaking out! Meanwhile, those who resist, perhaps most notably the Cannabis Culture 5, are being rounded up across Canada and thrown in jail. As the saying goes, "No justice, no peace!" Don't be fooled! The good fight isn't over yet. Cannabis activism remains as important as ever! There's strength in numbers! More of us need to take a stand! The time for action is now, not later on, when it's too late! More @ Star

No 2 Corporate Weed: Canuck cannabis legal advocate and prof Alan Young critiques the multinational corporations, crown agencies, venture capitalists, predatory stockbrokers and corporate stakeholders lining up to cash in on legal cannabis. The discredited "War on Drugs" aka "Prohibition 1.0" didn't work before. Over regulation and greed aren't the way to go now. Is he being too "idealistic"? Alas! Alan's argument just makes too much sense! Read and weep @ Globe

Trudeau ....

Busted 1: Police have raided 7 Canna dispensaries, 6 residences and arrested 80 employees in Toronto and Vancouver, reminiscent of this spring's Project Gator Cannabis Culture bust's, as Bill C-51 weeds it's way through parliament before finally becoming law @ CTV A second Canna bust and 8 more arrests followed the same week @ Global

Busted 2: Canada faces a cannabis shortage when recreational weed is legalized next spring. Government friendly LP's [licensed producers] can't even meet the medical cannabis demands as is. Sadly, police are very busy busting the indie dispensaries that can. More @ BloomB

Busted 3: Statscan's latest figures contradicts police fear mongering that organized crime is behind Canada's indie black market cannabis trade. So ... so ... so does that mean that the CC5's Chris Goodwin and Marc Emery aren't really "gangsta's" but are actually just engaged in some good old fashioned, civil disobedience?!? Yiiiiikes! @ Globe

Busted 4: What do we find when we search for "cannabis" or "marijuana" on the City of Toronto website for registered lobbyists? A number of Canada's big government LP's! Cross reference the dates with those of the rash of TPS [Toronto Police Services] indie dispensary busts. Then connect the dots to figure out what's really going on! See @ TO

Medical Sensi: Toronto's Medical Officer of Health calls for recreational cannabis to be decriminalized, estimating that if not, a further 59,000 charges and 22,000 convictions will result between now and legalization next spring @ CBC

Decriminalization: The federal NDP is pushing for it in parliament but they are up against the Corporate Trudeau Neo Libs, Andrew's Sheer Cons, and of course ... our government licensed producers @ Leafly

From the Horse's Privileged AssVice Canada talked about legalization, or rather Prohibition 2.0, with Prime Minister Trudeau @ Youtube

BS 101? Trudeau has vaguely hinted at an amnesty for those convicted of possession later on in the legalization process, but police busts continue in record numbers @ Global

Union Weed: UNIFOR, Canada's largest private sector union is encouraging dispensary workers to unionize. It will support them, despite the cannabiz "gray market" legal status. Workplace safety is a big issue, especially with the rash of armed robberies in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area]. 40 workers at the Canna Clinic are now negotiating their first union contract @ UNIFOR.

Vancouver 420 Lessons: Cannabis Activist Dana Larsen critiques the hypocrisy of a right wing municipal council warmly embracing public booze fests while looking down with disgust on the weed. Enough is enough @ Huff

At The UN: Canada is violating 3 UN Drug Treaties by legalizing cannabis. Truth be told, the treaties falsely lump cannabis in together with lots of other much more dangerous substances. They were signed under intense US pressure as part and parcel of Prohibition 1 during the original reefer madness era! Still, Canada supposedly takes pride on standing by it's treaties, and a one year notice is required to legally withdraw! The supposedly enlightened Canadian government's plan to somehow deal with this sensitive UN issue remains a complete mystery, increasingly calling into question Trudeau's promise to legalize weed by July 1st 2018 @ Mari


Trump Reefer Madness: Whether they realize it or not, our US neighbours to the south continue to suffer gross ridicule and humiliation on the world stage in the Age of Trump. Now, in a befuckling scenario befitting a Third World nation, alleged Putin pal and Trumpster Attorney General [AG] Jeff Sessions has personally asked congress for a green light to prosecute medical cannabis users in the US -state law and budget cuts be damned! Whatever happened to decency? The rule of law? Order? Leadership? Or good government? Let alone the notion of America as a world beacon of light and hope? Alas! They all now seem to be getting snuffed out pretty quick stateside in the struggling democracy's darkest hour @ WP

Prohibition 2.0: How AG Nincompoop Jeff Sessions wants to create a new War on Drugs @ WP

The Horror! The Horror! Jeff Session's alt facts about cannabis definitely earn him another failing grade! Bigly! @ Bloomberg

Alt Weed Facts: Deliberate government misinformation about the dangers of cannabis is still alive and well. Jeff Sessions knows where to go to get it @ DP

Reefer Madness Sessions: AG Jeff Session's startling praise for the disastrous DARE "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign from the 1980's shows just how badly out of touch he is with drug issues in the new millennium @ Vox and @ CB

Reefer Madman 2.0: AG Session's nostalgia for DARE ignores the fact that the US government lost the War on Drugs. The evidence is clear. The heavy handed, narrow minded BS didn't work before. It certainly won't work now. Plus it ties up valuable police resources, wasting big bucks, especially on grass, which never should've been included as a Schedule 1 banned drug in the first place @ CB

Roger Stone -Cannabis Advocate?

Roger Stoned: Trump adviser/ misogynist/ racist and political trickster Roger Stone's attendance at the September LA Cannabis Congress and Expo is resulting in a boycott of the event. While the anger is quite understandable, others are still concerned. He seems to be an advocate for legal medical weed. Who's right? What to do?!? @ Leafly and @ Leafly

More Stoned: Roger stone claims that he disagrees with Jeff Sessions. He argues that legalization would be a good move for the president to make, pointing out he could do it quickly with the "stroke of a pen" But is he to be trusted? @ Leafly and @ Vice

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm: Trumpland's MAGA antics with both the countries federal banking and controlled substance laws and regulations are creating widespread chaos across the US! Medical cannabis is now legal in 29 states. Recreational cannabis in 8. Still, the legal states are at an impasse. They are now being threatened in a troubling conflict between state and federal jurisdictions! @ LAT

Point/ Counterpoint: How the US Federal Department of Justice [DOJ] can reverse state legalization plans @ DS Here's why it won't work @ WR and @ BuzzF

Nevada Weed: What can we lean about the "adult-use" sale of cannabis one week after it was legalized in Nevada? Demand was very strong. Line ups long. Revenues high. The tax dollars are rolling in big time. And they're running out of weed! More @ Leafly and @ RS

Koch Ya! Even the con$ervative Koch Network, always$ quick to $mell big buck$, warn$ the Donald again$t a "failed" cannabi$ fight @ Leafly

US: Big Problems Ahead ....?

NORML: Much of the cannabis advocacy group's recent US focus has wisely been upon public education, to debunk the rash of crazed, alt fact, reefer madness myths and evil half truths now coming out of Washington, and the DOJ. You can read their series of timely, informative op-ed articles online @ NORML

Pot in The US Workplace: What you should know @ YH

From Russia With Love: Besides interfering with the US election process, those darn Rooskies might also be stirring up the War on Drugs, to throw the US off their game @ WP

Uruguay Si!

Viva Uruguay: Tired of South America's US inspired drug war, Uruguay will be selling legal weed for $1.30 a gram to more successfully put the bad boy cartels out of business. Weed will only be sold in the pharmacies. 6 plants can be grown at home. Seems you can smoke most anywhere. There are still a lot of familiar licensing requirements and government regulations. However since Canada isn't coming on line with legal weed until next year, they are the first country, if not unlike us the first member of the G7, to legalize weed @ Guardian

Getting High in Uruguay: A foreigners guide, in case you'd like to visit @ Gurug

UN 2017 World Drug Report: It's official! The United Nations estimates that there are about 183 million global cannabis users. In other words, roughly 3.8% of the worlds population use pot. Furthermore, 163 of the 190 countries studied report cannabis busts this year. 6000 tons of herb and 13000 tons of resin are seized annually under prohibition ! Much ado @ HT

UK: Wishful thinking ....

Queen's Cannabis: The future of legalized, or for that matter even decriminalized weed in the UK remains highly uncertain, despite the widespread reforms elsewhere on both sides of the Atlantic. The Liberal Democratic Party promised to legalize "adult use" in the recent election. However, with hard ass Conservative PM Theresa May managing to hold onto power, if only just barely, the future still doesn't look very promising @ Mari

Exit -Stage Right? Reefer Mad Woman and British PM Theresa May still spews the same old, tired, discredited lies that cannabis is a gateway drug for heroin. Also that it leads to suicide! For shame @ Herb

English Stool Pigeons: A UK newspaper tries to be helpful by telling readers to call the police if they suspect that their neighbours smoke pot. Gee, thanks @ Sun


Check out this site ....

Tyendinaga Dispensaries: The good folks at the Mohawk reserve south of Belleville Ontario show us how it's done right! The Warriors at Legacy 420 [Here] have even set up a weed superstore of sorts! [See below ...] Check out their wide array of buds [$8-12g], and shatter [$50-70g]. Also the excellent selection of home baked medibles, infused soft drinks, candies, pipes, bongs and assorted weed paraphernalia. The Little Chiefs at Forever Green [Link] are smokin' up a storm with their oils, Stortz + Bickell vaporizers, top notch strains and medibles. There's no shortage of shops stocking lots of different strains, where you can also compare prices too. Loved the "God Bud" and "Pink Rock Star" at Smoke on the Water [Link]. Also that Big Greens [Link] and Field of Dreams [613-743-4202] provide a drive through service. Staff are very friendly, helpful and relaxed. The shops are wheelchair accessible and bust free. Remember, there are NO TAXES on the reserve! Gas costs about 10-15 cents a litre less than anywhere else. Please DO NOT HESITATE to support these fine indigenous dispensaries, operating free from Trudeau's greedy corporate clutches, at the Mohawk Tyendinaga Reserve! More @ APTN and @ CanDig

 Indigenous Cannabis: Where it's at!

Legacy 420's new 7500 square foot headquarters and dispensary is now open for business, as of "Canada Day", or rather "Cannabis Day" 2017. The Ontario Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association [OIMCA] notes that there are currently 16 dispensaries on the Tyendinaga reserve. They are helping guarantee medical patients their constitutional right to access cannabis. Also, to assert the First Nation's "aboriginal right" to cannabis, if there's any real question @ IC

MIMCA [National Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association: As "a sovereign people on sovereign land" Canada's First Nation's aren't waiting around for Trudeau to legislate and regulate, before they set up their own aboriginal cannabis industry on reserve lands across Canada. The aim? To help lift themselves out of poverty. Also, to help battle Canada's opiod crisis @ MG

Canada's Mega-Cannabis Farms: Rather belatedly, the licensed producer [LP] race is on to build huge mega-farms to produce a large enough crop to meet the demands of legal weed both at home and abroad. Too little, too late? @ Mari
 In View:  Homegrown Canuck rockers, The Tragically Hip, are buying into legalization via their partnership with Newstrike, a newly minted government licensed producer @ TH

On The Road: Watch for a "weed farmers market" to soon possibly "pop up" at a Canadian location near you! Yup! Green Market Toronto co-founders Lisa Campbell and Sarah Gillies are taking their green marketing events on the road this summer. Grass root producers market their medibles, topicals, drinks, concentrates, swag and some bud too. Buyers check them out, ask questions and stock up on their favourite wares. It's very handy, informative and lots of fun! With our government LP's quite unable to fulfil Canada's medical cannabis patient's prescriptions needs, these markets are certainly proving very helpful in bridging the gap! Still illegal, event info is often very last minute. Stay tuned for my first hand reviews of the Green Market Toronto Shows here on "Oh Cannabis". Read more @  DB

Outdoor summer living is easy at Toronto's Hot Box Café!

Vapor Lounges: Under legalization, why would tokers, need or even want to go out somewhere to get high? The Trudeau feds seem uncertain as they work out their legalization bill. Fortunately, the Wynne government has amended the Smoke Free Ontario Act to allow them in our province. Toronto's Abi Roach, founder of the Hot Box Café explains why they are important @ Now

Cool Summer Treats: How about some cannabis infused ice cream? @ Pro

Faces of Cannabis: A new Lift ad campaign wants to change our perceptions about whom actually smokes pot in Canada, calling into question many of the negative public stereotypes and prejudices about toker's today. Lift hopes the cannabis community will become more open about our use, now that the herb's being legalized in Canada. Turns out Canadians' can take great pride in that our toker's truly represent quite an everyday, inclusive, intergenerational and multicultural mix! Very Canadian eh! @ Now

Racist Legacy: Regretfully, the budding US cannabiz industry in general is still very much a rich, white man's game, where race, creed and colour does matter -a lot! In Canada too? @ Guard

White Washed: Canada fares little better! A survey of our government licensed producers [LP] proves insightful. Management on the board of directors is overwhelming white. Criminal record checks and the high cost of an LP license have resulted in the corporate Canuck cannabiz world becoming the exclusive domain of Canada's white wealthy elite @ Vice

Deeper States: Likewise in the US, socio-economic factors help keep the cannabiz industry predominantly white, even when it comes to opening a dispensary. Once again, the high start up costs and criminal records, often for pot, all but keep many minority groups from even getting a foot in the legal door @ DS

Old Boys Club: Despite a high profile in the Canadian underground cannabis economy, women are still a small minority in the Canadian, legal cannabis, corporate world. The LP's staunchly remain an old boys club of powerful white business types, even though it is a new industry @  City

Weed Prices Around The World: Here's a quick fix for Summer 2017 @ CannaH

Baby Boomer High: Many baby boomer "retirees" or "seniors" [Harrumph!] are increasingly using pot to help meet their medical and recreational needs @ MR

Getting High With Mary Kay:  Cosmetic "pot selling" parties featuring wellness consultants and cannabis balms, ointments and tinctures, are proving popular in California's retirement communities @ BI


Stoner Grrrrls: Today's cannabis consumer is most likely to be a woman, according to this study. Many are seeking relief from stress, menstrual pains, and as an alternative to more harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Maybe even your mom .... not mine, bless the ol' gal, but maybe yours .... A lot are also millennials @ Yahoo

Weed Etiquette: Yes, you should share your weed when you join in a "smoke circle". Here are ten etiquette tips to practice and know, to make for a kool scene with lots of good vibes @ GRD

Inside Scoop on Vaping: It's a healthy alternative to smoking joints or a bong. They are more sociable and fun with friends, but otherwise? I swear by my Pax and my Storz and Bickel. Discreet. Convenient. Trez kool! Here's how it works @ BI

A History of Cannabis in Canada [1801-Now]: Don't assume that all will go well just because the Prime Minister has "promised" legalization next year! Remember: History teaches that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it over and over, again and again and again .... Plus that there's all ready been a shitload of lies, deceit and manipulation by the powers that be about weed, throughout the years. Maybe now too? @ Leafly

Talking Cannabis ....

It's Cannabis NOT Marijuana: "Marijuana" is actually a racist term. It is part and parcel of prohibition's ugly past. Since the 1920's and 30's "marijuana" has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. It is still very widely accepted and used today. No doubt, few of us understand it's origins, or use it in the negative sense. Still, this site, with a goal of being positive and inclusive always tries to use the correct term, or another one that we all know and like instead. You are encouraged to consider doing likewise, on a go forward basis. Legalization isn't just about changing our laws. It's also about changing a horrible prohibition mindset that's caused untold injustice and grief. Learn more @ GRD 

How To Talk To Your Doctor Or Health Care Provider About Medical Cannabis: Here's an overview of what you should ask, and some more links. It's pretty general, but a good place to start @ Leafly

Coming Out! Way Out! 5 ways to tell mom y dad that you smoke weed @ WeRe

"The Pot Talk" or "The Plot Thickens": How to tell your kids that you smoke weed. Hmmmm ... @ MR

Drug Free Kids Canada [DKFC]: The mainstream, government approved approach to discussing cannabis with teens, on the eve of legalization in Canada, emphasizes role modelling, values education and an open communication strategy. Of course, one hopes that today's "with it" parents would act accordingly, as with most teen issues. However, there's also pause for concern in the parenting materials underlying note of fear mongering about the big, bad weed. It smacks of the Trudeau government's strict Prohibition 2.0 reefer madness focus on being very heavy handed with a limited focus on control, control, control. 

Contrary to popular misconceptions, that often doesn't actually work very well with most adults, let alone teens, in the real world today. It can backfire badly! Nor will more big $$$'s for policing and enforcement help facilitate a deeper conversation with our kids. Let's hope sufficient resources are instead put into creating a more thoughtful, realistic, meaningful and comprehensive public discussion about cannabis use.

Fortunately, in these DFKC booklets, parents are being actively encouraged to learn more about cannabis, as a part of this very important public education task. But will there be any more government funds left over to help facilitate that? After police, politicos, bureaucrats and Trudeau's corporate pals grab the lion's share? The dollars are in very short supply, and time is quickly running out @ DFKC 

Higher Ground: Teaching young people good decision making skills, not just for drugs but for life in general, would be much better then many of the half baked, ludicrous Reefer Madness 1.0 and 2.0 "safety lessons" being considered by the self professed experts @ Seattle

Higher Dining: Are you ready for your first cannabis infused fine dining experience? Here's 5 thoughtful questions you should ask yourself, the hosts and others so you'll be sure to have a great time @ LA

Canuck Weed: Hooray! It's Canada's 150th b'day! To celebrate the occasion, let's "head" out to our favourite, friendly, local dispensary and check out these 5 great, new strains of weed. They originate here! Enjoy, with much Canuck love and hoser kisses @ Leafly 

Then, let's toke on these 3 .... No! Er .... 19 .... Um! .... Howzabout ... 11 buds, with Canadian roots! @ Leafly 

Whew! That sure is a lotta boo, eh?! Kaff! Kaff! And let's not skimp on my personal fave, as o' late! Ta daaa! Toke! Toke! Toke! Some more @ Ye Good Old God Bud!

The Big Lie: Booze and tobacco are legal, but cannabis isn't because ..... it's not safe?!? Let's get this straight -you simply can't overdose on cannabis or cannabanoids. Period. So why all the BS?!? More @ MR

Weed > Booze: 5 ways that cannabis is waaaaay better for you than the old Kickapoo joy juice @ Civ

Cannabis + Autism: There's growing evidence that cannabis can be useful in treating autism. Researchers in Israel are creating a global data base to study it further @ Tonic

Understanding Your Body + It's Relationship With Cannabis: It's time to start relying less on Big Pharma and begin listening more to your own body about what's good for your health. Indeed, there are many cases when it can be best to holistically self medicate with weed for both lots of ailments and just plain, good, old fashioned, healthy living reasons @ HG

Weed Prospectus: How will legal medical cannabis change healthcare in the 21st century? This article considers the pro's without ignoring a few con's @ AllBud

High Anxiety: How toking weed can help @ Civ

"Mature" [Nee "Senior"] Stoners: Tired of always taking all those other Big Pharma drugs? Here's how cannabis can help you @ MR

Mr. Science: Green? Red? Purple? Blue? Yellow? Why is weed different colours?!? Inquiring minds need to know @ KL

High AF Sex: Like THC? Try CBD's too! Dunno if there's hemp condoms yet, but cannabis is great. Here's why @ THC and @ CBD

Enquiring Minds Need 2 Know: What's the difference between THC, Hemp Oil, CBD Oil and Hash Oil? Seek and ye shall find @ ZP

"Little Big Tree" or "Turning Japanese" or "How 2 Grow A Marijuana Bonsai Tree in 5 Easy Steps!" Trez kool @ Herb

Waste Not -Want Not: How to properly store your stash @ GL

Beginner Guide to M-Edibles: How to safely try cannabis infused candies, and baked goods etc. etc. etc. Lotsa shopping and dosage tips too, as well as an explanation of how they work @ Cal

DEA Slang: Oh yeh! They are soooooo cool -NOT!!! As a stoner, how many of the DEA's alleged 2017 "drug slang code terms" for pot do you actually know or use?!? "Krazy Kandy"??? "Smoochy Woochy Poochy"?!? "Little Green Friends"!?! "Righteous Bush"?!? "Pu?!? Or howzabout "Mowing the lawn"??? Ever heard that one? The DEA's new "Directory" is @ Vice Your test is @ Leafly

Herb? Ganja? Doobie? Chronic? Boo? Hash? Lotsa weed slang terms and why we use them @ WR

Don't Legalize Weed: Whaaaat?!? Yup! Legal weed might not turn out to be as kool as you think @ YT

On High: Miracles? Spices? Oils? Herbs? Did Jesus use cannabis to perform miracles?!? Enquiring minds need to know @ MJ


What if God Smoked Cannabis? @ YT or @ Lyrics

The God's Bud Super Star Jam Band: Despite the different music styles, these late great musicians all smoked weed -Chris Cornell, Phife Dawg, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen, Gregg Allman, Glenn Fry, Paul Kantner, and David Peel. Now they've all dearly departed us to join that heavenly jam band in the great beyond! Some fiery weed tales @ HT

Stepping Razor: Ironically Jawara McIntosh, the son of former Marley Wailer reggae star and cannabis activist Peter Tosh has ended up in a coma while in a New Jersey jail for a pot bust. No word who's responsible. Alas, Peter suffered a very debilitating head wound from a police beating back in Jamaica during the day. Now Jawara's suffering from "traumatic brain damage", and it's hardly from just smoking the stuff either @ Mari

JFK -Stoned Again!

Tokin' With The Prez: 11 US presidents are known to have smoked weed; JFK, Obama, "Dubya" Bush, Clinton, Pierce, Taylor, Jackson, Madison, Monroe, Jefferson, and Washington! Read more @ HT

Weed Top 10: Bernie Sanders, Justin Trudeau, the Dalai Lama, Snoop Dogg, and Jack Nicholson are but 5 of the most influential people publically supporting the good fight for legalization. Read more @ WR

Look Ma! No ears!

Don't Parrot This: A man has had his ears removed in a 6 hour operation to make him look like a parrot. Now he wants to find a plastic surgeon to turn his nose into a beak .... Naw, the article doesn't say whether he smokes pot. However, this DOESN'T seem to fit into my Teacher Free Speech News Y Views as any sort of ... ahem ... "straight goods" news item, so here it goes! Read on @ TeleUK

High Times 25 Pot Songs of All Time": We could go further but most of the basics and then some, as often featured on my tweets, are here @ HT

Stoner Giggles: Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Seth Rogan and Robin Williams along with 6 more comedians talk about cannabis @ Civilized

Do The Monster Hash: Let's toke and er ... danze instead @ YT and @ B-FlicK

The Baddest: Yup! Bob Marley's half brother Bunny Wailer [from the original "Wailers" ....get it?!?] is still alive and well and smoking his pipe! Every so often he comes out of seclusion from his rasta, beach retreat in Jamaica. Here's Bunny's latest video with Ruffi-Ann! Oh Gosh! @ Youtube


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!