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Sunday 24 December 2017

Guilty Plea: The Cannabis Culture 5 Deal!

Guess what? Don't be shocked! A pre-trial settlement has suddenly been reached for the Cannabis Culture 5! They plead guilty! Get huge fines! No jail time! It's a big, sensational, front page news story! Across Canada, in the US, around the world, onboard airplanes, and even ships at sea! [1]

But you read it here first! Way back in November! Got it directly from the CC5! [LINK] [LINK]

Yup, Oh Cannabis been dutifully covering the CC5 court hearings, ever since the big bust last March! Now, the mainstream media's all over the story again too! 

The news links are below! So how to still report this story for our cannabis activist purposes, in an interesting, meaningful way? Here are a few observations:

It's Monday, December 18th, upstairs in Courtroom 124, old Toronto City Hall:

After 9 months of court room wrangling -a hushed silence. Our illustrious Canadian Prince o' Pot, Marc Emery, stands respectfully, school boy style, before the judge, awaiting sentence. 

Speaking politely for the record, very clearly and in no uncertain terms, Marc explains that he's "very willing" to go back to jail again, for his grievous crimes! 

No qualms. Nor regrets. Quite plain and simply, he engaged in "peaceful civil disobedience". He broke the law. No argument there!

The judge leans forward, gazing down from her legal perch. Sadly, she wags her head in silence! Sighs! Agrees! Thinks jail would be "very appropriate" too. 

A pregnant pause ..... Jail time? 

Anybody else?!? 

Alas! It's not to be! 
The crown chirps in! Breaks the deafening silence! 

That's not necessary!

Nope! The lawyer's have reached a deal! It's the best the CC5 can expect, whether the case goes to trial or not. Instead, they're head whacked with a huge wad of onerous fines! Justice has been served! The CC5 walk free!

Seems a solid kick to the old wallet, albeit on an much abbreviated list of charges will suffice, instead of some more time in the pokey for the CC5. 

To wit:

Marc Emery: 2 charges of trafficking, 1 charge for proceeds exceeding $5000, and a $195,000 fine!

Jodie Emery: 1 charges of trafficking, 1 charge for proceeds exceeding $5000, and a $195,000 fine!

Britney Guerra: 1 charge of trafficking, 1 for proceeds exceeding $5000, and a $13,000 fine!

Chris Goodwin: 1 charge of trafficking, 1 for proceeds exceeding $5000, and a $13,000 fine!

Erin Goodwin: 1 charge of trafficking, 1 for proceeds exceeding $5000, and a $3,900 fine! [2]


Also, the CC5 forfeit the proceeds of their "crimes"! That includes all of the "illegal" cash receipts seized in the Project Gator raids, somehow minus the $16,000 that's now mysteriously missing from the court records! [LINK]

Good bye bud and shatter! Nor can the CC5 own or carry any firearms, weapons or ammo, for the next two years. As if .......

The CC5 fine's are quite onerous! But there's a small silver lining. They set a high precedent, one that could help other less eager dispensary owners and staff avoid jail time too. It's based based upon the Crown's incorrect calculations of the CC franchise's actual net worth at the time of the bust. 

According to Jodie Emery, the Crown mistakenly used a dispensary contract that she was developing for future, additional CC franchise royalties, costs and various fees! It doesn't accurately reflect the actual CC receipts from the opened outlets last March. 

Only a dozen or so of the 200 franchises CC hoped to open in 2017 were actually up and running. Except for Marc's own, very successful Church St Toronto outlet, those that were still hadn't earned the huge profits, upon which the Crowns numbers are based! [LINK]

Sadly, this costly travesty of justice now leaves the CC5, especially Marc and Jodie, looking for a new job to pay off the fines. However, the CC5 are also prohibited from "directly or indirectly participating" in an "illegal dispensary", their main source of livelihood, for the next 2 years.

Help! Help! It's the Cannabis Cult's CC's Bonnie y Clyde!

Get this

The CC5 can still work for a "legal dispensary" when cannabis is legalized in 2018. Perhaps apply for a legal license of their own. Or work their well established brand name for somebody else instead. Still, that depends upon an allusive Trudeau government amnesty for weed convictions. 

It's far from a sure thing! Particularly for the CC5! Ironically, they're sidelined for now. That despite having putting everything on the line in the good fight to reform Canada's unjust cannabis laws! [LINK]

But back to the Court Room 124

The Crown's boasting to the judge! A narc actually bought 2 grams of weed from Marc! 

Whoa! He did? From Canada's most notorious, top, weed salesman, eh? The big guy himself? Right at his swingin' Church Street store?!? 

There's a snicker from the peanut gallery. We sit watching intently with bated breath, trying not to laugh.

OK, an undercover cop bought some weed form Marcus, but how many others did too? Like oh, I don't know, maybe medical patients! Or just plain everyday folks looking to safely buy some good weed! 

Perhaps at Cannabis Culture, or for that matter any number of the other fine, already existing dispensaries mushrooming whack-a-mole style across our fair city. Amply demonstrating for all concerned, including the Trudeau government and Corporate Weed, should they care to see, how it's done properly,

While the CC5 suffer the barbed court slings of the justice arrows, there's good news for the Cannabis Culture's "good buds" in the judge's ruling. Remember them? The bud tenders also arrested and charged in the Project Gator raids! Yup! As a part of the deal, all of their charges are dropped. No criminal records either! 

The Crown's is so pleased that the Cannabis Culture 5 accepted sole legal responsibility for selling weed in their dispensary's! Another new precedent has been set! This one can actually help Canadian dispensary workers caught in a bust! 

From a labour perspective in general, it's rather refreshingly and exemplary! An employer accepting responsibility? Rather than let their staff shoulder legal blame?

Imagine that! Canuck budtenders -ask your boss if he'll accept the charges in case of a bust. If he says no, go work somewhere else, where you know you will be protected and can work safely without the fear of being fined or going to jail. [

Let's fast forward now! To Cannabis Culture's Post Trial Party at Planet Paradiso! 

It's a big, crazy, mad mix of CC Toronto's bud tenders and staff. Platefuls of joints are making the rounds. There's lots of snacks. Non alcoholic beverages. Kool stoner tunes blast loudly from the sound system, as the party kicks into high gear. 

Our Prince o' Pot Marc's off until May to South America and Europe, networking internationally, carrying on his legalization crusade! Meanwhile, our Princess o' Pot Jodie will be in Toronto and Vancouver, taking care of CC operations here in Canada.

As for Chris and Erin? Our Cannabis Cult's "Bonnie and Clyde" peaceful civil disobedience baddies? Well, they're sticking around too. We look forward to reporting on their next, exciting, cannabis activities!

I lean back on my stool at the shatter bar, quite exhausted from a very long day. Enjoy a dab, and a spliff or two or three or .............. Hang out a bit with Mark Polkeroo, and Dan E the documentary film maker dude. Say hi to Mike, Bianka, Victor, and Emily, so many others. Of course, Marc, Jodie, Chris, and Erin too.

The CC bud tenders are breathing deep sigh of relief, along with their weed. 

Then there's Ming and the Ottawa Crew! Fresh from fighting the good fight on and off Parliament hill! Jamie and company from the Dundas Street Dispensary! 

Ottawa Rocks!

OMG! So many great Cannabis Activists, I just NEED to interview for a blog or two or three, in the daze ahead!

Looking about the crowded lounge, I strongly suspect that the real legacy of CC Project Gator Bust is
 this: it's packed with so many fresh, young, new politically activated ganjapreneurs. Now creating their own dispensary start ups. Along with a rich pot-porri of other, more creative, leading edge, cannabiz endeavours. 

Mostly a younger crowd! Lots of millennial! Freshly galvanized by the CC5's vibrant brand of cannabis activism. Unafraid to exercise peaceful civil disobedience, to take action when need be. 

It's a whole new generation of inspired, cannabis activists. Multiplying in numbers many times over, upwards and onwards onto infinity; Canada's green future. After all is said and done, perhaps one of the Cannabis Culture 5's greatest and most rewarding successes!


[1] Kinda sorta! It was a very long day. Most of the mainstream media screwed off  again. Showed up for the obligatory media scrum outside the court house afterwards, rather miffed at the inconvenience. Then made up ridiculous headlines. Hung them on their bare skeleton stories. Once again, social media saved the day, basically reporting everything you really need to know! See below!

[2] Initially, the fines were rather hard to determine, based upon the way the judge dished them out; fines per charge, additional "victim surcharge" fees, so on and so forth. My numbers are a composite of what I heard in court, what's been reported on the news. See below!


Our illustrious mainstream news hounds try to make sense of the CC5 guilty plea  @ Globe @ CBC @ CTV @ City 

Cannabis Culture online provides a good overview with lots of social media links @ CC

Well Worth A Read:

Project Gator at the End of the Day: Roy Berger interviews the Emery's at home about the trial for the inside goods! A great read @ CC

What I Did, and Why: CC's Jodie Emery tells all @ CC

The Fate of Marc + Jodie Emery: Jon Hiltz's excellent, indepth overview @ MJ


Thursday 14 December 2017

CC5: Cannabis Culture 5 -Pre-Trial Deal!

The Cannabis Culture 5 [CC5] return to the old Toronto Court house for their next pretrial date on Monday December 18th at 10am! A breakthrough in the 9 month proceedings is in the works. It's the first real ray of hope, if we can call it that, since the CC5's were busted last March in the high profile Project Gator cross Canada police craft cannabis dispensary raids, aka Prohibition 2.0.

The Cannabis Culture 5's Marc Emery spoke again with Oh Cannabis after the Dec 10th court date about the pending deal, now expected on Monday. Marc explains that the crown is demanding a huge, unprecedented "shit kicking", "onerous, punitive fine". He'd prefer to do jail time instead, but that options not on the table.

Marc notes that since the Project Gator bust he's testified extensively at the many government committees seeking input into the legalization process. He's disheartened that his warnings and advice about the Trudeau government's new overly regulated, corporate legalization model are going unheeded, but he's tried his best.

Marc warns that we are certainly headed towards a real "shit storm" with legalization come next year, one rife with "euphoria, aggravation, annoyance and confusion". Moreover, he warns of a bad shortage of legal weed, even within the first few days of legalization. Of course, it will even be even worse if the government succeeds in shutting our flourishing, across Canada, craft cannabis dispensary movement down!

Marc plans to leave for Europe and South America after his bail conditions are lifted. He'll meet with cannabis activists in countries "not so far along" in the legalization process as we are here in Canada, to network and share the good news about what we've been able to accomplish. Then he'll return in the spring for the legalization roll out to see what can be done then.

He remains optimistic that although legalization will be a legal mess, there are many "interesting experiments" occurring across Canada in our 13 different provinces and territories. In the long run, Marc is hopeful that a more fair, varied, and effective legal cannabiz model can still be developed over time.

In the meantime, Jodie Emery, will "transition" and "convert" the Cannabis Culture brand into a legal market model. Cannabis Culture certainly plans to continue providing us with their heady brand of top notch strains, user friendly service, and cannabis activism, as weed finally becomes legal in Canada next year.

Watch Marc Emery's complete interview @ Youtube

The CC'5s Chris Goodwin also spoke to Oh Cannabis. In his interview, Chris comments on the important role peaceful civil disobedience actions have played in the the Canadian legalization fight. Chris explains, that like with the gay and civil rights movement, the only way we can often expose and change "colossal injustice on a massive scale" is by peacefully breaking the law in a non violent way.

Do you grow, buy, smoke and or sell illegal weed? Do you actively join in the protests? Chris notes that if only 5% of the population can be likewise encouraged to openly challenge and violate an unjust  law, it can be effectively changed. 

We are now seeing this happen with legalization as a result of Canadian's widespread refusal to obey our cannabis laws. Truly, it can be an especially exhilarating high of a different kind, to engage in peaceful civil disobedience actions like the CC5 and bring about real change, as Chris explains @ YouTube

Three hours have been set aside for the CC5's December 18th court date. The police evidence will be presented, along with the details of the agreement that is reached.

Oh Cannabis joins in urging our local cannabis community to please come out to demonstrate your support for the Cannabis Culture 5 and Canada's indie craft cannabis dispensary's at the old Toronto City Hall court house next Monday December 18th at 10 am! More details @

Let's be vocal! 

Loud! Clear! 

No to Trudeau + Wynne's corporate agenda! 

We want craft dispensary weed here! 


Reefer Monopoly Madness: Canada's corporate legalization model demands tight federal and provincial control over the production and distribution of weed. The government is trying to reinvent and monopolize a successful, grassroots, cannabis industry that's already in place! It's strictly for the big business boy$ exclu$ive profit and gain! Most everybody else who's fought and suffered under prohibition are now on the losing end, as they are heavy handedly being squeezed out of business to clear the way. The CC5's Jodie Emery explains @ Link

The Court Settlement: Read more interviews with CC5's Marc Emery, Jodie Emery and Erin Goodwin @ HERE!

The Project Gator Bust: My exclusive, live reports are @ HERE! and @ THERE!

Stay tuned for my live Twitter coverage of the December 18th court date:


Tuesday 12 December 2017

Green Market Toronto Review 12 11 17

On Sunday, Toronto's "Green Market", [LINK] the craft cannabis pop up kind, once again rocked our smokey city! I arrived at opening time. Discovered a long line up. No problem! We quickly made our way into the fair.

Sunday's Green Market was held in an easily accessible, downtown, west end, warehouse on Dufferin Street. For obvious reasons, the "secret" locations are only announced on the day of the show. Lots of folks were still arriving hours later, as I left. Truly, a splendid time was guaranteed for all!

Once again, Lisa greeted us at the door. Helped check our tickets and stamp our hand. We signed a disclaimer. Were provided with a handy cannabis safety flier ["Take Care With Cannabis"] containing useful, practical health and safety tips on usage, dosage, effects and the like.

Quite frankly, I did not see any problems or unpleasantness that could even possibly be associated with weed, during my visit. Quite the opposite! Think cannabis "love in" sans the reefer madmen fear mongering of policing tales and b-grade movies!

Instead, excited cannabis shoppers were dazzled with 10,000 sq/ft of top notch, blissful craft, cannabis products. "Made in Canada", they included a vast array of tantalizing new and classic medibles to sample and buy.

Infused baked goodies, snack food, gummies, chocolate, fudge and topicals were all available in ready supply. Some seeds, bud, shatter, vapour pens and e-juice too.

The infused market tune-age kept the party a' thumping courtesy Deejay NDN and other celebrity DJ guests. They were fund raising for Toronto Overdose Prevention Society at Pursuit OSR. [LINK] Even more high times were provided by the yummy, sunny High 5 party grrrrl hosts as they pranced about wishing everybody a merry Christmas! Hi! Hi! High ....!

I spent a few hours wandering the floor, checking out the latest goodies for sale. The producers were on hand to answer any questions one might have. On the whole they were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic on educating us about their wares. Never did I experience any uncomfortable hard sell tactics or undue pressure to buy this or that! I left very satisfied and a lot better informed with the many happy purchases that I scored.

As you might know, Oh Cannabis is an indie, non profit, activist blog for medical cannabis users, where recreational aficionados are also aways welcome too. I do not make a red cent off any of my reviews. Free samples are always appreciated, for testing purposes, but my opinions are not for sale. I will always shoot straight from the hip.

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite goodies from the Sunday show, that still have me flying high. The list is hardly comprehensive. Nor was I asked for any reviews. The fine weed products highlighted below simply have me happily tripping along my merry Christmas way as a cannabist -perhaps you too!

My Best Of .....

Sofa King Good Bakery: The king's Honey Roasted Peanut Butter is made from a medical grade distillate with 400 msg THC and 140 msg CBD's. [$25 Cdn] Likewise their Strawberry Fields Forever Jam. [$25] OK Ok! I'm still just a big kid! Wake y Bake it on toast come Christmas day! Brunch? Or anytime? Howzabout an infused peanut butter and jam sandwich? What high times fun! Lotsa fun! And I do mean fun! Lots and lots and lots and ....... Well, you get it! Plus all natural ingredients are used, hand picked fresh strawberries too!

Two thumbs up are also due for Sofa King's Cosmic Pretzels; 100 mgs THC, 35 mg CBD's a pack! [$10].  They were perfect for watching the Walking Dead later on Sunday night! Yup! These TV bite sized treats will certainly leave you feeling like a zombie but not dead from the neck up, nor downwards for that matter too. On a more seasonal note, they'll turn on yer Christmas lights and keep them flashing! Deck ye halls! Fa la la la ..... er .....

I'm happy to recommend Sofa Kings award winning line of fresh baked goods, cereal bars, chocolates and sweet jams. They have consistently proven to be among my personal favourites at the Karma Cup and past green market shows. "Treat yourself and your pain", as their motto goes. Go for it! Sofa King's tasty wares are readily available in the Greater Toronto Area [GTA] and by mail order, with more info @ [LINK]

High Society Supper Club: Owner/ Executive Chef Reena Rampersad to the rescue! I recall bemoaning the lack of high quality fast food snacks at the vendor trucks outside the Queens Park Green Market last May. Marc Emery, our "Prince o' Pot" had just introduced us, as he told me about High Society's fab Supper Club 420 dinner parties. Well, Reena was on hand Sunday with a batch of killer pakora's to handily fit the green market snack bill. I dipped them in High Society's home made, infused hot and mango sauces! Whoa! Bought a big jar of the hot [$40] and am now putting it on everything that needs a lil' old kick -at 25 mgs THC per tablespoon, lotsa tasty uses! Am looking very forward to reviewing a High Society dinner for you in the coming daze ahead! Stay tuned! Meanwhile, check High Society out @ [LINK]


Abie Roach and Toronto's Kensington Market Hotbox Cafe crew were out in force. Just in time for Christmas, with lotsa trez kool "stocking stuffer" paraphernalia and pothead gift baskets too! We await with baited breath to find out if the Hotbox and our other lounges will still be allowed in Ontario under legalization come next year. Could be tense! Find out more @ [LINK]

East Coast Collective Rockstar Shatter: Although the Toronto Green Market is not really a bud or concentrate show, there are some free dabs and great deals to be had. I'm very excited to have scored a gram of the Collectives new "Rockstar" PHO Blend shatter [$40], which has left me .... well ... sh sh sh shattered! @ [LINK]

Weedlocka: was out to introduce their all zero-odor Geerbbox weed case for travellers. [$10]. Apparently even police dogs won't be able to smell your stash. Another happy shopper confirmed for me that it's true. Could save our med pot users a whole lot of embarrassment, hassles and grief while in transit in our crazy, mixed up legalized/ non legalized world @ [LINK]

The Toronto Overdose Prevention Raffle!


Read Oh Cannabis News y Views @ HERE! and @ THERE!

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