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Thursday 27 October 2016

Project Claudia: Toronto City Hall!

Article: "Toronto Defers Dispensaries Again": Includes a link to my video interview on how Project Claudia is hurting our city's medical Cannabis patients. Also a video of the absurd October 25th Licensing and Standards Committee "meeting" @ Youtube!  @ Dopechef

October 25th, 2016

It's 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. I'm outside Toronto City Hall. Ready with my little home made reversible sign. Eager to protest. 

The Municipal Licensing Standards Committee has changed the agenda again. I should be here making my deposition on Project Claudia. On medical access. On Mayor John Tory's ill advised cannabis dispensary raids. But it's been cancelled without notice.

To say that there was a good turn out for the protest would be an exaggeration. But sometimes, from small beginnings can come greater things. In time. With steps. We'll see!

I arrived a bit early. Made my way upstairs to the mayor's office. Introduced myself and exchanged pleasantries with his receptionist. Said I was a Toronto citizen. Needed to talk to him for a minute.

Ha ha! Fat chance eh? One never knows unless we try. 

Mayor John Tory is an early riser. The place was dead. She looked in his office. Checked his agenda. Informed me he was out for the day.

Undaunted, I proceeded down the hall to Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti's office. He hadn't arrived yet. His aid took my name and advised me that I might be able to see him after the committee meeting.

I head back outside the front doors to greet the morning rush. Stand about 12 feet from the entrance. Hold up my sign. Smile. Say good morning to everyone.

A security guard approaches, asks me to move on. I am pleasant. Point out that I am a citizen. Ask him how far back from the doors I am allowed to stand. 

Unable to contact his supervisor on the walkie-talkie, he leaves to check. I quickly text Lee Hathaway. 

Lee recommends that I ask for the answer in writing. That takes care of that. The security guard continues to lurk around but doesn't bother me again.

As the morning rush finishes, I hook up with Daniel from Dopechef for an interview. Head upstairs to the committee room. Only the social media are covering the protest and meeting today. I appreciate the excellent company. Some good discussion. We share a few laughs.

An abbreviated licensing session ensues. On service animals like "ferrets" and "snakes". Parking and towing. Concluding with a totally brainless discussion about conflict resolution. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Quite the jaw dropper. For sure!

I corner Councillor Mammoliti before he leaves. Introduce myself as a citizen from his ward. Exchange a little local talk. Emphasize that I need to make an important deposition to the Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee about Project Claudia. Hadn't been officially notified that my item was removed from the agenda. 

Councillor Mammoliti  pleads ignorance. Claims he can't even recall seeing it there. 

He refers me to the committee secretariat. She hasn't any record of it ever being there either. 

Kapoof! The politics of denial. It was never there! [1]

Another security guard approaches. Politely instructs me that I am supposed to stay in the visitors gallery. Not approach the table.

I look about the gaggle of useless two bit politicos and bureaucrats still standing around. Alas. Any act of civil disobedience, however small, is totally wasted here. 

I do an interview with Daniel. Write my blog. Decide what to do next because:

The Project Claudia dispensary raids are creating much grief for citizens simply needing to fill legal medical prescriptions. 

Licensed government producers like Tweed are not able to deliver the goods. 

Project Claudia is eliminating our only other safe and reliable medical cannabis supply.

Compassion is in especially short supply. Nobody wants to hear about our problems! Tweed are not stepping up to help their medical customers. Nor the City of Toronto! 

Welcome to the real wild west "Reefer Madness" world of medical cannabis in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! 


[1] = Though there is this article @ Lift


Wednesday 26 October 2016

Intro: Karma Cup Toronto Review!

[Under Construction: Pix/ Edit 2 follow ...]

Last weekend, I attended the Karma Cup 2016 here in Toronto. It was a beautiful, crisp, autumn weekend. I wore both my local activist blogger and medical cannabis hats. Had a lot of fun! Partied heartily at the Vendor's Village. Also at the Church St. Cannabis Culture [LINK] and Yonge St. Vapor Central lounge [LINK]. 


Sunshine + Lollipops: Green Market's got the goods @ greenmarketto

I began both daze at the Church St. Vendors Village located in the parking lot outside O'Grady's bar. It featured a fine selection of Karma Cup Cannabis products and strains. Edibles, joints, vapes and dabs were freely available to sample. Lots of bargains too! Very indie! DIY! A nice, local scene!

Myself? I enjoyed the "Pineapple Express" at Canada Concentrates [Est. 2016]! [LINKA little dab will do it! Loaded up on MJ's [LINK] topical creams. The candy at Green Market Toronto was delicious! [LINK] Very potent and mind expanding too!  


Vapor Lounges Big Sister Canada Sarah Hanlon Rocks!

Fortified, I headed off for the NORML Canada [National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] [LINK] main stage. It was upstairs at the Yonge St. Vapor Central Lounge

Big Bro Canada's Sarah Hanlon [LINKmeet and greeted us at the door. Serving up good vibes. Toking tools. Snacks. Cold, non alcoholic drinks. 

I plunked myself down on the comfy, cushioned seats. A nice couch lock soon set in! I'm a pretty hard core political junkie. I like to toke rather than drink. To be able to talk and hear. Without anybody drunk and obnoxious shouting and slobbering in my face. About things that are only interesting if you are really pissed. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven. With legalization, it will be great not to have to go to bars where folks are getting sloshed anymore!


The NORML Canada speeches, panels and Q+A's covered many very timely and interesting municipal, provincial and federal issues! Often, they were a real eye opener, considering that Trudeau's federal bill to legalize marijuana in Canada is due in the spring!

So far, I've posted two blogs, both related to the NORML Canada Sunday afternoon Panel discussion about the Project Claudia raids in Toronto:

On Tweed Weed and Project Claudia @ HERE!

This is about the very troublesome medical access issues that I have unsuccessfully tried to raise with cavalier Tweed Inc [LINK] spokesperson Adam Greenblatt. [LINKIt's amazing how many other prescription holders are also being neglected by LP [Licensed ProducerTweed Inc's "medical customer service" too!

Regretfully, Adam has been absolutely no help whatsoever. A complete disconnect! 

Sometimes a former activist turned big lobbyist or corporate spokesman forgets that talking the talk isn't the same as walking the walk! Might not even realize what they are doing! But for the "little people" with our health at stake, it's a complete no brainer: Out of real necessity, medical and compassionate concerns need to always come first and foremost on the long and winding road to legalization! 

Most of the speakers insisted that's what they believe too. But do they really have our interests at heart? Their own priorities straight? Actions always speak louder than words! It's not what they did yesterday, but what they are doing, or rather not doing today!

Tweed Inc and the LP's badly need to put their house in order. Get their medical priorities straight. Focus directly on our health problems and actually help us. There is strength in numbers my brothers and sisters! Speak out! Spread the word! This is total bullshit! No justice -no peace! For Tweed! The other LP's!

Project Claudia: Toronto City Hall @ HERE!

A double whammy! This blog reports on my Tuesday protest action at Toronto City Hall.  Without notice, the Toronto Licensing and Standards Committee cancelled my medical Cannabis deposition on the Project Claudia raids. Mayor John Tory was MIA! Councillor Georgio Mammoliti played dumb. By the way, not too hard to do...... 

The silver lining? I got to scrutinize the situation at City Hall first hand, personal and up close. Poked at the barriers a bit, checking it out. 

Hello you corrupt pricks! I'm a citizen. I am still here! Watching! Will keep coming back. My only hope is that next time more of you, dear reader, might decide to come as well! Start to get a deposition together. Or do something else of your own. So we can all effectively work to overgrow the government together, grass root style!

A separate review will follow on the NORML Canada main stage speeches, panel discussions and Q+A's. They certainly deserve a whole blog! However, here's a few basic housekeeping items to look at before they grow stale:


Dankr -nice work!

Whoa! Check it out! Weed! Hash! Concentrates! Edibles! Glass! Etc. Etc. Etc. 15 categories! 130 entries! Here are the results @

This year's Karma Cup demonstrates that Cannabis prescription seekers could benefit greatly from the many different medicinal strains that the growers can readily make available now. Looking ahead, the incredible selection could also certainly provide a true source of pleasure and delight for the "craft" Cannabis connoisseur, if given the chance. As a result, all of the growers deserve a big two thumbs up in my books! 

No wonder there's so much pressure to shut down our budding local Toronto dispensary scene, eh?! Along with any opposition and complaints! The big boys don't like any competition. As for Misters' Tory? Mammoliti? Greenblatt? -For shame!


Hold tight onto your space cowboy hats! There's been another high times shoot out at the Reefer Madness Coral! 

Yup! He's back! It's more of Mayor John Tory's Toronto Wild West Follies! 

Actually, John's now beginning to act a lot more like our very own Toronto version of Snidely Whiplash! Turns out that the dastardly city revoked Karma Cup Toronto's outdoor tent licence on October 21st. The property owner was threatened! Only one day to go and the event is without a venue! Sigh! Alas!

Enter Cannabis Culture activist Marc Emery to foil the cities diabolical plot. Perhaps Marc has traded in his High Prince o' Pot crown for Duddley Do-Right's mountie hat? He finds a last minute location! 

Snidley Whiplash: "Drat! Curses! Foiled!

Insert the high pitched, mangled, scratchy soundtrack from a spaghetti western here!

See Mayor Tory escape. Mount Giorgio. Ride off into the sunset on his back.

Hooray! Marc has saved the day! Welcome to the topsy turvey world of Mayor John Tory's Toronto Wild West!

Out of necessity, the Vender's Village needs to be tightly squeezed into the parking lot at O'Grady's bar on Church St. Likewise the NORML Canada main stage moved about a 10 to 15 minute walk over to the lounge at Vapor Central on Yonge Street!

Two great locations! Both excellent events! But there's an unfortunate divide! They are just too far apart. Most folks miss out on the very insightful speeches and discussions happening at the NORML Canada stage!

So, what the hell is really going on with "legalization" anyway? In our city? Province? And across Canada?

NEXT: My NORML Canada Main Stage Speech and Panel Review!


Nice one Chris! Here's a good review of the Karma Cup @

Feeling alright at the Karma Cup @ NOW


Monday 24 October 2016

On Tweed Weed + Project Claudia!

Follow Up on the Tuesday Protest in News y Views @ Here!

A special welcome to my new readers from this weekend's Karma Cup Toronto! My report on the NORML speeches and panel discussions is coming soon. Meanwhile, there's my Twitter stream. You'll find lots of photos and comments covering the outdoor weed Expo and Vapor Central speeches! Also, the partying at Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture lounge! Check it out on Twitter @ #davidchiarelli!

First though, it's important to encourage everyone to come protest the last minute cancellation, without notice, of tomorrow's October 25th "Project Claudia" Licencing and Standards Committee meeting! We will be gathering out front Toronto City Hall! The rally is at 9 pm, Tuesday, October 25th! 

The committee hearing was supposed to include former Toronto Police Chief and current Federal MPP Bill Blair. He is now Trudeau's point person for the federal government's marijuana task force! This was a rare chance for our grass root citizenry to be heard on the dire, often unseen impact of "Project Claudia". Or as it's sometimes also known here, as Mayor Tory's Toronto's "Wild West" Summer of Marijuana Dispensary Raids and Busts!

Certainly, the members of our Toronto medical marijuana community are very eager to explain the resulting stigma, harassment and medical accessibility problems we are experiencing as a result of "Project Claudia"!

However, the committee hearings have been repeatedly cancelled time and again! For the October 25th meeting, I didn't even receive an acknowledgement of my request to speak, let alone a cancellation notice! 

Advocate Lee Hathaway at Vapor Central Pot Q+A's!

Fortunately, stalwart Toronto marijuana legal advocate Lee Hathaway is keen to help organize a protest rally to let our politicos know that we are still here! 

Toronto's medical marijuana patients desperately need an official explanation! Some compassion too! 

Surely, we are entitled to clear direction on how to properly meet our local special medical needs among all the "legalization" confusion! Or is that even possible for us lowly plebs? At Mayor John Tory's increasingly very elitist and exclusive Toronto City Hall?

Sadly, our LP [Licensed Producer's] aren't much help either! Consider Tweed spokesman Adam Greenblatt. When I questioned him at Sunday's NORML panel discussion on the dispensary raids, Greenblatt quite bluntly informed me that there was absolutely nothing he could do to help with the customer service problems at Tweed!

Tweed's Adam Greenblatt -customer service help for patient's med prescription woes?!?

Sympathetic fellow medical marijuana patients in the audience were quick to commiserate, sharing their own customer service problems with me about filling doctor prescriptions at Tweed. It's a huge, hopelessly ignored and ongoing problem! Plus, Tweed is not alone among the big LP's! The situation everywhere is bordering on chaos!

Before Project Claudia, if in a pinch, we could always go to our nearest more friendly, helpful and well stocked local dispensary. Now? Not anymore! Not if we want to obey "the law".

Unfortunately, I still haven't received my Tweed prescription from October 3. At the time, I politely asked the Tweed customer rep to confirm my order and delivery address because of the last 2 mix ups, but they just said no and hung up on me! 

Now, it's October 24th! I still haven't received my order. My prescription has expired. 

Ironically, Tweed are one of the better LP's I've tried. Their CBD and THC hemp oils are an excellent product. Excellent that is, if you can actually get your order filled and delivered to the correct address in any sort of reasonable and timely manner. Tweed's batting average with me? Only 2 out of 5 times have they succeeded!

Where's the much touted "medical compassion" with that attitude?!? The horrific medical patient customer care? It seems we are pretty much up shitz creek without a paddle at Tweed! 

In a pinch, before "Project Claudia" we could get at least get our prescriptions quickly filled at a local dispensary -but no more! 

Does Toronto City Hall understand? As a result of Project Claudia, Toronto's medical marijuana patients are suffering so much additional unnecessary, untold and unsolicited grief! For just trying to fill a bonafide medical prescription! 

The Sunday Karma Cup Dispensary Raid Panel!

A final note: One seriously hopes that Snoop's Tweed hasn't become a dispensary snitch! Is "Project Claudia" a "let's try to shut down the competition down" end run by the LP's? It's on the public record that Tweed has lobbied the mayor's office over the dispensary situation many times! Oh to be a fly on the wall during those talks! The nefarious spectre of LP dispensary snitching was a disturbing question that came up repeatedly during this year's Toronto Karma Cup!

Adam Greenblatt was quick to deny Tweed's complicity. I've heard many good things about Adam's advocacy efforts in the past. But, let's face it! Sadly, as a Tweed activist he just simply blew off our Tweed customer service concerns as medical patients at the Cup! 

So is it just too bad for the little guy? Tough luck? 

What are we to think?!? Or do???

Official indifference to our medical prescription needs is not just something that can continue to be ignored! Not by the big licensed producers like Tweed. Nor by our elected reps at Toronto City Hall! The medical access problems are legion. They create a definite medical access crisis for many desperate patients, suffering from PTSD, stress, anxiety and/ or in need of safe, reliable and organic pain relief!

Medical marijuana patients! Advocates! Everyone! Please, puleeeeze attend the Toronto City Hall Protest Rally at 9 am tomorrow, Tuesday October 25th at 9am!!!

Let's be heard! 

Hope to see you there!


David C


Tuesday 4 October 2016

Oh Cannabis: More On Ontario's Marijuana Raids!

Here's a quick follow up to my pot reports last month on the Toronto and Peterborough Cannabis Culture [CC] Dispensary Raids:

On Friday October 1st, Canada's High Prince of Pot Marc Emery's relocated his "Village" dispensary to it's new 461 Church St. location! A large, excited and very mixed crowd of all persuasions happily buzzed about the sidewalk awaiting the much anticipated 4:20 pm opening. 

As the painter rushed to clean up, budmeister Erin Goodwin swung open the front doors. Propped up the street sign. Unfurled the infamous, green Oh Cannabis flag to heady cheers. 

Hi! Hi! Hi! Friday night had arrived on Church Street! Without doubt, many more high times await! But not right yet!

CC 461 Church St Toronto

Visiting again today, on a stroll downtown, I found the shelves being cheerfully restocked with plenty of strains of fresh, fragrant BC weed. Priced on average at $12 per gram, they range from roughly $9 to $16, tax included. The huge, spacious back lounge was open with Pot TV flashing on the big screen. The alluring whiff of devil's lettuce wafered through the air. 

Meanwhile Marc worked on his laptop from behind the counter. Posted an on line link to my site. Since the dubious September 8th "police raid", he's gotten their full deposit back from some of Mayor John Tory's scum landlord/ property management blue meanies. Along with an even nicer, new Church Street location. Big. Spacey. With much better people and business vibes. A lot more central too! 

The 461 Church Street location is near ground zero, downtown Toronto. Just north of the Ryerson Campus, the Eaton Centre and Dundas Square! Smack dab in the city centre! Watch for it to potentially become a major, heady Toronto weed landmark! It's a very happening place for our local pot aficionado's and budding marijuana advocates alike! 

The latest round of Mayor John Tory's Toronto weed bummers, burns and ripoffs seems over -for now! But for how long? It's anybodies guess! Meanwhile Marc Emery stridently continues the Toronto good fight, with civil disobedience as need be, on the long and winding pot holed Canadian road to legal weed in 2017! 

Alas! There's a lot less happy faces in Peterborough Ontario! Richard Standen's CC dispensary reopened last week, only to be raided again within days. Charges were pressed for trafficking and possession. Staffer Maranda Gallant is out on bail, her legal fees covered by CC. However, there's an outstanding warrant for Richard as Peterborough's reefer madness continues unabated! 

In other news, a local university business student plans to soon open the Trent Holistic Centre, a med pot dispensary catering exclusively to the cities medical marijuana patients. Will he get busted too?!? Stay tuned ....

PLEASE NOTE: I will gladly cover the rest of the local marijuana advocacy scene, perhaps in a monthly Ontario, or Toronto pot report, if interest exists. Of course, I'm glad to report on other progressives not just CC, when advised accordingly. Kindly email me at: 


Peterborough @ Peterborough @ Examiner!


On Marc Emery + Ontario's Pot Dispensary Raids @ Here!

On Cannabis Culture + Toronto's Wild West @ Here!

Teacher Free Speech October News Y Views @ There!

CC George St. Peterborough


Monday 3 October 2016

Teacher Free Speech October News y Views!

hEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... 


OSSTF has finally been able to reach hard fought local collective agreements for all their teachers and support staff with the province's intransigent public school boards, 25 months after the last one expired @ OSSTF

Trudeau government repeals Bills C-377 and C-252, Harper's anti-union legislation CLC

370 Windsor Catholic board janitors, secretaries, maintenance and support staff are on strike. Their pay has been frozen since 2012. Unifor @ CBC

Safety and Solidarity Be Damned? At least 11 OECTA Windsor teachers have been suspended indefinitely without pay for insubordination in not quickly crossing a support worker picket line as ordered by the board @ Windsor

Fighting Austerity: A teacher call to activism with the broader labour movement from a social justice perspective. Nice one Felipe! ETFO Voice

Total EQAO Fail! Er .... I'm referring to the new online standardized test for Ontario's Gr. 10 secondary school math students. It was cancelled after the new system crashed. The MOE isn't ready to give up the ghost tho -they expect to reschedule the cursed tests for this spring CBC

Now it seems the controversial and much despised EQAO tests were cyber hacked Examiner

Goodbye Defined Benefit Pensions for new workers! Why should UNIFOR members have voted against the GM contract?! More concession bargainingRankFile

Not So Hush Hush: The Wynne Liberal government has asked OSSTF Provincial to extend, or "roll over" member contracts for another year, removing the possibility of a nasty strike occurring during the next Ontario provincial election, widely expected in Spring 2018. It's unclear what terms might be renegotiated in any talks that follow. Under court order, compensation for Bill 115 could quite conceivably be on the table. ETFO Prez Sam Hammond was surprised with the short notice he received. Meanwhile at OECTA? The long "sound of silence" continues unabated. OSSTF PC met to discuss the Lib proposal at it's September 30th meet. Nothing more yet, but the Globe story is now @ Globe

More Teacher Bashing: "Union bargaining tactics" are unfairly being blamed for 57 occasional teachers who's permanent contracts were rescinded after they defied a legal pink list in effect when they accepted the jobs during a work action by OECTA TECT elementary during it's difficult, long drawn out negotiation's with the TCDSB Catholic board @ CBC

Meanwhile in Chicago ... [not to be confused with Ontario ... ]

Chicago Teachers Union reaches a twelfth hour tentative agreement [TA] narrowly adverting a full fledged strike. Here's the board's initial offer, and the full text of the TA @ CTU

One For All, All For One: Seems the CTU managed to protect pensions for both it's current members and new hires @ Socialist Worker

2,000 Seattle teachers wear Black Live Matter t-shirts to school to push for racial justice in education @ Telesur

Retired California teachers are volunteering to help out at school, which proves very useful, much appreciated and results in great saving$. That's fabulous, but let's hope they are also working in conjunction with the teacher unions to make sure they are not being used to cheaply cover up deficiencies or undermine good, full time jobs for the younger teachers! More @ Willits

Taking No BS in Nova Scotia: 94% of the public school teachers voted. 70% rejected a second tentative contract agreement with the provincial government. Watch for some fancy Neo Lib legislative moves, and/ or a strike vote to follow @ NSTU

Special Education Parents Guide: How to organize an IEP [Individual Education Profile] binder for school meetings about your child! This is a US article, but Canadian parents can still easily adapt and use the same format as per our own schools provincial policies and procedures. Essential Understood

Stopping America From Thinking It's OK to Grope Again: Ontario's controversial new sex ed program teaches "consent". Stateside, the focus too is on teaching little boys and girls to respect each other's space from an early age. No it's not cute, when children force kiss each other or make any type of unwanted "playfulsexual advances WP

No Fi? Some university and college campus' are prohibiting the use of wifi devices within the classroom learning environment because of the many unwelcome and detrimental distractions they can create @ Globe


Trudeaumania continues unabated across Canada! In an IPSO poll, 64% of Canadians approved of the Liberal government's performance. 58% felt PM Justin Trudeau had "met or exceeded" their expectations. This US article praises his focus on "consensus" and avoidance of  "wedge issues". Yes, it is a great relief, especially when we see what's happening south of our border. However, as the article also points out, Canadians now all but lack an effective government opposition in Ottawa, with both the NDP and PC parties "leaderless" and in "disarray". Certainly, nuances in the Trudeau government's approach to Electoral Reform, the C-51 "Terror" Act, First Nation Issues, and Cannabis Legalization give pause to the homegrown critical thinker. Trudeau talks from the moderate Neo Lib left but still continues to rule from the Neo Con right as we await "deliverology"WP 

Climate 101: The Largest Act of Youth-Led Climate Civil Disobedience in Canadian History! So, what happens when 99 students confront Trudeau over gas pipelines during a protest in Ottawa? They are arrested Ricochet

Honour Your Promises: Young workers at the Ottawa CLC National Young Workers Congress vent their frustration with the PM in no uncertain terms @ CBC

Ontario's provincial election date has been bumped up from the fall to June 8, 2018. Til now, both our municipal and provincial elections have occurred in the fall. As a result, confusion, bad weather and voter turnout have been problematic in the past. So then, is this just all about helping us, the lowly befuckled voter? Hardly! A June provincial election date could also work out especially well for many of our Toronto councillors who'd like to take a run at provincial politics without the risk of giving up their municipal seats and perksTorontoist

School cuts hurt!

Long + Winding Road: Premier Wynne signals an end to the floundering Ontario provincial government's troubling "net zero" Neo Lib Austerity budget measures. Wait to see where this all ultimately leads, but the news story is @ Star

Trudeau suggests Canadians know where he stands on the Trump allegations. It's just that he won't say it ..... Huff

Not So Smart By Half? Ontario PC leader Pat Brown's controversial flip flop on sex ed has made his cagey social conservative followers real mad. Now they are fighting back @ Star

Toronto Neo Conster Doug Ford announces that he absolutely continues to support Donald Trump despite all the disturbing, recent allegations. He claims that millions of women still do too. That includes his daughters and wife. He says they told him that they are much more concerned about business tax rates in the US rather than whether the Republican presidential contender is a sexual predator. Jeez. Video and script @ CityTV 

Trump? Doug Ford's back 2 haunt us!

We Canadians shouldn't get too smug about the horrific racism and intolerance towards minorities in the US! A look at how we have treated new Canadians here shows that we actually often don't treat ours much better @ CBC Indeed, a recent survey reveals 68% of us think they should do more to try to "fit in" or "assimilate" with their lifestyles, food and clothes @ CBC

Canadian Values? Which Canadian Values? Here are five different Canadian groups, based upon our beliefs, values and identities, at least as far as pollster Angus Reid is concerned. Which best describes you? Try the survey CBC 

Cannabis Culture's LGBTQ marijuana outlet in Toronto's "Gay Village" has relocated south to 461 Church Street after last month's scummy eviction escapade. Details to follow. Meanwhile the Peterborough outlet has reopened and been raided/ shut down again @ Examiner

Wanted: Richard Standon rocks Peterborough Ontario!

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Marijuana activist and Peterborough Cannabis Culture Dispensary owner Richard Standon. His shop recently reopened and was raided again @ MK 

More on the Cannabis Culture Toronto and Peterborough raids in my new blog Here!

Cannabis Culture, 600 Church St Toronto got all of their deposit back, including the first month rent from their scum landlords, after the bogus "eviction" notice and police "raid". Reports are that the publicity and outrage packed the weed dispensary with customers for a month. Now business looks even better. The new improved 461 Church digs further south feature a much bigger retail and lounge space! Watch for an in-store mural highlighting the history of the local gay community, including the infamous 1981 Toronto police bathhouse raids!

More! Read @ Toronto and @ Peterboro and on my newest blog Here!

Health Canada unveils new ACMPR [Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations] guidelines. Theoretically, medical cannabis patients can grow their own supply or get a designated grower. But how realistic are the new regulations? Will they be changed again? The good, the bad and the ugly @ Lift

Canada's medical marijuana patients are increasingly finding themselves stuck in the middle of the Trudeau government's uncertain political games on the road to legalization next year @ Herb

The Toronto Dispensary Raids aka Project Claudia disappears again, this time from the agenda for the October 25th Municipal Licensing Standards Committee meet. No further date has been scheduled. I attended the meeting. Questioned Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti and a member of the secretariat. Both played dumb, claiming they didn't even know about the item. A ridiculous mini licensing session on service animals ["Ferrets", "Snakes" anyone?], parking and towing, and the like ensues. Toronto City Hall bides it's time awaiting direction from Ottawa and the province instead @ Lift


In Solidarity With Standing Rock!

The Last "Indian" War? The Standing Rock Sioux escalate their fight against Big Oil to save water and sacred indigenous lands in North Dakota! Nowadays, the "drunken Indian is dead", but in ways we might little expect! They are rising to fight the good fight in no uncertain terms AMSX

Some Kool Links: Stand in solidarity with Standing Rock against the DAPL [Dakota Access Pipeline] @ ICT More on the Standing Rock Sioux tribe @ Facebook You can also find some great graphics and the latest progressive indigenous news links Thunder Walks About

Dumb! Dumber! Dumbest? Surprise! A new study reveals that the political establishment in Washington thinks most voters are "morons". Perhaps explaining why so many Americans are deeply disenchanted with them vis a vis the low approval ratings for both the Democrat and Republican party candidates in the current Presidential election race @ Vice

Inside Trump's Total Meltdown @ Time/MSN

Trump in Free Fall: The unmaking of a US president from a Canadian writer's perspective Ribbon

US Election Klown Show continues with the Third "Debate". Consider it from an international perspective. Is Clinton's "military fox in sheep clothing" rhetoric serving to stir up new Cold War tensions with Russia and China? Telesur

Here's a "Fact Check" on the Third Debate, regretfully the only way to make much sense of all the nonsense @ NYT

Not So Funny Business: Check out the "roasts" at the Al Smith Dinner @ Trump and @ Clinton

Scary! Scary! Who would be on Trump's Cabinet if he's elected president. Welcome to the CEO party @ Politico

Donald Trump -Sexual Predator: 4 women step forward to refute Trump claims, during the second debate, that he hasn't ever engaged in unwanted kissing and groping [aka unwanted sexual touching ... or even sexual assault]. It quickly becomes a election bombshell as the candidates enter the homestretch of the race @ WP

Hard To Swallow: Some of Trump's fervent follower's on the evangelical right can't remain silent about his "blatant immortality" and "idolatry" any longer even though he is "pro-life" @ CT and @ Telegraph and @ CP

Other Pro Trump pastors doggedly hang on, comparing his female sexual assault accusers to Satan @ RWW

Saved?!? Found Jesus??? Evangelist Jerry Falwell Jr. still supports Trump because he's a "changed man" despite any evidence to the contrary @ TPM

High Road: Michelle Obama evokes a sense of pure authenticity so far largely lacking in the Hillary Clinton campaign. She forcefully addresses her feelings as a woman and mother towards the Trump sexual assault allegations with a stunningly common, heartfelt, and popular touch. Michelle explains that it shakes her to the very core in one of the most most powerful election speeches in recent memory @ Vox

"Billy Bush Made Him Do It" or "Boys Will Be Boys"?!? Melania Trump defends hubby Donald's "boy talk" in her big TV interview on CNN. Sigh! Alas! Show biz sycophant Billy Bush is thrown over the bridge as she fingers him for edging her poor Donald on in the tape. Leadership implications be damned. So too for Billy the scapegoat -he's fired! @ CNN

Neither Clinton or Trump have so far managed to spark the millennial vote. Far from it Telesur

Trump continues to fall far behind Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton in the projected Electoral Vote; 197 votes to her 241. 170 are needed to win! Forget the confusing popularity polls and rampant fear mongering. This is what will decide who become the next US president! Follow @ CBC Tracker

"Prez" Trump: Only he can protect Americans?!?

Making America Grope Again ...!? Here's a link to Trump's .... ahem ... "locker room talk" video with Billy Bush @ Youtube

Who Won The Second Presidential Debate?!? It doesn't really matter! When you stoop this low everybody loses @ Globe

Fact Check: Trump made 33 false claims and Clinton 5, during the second er .... Presidential Debate @ Star

The second US Presidential Debate was staged on our Canadian Thanksgiving, reminding us all of why we are so grateful we live in this country ..... Meanwhile, a quick fact check shows Trump's claims about Canada's healthcare system aren't true. Yup! We Canucks are pretty angry now from coast to coast .... Gee, maybe the US better build a "Canada Wall" after all?!? To stop the Timbits angrily being tossed their way??? ;-) More @ Buzzfeed

You're Fired! The mediated rise and fall of Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice showman @ NYT

Body Language: Trump's posturing and pacing behind, over and around Clinton during the 2nd debate is classic male bullying not unlike that experienced by many women in the workplace. Fortunately, Hillary was quite aware of what he was doing and knew how to respond effectively CNN

Trump Stalks Hillary: Debate footage coupled with a creepy soundtrack helps suitably frame the Donald's stage movements, especially for many women, who often encounter such frightening behaviour quite regularly, in the workplace and everyday life @ RS

America the Beautiful? Colin Kaepernick laments that the US election debates are between "two proven liars" trying to show who's "less racist"! @ NYT

Won't Get Fooled Again? Meet the new boss Hillary Clinton, who's in "solidarity" with other powerful white women. The End Game? To assimilate themselves into the hoary, old, privileged, white male, power system @ BDG

The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil: There are plenty of skeletons in both the Clinton and Trump closets as the oligarchical rigging of the 2016 US Election continues full throttle with .... surprise ~Trump y whatever's left of the Republicans perhaps about to go down very hard in favour of the .... sigh! ... Democratic party establishment @ Telesur

So, whats in the Clinton Wikileaks?!? Few know or care as the Donald gets side tracked personally attacking his accusers @ Vice

Wikileak transcripts of Clinton's speeches reaffirm how cozy she is behind closed doors on Wall Street Telesur

Wikileaks and Inconvenient Truths: The leaked campaign documents are being recast by the Democrats as a Putin plot Intercept

Trump Rigging: Article describes the Donald as a "pathological liar" and "self made loser". His erratic behaviour "pushed voters" into Clinton's hands. Alas! The author doesn't analyze and develop the end result further, except as it applies to the psyche of the twisted Trumpster NJ

Conspiracy Theories Anybody? Are the electorate being manipulated? By the media? Or diabolical foreign or the big monied capitalist interests? Is everything in the US, let alone the election itself, not as it may seem? Alas! The prospects of even a half witted consideration of what's really going on behind the scenes in the US today are destroyed but good as Trump responds to the groping allegations by drawing upon a mad dog's breakfast of "global conspiracy" theories @ Slate and @ BNN

Meanwhile there are at least 6 major media conspiracies unfolding largely unnoticed behind the facade of the Trump-Clinton Election Clown Show. NB: Regardless of the specifics, or whomever wins, the goals are the same; to support and maintain the power brokers' status quo ActivistPost

Also Sliding Under The Ol' Radar Belt: The US enters the war against Yemen! Missile strikes follow murky allegations of rebel attacks against it's naval destroyers in what looks like a B-Grade twenty-first century "Tonkin Gulf" remake. The story also goes largely unnoticed stateside among all the Trump hubris @ Guardian and @ GR

More on Yemen and the Vietnam War Era Tonkin Gulf connection @ RN

WTF?!? Pentagon isn't sure whether it was even Yemen whom supposedly fired missiles at their ship @ ZH

Nobody is talking about the US air strikes in the US where the mainstream media is distracted by the election clown show. Would seem a good foreign policy issue for the election trail, but no @ TF

The Politics of Fear: How voting is a ritual to divide @ ActivistPost

Read Cuba's Fidel Castro on "The Uncertain Destiny of the Human Species". His critique of the Trump-Clinton TV debates is @ Telesur

Donald Trump: Smarty Pants? Seems Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump went bankrupt to the tune of almost a billion dollars in 1995! That means he mightn't have paid taxes for the next 18 years! Meanwhile, Trump continues to refuse to release his tax returns. He brags that not paying taxes makes him "smart'. Of course, taxes are what pay for defence, schools, police, firefighters, roads ...... so does that mean that those good citizens who do pay their dues are "chumps" in the Donald's mind! Amazing @ NYT

Panama Papers Canada or "More Billionaire "Smarty Pants"?! The deepening investigation into Canada's tax cheats is raising some more very disturbing questions. Why have our Canadian banks been actively involved with these notorious island tax havens for over 50 years?!? @ Star

Who Are Our Canuck Panama Tax Cheats? Don't hold your breath expecting names! However, the NDP has tabled a bill on "Canadian Revenue Agency Efforts to Combat Tax Avoidance and Disclosure" to challenge our bank's privileged secrecy laws that are often evoked to block disclosure @ Huff

NORML releases it's Congressional Scorecard for supporters of legal weed ahead of the November 8th US Election @ NORML

Here's a state by state guide to the 2016 marijuana ballot initiatives that will be on the November 8th ballot Freedom Leaf

Big Drug Pushers: Why are the US Big Pharma interests sponsoring a conference on the future of health care in Canada. Eh? ... They don't like the notion of universal medicare on their doorstep? Pshaw

The Big Pharma interests are also dishing out big bucks to block legalized medical marijuana .... because .... because .... they are really worried about you! Pffffffft! @ Facebook

Oh Cannabis: Legal marijuana in Canada will violate a number of DEA approved international drug treaties that unfairly targeted Cannabis among the blurry haze of US induced Reefer Madness in years past. Our options @ CBC

It's "just commie propaganda"?!? Say what???

White Supremacists? What?! You mean there are still white supremacists around today? Sure! Ask Trump? Eh?!? There's no such thing??? Ask Clinton??? Hmmmmmm ... Well then, howzabout asking Obama???? Que? What?!? Not much to say either??? The politics of denial @ CBC

Trump has brought US white extremist hate groups into the political mainstream @ MotherJones

Why is there no big fuss about "White on White Crime"? Contrary to popular misconceptions, FBI reports show that 84% of violent crimes against whites are actually done by whites, who actually commit more crimes than any other group! However, unlike with "Black on Black Crime" the numbers are somehow mysteriously overlooked by the media, and not used to try to justify increased police brutality against white people! Go figure @ Affinity

Controversial New York Times article and a Democratic party ad comparing Trump to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reinforce the bizarre idea of right wing centralist politics somehow actually being reasonable and sane. The US continues to meddle and intervene in international hot spots based upon this very narrow worldview, by which they often falsely interpret the situation both at home and abroad. It was a given in the Clinton-Trump debate. Too bad Bernie wasn't there to add a US style Democratic Socialist alternative, maybe providing some real depth and scope during these very dangerous times, as the country gets stoked up again to play world leader! Sigh! Alas!  Article NYT Critique @ Telesur

UN to vote again Oct. 26th against the US Economic Embargo of Cuba. Last year the vote was 191 to 2 condemning it. The US and Israel are seriously outnumbered, but to no avail, at the world council @ Telesur

Dancing With The Enemy? Trump is now very keen to derail US attempts to normalize relations with the rogue, socialist state of Cuba. Ironically, in the past he's helped lead the charge against the US embargo by doing business there, clearly violating US law @ Telesur


Re imagining Abandoned Schools: Welcome to the new millennium and lost hope @ Atlantic and @ Urbanist and @ Deserted

Presidential Debates: Can you picture JFK verses Nixon verses Trump?!? How times change! See @ Slate

Facebook Censorship: First the Vietnam War Era "Napalm Girl" was censored. Now black civil rights icon Rosa Park too! One supposes they just don't ..... "love freedom"??? Oh! Who doesn't?!? Facebook maybe!? @ Activist Post

And It's For Life .... 30 awful tattoo fails @ Runt

We Are Vikings!?! "Yeaaaah!" "Naaaaw!" "Hmmmmm!" Seems such ingressive pulmonic speech came to Canada via the Norse CBC

Just Blink 182 times if you know ...

Wiki Alien Email Leak: Turns out former Blink-182 singer/ guitarist Tom DeLonge was in contact with Clinton election campaign manager John Podesta about Roswell and UFO's. No Comment from the Trumpster yet Noisey

Flying Saucer Rock and Roll: Tom DeLonge left Blink-182 in 2015 to "expose the truth about aliens". Sigh! Alas! Let's hope he hasn't fallen into their dire clutches. More @ Noisey

Explained: What does "420" refer to?!? Why do some folks enjoy getting supremely stoned at that time in the afternoon? Think of it sort of like a marijuana "Oktoberfest" or "Cocktail Time" for tokers @ Vice

Best stoner tv ...?

Why Watch Commercials? High Times picks out some truly potent and mind expanding whoppers that are sure to bedazzle and entertain when one is good n' stoned @ Baked!

Ditching Stoner Shame: "Reefer Madness" propaganda always portrayed pot heads as depraved fiends. Unlike say ...well... drunks who yell in your face, grope girls and get in fights over talk that's only interesting if you are veeeeerrrrrry, veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy feeble minded and/or drunk! Feel no shame next time you light up to feel good or have fun @ WP

Yer Kulture Kult Juke Box: Here's 40 great songs from a wide variety of genres to get high on 420 courtesy Weed Reader @ 1st 20! and @ 2nd 20!

Of course, there's always Rita Marley's "One Draw [The Original 12 Inch Mix]" @ Youtube

Here's a guide to the "100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the Eighties", complete with video links ... many more than I could ever reasonably post here! Enjoy @ PopMatters 

Eh?!? Yes! Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" comes in at #1 @ Youtube

Here's a good review of Karma Cup Toronto 2016 @

Feeling alright at the Karma Cup @ NOW

Read my blog reviews too @ HERE and @ THERE!

Who's Got The Best Weed? Plan to attend High Time's Karma Cup in downtown Toronto on October 22-23 2016! The elite medical cannabis and hashish competition will also feature live music, speakers, demos, displays, vendors, artists and glass blowing. It boasts Canada's largest medicated rest area for patients! General admission for the weekend is $15 [Cdn]. No medical marijuana license is needed to attend. No alcohol allowed! You must be 18 plus! Potent and mind expanding info and good times await! More @ Karma Kup

Tokes n' Tunes: Amoeba Record's flagship location in Berkeley California is converting a section of the store into a .... get this -marijuana dispensary! Yup! It's high time somebody really raised the volume on good vibes as music sales continue to slump @ CC

Apocalypse Klown [2016]: What's with the rash of creepy killer clowns? Pervert clowns? Other just plain, down right disturbing clowns clowning around all the time, very weird like? Are they a sign of our times? Some notes on the nature of creepiness CNN

Making Women Rage: "Pussy Grabs Back" has become a feminist rallying call, a meme and even a Youtube hit in response to the Trump "Grope" video @ Guardian

Check out musician Kim Boekbinder's "Pussy Grabs Back" video @ Youtube

There's even a Twitter account @ PussyGrabsBack

XXX: The Donald "Grabs It" techno dance video. Not for all to tastes but certainly gets the message across in no uncertain terms @ MVGEN

Donald Trump -Party Animal? Seems the Donald liked to snort coke and get it on with very young models back in the day! Hey!!! Ummmm ... was Toronto's Rob Ford there too?!? Daily Beast

The Donald Finally Finds A Working Microphone: Actor Alex Baldwin continues to portray Trump on Saturday Night Live right up until the election. Check out his skit on the Trump grope tape @ CBC

Welcome to the Working World: Seems the aspiring capitalists on Trump's hit Apprentice shows were all too familiar with his sexual aggressive behaviour towards women. However, some just wrote it off as "playful" @ AP

Ballad of Hillary y Yoko? It's a very sad day when 83 year old Japanese American alternative artist and Beatle widow Yoko Ono is dragged into the US election mudpit. News report that she had an affair with Hillary Clinton, backed up with completely made up quotes from a supposed interview, is completely false and misleading. Story debunked @ Rojakpot

Unfortunately a lot of homophobic and even racist attacks have followed. Check out the reader comments @ WNDR

Cannabis Activists are learning how to use the power of social media. We can challenge the lies and create a sea change in public opinion. No longer need we be isolated and gagged by the "Reefer Madness" mentality propagated in the mainstream media LGF

The Horror! The Horror! Is the social media is to blame! Nowadaze people are actually becoming more politically informed from a wider cross section of different points of view! Alas! Apparently, that makes us more "partisan". Against what?!? Conformity? Media lies?  Well ... it's definately harder to manufacture consent ... but for whom?!? The whole intellectual perspective [so to speak] in which the concerns are framed in the article that follows is totally mind boggling ... Perhaps critical thinking just simply isn't a life skill that's very welcome in our much mediated world anymore??? For shame @ Globe


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!