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Monday 7 January 2013

Back to School Protest News!

January 11 2013

ETFO lost it's case at the OLRB. The decision was rendered after 4 am. See my blog coverage before. Teachers were told to go to work. It is not a legal protest. It is ruled an illegal strike.

It's very mild and the snow is melting in Toronto. We could see double digit temperatures this weekend.

CP24 Morning News:

McGuinty seems pleased with himself and the outcome of the OLRB decision. This could be his hour but how much damage has been done to our once stellar government and teacher relationship?

Buzz Hargrove explains that the OLRB had to decide if there was a collective agreement in place or not. Since there was, even if it was imposed by Bill 115, the case was otherwise not for the OLRB to decide.  If there's a contract in place, and you walk out of work en mass, it is an illegal "wildcat" strike.

PC Education critic Lisa MacLeod blames McGuinty for not enforcing a one size fits all contract upon everyone, an across the board public service pay freeze, from the get go.

NDP's Cheri DiNovo seems to be replying for the NDP, though I will confirm. The provinces Bill 115 was ultimately a mistake.

OSSTF's planned walkout protest for next Wednesday has been cancelled.

I was up until after 4:00 am writing this up. Got things to do. Keep checking for updates. More sober thought + analysis without doubt to follow in the daze ahead ...

January 10 2013

Regrets -my server crashed after suppertime yesterday! What timing eh?! 

CITY TV Poll: Should OLRB block the Friday protest? Vote! Vote! Vote! Pass it on! It's real close! [scroll down on right]: Poll

Globe + Mail poll: Do you support teachers? SeePolls

OSSTF Rank + File Petition needs 29 more member signatures! See: Petition

OLRB decision expected today. Hearing at 3pm todayOLRB 3pm 


CTV estimates OLRB ruling might not come before 10pm. Too late for parents. Many boards have all ready announced schools are closed. See: OLRB?

CTV Kitchener evening news claims Waterloo Region, Upper Grand, Avon Maitland Public Boards waiting to see what the OLRB decides [?!] Read: CTV Kitchener See: Video

Public institutions in Toronto are apparently gouging parents for last minute daycare tomorrow; the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery, Science Centre, Zoo. See: daycare $$$$

ETFO Protest updates atLink

McGuinty expected to make press announcement tomorrow at 9:30 am if protest action proceeds.

ETFO President Sam Hammond speaks to the media on January 9. Video at: Hammond

Breaking Story: TDSB Director Chris Spence resigns over plagiarism scandal ... "I regret that I have not set a good or proper example. "

Premier McGuinty discusses OLRB hearing this morning [top right hand screen]: McGuinty Video

Premier Dad on collision course with teachers.See the video of yesterday's "pep talk" MOE Broten weighs in to: Premier Dad

OSSTF President Ken Coran: Lots of big announcements today!

OSSTF Ken Coran was on CITY Breakfast Television this morning. The OSSTF "day of action" is planned for next Wednesday. Pending the OLRB hearing, expected today, the OSSTF PE [Provincial Executive] will decide how to proceed. 

Here's OSSTF's press release on extracurriculars and the Day of Action: OSSTF

Martin Regg Cohn argues teachers should be paid more for extracurriculars. Claims ETFO and OSSTF are breaking the law seem premature. Even the OLRB isn't sure as I write: Extra for extracurriculars?

Ken Coran radio interview on legality of the protests: legal protest?

OSSTF plans "Day of Action" Wednesday Jan 16. See:Jan 16

Extracurriculars? OSSTF tells members no. See: OSSTF

As for ETFO, I myself can't see Friday being business as usual regardless of what happens next. The TDSB and many other boards across the province have already notified parents there will be no school so they can make day care arrangements.

All they are saying is give peace a chance?!? OLP candidates yammer about situation for your erudition: OLP Leaders

Glen Murray drops out of OLP race + throws support behind WynneMurray

Glen: "Hey! Can I have a neat cabinet seat?

Murray move a boost to Wynne a bust for Pupatello. No more Lasagna? See: Murray 2

Unconfirmed: Glen's campaign manager Elinor Caplan backs Sandra Pupatello ...

Could somebody please go explain the teachers position to the Toronto Star Editorial staff so they have a handle on what the issues are before they weigh in with this drivel. See: Toronto Star

As for OECTA? Well, last I heard they have planned an anti Bill 115 rally outside the MPL [Maple Leaf Gardens] OLP leadership race on Friday Jan. 25th. Quite frankly I would be too embarrassed to go + plan to march with the OFL on Saturday. 

Vote for me! No! Me!

OLP Leadership Convention speeches: 1-Takhar 2-Kennedy 3-Wynne 4-Sousa 5-Pupatello 6-Hoskins

OLP Race: What does it take to win? Key requirements listed for a successful campaign. See: OLP

Hundreds of teachers + education workers protest outside Old Mill OLP leaders debate in Toronto. Candidates acknowledge mistakes have been made. Oh really? How can you tell? See: OLP Debate

January 9 2013

ETFO province wide "political protest" this Friday! Minister should have waited until new premier in place before imposing new contracts with Bill 115. See press release: ETFO strike!

ETFO President Sam Hammond's live press conference: 92% of members voted for strike action. Hammond confident members will participate. No union fines. It will be a "political protest" under Canadian Charter of Rights + Freedom.  Info on extracurriculars will be released "over next few days". Hockey press conference pre-empted speech on CP24 Toronto news! Only Q+A broadcast live.

ETFO: It's a political protest not a strike. See: Political protest

Premier Dad says teachers can protest on their own time but not during school hours. He is referring the ETFO political protest to the OLRB for ruling as an illegal strike activity. Bill 115 imposed contracts on all of Ontario's public school teacher. Once a teacher has a contract any strike is illegal. Round and round it goes ...

Irony of ironies: Opposition leader Dalton McGuinty supported the teacher political protest when all the affiliates were out province wide for two weeks in 1997. BTW: the courts upheld that was a protest and not a strike. Round and round it goes ....

Here's the Ontario Labour Relations Act for your reference. Read and study tonight. I will quiz you in the morning. Ha. Not. See: OLR Act 1995

Public elementary boards announcing school closings for Friday across province. Details to follow. 

PC Education critic Lisa MacLeod calls for MOE Broten to respond to the "fullest extent of the law." See: Toronto Star

Huffington Post Canada reports: Huffington

Will ongoing job actions redirect student enrolment to the provinces Catholic, private and french schools? See: enrolment

ETFO + OSSTF leaders hunker down in Toronto today to plan next steps. Extracurriculars? Yes or no? Check out the languaging on their missives to date: Toronto Today

Andy's blog provides rallying call to ETFO teachers "We Must Still Resist!" See: Resist

OSSTF teachers are asked to consider signing Rank + File petition on my last blog.

CUPE President Fred Hahn

CUPE contract to include job security clause for education workersCUPE

OPSEU deal reached. It includes the 2 years wage freeze. Details will be released upon ratification. Province news release:  OPSEU

OECTA members reminder: Your unit needs to hand in the list of its delegates for the March Agm on January 25th. Contact your local office for application and details if you haven't all ready!!! It's especially important this year to go + let our all our members views be heard!

Why do I protest? The Pipeline blogger explains: Pipeline

NHL Board of Governors ratify hockey deal today: Hockey's On! Yay! Teachers off! Plump up your couch! Turn on the TV! Pass the drinks + chip bowl! Lots of excitement ahead!

Live Breaking Hockey News: MLSE major announcement: GM Brian Burke fired! Replaced by Dave Nonis. Follow here: Maple leafs 

Why the public resentment over collective agreements; be it for hockey players or teachers? Well, the salary difference is in the millions of dollars each between teaching our young folk and playing a good sports game. One has to wonder about our societies priorities. Still, the columnist provides an interesting insight into what really ails the public with all the talk about CB. See:   Collective Agreements

Global Edmonton shows us the all time greatest backyard hockey rink. Top that? Pure Canadiana eh? For more details read: hockey!

Backyard Hockey? Get out your skates + sticks!


January 8 2013

McGuinty goes over union heads to tell teachers they want to go back to extracurriculars. It's an age old guilt trip as far as I'm concerned. See: McGuinty

Good will can't be legislated, that's why he's so desperate: A Teachers Blog

OSSTF leaders are meeting January 8+9th to plan next move. See statement in latest CB BulletinOSSTF

Also see the OSSTF Rank + File members petition and video from my Sunday blog below.

Back to school ....... back to normal?

ETFO leaders meet in Toronto to discuss next move this week: ETFO

CLC [Canadian Labour Congress] issues statement to MOE on recent actions. Warns of "irreparable harm" to labour relations. See: CLC

CP24 News running public health warnings to stay home if you feel sick as Toronto faces a flu epidemic. What are the chances a lot of working families are going to do that? Hey! Didn't we just get our sick days cut? Tell me what's wrong here ... ?

Greater Essex Public board cancels contracts with private security firms for cafeteria duty on "understanding" teachers will resume these supervisory duties! Are the teachers being asked or told that??? See: Back to Normal?

TBSB Chair claims board in an "untenable situation" with MOE's decision to roll over trades union contract. Trustee Irene Atkinson is more upbeat. I know Irene is/ was a NDP'er. She ran against Laurel Broten in Etobicoke Lakeshore during 2003. I'm not sure if this is significant but would think she's a friend of labour. The trades union contract decision seems to be getting kicked all over the place like a political football. If anyone has any insights into the situation at the TDSB please let us know in the Comment bar below. Meanwhile see: 
Trades Union Contract Again

The Bard sez: " To Wynne or not to Wynne. That is the question ..."

OLP Leaders preliminary delegate slates: Wynne 1533/ Pupatello 1281/ Kennedy 846/ Sousa 778/ Hoskins 714/ Murray 461/ Takhar 456. Delegate selection doesn't begin until this weekend by local riding association votes. Candidates are contesting these numbers + so far it looks like nobody can win on first vote. 800 ex officio votes [new reports says is actually 419?!] not included. Very democratic eh? Not! See: Delegates?

The story behind the OLP leadership race robo callsRobo OLP

OLP leaders engage in back room talks. Nobody likely right now to win on first ballot. So where do the votes go after each candidate is eliminated? See: OLP Back Rooms

Here's the OLP leadership race page. You can watch Wednesday's debate live here if you are a stickler for punishment. See: OLP debate + Convention info

Tim Hudak warns big union funded "Working Family Coalition" is running the province. What about the big business lobbies Tim? Oh! That right. It's okay because they support you! Another good example of the class war argument? See: Hudak

Tim to switch from "Mr. Bold Talk Guy" to road test "Mr. PowerPoint" On Wed. TVO Agenda!

Steve Paikin assesses the three different approaches each party is taking on the road to the next provincial election. Tomorrow [Wed Jan 9] on TVO Agenda,Tim will be test driving his new PowerPoint show to demonstrate what's wrong with the Ontario economy and how he will fix it. As if he has the slightest idea. Sounds like show and tell. Tim and his "Super Duper PowerPoint" show. Go Tim Go! Colour me cynical. Might be good for a laugh. Quite frankly though it drives me nuts whenever anyone pulls one of those darn things out and I'm supposed to sit there nicely with everybody watching it. Go Oooh! Aaaaw + chuckle. I start to get real antsy and sarcastic. Would like to say, just tell me what you want to &%$#* say! Don't waste my time! Sorry to all my PowerPoint readers. Love you anyway. I'm just feeling cranky. Maybe I can yell at Tim on the TV. ;-) That's always fun. Hopefully I'll feel better then. See: big PowerPoint show

Blue chip business report suggests structural weaknesses to the Ontario economy that none of the politicos are dealing with, nor been able too deal with in the past. Educated workforce isn't one of them. See: Ont. Economy

An irony of ironies? How did the OLP shoot themselves in the foot with the Drummond Report and their deficit reduction plan? How does that differ from the Federal Conservatives in Ottawa? Does anybody tell Tim? See: RIP?

Read the above 2 articles. Then see this + weep at the sheer stupidity of a dangerous neo con who's in over his head. Then think about how he's been consistency leading in the polls: Tim Hudak insists his so called "Right to Work" plan will solve Ontario's economic woes. See: Right to Work?

In other news

Elvis: Forever young!

Elvis would have been 78 today. Bet he'd look like Keith Richards by now! Hey wait! Keef isn't 78!!! Then like Mick Jagger?!? No? He isn't that old either ...

Student finds "wrinkled brain" in bucket of KFC. Turns out it's a chicken liver. Holy smokes! Grotesque. I won't even print the picture here. Whatever happened to Colonel Sanders anyway? I heard he stole his secret recipe from a slave named Lawsley Ibraham, but they don't call it LIC, that's just what you are supposed to do with your fingers after eating it. Blech!  Read: Chicken brains anyone?

Humour magazine Cracked is back with an online edition: Cracked

And now for a kiss from somebody special ... ? 

5 teachable moments from hell! DON'T try these with your class!!! Check it out: A pistol wielding madman brutally shoots a teacher to death in front of the whole student body as a part of a "let's solve a mystery like on t.v. exercise", to help better develop their critical thinking skills. Police taser a student as a part of a real life career day activity.  Hormone crazed high school students are blind folded at a sports rally and told they are going to be kissed on the lips by "somebody special". Then their parents are sent in to kiss them as a gag! Oh nooooo!!! No!! No!! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  All this and more! SeeBig Mistakes

Bad lesson ideas #4: For real! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! 

January 7 2013

MOE Broten urges a "return to normalcy" at schools. What's normal anymore?!? See: MOE

TDSB chair asks MOE Broten what to do about contracts: TDSB

MOE says it will help boards with new contracts. Sure. Bet the MOE can write the whole darn contract. Sign it for you too! See: MOE Boards

New teacher contract forms now available! Can be customized 4 your affiliate at no extra charge!

OSSTF President Ken Coran's TV Interviews Jan 2,3,+4. Also see my Sunday blog for the Rank + File members rebuff; video + petition. See: Ken Coran

Business as usual?!? ETFO member considers Bill 115, 116, 117, 118, 119 +120. What next? Let the first one fly? See what comes next! If the MOE wants to strip your contract, gratuities and sick days make them have to take it from you so maybe next time they will think twice. It's the law of the jungle. When push comes to shove nice guys finish last. It's strictly a neo reality, like it or not. Same as standing up to a school yard bully. It will never end if you don't stand up for yourself and our most basic union principles. Too bad not everybody sees it that way anymore. Who's kidding who? Duh! See: Not Business as usual

Northern Ontarians waiting to see what will happen with extracurriculars as teachers decide "next steps": Northern Ontario 

Teacher protesters great OLP leadership hopefuls outside the Ajax Convention Centre. It's important to rub it in as hard as you can so we become an issue they can't ignore: OLP leaders

Yay! Another OLP leaders debate!

Gerard Kennedy to "rip up" contracts if elected. Nope he might not get elected but bottom line is the issue gets to the convention floor. Same as above. See: Kennedy

Download the protest flyer for the next OLP leaders debate Jan 9 at the Old Mill in Toronto.  OECTA members can go too. We don't need anybody from Provincial Office to say it's okay or show us the way. It's walking distance from the Jane SubwayStation on the Bloor line. More details at:  Next OLP Protest

Sandra Pupatella rebuffs claims she is the Bay Street type. Nope! Her office is actually on York Street. Ready for another pooper? She considers drinking Tim Horton coffee her religion. How Canuck! Doesn't sound good for our Catholic teachers though! ;-) See: Pupatello tells all

Austerity + Ontario's teachers: a TVO debate. Remember the class war article from last week? Watch: Austerity Binge

More news on the MOE renewing the TDSB trades union contract on the same day teachers are given the bad news that their new contract is being imposed on them. Seems this story isn't about to just go away. What gives anyway? The Globe + Mail reports: TDSB Trade Union

"Mayor" Rob Ford: "Ok! OK! You got me! Can I just keep the shiny medals then???

Rob Ford appeals the Integrity Commission ruling against him which declares the Toronto mayor's seat on council is now vacant. Law books seem stacked against him but that's never stopped Rob before! We might have to wait a few weeks for a decision. Met OECTA TSU Alumni Al Z at the Madison this evening over chicken wings and [soft] drinks. He observed that as far as Ford and his supporters are concerned the fact that he lacks integrity isn't even an issue. He's strictly arguing obscure court room legal technicalities to have his appeal overturned. Have the standards of public office dropped that low? Is Rob above the laws and most basic principles of office? IMHO Al Z hit the most basic nail on the head. What next? See: Rob Ford


Anonymous said...

David, could I please borrow one of your paragraphs beginning with, Business As Usual??? with quotes, to post on WAFLE(We ARE the Front Lines Educators), from Monday, Jan. 7

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Yes go for it. I like that one too!;-)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Wynne is the perfect candidate to deliver a Hudak government. She and Horwath will split the left quite nicely. The Liberals just keep on giving!

Kulture Kult Ink said...

I can't see her being a good choice at this point in time. The problem with a Liberal NDP split is that the PC's always go down the middle to win. The problem with just voting NDP is they won't win all the time. Quite frankly there are a lot of ridings they can't realistically take. The problem with voting Liberal is they imposed Bill 115 + have royally po'ed our teachers, quite rightfully so. The problem with a PC win is we are out of the pot and into the fire. There will not be any easy choices this spring. I'm starting to dread it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Too bad as I was looking forward to the knives coming out for Tim and maybe an Elliot stepping forward. Now that would be fun. Three woman at the podiums and a who can be tough but firm contest ensues! Whats a voter to do?

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Check out the article I posted from TVO Agenda's Steve Paikin today.

Anonymous said...

Individual OECTA members need to start local dissent groups in every unit. They could be called: Catholic Teachers Against the MOU&Bill 115/OECTA-QUIET NO MORE Groups.

Anonymous said...

ETFO is not striking we are not allowed to. It's a political protest. Please refer to it as that. McGuinty is now trying to use the OLRB when before he didn't think it existed!!!! What a joke. What are they going to do arrest 77,000 ETFO and the thousands of OSSTF members???? Come on OECTA better get some balls soon! Those without ratified contracts should walk out as well.

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Agreed. I changed the title and wording. In solidarity!

Anonymous said...

A day without the Chiarelli Free Press is like a day without sunshine!

Kulture Kult Ink said...

Thanks 4 the pick me upper!

Anonymous said...

Down with the Liberals!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. This is stressful. Should play out like the court scene in 'A Few Good Men'.... "We want the truth!" "You can't handle the truth!"

Anonymous said...

Love the Jack picture!

Anonymous said...

Some are still planning to protest at Charles Sousa's office in Port Credit at 4:00pm today. I hope to see people out there!

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