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Sunday 25 December 2016

Blogger's Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays to You + Yours!

Janet and I are entertaining everybody here at our home in Toronto this year. We expect that the place will be packed. Granddaughter Hana will be making her first public appearance, so to speak. She's due here later when she wakes up. 

Slept in. Had a toke. Put on some Christmas tunes. Lotsa cooking and cleaning still happening, with folks expected soon. We are pretty busy, but the universe is unfolding as it will. All in good time. More later, perhaps!


David C

PS: Yes, we got a white Christmas this year! It's expected to melt tomorrow though, works for me! Janet and I will go shopping and get each other our gifts. We like just picking out what we each want. In my old age there certainly isn't that much more I need, not that money can buy ....

PPS: Confirmed: Next month, I'm off to Santiago de Cuba to put some flowers on Fidel's grave. See the teachers. Dive the reef. Will blog it ....

PPPS: Then the month after that we are off to Habana and Varadero to hang out and just party with our friends ....

Oh Yeah And: Read my Christmas in Cuba 1996 [Complete] OMG! Can't believe it's been 20 years! Certainly a few life times ago @ Here!


Friday 23 December 2016

OSSTF: No Deal On Contract Extensions!

My Teacher Acronym Guide is HERE!

Holidazed?!? School's Out -Merry Teacher Christmas!

OSSTF [Ontario Secondary School Teacher Federation] provides a rare public update on their negotiations with the troubled Ontario Wynne government. Wynne and the MOE [Ministry of Education] want to extend the existing teacher contracts as they attempt to negotiate compensation under the court's Bill 115 ruling. Links follow. Here's the OSSTF Update: 

The road to a possible extension of the current collective agreements for teachers/occasional teachers and support staff employed by school boards, which had been proposed by the provincial government in September, came to an abrupt dead-end on November 24. Discussions were halted when it became clear that the government was unwilling to honour its commitment that the school boards’ associations would not be allowed to play a significant role in the discussions.

The prospect of a contract extension was floated by government representatives when they met twice with OSSTF/FEESO in September to begin discussions of a possible remedy for the successful Charter challenge to Bill 115, which had been launched by OSSTF/FEESO and a number of other unions.

The Provincial Executive made it clear to the government representatives that any consideration of a proposal to extend the collective agreements would require approval and input from OSSTF/FEESO local leaders. Accordingly, a special meeting of local OSSTF/FEESO Presidents, Provincial Councilors and Chief Negotiators, as well as the Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee, was held in Toronto on September 29.

At the Provincial Council meeting the following day, motions were passed setting out a clear process for the negotiation of a possible contract extension and Bill 115 remedy, as well as a ratification process. A brief was approved at a subsequent meeting of Presidents and Chief Negotiators on October 13, and discussions commenced with government representatives on October 19.

OSSTF/FEESO had sought and received assurances from the government that the school boards’ associations would not have substantive input into these talks, but as discussions unfolded over a total of six dates during the following weeks, it became apparent that the school boards were playing an increasingly central role. And ultimately—though not surprisingly, given our experience in the last round of central table negotiations—it was the intransigence of the school boards’ associations that precipitated the termination of discussions.

Rather than embrace a collaborative approach to problem-solving, the boards refused to consider a mutual-consent process for mid-term amendments to collective agreements. And given the offer of funding for hundreds of additional support staff to assist and support the province’s most vulnerable students, the boards refused to guarantee that the funding would be used to provide that additional staff.

With the government’s failure to limit the role of the school boards in these discussions, and the determination of the boards’ representatives to undermine progress by clinging to needlessly antagonistic positions, it was not possible to come to an agreement.

OSSTF/FEESO is now preparing to commence local and central bargaining next year under the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, and to pursue a ruling for the Bill 115 Charter challenge remedy through the courts. LINK


The Supreme Court has defacto ruled that the Wynne government, along with our province's school board trustees, acted in bad faith during 2012-13, when they imposing concession contracts our provinces teachers under Bill 115, aka "The OECTA Road Map". They have now been ordered to offer compensation.

The Wynne government has made it clear that they would like to negotiate a compensation deal, rather than let the courts decide what is to be done. Their plan would also conveniently delay another possible teacher strike or work action until after the next provincial election. It is very unclear to me why we would want to continue to thereby enable them in their despicable folly. 

OECTA: Me Too! Me Too?

The Neo Liberal Wynne government actively pursued a very negative "divide and conquer" strategy with our province's teacher unions again during the 2014-15 teacher CB [Collective Bargaining] talks. They nefariously continued to march to the corporate austerity agenda, paying for corporate tax cuts on the backs of our students, teachers and education system. Most regretfully, as the OSSTF memo shows, the OPSBA [Ontario Public School Board Association] trustee's are still up to their old "negotiation" tricks, with another nasty deceit, with their proposed fall 2016 contract extension talks!

Thankfully, one of our teacher unions is finally, clearly standing up to the manipulative Wynne Liberal's and her trustee bullies on behalf of the province's teachers. But, what about ETFO [Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario], or OECTA [Ontario English Catholic Teacher Union], or for that matter CUPE -Canadian Union Public Employees] representing many of Ontario's education workers?

What next? Where do we go from here?


Teacher Free Speech Archives 2011-2016 @ Here!

Teacher Free Speech + Grass Root Renewal @ Here!

On Bill 115: Glitches in the Matrix Here!

On Bill 115 -OECTA: What Was Said @ Here!

The OECTA Road Map + Putting Student's First Act [2012] @ Here!

Comparing the OSSTF + OECTA MOU [2012-13] @ Here!

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Corporate Tax Cuts 2 B Paid For By Students + Teachers @ There!

One provincial teacher + support worker union @ And There!

COMMENTS: [Use Link below] ...

Thursday 15 December 2016

Oh Cannabis! December 2016 News + Views

Oh No!!! Due to a technical glitch my original Oh Cannabis blog isn't available. Not to alarm you, but I suspect the Russians! Or maybe some guy on a couch stateside ... or ... or ... or it was me! Hmmm. Stay tuned! Latest additions are added in large type set! See below:

Ho Ho Ho!

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EXCLUSIVE: Back from Montreal, Marc and Jody Emery speak at Sunday night's Toronto Cannabis Culture Xmas Party about the dispensary raids: 

Considering the new dispensaries strong, local, grass root demand and support, Marc's comments show that Canadians and Canadiens alike, are still unreasonably being denied our civil liberties by the Trudeau government. Marc considers the implications, and examines how truly absurd, nay downright bizarre, the dispensary raids really are @ My Video!

Thrills! Chills! Spills! Jody Emery tells us the exciting story of her arrest in their Montreal hotel room. Includes a nail biter of an escape as they head out of the city through a terrible blizzard, suitcase in hand, Jody looking back over her shoulder, to see if they are still being followed .... What a love story eh? And how Canadian! For shame Mayor Denis Coderre and the Montreal Police! @ Youtube

Freed! Cannabis Culture [CC]/ Canuck Activist Marc Emery has been released from jail in Montreal on a $5000 bond! He was arraigned Saturday on 3 charges stemming from the dispensary busts; trafficking, possession for trafficking and conspiracy to traffic -lotsa trafficking, so to speak! Marc faces numerous restrictions in Quebec. He's also not allowed to stay in the province, except for when he returns for his trial. His wife, CC co-founder and fellow activist Jody Emery was also arrested but released. More @ Gazette @ CBC  @ Star and @ Colonist

Marc's back in time for Christmas!

Marc's Montreal Court Date: It's set for February 15th. Meanwhile, Marc expects that the Cannabis Culture Montreal outlets will be re-opening for business soon. As for upsetting the cannabis legalization cart in that fair city? Sez Marc, "Ah, that's my job!". More @ Gazette

Still Alive and Well: Marc updates us that his over nighter in a Montreal jail cell was "uncomfortable", but the bail conditions "livable". Authorities kept his laptop and phone. He is back in Toronto where I met with him on Sunday, updates to follow. Follow the live Twitter feeds from Marc @ Here! Jody @ Here! and Cannabis Culture @ There!

Dept of Peaceful Civil Disobedience: Marc Emery has been arrested in Montreal one day after the grand opening of his new dispensaries! 10 people were arrested in all. 18 kilograms of cannabis were seized! Canada's legalization bill is promised by the Liberal government for spring 2017! For shame Mr. Trudeau!!! Breaking news story is @ Global and @ GeorgiaStraight

Watch news coverage of the Montreal CC raid @ MontrealGazette @ and @ Francais!

Marc + Jody at CC's Montreal grand opening!

Does Snoop Dogg Know?!? or "Corporate Attack": Licensed Producer's [LP] Tweed Inc./ Canopy Growth spokesman Adam Greenblatt innopportunely uses the CC busts to launch a sarcastic attack on Marc and Jody's political activism. The controversial Canuck corporate cannabis entity, long affiliated with US rap gangsta Snoop Dogg,  has been very busy lobbying against it's more competent dispensary competition, during the past year of police raids across the country. [Globe] Canada's desperate medical cannabis patients complain that they badly need the dispensaries like CC, since Tweed and the other LP's can't even basically meet our prescription needs! Such complaints about Tweed's indifference are legion! [Blog] You can read former cannabis activist turn corporate spokesman Adam Greenblatt's untimely comments for yourself @ Twitter

Does Snoop know what Tweed's been up to?!?

Taking The Good Fight To Trudeau: Here's Prime Minister [PM] Justin Trudeau's earlier comments on what he thought about Marc's plan to open a Montreal dispensary in his federal riding @ Youtube

As he's arrested, Marc tells reporters that the "arrest" and "prohibition" are "wrong". He calls Trudeau and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre a "disgrace". The raid is "despicable" and an "injustice". He adds "...but we will win." Marc's comments in English start at about 35 seconds into the news cast @ Francais

"If thousands of people are braving minus 30 degree weather to line up for hours to access cannabis in this way, it should be a very strong argument that these businesses are legitimate, are popular, are successful and should be allowed to operate" -Jody Emery @ Sun

Write On Marc -Right On! Marc recently told me that he'd got a book and movie offer for his life story. However there's very little time to write about life. He's too busy actually living it! Unless of course, he ends up back in jail! Hmmm. Let's bet not much writing gets done right yet! The final curtain has hardly fallen on The Marc Emery Story!

Marc Emery -The Movie/ Book? Ummm, he's kinda busy right now, to say the least!

Now Available: Canada's Task Force Report on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation is @ GC.CA and @ PDF

More Task Force News Releases, Bio's and links are @ GC.CA 

Highlights: Sales? Marketing? Taxes? Consumption? Possession? Production? Distribution? Public Education? Safety? See the recommendations @ CBC

Remember: These are only recommendations! The Trudeau government is not obliged to act upon ANY of them. So far they've only said that a legalization bill will be introduced for debate to the House of Commons in Ottawa during spring 2017. However, it probably won't be fully implemented and therefore fully legalized until 2018 to 2019. Now, take a deeeeep toke! Hold that thought @ Globe and @ CBC

Cannabis Culture's [CC] Marc Emery is relieved that the recommendations are diversified. Dispensaries and vapor lounges are included among the options @

Canopy Growth [Think Tweed Inc.] provides a favourable "corporate cannabis" review of the force recommendations. Glad they point out that a medical cannabis tax is unfair. Taxes? On a prescription?!? More @ CNW

More Canada's Cannabis Movers + Shakers React: Jody EmeryNORML Canada, Abi Roach,  Green Market Toronto, Tweed Inc., and a medical Cannabis patient @ Vice

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana [CFAMM] focus' on those recommendations that distinctly address our medical cannabis patients' needs @ Dec 13

Patients Not Forgotten? Tweed Inc. notes that the recommendations call for a two tiered medical and recreational model of legalization. That just reinforces my firm belief that it's best to get identified asap, as a cannabis prescription patient, by a doctor, if you qualify. That's going to be the legalization "Gold Card", if you will, what with all the BS that might first go down. See why @ Tweed

Canadian Medical Association [CMA] "cautiously" supports the recommendations. It's still concerned about THC levels, impaired driving, and other medical patient verses recreational user considerations @  CTV

Decriminalization: The NDP's Thomas Mulcair continues to push for it while we await legalization to end the ongoing, senseless police bummers and busts across Canada @ CBC

Please note! That was also Mulcair and the NDP's position, to no avail, during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. Regretfully, pressing "Heave Steve" Harper sentiments and rampant Trudeaumania must've blinded many voters to the wisdom of his cannabis ways. Too bad Justin still hasn't seen the light! Tch! Tch! @ Blog

Canadian Task Force on Legalization Recommendations -The Stateside View: Highly bureaucratic! Heavily taxed! Tightly controlled! With advertising and promotion all but verboten! @ NYT


Justin Trudeau -Corporate Puppet? Lefty Poser? A Closet Prohibitionist? Canadian activists are increasingly growing wary of his legalization delays! In fact, he's been harsher with prohibition than even former PM Stephen Harper. Especially in his ongoing support for the police raids and busts which continue unabated across Canada, as legalization drags on @ Civilized

Nabbed If Not Dabbed: Jodie Emery criticizes PM Trudeau's support for the continued police activity. He's actually punishing Canada's Cannabis activists who fought and suffered so hard for decades to bring about legalization @

For Better Or Worse: Legal cannabis looks like it's going to be "Liberal" in the Canadian sense. Let's just hope that it doesn't turn out to be too corporate "Neo Liberal" @ Vice

Corporate Cannabis verses the Indie Free Market: Will legalization create a balance, or a monopoly? Canada's efficient, grass root, grey area dispensary's are being busted while we medical cannabis patients can't get our prescriptions filled by the government's ham fisted, incompetent big licensed producers [LP's]? Consider this -their stocks are soaring as the task force's recommendations are released! Is it another case of when there's big $$$ to be made, the big boys will get their way? @ Vice

Medical verses Recreational Cannabis? A tour of Toronto's grey market dispensaries with a focus on "medibles" @ Vice

Toronto Hospital for Sick Children is testing the medical benefits of cannabis in reducing seizures for kids with epilepsy @ CBC

Toronto's Centre for Addiction + Mental Health [CAMH]: A senior researcher helps debunk some common myths, pro and con, about cannabis, alcohol and prescription drug impaired drivers @ Vice

Get Up! Stand Up! Jody Emery announces 8+ new CC dispensaries will be opening in Montreal Quebec this month to service both the cities medical and recreational cannabis users. Although CC might be breaking the law, Jodie notes that sometimes "peaceful civil disobedience" is necessary to change it. As such, Marc and Jody help continue to make sure that the local dispensaries aren't left out of the mix during the legalization process, as they carry on the good fight for cannabis rights @ CTV


NORML [National Organization For Reform of Marijuana Laws] letter to US Vice President Elect Mike Pence urges him not to interfere with state rights after the recent very popular legalization referendums. Or maybe he and the Donald will appreciate the big profits to be made?! @ NORML

How US President Elect Donald Trump could still throw a few monkey wrenches into legalization plans, despite the fact that many states have voted for it in referendums @ Stranger

Legalization turned out to be more popular than Trump or Clinton during this year's fall US election. Will the Donald want to waste his political capital creating problems over the devil's lettuce, especially when there is so much money to be made? More @ CNBC

Massachusetts legalizes cannabis possession with the details for sales and distribution etc. etc. etc. still to be worked out. Tokers have been given the green light to start legally imbibing this month after it was approved during the November 8th US Election. In Canada, we are entering Year 2 since the Trudeau government was elected on a legalization platform. Here we are still just talking about talking about it! Endlessly leafing through reports .... Sigh! Alas! @ BG

US Study on the Effects of Cannabis Compared With Alcohol on Driving finds that there is ..... none! Most cannabis users can compensate effectively, unless they have also been drinking. What to think? Contrary to popular opinion, the medical verdict's still out on this one folks! Read @ NCBI


Nuit Verte: The special Xmas Holiday Edition of the Green Market Toronto will be held this Sunday, November 18th from 6-11 pm. As usual, the secret downtown location is TBA online early on the morning of the show. 20+ venders! Free Samples! Live tunes! Lotsa "medibles" [medical edibles], combustibles, supplies and swag! More info and advance tickets @ Event

Sigh! Alas! My December 11th Green Market Toronto review was lost in the site crash! To summarize: It was lotsa fun and very educational! Many local producers were there to explain and sell us their wonderful, creative, cannabis wares.

Plenty of yummy medical edibles were available to sample! Fritz's, Hemp Med, Kimberly JaneMary Juanita, Pixel, and The Baker's Shop were among those on hand for the tantalizing display of cannabis baked goods, snacks, candies and gummies. 

Farm Assists infused honey, olive oil, and maple syrup were certainly a novel touch! E/P's chocolates are to live and die for! More disposable Toko vapor pen strains and online ordering will be available early in the new year! Toronto Kensington Market's Roach-A-Rama/ The Hot Box staff were there to meet and greet plus sell a little bargoon Xmas swag. 

I'll be cuddling up on the olde couch with Janet during the cold winter nights ahead [Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr!] to munch on some of "Papa Fritz's Chex Mix", that's for sure! Pixel's mini candies are quite handy for when one wants to get high but not too high during those inbetween times when one's on the run. A lot of my family and friends are going to be getting Baker Shop's lollipops as stocking stuffers this year! And I am sold on Toko's THC and CBD disposable vapor pens. They sure are proving very useful for aches and pains, and/or a quick, convenient buzz when at home or on a stroll!

All in all? A splendid time was guaranteed for all! I left pleasantly high AF with plenty of loot. Will be back again!

What is CBD? Your everyday healing guide to Cannabidiol's @ MJ

Gideon's Garden: The Colorado family of a 2 year old child with cerebral palsy seeks donations to set up a hemp farm. They hope to live there, where the quality of life will be better, and grow CBD's for him, while providing a cheap supply for the local, medical, cannabis community. A true, cannabis counterculture needs heart and soul. See if you can help @ GFM

Getting Trailer Park Trashed the Canuck Way: Organigram has coupled up with Canada's Trailer Park Boys; Ricky, Julian and Bubbles to help "brand" their cannabis strains once legalization becomes the order of the day. Can we look forward to a ready supply of the "Green Bastard"? Or how about a little "Steve French" for those more ... er ... cosmopolitan tastes?!? More @ Global

Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whiskey: Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have also been helping market this, er ..... fine Canadian drink. It's being promoted as being enjoyable with both grass or hash, prompting Ontario Premier Wynne to lament that it looks "dangerous". What do you expect from our Piss Pot Bill 45 [Blog] of a Premier who's now at 16% in the polls? Sigh! Alas! @ Global


Marc + Jody Emery: Canada's Royal Cannabis Couple!

Howzabout a lil' high times meet n' greet:

Meet Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture Co-Founder, advocate and CNN's designated Canadian High Prince of Pot @ Wiki 

Meet Jody Emery, CC Co-Founder and activist @ Flare

Marc celebrates the anniversary of his 2005 DEA bust @  Prince o' Pot @

Marc on "corporate cronyism" and why this year's Toronto dispensary raids are hypocritical, anti civil libertarian and complete BS @ 640

No Not Justin: Get this -Trudeau falls all over himself denying he's smoked a doob or two or three with Marc! He was speaking to the Neo Con's at the Toronto Sun, who really worry a lot about stuff like that @ Sun

In Defence of Marc and Jody's Civil Disobedience Strategy in Montreal, Toronto, BC Etc. Etc. Etc: We all profit, and the bottom line? It's got to be done. Too bad so many folks chicken out, or don't know how @ HighTimes

Cody at work!

Meet Cody Van Gogh, our homegrown Canuck joint roller artist supreme! He's famous for his folksy creations like the "Joan-of-Arc" joint [Dazed], which took him 40 hours to roll! Cody has finished a stint at Cannabis Culture Church St., Toronto and was planning another western Canada dispensary tour, last time we talked. Follow him @ Instagram

"Joint Rolling 101" with Cody Van Gogh is @

Want to Lean More? Read Cody's Inside Look at the National Joint League, a three part series. Start here @

Ever helpful Rodrigo shows Santa how it's done!

2 Kool: Cannabis Culture's Rodrigo show us how to roll a primo joint with one hand @ Youtube

Fa La La! Dabbin' with Marc Emery and Blue Team BlueSanta's "Stoned Little Elf" shows us how it's done @ Youtube

Up In Smoke: Canuckster Cannabis Comedian and Entrepreneur Tommy Chong, of Cheech y Chong fame, talks about growing up as a pot head in Canada and the high road to fame @ High! @ OttawaLife

Cannabis Media

Pink Floyd meets the 21st Century Electro Set: As the instructions say "Smoke weed and listen to this trippy video" @ Youtube

If you regularly follow me on Twitter you will already be familiar with these Kulture Kult Jukebox Kannabis Klassics! Here they are one more time for the debut of this new blog feature:

Rita Marley's "One Draw", the original 12 inch mix @ Youtube

Afroman's "Because I Got High", the Positive Remix @ Youtube

Bob Marley's "Rastaman Chant", a rasta campfire song @ Youtube

Then of course, there's Cheech y Chong's "Dave's Not here"! Knock! Knock! Knock! @ Youtube

"Natty Christmas" is a retro reggae Xmas album in a Marley, Black Uhuru, Taxi groove. Rife with plenty o' good time ganja talk and a strong social conscience! Here's the original mix by Jacob Miller, and Ray I @ Youtube 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Also see my "Kulture Kult Top 10 Khristmas Albums" with links @ Blog

Tis The Season: Here's a handy list of Christmas flicks that are kinda kool when you're high! Starring Der Bingle! Harold + KumarThe Muppets! Tim Burton! Larry The Cable Guy! And of course -Bad Santa! More @ Merryjane


Tuesday 6 December 2016

Teacher Free Speech December News + Views!

hEY hO! kEEP ChECKing BAcK! LaTeR AdDITIoNs WiLL bE AddED In LaRgE TYpe SeT! mY Acronym Guide IS @ hErE! ... 


OSSTF terminates Bill 115 "compensation" contract extension talks with the province's Wynne Liberal's over the latest government deceits @ OSSTF and Blog!

Media Illiteracy: Seems today's students can't spot fake news from the real McCoy! Scary as hell, but then again philosopher's have been trying unsuccessfully for thousands of years to discover "What is Truth?" Still, it's too bad that our knee jerk politico's at home and abroad are so often just fixed on having us teach and reinforce some more the basics in reading, writing and math. How about giving us a brighter green light to boldly lead our young wards into the future in the more broader, educated sense?!? Especially what with the Donald's dubious "truthiness" prevailing bigly stateside, now that he's been elected President?!? Bah Humbug? Story @ NRP

OPSBA Discussion Paper on the EQAO and Large Scale Testing in Ontario: Surprisingly, it recommends that standardized tests only be done on a sample basis. One suspects our exasperated public elementary teachers along with many stressed out parents and students will heartily agree @ OPSBA and @ PDF

Eden Lake North: Ontario high schoolers' brutally "beat the shit" out of a parent who seems to be trying to break up a student fight. It's even videotaped and uploaded to the internet for all to clearly see. Begs the question -Why isn't more being said about these school fights from our powers that be? Are we afraid that we'd hurt the poor dear baddies self concept and self esteem? Or that the public might find out that our schools still increasingly aren't really all that safe, for students, classroom teachers and now parents alike??? @ Vice

NSTU: Nova Scotia teachers return to the bargaining table after successfully staring down Premier McNeil who now hopes everyone can keep an "open mind". Teachers say they they want better classroom conditions and a fair contract. Let's hope McNeil can finally wrap his head around that! More below and @ NSTU

Pssst! Pssst! Hey Justin! C'mon! Pass it over eh, dude ....

PM Justin Trudeau explains to 5000 ETFO ETT members at Foundation Day in Toronto why he is so proud to have been a teacher @ ETT  

PM Justin Trudeau explains why he is proud to have been a teacher for five years, and how it has helped him as our Prime Minister! Short video of his main points are @ Youtube Full 10 minute speech is @ Here!

An Alberta BC pipeline protest greets Trudeau @ CBC

See more on the pipeline protests below ...

Bad Business: Sigh! Alas! Foisting a business model upon our schools turns teaching into data processing! Let our teachers teach @ LocalXP

Teacher Bullying: Nova Scotia Teacher Union [NTSU] begins work to rule Monday as the Liberal government ruthlessly jockeys to impose a rejected contract upon the members at the provincial legislature @ CBC

Ready 2 Teach: Nova Scotia [NS] teachers take to Twitter to expose the government's defacto lock out of students from the province's schools, in reaction to Work to Rule @ CBC

Teacher Bashing: Teacher's standard Work to Rule campaign temporarily halts extracurricular activities and unpaid duties, hardly putting the students at risk @ CBC

In Solidarity: NS parents and students speak out for the province's teachers @ CBC

"Teachers Standing Tall" or "Nova Scotia Isn't Ontario": NS Liberals back down agreeing to re-open schools the next day. Plans to legislate the contract seem on hold for now CBC

Standing Tall in Nova Scotia ....

And You Thought We Defeated Mike Harris?!? Due to our still misguided funding model, dozens of small town rural Ontario communities once again face losing their local schools. Surprise! The neo cons have a solution -ye olde B-Grade Charter Schools! History repeats @ Sun

TDSB School Closings -Fix them or flee? A $3.5 billion capital repair funding shortfall, along with the board's optional attendance policy, is putting far too many local schools under the axe. Toronto, teacher activist, stalwart Jason Kunin is also referred to in the article, helping trace the ominous threads back to the Harris years Star

No Second Class Students: Many classroom programs and supports have been cut under the Wynne government's austerity measures. The province is paying for corporate tax breaks on the back of some of our most needy, special education students. Fittingly, the Ontario Autism Coalition [OAC] takes their protest to outside the MOE offices located in Toronto's Bay Street financial district @ Sun and @ CTV 

Computer Coding: The MOE announces increased funding to teach computer coding in kindergarten through Grade 12 with a plan that closely matches what's happening stateside. Taa-daa! Suddenly $150 million is available for the initiative @ Star

No Access: The Access Ontario Disability Alliance [AODA] continues the fight to provide barrier free physical access for everyone who's a citizen of Ontario to our provincially funded institutions, like .... oh let's say -schools! AODA 

Read the AODA's new Discussion Paper on what "educational accessibility" can and should look like and include in our schools @ AODA


Hmmm! Nope. Doesn't toke .......

Ontario's Neo Libster Austerity Queen + Teacher Turncoat Premier Kathleen Wynne hits an all time low of 16% in the quarterly Angus Reid Poll. That's lower than Blue Meanies like British Columbia's Christy Clark, Nova Scotia's Stephen McNeil or Manitoba's Brian Pallister! Whoa @ Globe

Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls seemingly spills the political beans on Party Leader Patrick "Flip Flop" Brown's "secret plan" to pursue a regressive social conservative agenda once they defeat the Wynne government. Needless to say, Neo Conster Pat Brown's not pleased! Not pleased at allStar

A Very Sad + Scary Fade 2 Black: Ontario NDP veteran insider Paul Ferreira quits the NDP over it's pretzel logic in jumping on the PC anti road toll bandwagon in Toronto. First lefty stalwart Cheri DiNovo goes, ostensibly for health reasons. Now this. So just what exactly does the party stand for anymore? Provincially? Federally? Consider the pitfalls of just trying to be popular with everybody to get electedStar

The Trudeau Ethos: Equality? Globalism? Science? Here's a review of his first year in office, as some food for thought. Personally? Could be kool, but I'm very concerned about his peek-a-boo Neo Liberal bent within the deceptive framework of Canada's ruling oligarchy, who still seem to be really running the show ..... Then of course, there's his definitive lack of "deliverology" to date, which of course for many of us will be the deciding factor in ultimately determining how he stacks up against our other PM's Ribbon

What To Do: Canada, Cuba + The US?

Oh Canada: Is our unique and independent Canadian Foreign Policy towards Cuba putting us on a collision course with President Elect Donald Trump? More @ Star

Talking The Talk: Here's Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's official statement on the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro @ PMGC Later he is forced to defend his remarks @ Globe

Like a lot of wishy washy politicos on the left, NDP leader/ not leader Thomas Mulcair rolls over and plays dead again, as Trudeau articulates an independent Canadian position on Cuba and the death of Fidel Castro. Alas! Who's appealing to our more progressive elements now? This NDP party sounds really, really over @ Huff

"Walking the Lefty Walk"? Or "Here's Where Why We Need a Progressive Opposition!" Despite all the fine words, PM Justin Trudeau next decides to skip Fidel Castro's funeral due to er .... scheduling problems! @ Globe

MIA: Trudeau's presence at Castro's funeral could've underscored Canada's unique and constructive relationship with Cuba. He seems browbeaten and silenced by the ferocious right wing backlash @ Star

Here's Trudeau's most recent statement on Canada's foreign policy towards Cuba from at the University of Havana last month just before Castro died. Let's hope he sticks with the noble sentiments expressed here, as Trump gears up for the US presidency. Trudeau insisted that Trump's election will not effect Canada-Cuba ties @ Youtube @ Short

CPC BS: Canuck Conservatives viciously attack Justin Trudeau's Castro obit due to his reference to Fidel Castro as a "remarkable leader". They ignore his well earned political currency in working with Cuba. Not willing to blindly follow the US, Trudeau is simply continuing an independent Canadian Foreign Policy, one that's existed between the 2 countries for over 50 years Globe

Canuck Biz Shark Kevin O'Leary hires former Ontario Premier and Neo Conster Mike Harris to help him consider a federal Conservative leadership bid @ Sun

Trump: It Can't Happen Here?!? It already has, in Toronto, with Rob Ford! A warning for my US readers, it'll get weirder and weirder, then worse .... here's what to expect! We've been there, done that @ Now

Good Trump/ Bad Trump?!? Trump's protectionist "policies" could be bad for Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI. Then again, his love of oil pipelines and our natural resources could be good for Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan .... Unless of course you are indigenous or worried about the environment! Here's how the different provinces might fare @ Huff

Double Standard: In their race to cozy up to the Trump alt right to our south, Canada's Conservatives seem to forget former PM Harper's lush praise on behalf of "all Canadians" for real nasty Saudi bad boy, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz after he died @  Rabble

Missed The Plane: Conservatives are aghast that for two generation's the Trudeau and Castro families have been friends. The real story is that for over 50 years, the Liberal's have followed an effective Canadian Foreign Policy towards Cuba, which up until recently at least, was also followed by Canada's Conservative Party leaders, beginning with PM Diefenbaker through PET and on wards @ Globe

PC Rally: Hello New Order?!?

Will The Best Donald-Trump-North Please Stand Up: PC Leadership hopefuls Kevin O'Leary and Kellie Leitch duke it out for the dubious honour ! How do they rate? @ Vice

Trumpland North? Conservative party leader hopeful Chris Alexander tries his hand at playing the Donald, as right wingers chant "lock Her Up". They have been busy threatening Alberta Premier Rachel Notley because of her carbon emission tax @ Huff

Bitter Sweet Xmas Goodie: Our Syrian refugees gather in Montreal to mark the first year anniversary of their arrival to Canada @  CBC

No Not Here: Torontonians are steadfastly fighting back against the growing number of local "Me Too" Me Too!" Neo Nazi and Fascist groups! Includes some choice video links too @ Vice

On why the "Alt-Right" has no place in Canada @ Ribbon

Corporate Canada Loves Trump: He can say what he will about cleaning up Wall Street, but they know he's a "Wall Street Man" through and through. Too bad about US voters and disillusioned Canucksters sitting along the sidelines cheering him on. Far too many haven't figured that one out yet too @  Vice

Rebel Rebel? Like at last month's Toronto Trump Rally [Blog], US "alt right" media interests helped whip up the crowd for the camera's @ CBC

Dirty Hands: US President Elect Trump seems ready to reverse Obama's rejection of our Canadian "dirty oil" sand gas via the Keystone XL pipe line project. Maybe Trudeau'$ already lining up his duck$ to ca$h in bigly, even if it means pi$$ing off a lot of Canuck environmentalists and indigenous people, here north of the U$ border @ Post

"Meet Harper 2.0" or "Standing Rock North"!

Standing Rock North: PM Justin Trudeau's approval of the Burnaby Pipeline could prove a major blunder that will continue to plague him right through into the next Federal election @ Macleans

Harper 2.0: Meet The New Boss! Same As The Old Boss? Trudeau's controversial decision to go ahead and build the western pipelines creates a national health and safety risk, plus it's an affront to our indigenous peoples, whom he's pledged to help @ Globe


From Russia With Love?

US President Obama threatens retaliation over Russian election meddling, as President Elect Donald Trump prepares to take office. Hmmm .... How come the American government recognizes this? Coz they've done it elsewhere countless times themselves! Just ask the other victim countries in the America's, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East etc. etc. etc., but back to our story @  NYT

Everything you need to know about the Russian "hacking" messer-ooni, (but were afraid to ask)! @ Vice

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Ummm. Actually, it seems that they are already here! The CIA is investigating whether Russia helped steal the White House for Trump by interfering in the US fall election Huff and @ WashingtonPost

More Pause 4 Concern: Did Russian hackers also tilt key congressional races in the Republican's favour?!? More @ CrooksLiars

Fiddling About: Seems Russian intelligence played the US media like a "defacto instrument" during the Clinton-Trump election race @ WPost

Granted the CIA hasn't been very reliable in the past, on ..... oh let's start with WMD's in Iraq as the Donald points out, but could they be onto something here? The CIA's reportedly highly confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in the highly devastating US election hacks. Moreover, Russian diplomats have claimed that they were directly in touch with the Trump campaign team @ Guardian

Just because "The CIA says so!" isn't exactly a great reason to trust it's assessment of Russian hacking conspiracy fears in and of itself @ ActivistPost

No! No! Bring back Phillip + Elizabeth! Like them waaaaay more!

Trumped? Some believe the CIA report could be a desperate last minute attempt to keep Trump from taking office. However, many Republicans are also upset by reports of the Donald being in cahoots with the Rooskies. Indeed, one suspects that many old Cold Warriors must be rolling in their grave! At the very least, the highly questionable intrigues will continue to plague the Trump presidency, his vehement Twitter denials not seeming to help muchFox

Extra Special: An extraordinary President like Trump, hell bent on creating havoc for his own, dubious, self serving ends, requires an extraordinary response, in order to defend the republic @ Brookings

Watergate 2.0? Could the US election hack investigation turn into Trump's Russian version of Watergate for early 21st Century viewers? Y'bet! Overview @ Huff

Impeach Trump? Here's how to impeach the Donald over a busine$$ conflict of intere$t, for which there could well be no shortage of ca$e$, from the get-go @ NYM and @ Emoluments

Hello President Pence?!? Let's face it -Pence is a conservative's conservative! Also, he's easy to manipulate and control. Might even the Republicans, with a majority in congress and the senate, end up gunning for the Donald before long? Supposing they aren't already?Huff

How to Whitewash Fascism in Trump's Amerika: Orwellian monikers like "post Truth" and "alt-right" help forward the fascist agenda without having us .... God forbid ..... spot the veiled complicity?Somehow offend those whom are in denial? @  Quartz

How to Whitewash Trump's Many Conflict's of Interest? The Republicans are going to be veeeeeery busySalon

Still Dreaming of A White Christmas: On why some white people feel they are very oppressed @ Vice

"Backing Black Business" becomes Black Lives Matter latest initiative @ Telesur

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel? Maybe not! The Trump-Pence presidency doesn't bode well for LGBTQ rights stateside! Hello again, the First Ammendment Defense Act?NBC

LGBTQ Rights are human rights too!

All-A-Twitter: Trump's seemingly "off-the-cuff" tweets continue to raise a lot of very serious concern @ CBC

Dept. of Duh: So what happens to your average worker when you put a whole shitload of millionaires and billionaires in charge of things? Trump's US rust belt voters had best brace for a few .... duh .... big surprises! @ WashingtonPost

"That's Rich!" or "Trump's Cabinet Picks": Is Trump handing the GOP their right wing agenda on a silver platter in exchange for them turning a blind eye to his many potential busine$$ conflict$ of intere$t?!? He's stacking his cabinet with old military men and ultra right corporate big biz picks. Meanwhile, he delays and fiddles about questionably delegating his own huge business holdings to close family membersNew and @ Yorker

Standing Tall at Standing Rock: The Sioux tribe thank Obama and the US Army Corp of Engineers for halting construction of the DAPL pipeline @ SSR

No More Fooling Around: Standing Rock activists are staying put in case the incoming Trump administration reverses the decision @ Guardian

Conflict of Interest? Rick Perry, Trump's pick for Energy Secretary, sits on the DAPL board. The Donald supports completing the pipelineCNBC

Lost In The News Shuffle: A word to the wise -solar energy actually became cheaper than wind power this year. Both are a lot more cleaner and plentiful than fossil fuels @ Bloomberg

Viva Fidel: Cuba is in 9 days of mourning for former President Fidel Castro, who is dead at age 90. Follow the story locally @ Granma 

Read Fidel Castro's obituary @ Granma

Why Does the US Hate Cuba? It is the only nation in the Americas to stand up to the US and get away with it! More @ AlJ

Fidel Castro's Funeral or "Better To Die Standing Than Live On Your Knees": The messaging now? The Cuban Revolution's struggle and resistance remains undefeated in his death! The 9 days of mourning in Cuba, in words and pictures are officially @ Granma

Fidel Castro's ashes have been laid to rest beside Jose Marti among the "Heroes of the Revolution" in Santiago de Cuba. The funeral procession retraced his victory march between Santiago and Havana after the dictator Batista was defeated in the 1959 "Triumph of the Revolution" @ Granma

Trump: Now Playing Cuba Both Ways!

"Shit Storm Brewing" or "Opportunity 4 Conflict Knocks": President Elect Donald Trump exploits the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro to re-open old Cold War wounds among angry Miami expatriate voters, even threatening to roll back Obama's detente with Cuba @ NYT

Noam Chomsky explains how the US superpower has unjustly been at war with the developing nation of Cuba for over 50 years DDP

Despite the Permanent State of Emergency enforced on Cuba after Castro tossed the US out, the beleaguered socialist state has still managed to set a very high standard for universal health care, education and the environment. The model of participatory democracy used under the emergency situation on the island is also explained @ Telesur

Give Them A Medal of Clay: Fidel Castro on Trump and Obama this fall before his death @ Granma

Inconvenient Truths: Businessman Donald Trump violated the US embargo of Cuba with abandon when he thought there were $$$ to be made @ Newsweek

A Plane Boss! A Plane! Regular US flights to Cuba resume for the first time in 50 years, as a part of President Obama's plan to "normalize US relations" with Cuba. Yanks are poised to join the growing ranks of Canucks, Euros, and Latin/ South Americans who've made Cuba their favourite non-US controlled sun destination this side of the Atlantic. If Trump reverses the US travelers' plans? Cuba has been remarkably resilient for decades, surviving 11 US presidents before the Donald. Plus, let's face it -that means more beach chairs for us @ Reuters

BLM officially mourns the death of Fidel Castro, praising his radical, progressive, socialist, and anti-imperialist legacy. Castro's Cuba has often provided inspiration and support for the Black Power movement in the US since the Triumph of the Revolution in 1959 @ Telesur

Love Freedom  -Kinda Sorta: The US continues to support authoritarian regimes around the world; some truly god awful ones, while stroking a very bad, political hard on for Cuba! What about China? Vietnam? Saudi Arabia?!? The list goes on and on .... So why aren't they being held up to the same high standards as Cuba. Are they all stretched as incredibly thin under a permanent state of emergency, due to a catastrophic US economic embargo and the threat of attack? Consider the followingWiki 

In God We Trust? So what goodies has the Donald got in store for the religious right? The excitement builds @ RWW

Politics-As-The-Entertainment-Division-Of-The-Miltary-Industrial-Complex: A case in point -Trump has promised to fix the US's "depleted" military! However the US topped the world arms spending list in 2016 at $622 billion! How's he going to pay for this?!? Hope his "rust belt" voters really don't want Obamacare, just for starters Telesur

"The President's Daily Brief" or "What Me Worry?!?": Faaaaa! Trump doesn't even bother with these intelligence updates on a daily basis. Here's why the whole world should be very, very concerned @ NPR

Silenced Nights: Seems Donald Trump is highly susceptible to whomever last turned his ear. No dummy in the intelligence department, Israel's Mossad has secretly joined those racing to give the Donald a very private briefing @ ArutzShiva

Look! Up In The Sky! It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No! It's .... Donald Trump!!! Obama institutionalized assassination as a military method with his Drone Wars. What fun -He could play judge, jury and executioner! Now think about this: The game control system's being handed over to "Mr-You're Fired!" from Celebrity Apprentice SProof

Is NATO doomed?!? Trump will quickly destroy our longstanding transatlantic alliance if he's not prepared to completely back Article 5: that an attack on one allie is an attack on us all @ Politico

Who Dunnit?!? The Russian ambassador is brutally assassinated live on TV during a state visit in Turkey. As they prepare for peace talks over Syria, neither Russia nor Turkey wants war. Sidelined, the US sits twiddling it's thumbs @ IBT

Deck The War Halls: Once gain, China warns bully boy Trump that they are not impressed by his sable rattling, and can expect a "showdown" @ PTV

War With China Anyone? Donald?!?? China expresses serious concern over Trump's seemingly off the cuff comments about Taiwan @ Hill They've also sent a bomber over the South China Sea as a not so subtle hint that they are not about to be bullied @ Hill Furthermore, they've now captured a US underwater spy drone in the South China Sea @ CNN

Puzzled by President Elect Donald Trump's controversial meetings, in person or by phone with leaders from Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines? Consider the very dire prospects of the coming war with China @ Telesur

Ho Ho Ho! First black Santa unleashes a racist firestorm state side in Trumpland. Hmmm. Wonder if they know that the baby Jesus wasn't really white?! @ Telesur


Sgt. Pepper 2016: The iconic sixties Beatle album cover art is reimagined to include Bowie, Prince, Lemmy, Leonard Cohen and all the pop legends who died in this most extraordinary of year's that we are finally ushering out. Find out who's who, then and now, in the infamous group shots @ COS

"How_To-Know-If-Your-Country-Is-Headed-Towards-Despotism?" [1946] is one of those "education" flicks we'd watch at school back in the bad ol' daze .... Is perhaps more relevant than ever now as he rush headlong downstream into 2017? Harumph! Well, there's a whole buncha them still available here for free through this site, online or .... Teachers: Let's get those ol' classroom projectors going again! Whrrrrrrrrrrrr! Click! Clack! Whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OC

Reality Fix: Surprise! Teen Vogue goes political in explaining how to read the Donald on social media. Now if only schools could get their "literacy" act together, and not just because of him!! Also see "Teacher + Union" and @ Star

Perfect Ornaments -"Or How Times Change"! Here's 47 vintage snapshots of middle-aged, mostly, white women posing nicely next to the Christmas tree at home during the 1950-60's @ VE

Ethical Porn? It's notoriously sexist and racist! Can it catch up with the times? An Asian actress considers her very limited, discriminatory and badly outdated sexual roles @ Vice

How to Speak Slang 2017 Style? Or "How-to-truly-create-a-public-spectacle-of-yourself-and-make-the-young-folk-cringe?" Or "Why-Janet-Doesn't-Like-To-Take-Me-Out-In Public-Anymore?" @ Vice

How do Texan law enforcement officers determine if somebody headed for death row is mentally competent to stand trial for committing a crime? Alas! They refer to the "Lennie standard" for intellectual disabilities  ... as in "Lennie" from Steinbeck's Mice and Men @ CBC

2016 -Wot a Year!!! Here's the "2016 Song" Lotsa lefty laffs @ Youtube

Best 100 Albums of 2016: This is a pretty kool list, but no killer, retro Pink Floyd monster box set?!? Or Frank Zappa "Mofo" projects from the vintage vaults?!? Nope, but here's the latest n' greatest hitz. Frank Ocean's "Blonde" tops the list. In retrospect, these "best of's" invariably leave out someone real important .... Who's missing here? Hmmmm .... You can always "Comment" below .... @ Vice/ Noisey

"Big Shiny Tunes": Twenty years worth of Canadian youth have had their homegrown musical tastes defined by these popular MuchMusic Canuck compilation CD's @ Vice

CanRock Greatest All Time Hits? Guess Canadian kids today haven't ever heard of The BandNeil Young, Steppenwolf, the Guess Who, BTO, Lighthouse, CrowbarApril Wine, Chilliwack, the Ugly Ducklings, Mashmakhan, Teenage Head, DOA eh?! .... OK OK, Tea Party and Headstones make the list, Matthew Good tops it, but the times they are a changin' .... Here's one list -did I miss any other necessary additions??? @ Vice

"Merry Christmas Baby"! Indie retro surf country rocker's Southern Culture on the Skids provide us with a very, very kool new version of this Christmas standard that totally grooves Youtube

Fidel Castro's Kulture Kult Jukebox: Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello honours the accomplishments of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution in education and health care. He notes that Fidel is also a huge hero throughout the America's except for in the US. Despite the US economic blockade and fear of an attack, Cuba's local music scene has continued to flourish in isolation. Old schooler's Carlos Puebla, Silvio Rodriguez among others are featured here, in a series of musical video tributes to Fidel @ Telesur

Santa 2016 sez "Ho Ho Ho?!" and up the chimney he goes .... So where's yer usual cannabis news y views links?!? They've been moved to a Oh Cannabis, a new monthly blog feature I'm trying out, starting now @ Here!

"CIA Klown Show" or "Terrorist, Terrorist, Who's The Terrorist Now?!?" 7 almost farcical but well documented CIA attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro and destabilize Cuba from over the past 50 yearsTelesur

Now It Can Be Told! OMG! Justin Trudeau is so close with the Castro's! Is ....... is ...... is ...... it because he's actually Fidel's "Love Child"???? ....... From an affair with Maggie?!? If you even think that's possible, or just want a good laugh, then it's back to the 70's for some Media Deprogramming 101 for youVice


Fake News Alert: After screwing up the US Election bigly, the mainstream media tries to blame the social media for providing "fake news". Sure, few of want all the lies we have been force fed. Then again, we in the social media are also much, more diversified, providing a wide variety of perspective and focus like never before. Besides, we seriously undermine their dubious, one sided ability to manufacture consensus for the sole benefit of powers that be. So, who's really responsible for all the .... ahem -"fake news"? The news establishment protest too loudly! It's really an opportunity for an all out attack on free thinkers and free speech @ ActivistPost

Our grand daughter Hana was born at 11:18 am. Wednesday, November 30th. Safe and healthy at 7.11 lbs, Hana was 12 days early! We are blessed!

Hana's Here -Our Beautiful flower!


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!