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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Corporate Tax Cuts to Be Paid For By Ontario's Students + Teachers!

The following is reprinted, upon request, from Peter Hasek's "Angry Teacher" blogsite [Link]. It provides important insight into the wider Neo Liberal socio, political and economic context of the expected Ontario province wide teacher strike actions this fall.

Originally titled: "Spitting Out The Meds"

Following the financial crisis of 2007-2011 many countries introduced austerity measures. The explanation given was that this was done in order to mitigate damage to our economy and our investments. In 2010 Ontario had a corporate tax rate of 14%. Corporations complained, but were forced kicking and screaming to pay in 2011. This, not surprisingly, revitalized the corporate lobby in Queens Park, and it was extremely successful. Policy makers lowered the corporate tax rate to the current level of 11.5%, and corporations were happy, almost. 

In late 2012 corporate Ontario was still reeling. Billions in unpaid corporate taxes were sitting on the province’s books, and the policy-makers had an election coming up. What to do? A decision to transfer about 75% of our provincial tax workers to federal positions solved the problem. Because nobody was at work to collect the funds, $1.4 billion in corporate taxes were written off. Unfortunately austerity needed its due, someone had to take the medicine, so immediately after this massive capital loss for our province, Bill 115 was enacted. Bill 115 brought $1.2 billion of that $1.4 billion back into the province’s coffers by stripping teacher contracts.

Teachers were incensed, but their lobby was nothing compared to the corporations, and the corporate lobby was pleased. Fast-forward to November 2014, where as part of a scandal-fueled budget (Orng, TeleHealth, Hydro Plant) Kathleen Wynne promises to tackle the deficit. In this budget she reminds us again that austerity is in place (net zero bargaining), and someone has to take their medicine. Ontario public schools are set on the chopping block to lose $2 billion. Wynne assures us it will not affect classrooms. 

Around this time in November, in closed negotiations, the province shared where those $2 billion in cuts were to come from. Members of ETFO’s bargaining team were (most likely) horrified as they looked at the billions that OPSBA and the Crown wanted to gain from removing class size caps, cutting special ed and directing teachers to cover for absences on their prep (instead of paying occasional teachers). ETFO stood up and left the table, and promptly went back to work getting the public to fight these cuts. Luckily their public relations campaign for this was already underway. This fight against cuts to kids’ classroom conditions is where we all (teachers, parents and citizens) stand now.

In this warped institutional version of Munchausen by proxy, teachers (and now their students) have been forced to take this austerity medicine. As we take it, our public schools get sicker and sicker. One might say it is manufacturing a crisis in Public Education.

We need to spit out the medicine. All of us. Now.

Write a letter to Liz Sandals saying you have had enough:

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Friday 17 July 2015

OECTA Fall WTR Guidelines!

OECTA's latest "secret" missive, outlining it's fall WTR guidelines, has appeared online and was first "exposed" by the Daily Observer [Link]. It is independently reposted here for your teacher free speech info and discussion purposes below:

July 15, 2015
We realize that a labour action is disruptive to teachers and families, and we are working to avoid that possibility. Our goal is to obtain a negotiated settlement and avoid any labour disruption in the new school year.
OECTA’s position as we pursue a new collective agreement is focused on protecting the quality of education in Ontario and standing up for teachers, students and the classroom experience. It’s important that you communicate this position to your friends, families and throughout your communities as we prepare to go back to school.
We will be providing regular updates to ensure you have the information you need. If we are unable to achieve a settlement we will implement a work to rule to call attention to our concerns.
The following are for informational purposes only as OECTA is not yet in a legal strike position. You may want to take this information into consideration as you plan for the coming year.

OECTA Enhanced Work To Rule Guidelines
The following will direct your activity during the work to rule:
OECTA members enter their workplace, as a group, 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day. This entry may be preceded by an information picket.
Within the 300-minute instructional day OECTA members shall do only their scheduled assignments and shall not agree to or participate in any additions to the schedule.
The length of the instructional day for OECTA members not assigned to a school (i.e., consultants, special assignment OECTA members at the Board office) shall be 300 minutes. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT plan or participate in any extra-curricular or voluntary activities that occur outside the regular classroom instructional time whether on or off site. This includes voluntary/extra-curricular activities during lunch, prep time, recess breaks. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT participate in any EQAO related activities including field testing, marking, administrative duties, test preparation, and administration of the test. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT participate in the preparation of report card comments or perform duties such as the inputting of data or duties of a computer site administrator.  OECTA members shall submit marks to administrators for processing.  OECTA members in secondary schools shall not prepare progress report cards. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT collect monies for any reason. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT take work materials home - all marking, planning and preparation shall be done within the 300-minute instructional day including co-op student workplace visits. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT attend meetings or undertake tasks related to any Ministry of Education initiatives. OECTA members will attend PD days in their regularly assigned workplace, during their regularly assigned instructional day, and will utilize the time on that day as they determine to best meet the needs of their students. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT conduct or submit any student assessment data (i.e., OnSis/MISA) for any purpose other than their own personal student assessment. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT act in the capacity of a teacher-in-charge or equivalent, teacher designate or any delegation of authority. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT serve as an associate teacher for faculty of education students. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT attend staff meetings, department meetings, divisional meetings, curriculum night, meet-the-teacher night, parent/teacher interviews or any other such activity. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT participate in offsite certification training for SHSM programs outside of the 300-minute instructional day. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT organize or go on school trips during or outside the school day. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT perform the duties of a “teacher in charge”. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT perform the duties assigned when a teacher is delegated authority in the absence of a principal or vice-principal. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT perform the duties of acting administrators. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT accept co-op students in their classrooms. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT accept student teachers in their classrooms. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT mentor or provide extra help during lunch or prep time, or outside of the regular class schedule. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT do work outside of the 194 school days, even if entitled to/offered lieu days in return. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT fulfil the functions of a school or site first aid provider. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT accept parent or other volunteers in the classroom. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT plan for or participate in any graduation, or transition ceremonies. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT work with prefects at any time. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT participate in “Take Your Kids to Work Day” activities. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT organize or participate in “Swim to Survive” programs. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT organize or participate in “before school breakfast” programs. 
  • OECTA members shall NOT put up bulletin boards in the classroom or elsewhere. 
  • OECTA members who are co-op teachers shall NOT place students in workplaces involved in a work to rule, i.e. another teacher’s classroom. 
OECTA members shall leave the workplace immediately upon the safe dismissal of students, unless there is a normally assigned supervision schedule, which is not changed or augmented as a result of sanctions. OECTA members are encouraged to leave together.

OECTA members can continue to participate in the sacramental preparation of students during the 300-minute instructional day.

More info:

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Also see my Teacher Free Speech Summer Contract Guide for more resources, downloads, links and to track the larger developments below! 

Thucydides 500 BC: "Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it!" Don't let that be you! Read and think for yourself! [Manifesto] My Teacher Free Speech News Link Archives 2011-15 [Guide] is located top left of your screen! 


Friday 3 July 2015

Teacher Free Speech Summer News + Views!

Schools out for summer! Enjoy! Check here for updates as they become available or use the Comment space below. My Blogsite Acronym Guide is @ Here! 


OSSTF reaches a tentative deal!!! News links, video and commentary continues on my blog @ Here!!!

Won't Get Fooled Again? OECTA reaches a tentative deal!!! News links, video and commentary on my blog @ There!

ETFO President Sam Hammond kicks off the elementary public teacher unions AGM 2015 in Toronto with a rip rousing speech highlighting that the MOE/ OPSBA is in for the "fight of their lives". Also ETFO's participation in the Oct 19 federal election to "Heave Steve". See my blog @  More!  Some mainstream news links are Star and @ Sun

ETFO's WTR Phase 2 sanctions are listed @ Read Here!

Summer Offensive: Wynne suddenly settles with 2 of the province's teacher unions [OSSTF + OECTA] as her Federal counterparts fight for their lives in Ontario. Federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau then promises tax benefit for teachers to write off up to $1000 in school supplies @ Trudeau

Fact Check: Spend $1000 on teacher school supplies and get a $150 tax credit! Yahoo? More @

OECTA President Ann Hawkins thinks Trudeau's supply tax benefit is good because it puts education issues on the election agenda and acknowledges our teacher commitment and worth @ CNW

Big Bad OLP? I tawt I taw a puddy tat! We do! We do!

ETFO, CUPE, ETFO, OECTA, OSSTF: The unlikely prospect of contract negotiations continues throughout the summer with an extremely high possibility of province wide strike actions expected for this fall. See my Teacher Free Speech Summer 2015 Contract Guide for more info @ Link!

ETFO will resume contract talks Sept 1st, OECTA and OSSTF within the next week @ CB Talks

Hammond adamant ETFO won't back down if key concession demands not removed from table @ Sam

Upcoming: A big ETFO WTR announcement is expected 11am, Thursday, Aug 20. Watch live! A live streaming feed for key addresses at this year's ETFO Annual Meeting 2015 is @ Link

Upcoming: OSSTF President Elliott will update members on bargaining developments the same day at 10am @ Elliott

Upcoming: OECTA WTR begins Aug 20th, the same day, if no breakthrough in negotiations @ OECTA

Premier Wynne continues to toe the party line that all is still going well as the teacher unions agree to new contract talk dates @ All's Well?!

Know thy enemy: Toronto Sun columnist critiques teacher protest plans 101 @ Levy

An overview of the key issues in the Ontario teacher contract talks @ CBC

ETFO + OECTA media campaigns target parents as negotiations resume and fall classes loom @ Media

More info on OECTA's latest radio ad campaign will emphasize the impact of OCSTA/ MOE demands on classrooms and students @ OECTA

Latest OSSTF radio ads focus on class size issue @ OSSTF

Surprise: OECTA President Ann Hawkins reveals to the Toronto Star that the Catholic teacher union was close to a deal after 14 days of bargaining in June @ OECTA

Ann bounces back in the media department with a rather kool "blog" (does the Secretariat know?!? ;-) on why Ontarians shouldn't need to to be told that teachers matter, with a brief critique of the OLP neo lib austerity agenda. Nice one @ Ontari-ari-ari-o! 

Enquiring minds need to know: Would you now buy a used car off this woman?!?

Premier Wynne meets with teacher unions to try to jump start stalled talks @ Wynne

Liberal's flagging prospects in upcoming federal election cited for possible OLP "change of heart" towards teacher unions @ CNW

At the meeting, ETFO reminded Wynne that OPSBA's objectionable demands must be removed for negotiations to proceed @ ETFO 

So what concrete changes are there on the management side despite Wynnes kind words? ETFO proceeds with caution @ ETFO

OSSTF D19 reaches an arbitrated deal with the Peel board. The local MOU will not, however, prevent province wide strike actions this fall. Nor does it require a ratification vote by members or the board. Performance Appraisals and personnel files had been bones of contention. Payment of OCT fee are still to be decided by the arbitrator @ Star

Further OSSTF D19 MOU details won't be forthcoming while the arbitration process continues @ Digitaljournal

OSSTF Durham reach local deal with board @ Durham

Thinks: We did it! We did it! We did it! Now, about Justin .....

Meanwhile: OSSTF announces extracurricular WTR begins July 20th. ETFO and OSSTF have been quite adamant that they are not interested in further talks until offensive concessions and cuts are removed from the table. MOE Sandal's claims that the government side is willing to compromise, if they return, but summer CB remains at a standstill Star

OECTA expects to be in strike position by mid August @ CNW

OECTA outlines WTR guidelines for teachers in September @ OECTA

OSSTF EC boycott quietly begins at Hamilton public board @ OSSTF

AEFO enters conciliation @ Globe

CUPE, representing 55,000 education workers, is now also seeking conciliation and considering strike actions for this fall @ CUPE

Psssssst! What is "Conciliation?" A "No-Board" report?!? Answers @ Here

Education workers feeling left out by government overtures to the provinces teachers @ [Mom]ents Blog

ETFO solidarity @ ETFO

45% of Ontarians polled don't believe teacher job actions are about wages, 36% do. 11% don't think they are about either. OPSBA Barrett's ongoing teacher bashing campaign so far hasn't paid major dividends in the dirty fighting department @ Forum

TDSB sends home letters and mark summaries that the principals have somehow managed to complete in good time, despite earlier claiming they "no can do". Regretfully, CP24 has been running the news story across Toronto every quarter hour with the incomplete and misleading aside, that the teachers wouldn't complete them. Wonder who got to the news department? Not our teacher unions! Not at all. It continued unchallenged and unclarified, repeated throughout the station's quarter hour newscasts, for the better part of the day and night. Though the comment largely slides under the radar in mid summer, at least as far as the unions go, it still helps slowly but surely continue to manufacture consent against our big bad teachers for this fall. Somebody is using their noggin'! Talk about being pressing and persistent in the dirty fighting department! Hmmm. Who does that sound like?!? TDSB story @ TDSB

All affiliate teachers prepare for strike actions this fall in Sault St. Marie @ Algoma

All affiliate local teacher union presidents speak out in Kingston @ Whig

Thunder Bay OSSTF 6A warns of fall job actions. Big OSSTF announcements expected August 20, around the same time as ETFO AGM @

OPSEU plans to protest at, but not disrupt this month's Toronto Pam Am Games to draw attention to Liberal spending. Much more on the games below under "In The News", but also see @ OPSEU

Congrats! USW 9176 reaches tentative deal in their 22 month long, US company "test strike" that eyed to further the cause of contract stripping and union busting in Ontario. Members will vote on whether to ratify June 18+19th. More below. Latest CBC Much more on recent developments @

Bitterness remains as USW 9176 narrowly ratifies deal ending 22 month strike. Workers to be reinstated but wage concerns and pension plan cuts on a "go forward basis" cited @ USW 9176

Belated Ministry of Labour "industrial inquiry" into Crown Metal's illegal behaviour resulted in the successful mediation/ arbitration breakthrough @

USW reports on the deal @ USW 9176 Crown Metal's union busting efforts thwarted @ IndustriALL

Dissenting POV on USW 9176 Deal is included in the "Comments" section below this blog ....

[Earlier ...] This summer: Support USW 9176 Toronto Crown Plant workers 22 month strike by only buying your beverages in bottles not cansThe cans are made by scab labour. The US head office is trying to strip the Canadian workers contracts and break their union. Read my blog @ Here!  Learn more about the strike and boycott Bottle Not Cans!  and @ Facebook!

Empty ETFO + OSSTF negotiating table does not bode well for business as usual when school resumes this fall. Both affiliates have refused to talk until MOE/ Trustee concession demands are removed. OECTA advised it's members on July 30th that they had filed for conciliation after their talks proved fruitless. This Star article claims they are still at the table, however details are sparse @ PDT?

ETFO and OSSTF remain adamant that provincial discussion talks are a no go until concession demands are lifted @ Windsor Star

Not to get lost in the June/ July shuffle: OECTA files for conciliation. Like ETFO and OSSTF, they too have now finally given up on CB talks with the MOE/ OCSTA. CB Verdict? Most regretfully, a complete waste of time as the government continues to stall for management micro controls and contract strips! See @ [CTV][CNW][Star].

Parents who volunteer in a classroom even for a little bit will realize teachers are hardly overpaid. Plus, why the outrage over not knowing how your child is doing at school without "report card comments" from a computer bank?!? Have you been following their progress and talking with their teacher about how your child can do well over the course of the regular school year?!? Here's a very thought provoking "Letter to the Editor" worth sharing @ The KW Record

Helping Boys Learn? Boys begin school 18 months behind girls with their oral language skills! Why isn't there more focus on this?!? @ TVO Agenda

Boo! Hoo! Hoo! This year's EQAO results delayed because of ETFO WTR @ EQAO Lament

EQAO WTR = Standardization interrupted! Blogger Advocate explains how the time freed up is actually better spent by teachers and students as a part of the real learning process @ EQAO sucks!

Class size and prep time are fundamental to a world class education system such as we have worked hard to set up in Ontario. The MOE OLP's austerity bosses seem to have them singing from a different hymn book now as they continue to jerk teachers around @ MOE

Nova Scotia teachers grapple with the Truth and Reconciliation Final Report, in particular the 94 languishing recommendations for action applying to aboriginal education issues as outlined @ Nova Scotia

Download the BCTF [British Columbia Teacher Federation] "Project of the Heart: Illuminating the Hidden History of Indian Residential Schools in BC" PDF and shudder @ BCTF

As if you didn't know .... bears repeating though, coz one suspects most folks, including the politicos, education experts and teacher bashing trolls don't get it: bureaucratic "management" demands on teachers for more and more meetings and mindless paperwork hurts our students @ CBC

LGBTQ teacher "comes out" about her orientation in class to her pupils every year with positive results. She explains @ UK Mirror

Very suspicious! Black teachers in Chicago fired for union organizing activities? @ Union Now!

Firing Targets: 16 black Chicago teachers on this pro union flyer get the boot!

Newfoundland Labrador becomes the first Canadian province to replace it's student loans with grants to help reduce student debt load @ N-L

Living and working together: "City Place" is including 2 schools, Catholic and public that will share space, along with a daycare centre, to facilitate the needs of inner city families living in a very high density section of Toronto. Many other community services are also being plugged in to provide much needed support and infrastructure for the families who are often squeezed into 500 square foot condos @ City Place

As teachers, we are the educational elite working in the trenches of our Ontario school system as it too experiences the brunt of globalization and the incorporation of education. We now see it all unfolding under the auspices of the Wynne OLP government: the corporate agenda, austerity, commodification, consumerism, delocalization, technological hegemony and much, much more. This article can help you brush up on what is really going on, not only here, but around the world @

CCPA reports that most of our special education policies in Canada are 10 years out of step with current "inclusive" practices elsewhere. Since education is a provincial responsibility, the policies of inclusiveness are not federally mandated everywhere @ Policy Alts!

The Harper Conservative Senate in Ottawa has passed a Draconian, anti-union bill; C-377, in time for a convenient summer corporate news sleep and of course, for their said bosses before the pending fall election. Here's 7 reasons why we will need to work to get it repealed @ Press Progress

CPAC launches Charter court challenge against federal Conservative budget bill over changes to sick day plan @ CBC 

CTF urges teachers to get involved in this fall's federal election @ VOX: Here My Voice

OECTA TSU has approved two $200 solidarity grants for my Cuba School Project education developmental aid program: $200 to the "Toronto Friendship School" in the barrios of Santiago de Cuba, and $200 towards an interactive version of the Ingles Para Ti\ English for You Cuban Spanish-English workbook. More details to follow! But for now, mucho gracias from the staff and students at the Cuban schools!

Chen: Wait! I know what to do! We can all run for the Liberal party!!! [not!]

TDSB Chair Shaun Chen shows his Liberal Colours. He will be running for the federal party in the new riding of Scarborough North. What next? Accountant/ trustee Robin Pilkey steps up as chair @ TDSB

TDSB Chief Blue Meanie Donna Quan is infamous for her "destructive strikes" to silence critics. Here's how the plan works @ Globe 

Right to Work for Less was, and still is, a very bad idea! Can't happen here? See it in practice among our non unionized and unpaid "Grilled Cheese" sandwich workers who lost their shifts and received personal threats when they simply asked for wages owing @ Cheesy


PC's: Happy! Happy! Gay! Gay! Spot Pat?

Premier Wynne to call a by election in the Tory stronghold of Simcoe North for Sept. 3 to allow new incoming PC leader Pat Brown a chance to win a seat in the legislature @ Simcoe North

The hissing of summer lawns? Beware! Snake in the grass! New Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown makes a big show of marching in this year's Toronto gay pride parade, a PC first! Seems the newly remade, if not unwrapped party all ready has a new "Rainbow Conservative" coalition too. Recall that Patrick's "leadership" victory came on the back of stirring up social conservative protest against the new sex ed curriculum. Meanwhile, these protests continue to spin out of control and indeed are growing increasingly violent. It will be intriguing to see how the PC's attempt to reconcile the two conflicting LGBTQ positions in the months and years ahead before our next provincial election in 2018. See @ Toronto Sun

Wonder who planted this news story: PC MPP Lisa MacLeod encounters stiff, social conservative, "news radio" jock talk flack, for marching in the gay pride parade but is undeterred @ Pretty Miffed


Federal Election 2015: They're off and running ....

Harper cites the "rules of the law" in calling the longest Canadian Federal election since 1872. His critics argue a slew of other reasons for the costly and politically cynical early fall election call during the dog days of summer. Canadians across the country will now go to the polls on October 19th @ Press Progress

Bogus Conservative website seeking to discredit NDP backfires by increasing their kool quotient @ Attack Ads

The Harper PC's Top 10 worst media fails so far in this election are

PC's Angry white man says it all!

Forum poll shows the NDP entering the federal election with a double digit lead @ NDP

Nanos poll shows a 3 way dead heat with the Harper Conservatives leading in Ontario. Betcha Wynne isn't exactly a rose in the Justin's lapel these daze either Nanos

Abacus poll show NDP maintain their lead but that 70% of voters are still not fully undecided. Would explain the anti NDP media blitz! @ Abacus

Steve, Nigel and the Mike Duffy Trial: The plot thickens @ "Duff"

Polls show significant support for a Liberal NDP coalition to remove Harper PC's from power in the case of a minority win. Still early to speculate, but Mulcair NDP support the idea, Trudeau Liberals not Coalition?

More on the federal election below ....

Reality Fix? Canada's austerity policies actually began with the federal Liberals in Ottawa 2 decades ago! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Justin T! @ Neo Lib?

A Black Day for Democracy: Greek politicos approve corporate austerity agenda attacking working families and pensions, despite big thumbs down vote in recent referendum @ BBC

CTF endorses European teachers' resolution at the Educational International 7 World Congress denouncing  "austerity, debt and commodification of education" @ CTF

Turkish teacher's fight government efforts to "criminalize" their union during CB talks, as warmongering campaign goes into overdrive, undermining their democratic rights @ Democracy Now!

Food for Thought: Now the Catholic lay refreshingly isn't treated like it's intellectually null and void anymore! How Pope Francis challenges the Catholic Left @ Francis

Toronto Pam Am Games 2015: We took family from BC to visit the flame outside the Rogers Centre/ CN Tower/ Railway Lands tourist area today. It was dead but for the tour guides and a few small gaggles of tourists in team shirts. Little to no line ups for the usually very busy CN tower, and the new "Ripley's" aquarium [very good Canadian Waters/ Great Lakes tanks, but are they being inspected? No more "entertaining", if not miserable and horrific "Marineland" animal abuse nightmares please!!!] Despite the relatively pleasant, not too hot, tourism weather this year, along with the added bonus of a plunging bargain basement Canadian dollar, the expected crowds were visibly missing. Why? Go figure. Big laugh when our CN tour guide wished us all a good time during our stay in Toronto. Turns out most everyone, like us, except for our BC visitors and a nice couple from Perth Oz, were from Toronto! 

Toronto Pan Am Flamed!

Seems the only thing rarer then the much expected Pan Am crowd scenes is any regular Canadian TV coverage, outside of the win announcements, brief daily news "highlights" and very selective segments broadcast throughout the day. Tips: Might be a good chance to visit our fair city on the cheap this summer without the crowds -Toronto is wide open! And for tax payers to seriously question our governments' [municipal, provincial and federal] priorities, if any haven't all ready. I was born in Toronto and have lived here all my life -this latest fiasco is very strange indeed! Anyway, your CBC "listing" guide [so to speak] along with a few perhaps more helpful online streaming resources are @ Pan Am

An OPP JIG [Ontario Provincial Police Joint Intelligence Group] has been created to keep an eye on Toronto's "anti globalization" umbrella protest groups during the Pan American Games including OCAP [Ontario Coalition Against Poverty "homelessness"], No One is Illegal ["immigration policy"], and MISN [Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, the "medals"] @ Remember the G20? 

Housing not Circuses: Why are the Toronto Pam Am Games a bad idea for our cities poor and disadvantaged? Basically, it creates a "spectacle" that helps some folks get richer rather than spend public tax dollars where they are really needed OCAP

Bright idea: Hey! Why not book Kayne West as a last minute US headliner, [ie: Kayne West] to boost the dead in the water Toronto Pam AM games?!? 30,000 Torontonians sign a petition against the idea but to no avail. Hmmm. What country are the games in? Oh yeah, the one with the US complex! With the US corporate bosses! Throw in a dash of Kultural Imperialism too? Think of all the other possible Toronto musical heavy hitters that are MIA: Drake? Deadmaus 5? @ Go West?

Getting heard? Here's how it works .....

"Black Lives Matter" get news coverage for their pressing and previously ignored demands after protesters shut down the Allan Expressway in Toronto. Note: being nice all the time and not inconveniencing folks doesn't work. Duh @ Black Lives Matter

The US Supreme Court has agreed to take on a case that would make the whole of the US "Right 2 Work for Less" territory. Watch for the rise of anti union rhetoric in the upcoming US election where fighting unionism has even been compared to the war against ISIS @ Looney Tunes!

What will they think of next?!? Our Neo con "friends" must be getting pretty desperate! This company owner is closing shop after the workers at his plant formed a union. Apparently, his religious beliefs do not allow him to work with a union. Wonder what Pope Francis would say?!? For shame! Of course, Unifor has launched a complaint at the OLRB @ CBC

Here's something refreshing! But watch how the media cover the Greek referendum on an EU-IMF bailout. PM asks voters to reject "austerity" agenda. Analysis @ IMF

Canada's Language Map: More than 200 hundred different languages are spoken across Canada today. The immigration patterns have created some unique and challenging educational scenarios; for example within our large Filipino and Muslim communities in northern Canada. Check it out @ Interactive

"Suspicious" lack of apocalypse reported to US church goers after 10 years of peaceful, Canadian marriage equality laws north of the border Mormon Press

Retirement in Canada: the good, the bad and the ugly @ Angus Reid

Tom: .... Listen very carefully ... The Harper PC's need to go!

The race is on to manufacture consent against federal NDP election front runner Tom Mulcair, but it might just backfire for the Harper neo cons @ Mulcair

NDP open to forming coalition government to topple Harper PC's but Trudeau nixes idea @ Mulcair

Fed PC riding association VP goes public on party use of spyware @ Twitter

Here's why Mohawks don't like to vote in the Canadian Federal Election! Mass genocide, ongoing hostile, imbalanced relations, and token gestures don't help @ Mohawks

Idle No More ..... and no more BS!

Childcare is back on the election agenda. A look at the 3 main party positions @ Daycare

Harper austerity agenda results in latest "Made in Canada" economic recession @

Download Maude Barlow's "Broken Covenant" report on how Mr. "Rule of the Laws" Steven Harper has moved to silence dissent and curtail democratic participation in Canadian politics as prime minister @ Barlow

Your CTF Teacher advocacy toolkit and related materials for the Canada Fall 2015 election are @ CTF

All form, no content or parliamentary skills: How to become a Conservative candidate in the upcoming fall federal election? Poignant, scary stuff @ Nepean


Rolling Stones Summer 2015 Zip Code Tour!

Aaaah what the hey! No time between "bumper boats" y "campfire nites" at my trailer beside Lake Mississaganon this summer to write Rolling Stones blog, yet! So .... were the Rolling Stones really the world's greatest rock + roll band, as they like to claim?!? Maybe not! Secret "lost" out-take tells all! This captures the "cringe factor" that often also undermined a lot of their greatest werk @ Shred! ;-)

Fall teachers strikes? First yes! Then No! Now deals are poppin' up like crazy! Let's hope like the Who sez, we "Won't Get Fooled Again" @ HD Video!

What are the typical Canuck Conservative's favourite books? TV shows? Movies? Music? Howzabout the Liberals? NDP'ers? Greens? Much to ponder @ Facebook Survey 

Yes! Summer is here! Time to give that old Mungo Jerry "In the Summertime" tune another spin .... but jeez, I sure hope those "mutton" sideburns don't make a fashion comeback puleeeeeze!!! And what's with the grunts?!? Still, gotta love em' @ Mungo

Summer Movie and Video Guide: Here's something different for those lazy, hazy summer daze and nights. Some kool links:

[Back to] Retro Beach Movies: Boy meets girl. Girl and boy fall in love. They nibble, neck, nuzzle and sing surf songs on the beach. Are invariably accompanied by an invisible beach orchestra. Also long forgotten, rockin' retro, sixties bands playing without any speakers or mikes. They expertly ride huge over sized surfboards as big as a building plank against fake sea, sand, sun and surf backdrops with much graceful aplomb, never, ever falling off. Frequently erupt in ritualistic, sixties, teenage, mating dances reminiscent of a frantic, gym class workout in stretchy but big and ultimately unrevealing swimming "trunks", and "bikinis" [except for Annette, because .... well, just because .... go ask Mickey Mouse! He knows! Tch! Tch!]. Dig the girl's white plastic "go go" boots. A terrible lovers' spat ensues provoked by either a jealous, plotting, teenage boy/girlfriend, a funny, pseudo Nazi, motorcycle gang, an absent minded professor, or an overprotective dad. After much singing, kissing, scheming and a big chase scene of some sort on land, sea and/or air, the problem is solved in an hour and a half tops. They live happily ever after, until the next beach movie that is! More @ Beach Party [1963] and @ Bikini Beach [1964] and Muscle Beach Party [1964] and @ Beach Blanket Bingo [1965] and @ How To Stuff A Wild Bikini [1965]

Howzabout a movie dip into the old, monster, sci-fi, drive in lagoon? Adventuresome scientist/ scuba diver guys rescue their "scantily clad" gals from a rather skinny, muscle man dude in a very fake looking, reptilian, "Gilla Monster" suit. Yup! Sure enough, he's lurking about the deep, dark waters beneath the boat when our crew decide, of course, to drop anchor to do some scientific research in a "Black Lagoon". Turns out he just wants to lug the poor gals down to his lonely, underwater lair to be his "girlfriend" too. Gentlemen: Get out the spear guns! Let's stick it to him! Ladies: Put on a one piece bathing suit resembling your grandma's sexy, lingerie! You just need to look lovely while you prance, pose and swim around tantalizingly for a bit. Then scream, and scream and then just scream some more when he gits ya! Faint! But worry not! Nothing bad will happen coz the men will save you in the end. Hey! This is the fifties, of course @ Creature From The Black Lagoon [1954]

And now the Creature From The Black Lagoon is a musical too @ Creature 2!

Tip: For some shorter video clips from the Beach Movies, see my Youtube Video Bar below this blog column!

Imagine: if John Lennon was still around today, he'd be back, again, from a break on the top of the charts, with a recent, surprise "New Country" music album. Or maybe not ...... 

Meanwhile back at the trailer park, summer's here!!!

"Life is 75% maintenance." 
Paul [ you don't know him ... ]


Communist Girls ARE More Fun!

Communist Girls ARE More Fun!
See below ...

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Girls Are More Fun #1

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls are More Fun #2

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Grrrls Are More Fun #3

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Communist Girls Are More Fun #4

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?

Art at the Paris Louvre: What does it mean?!?
A careful analytical study!

Help! I Have No Arms!

Help! I Have No Arms!
Please scratch my back.

I can't find my underwear!.

I can't find my underwear!.
Have you seen them!

Weee! I can fly!

Weee! I can fly!
Look! I can crawl thru walls!

I have a headache!

I have a headache!
And a broken nose.

I have a square hole in my bum!

I have a square hole in my bum!

Here try this, it's very good!

Here try this, it's very good!
No. You have a bird face.

I have an ugly baby!

I have an ugly baby!
No I'm not!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!

Let's save all our money + buy pants!
OK but I need a new hand too!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

Oh no! I got something in my eye!

You don't look well.

You don't look well.
No. My head hurts +I have a sore chest.

Would you like a bun?

Would you like a bun?

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!

Chichen-Itza: Lost Maya City of Ruins!
The Temple of Kukulkan!

Gotta love it!

Gotta love it!
Truly amazing!

Under Reconstruction!

Under Reconstruction!

Temples + Snakes!

Temples + Snakes!

The Snake!

The Snake!
It runs the length of the ball field!