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Saturday, 12 January 2019

A Stoners Guide 2 Oh Cannabis News y Views!

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Here's yer stoner news from Toronto Ontario Canada, the US and around the world. Updates are added in large type. Much more is available! You can also follow me on Twitter. Or just wait for these compendiums. 

Oh Cannabis is an inclusive, medical and recreational pro-weed site, with a progressive, counter cultural perspective. Hopefully, it's enlightening. Plus 

lotsa trez kool, stoner fun!

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Teacher Free Speech Winter 2019 News y Views!

HEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... LegaLIZation nEws noW Moved to "Oh Cannabis!" @ [] MuCh, mUch morE to coMe .....

US Donald Trump Continues to Wow's 'Em On The World Stage!


Sex Ed Rights: In Canada nobody should be above the law, including the Ontario Ford government. Nor anybody below the law. That includes our province's LGBTQ children and their parents. Now, the CCLA [Canadian Civil Liberties Association], and the ETFO public elementary teachers are taking the MOE [Ministry of Education] to court, claiming that the province is violating LGBTQ rights and freedoms, and thereby putting the province's teachers in an untenable professional and legal position. Sadly, Premier Ford is under intense political pressure from the parties sanctimonious, social conservative wing, to scrap the elementary level LGBTQ components of our province's 2015 sex ed curriculum, But will his actions hold up to a legal court challenge? ETFO's case @ ETFO The MOE's @ MOE  More CBC @ Rabble

Special Ed Integration: Everybody in Ontario has the right to a public education. This inclusitivity also extends to our province's challenged Special Education students, behavioural and otherwise. They too have the right to be integrated within the regular classroom setting at school. However, often the proper funding and supports needed to make this work are desperately lacking, contributing to the spiralling violence in our schools. More @ Globe

Defending Working and Learning Conditions: Watch for the Ford government to manufacture a crisis to attack the province's teacher union's for his hater buddies as contracts expire this year. "Unnecessary" sick day leave is often front and centre of any such attack, conservative or liberal. ETFO explains why teacher sick days are necessary. Also why their use is on the rise @ ETFO More on the school violence issue @ InSauga


Fake News Redux: 2019 is a federal election year in Canada. Expect the troll farms and twitter bots to be very busy indeed. There's lotsa election meddling ahead @ Walrus @ CBC 

Whither Too The OLP/ ONDP: Sadly, CPC Ford's regressive neo soc con attack on our progressive Ontario values has few political checks and balances. The leaderless provincial Liberals have been reduced to a stump party, while the opposition NDP continue to crash in the polls. Can they get their act together to mount a credible challenge to the non stop onslaught? Before the next provincial election at least?!? @ NP

No Police State: Disturbing questions over Ontario Premier Doug Ford's role in hiring buddy Ron Taverner as the province's top OPP cop is raising eyebrows across the province. Also raising concern is the Premier's request that the OPP secretly provide him with an "large camper type vehicle". We Torontonian's know our Dougie! These incidents alone are very scary abuses of power and privilege. Lots more will follow, if they are left unchecked. For now, Taverner's appointment is on hold. The premier's confusing denials just don't add up. What next? More @ Star @ Globe

Ontario Police Street Carding/ Checks: Have your say! Read the Ontario Ministry of Community Services review and attend the cross province public consultations @ SCR

Multicultural Attack: Watch out for CPC Party Leader Andrew Scheer. Like his right wing counterpart, so called "People's Party of Canada" extremist Max Bernier, Andy's  got something special planned for this year's Canadian Federal Election! So too their buddies at the Toronto Sun and Rebel Media. Like in the US, they are all very busy spreading outright lies, and misinformation. The goal? To inflame some of the white vote's hidden, latent, racial animosity by demonizing Canada's minority groups, then score an election win @ Cable

Canadian Immigration -5 Right Wing Myths: Let's not let the Trump North forces mislead us with a stateside hate on for immigrants come the fall federal election. Know the facts from the lies @ Cable

Right Wing Watch: In France the "Yellow Vests" are taking to the streets! Why? To end austerity measures and tax breaks for the rich. In Canada? Because they hate immigrants and want to lock Trudeau up for not fully supporting the fossil fuel industry. Ho boy! Be aware. Very aware @ Facebook @ GStraight

Charles McVetty Verses The CBSC [Canadian Broadcast Standards Council]: So Con Evangelical "leader" McVetty has got Doug Ford's ear with his nefarious LGBTQ hate mongering and anti sex ed spiels! However the CBSC warn that his proselytising definitely violate their Broadcasting Code of Ethics. P.U. -That's some company our Dougie keeps! Better hide the kiddie from them! Quick! More @ Rabble


Look! Up In The Sky! It's Berd! It's A Plane! It's ...

Manufacturing A Crisis: US President Donald Trump stages a faux pas JFK style Presidential Address to drum up support for his partial government shutdown and much ballyhoo'ed Mexico wall. Forget that domestic terrorism is resulting in non-stop mass shootings across the US! Once again the facts don't matter, as he engages in a whack of immigrant scare mongering. Indeed, the Trumpster chooses to ignore the real stats showing illegal immigrants are actually much less likely than the average American to be involved in violent crimes. So what happens when a real crisis happens? When he desperately needs to be trusted and believed? At home? Abroad? What a fucking stupid mess! Transcript and video @ ABC More @ NYT @ WP @ PRIFox 

The Chuck and Nancy Show: Hot on their mid term win in the US House of Reps, the Democrats lash out at Trump's "Presidential Address" reminding Americans he claimed, during the election, that Mexico would actually pay for the wall. Also that the symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty and not a ridiculous Trumpian border wall. More of their focus is on the 800,000 plus public employees whom are out of work or not get paid as a result of the Trump shutdown. However, their grim-and-mad-but-not-altogether-disappointed mom and dad style rebuttal also quite arguably fails to inspire much hope or inspiration. The American public remains gravely divided on all things Trump. Video and transcript Time @ Vice @ NYT

GOP Autopsy: The 2018 mid terms have resulted in a divided US congress. Still, the Republicans are far from down for the count. No matter that history let alone democracy doesn't seem to be on their side @ Int 

Syria: International confusion continues to swirl around Trump's plan to withdraw-but-not-withdraw US military forces from Syria because-or-rather-perhaps-when ISIS is defeated. On and on the BS goes ... Meanwhile the mortified allies such as, well, let's start with the Kurds, have been left high and dry. Will Trump cut and run on the US War Against Terrorism in Syria or not? And what happen's next? @ Independent @ WP

Afghanistan: Ditto again! Trump's also claimed that he's about to cut US forces in the War against Terrorism here too. However, the Taliban are balking at a ceasefire and joining peace talk as the US bimbo in chief continues to play at being president on the world stage. Hmmmm. Didn't the US once claim it wouldn't negotiate with "terrorists" @ ET @ Reuters @ Fox

Is Trump Making America Great Again? Better hope he knows more than his generals and the US military establishment. Secretary of State Mattis has resigned rather than betray America's allies. Read his resignation letter @ CNN So too the US special envoy for Syria! Letter @ Politico More @ FP 

World Reaction: Alas! Also let's not forget! Post 9/11, the US recklessly led it's allies, often rather grudgingly and under pressure, into an open ended War on Terrorism around the world. It was a very bad mistake from the get go. Now, 18 years later, der Trumpster wants to cut and run? Leaving everybody else holding the bag?!? Fortunately Canada was wise enough not to commit to Syria. However, did we senselessly sacrificed our young men in Afghanistan for this?!? There isn't a good way, or good time to end the military madness. But to do so without any proper allied consultation, warning or concern? Who'll trust the US the next time there is a world crisis? And who's watching and waiting in the wings? Ready to take advantage of the division and chaos? Welcome to 2019! More international analysis and reactions @ NPR @ BBC @ OC @ CBC 

17 Investigations and Counting: One bombshell after another continue to explode in Washington. Most every aspect of the Trump administration and his family financial dealings come under investigation. Moreover, mounting evidence suggests that we don't know the worst. It's still coming! Hang on tight! We haven't seen everything yet @ Wired Also check out Robert Mueller's 2019 "to-do" list @ Wired

Final Word: Newly elected Democratic Congress woman Rashida Tlaib accuses the Donald of ... er ... having sex with his mother. Well, who knows, he's done it with everybody else!!! Just kidding! Still, it looks like there's finally a new, next generation of US politicos. One whom isn't about to take nay BS or cut Trump any slack, in no uncertain terms @ TMZ

"New Cold War Blues"  or "One Nuke Can Ruin Your Whole Day": Get this -Der Trumpster has dumb foundedly decided to rip up a Reagan era nuclear treaty! Yup! It's one of many which effectively ended the Cold War between Russia, during the late 80's/ early 1990's @ [NYT] [Hill] [Conv] More specifically, it placed limits on INF's [Intermediate Nuclear Forces]. Theses nuclear tipped missiles are primarily for use in Europe, to deter a Rooskie invasion. Not that that could happen anymore, eh? In all fairness, successive presidents put off updating America's nuclear treaties with Russia, let alone include China, for decades. Now, we've got a complete nincompoop dangling the nuclear sword of Damocles over our heads, to get the job done. Not much comfort! Or collective security! How we got here @ FP

Nuclear Deterrence: The threat of nuclear war is all or nothing. If it works, it deters war! But if it fails? Kaboom! We all die! Plus miscalculation on either side is always a huuuuge risk. So. Think the Donald can play nuclear poker smartly with Vlady and the Kremlin boys? Has a firm grasp on the "escalate to de-escalate" strategy behind the new generation of battlefield INF's? Some insight into Russia's Nuclear doctrine @ CSIS


Kold War Kulture: The Cold War between the US and Russia ended not with a bang, but a whimper. That's because pop culture went to war too, helping finish it off. Ironically, blue jeans and the Beatles were sometimes more of a threat to the Russians than the nuclear bomb. Here's how pop bizarrely celebrated, and helped win the Cold War, in the US, Russia and around the world @ Shmo @ Tele

Atomic Cafe: This pop culture artifact perfectly captures the utter madness of the cold war era. It uses a fantastic collage of authentic pop music and film clips from back in the day. Here we go again? @ Youtube!

Duck and Cover: Yup. Today it's gunmen and lockdowns. Back then, they use to show kids this flick at school, in case of atomic attack. To be safe, we were supposed to hide under our desks ... The Cold War -Believe it or not! @ Youtube!


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Oh Cannabis: Welcome To 2019!

Welcome to 2019! It's hard to imagine. Sounds like a science fiction movie, eh? But for me each year has been the same, since ... oh, let's say 1984! 

Sadly, the news headlines nowadays daily reveal that our truly dystopian future is also a very real horror show. Very Orwellian. A totally perverse brave new world too. Hardly what I expected, as a baby boomer, back in the day. 

Still, this is the indisputable reality. The one by which we live and die, every day of our lives, in real time, while the hands of the clock tick tock off the seconds, minutes and hours of our daze.

My blog site's been up and running for over 7 years now. The counter top right of your screen shows that I hit the one million reader mark long ago. That was my original goal. A personal gold record of sorts. Some folks tally up points with online video games. This is how I amuse myself instead. 

Then one day I checked out Google Analytics. Wondering, when is a million hits, a million hits? What's a reader? Who's a bot? How many of you take but a quick look then leave. Or read my blogs all the way through?

I continued an extra half million hits for good measure. Then more and more. Still wondering if I've reached one million real readers yet? I might never know. It's near impossible to figure out!

Then again it doesn't really matter much really. I write. That's just what I do. 

My blogsite began in 2011 as a teacher free speech site. Focusing on current events, social justice, civil liberties, educational issues and my political activism, as a Toronto high school teacher and union rep. After I retired in 2013, it slowly morphed into a cannabis activism site along much similar lines, using my same skills set. But now I work for nobody but myself. I'm completely independent. The focus remains on a progressive mindset. On seeking a better way forward through developing some real alternative mindsets to the craziness, the mediocrity and the mundane in the world at large, as I see fit.

You'll also find travel blogs posted here because I love to travel a lot. Expand my horizons in many different ways. There's lots on music and entertainment because I was a radio programmer and DJ in another of my life lines too! Then there's the focus on media literacy and counter culture [with a capital "K"] issues. All of these are, as always, still a big part of my framework of reference here on the site.

These links are listed in my Teacher Free Speech Archive right on the top left of your screen; the good, the bad and the ugly. Including the story of the sell out of the Ontario teacher protest movement vis a vis the OECTA MOU of 2012. The successful Canadian civil disobedience struggle resulting with legalization in 2018. The ongoing going fight against Prohibition 2.0. And so it goes and on and on and on....

Over time, I've narrowed down my blog writing into two main features; Teacher Free Speech News and Views and Oh Cannabis. I also post single or two and three part features on different topics and initiatives that help forward my site's progressive agenda. But being retired now, I like to relax. I write less. Much more selectively. Only picking and choosing whatever interests and excites me. Really turns my crank. 

So what are my site plans for the year ahead? Well, I plan to stay the course, though not so rigorously. Let's just say, I've got my gold record. 1,560,261 hits is pretty good for a blog site. No matter what that really adds up to in the cyber sense, or lack thereof. 

This blog site helps me organize my life and times in a meaningful sense. Provides a creative and intellectual outlet. Employs the skills set I've tried to develop over the years. Keeps me active. Moving forward. It's also how I see our life and times. 

Whatever. Like I said, I write. That is what I do. Pretty much always have. Always will. 

Perhaps in some small way, for you the reader, it'll also prove helpful. Insightful. Encouraging others not to give up the good fight for a better world too. Hopefully, above and beyond the awful mess and mass confusion that we see swirling all around us. 

If not? Perhaps its the last of my youthful optimism. I don't want to ever give up hoping and fighting for a better world, like we did back in the day.

Love it or hate it! Take it or leave! But I hope you stick along for the ride .....

Indeed, 2019 promises to be very interesting year! But I ramble. Some blogging notes:

The Straight Goods: Teacher Free Speech News y Views!

Teacher Free Speech News y ViewsUnder the influence! Above the ignorance! I plan to continue these current event blogs as quarterly, ongoing posts, adding onto and developing them as need be. This year, the Trump shit storm south of our border is about to finally hit the fan! Big time! 

New year's finds the Dems about to take control of the House. Hold him accountable. Feet to the fire. Most every aspect of the Trump administration, even the Donald himself, will be under close scrutiny and investigation. Expect plenty of big surprises! Plus lotsa nasty, MAGA splatter! 

In Canadian politics, PM Trudeau's Neo Libs face the divided CPC Neo Cons during the fall federal election. Lots of important questions need to be asked. Many timely, critical issues raised. But don't hold your breath! Especially with Jagmet Sing's NDP all but MIA!

In Ontario, Premier Ford's majority government is headed to disastrously go off the rails. His honeymoon is over. But the political good fight to follow will make the Harris Year's look like a piece of cake. The OLP has been decimated. The NDP "opposition" just haplessly spinning it's wheels. Watch for Ford to soon ruthlessly target the province's teachers. Their contracts expire this year. It's pure red meat for the party faithful. Are the teacher unions up to the fight? This could be very painful. Devastating. The infighting too. OECTA Provincial in particular had better watch out, as they reap what they have sown. Remember -there's no more Liberal butt to kiss ....

Cannabis Activism: Oh Cannabis News y Views!

Oh Cannabis: In Canada, legalization aka Prohibition 2.0 is turning into one, huge, legal mess. It'll take years to make it's way through the courts. Get sorted out. Pardons? Impaired driving charges? Apartment and condo pot bans? Edibles? Recreational sales? Med pot rights? Expect many, seemingly endless, critical and mind boggling legal challenges to be launched, in the year ahead ...

Oh Cannabis will continue to champion medical and recreational cannabis rights as a civil liberty issue. Also to fight the corporate weed agenda. And seek constructive, counterculture alternatives for we small time, everyday folk, whom somehow always seem to get lost in the mix ....

Remember: Guest blogs are always welcome! Don't be shy if you too have something important to say!

Lots More @davidchiarelli

Also, my Twitter news service will continue to provide plenty of links on all of this and more, including any other issues that will invariably arise. Along with lots and lots of good stoner tunes, videos and movies too!

Stay tuned!


David C.


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